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Sammy Durrett


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We will simply give you the facts, so you can make your home buying choice easy.


Thank you for the honest and thorough inspection on 2706 Runnymeade. The seller was not willing to work with us on the huge list of repairs, so we walked from deal. You saved me from buying a moneypit, and I will hire you again to inspect the next home we find. Thank you.
- B.O., October 2017
The home inspection process for our new house was smooth and easy. Also, the inspection itself was very thorough and detailed! Sammy did a great job!
- J.S., Murfreesboro TN, October 2017
I was very impressed with how quickly you got me such a thorough, detailed report. Thank you for your help in my home buying process. I will definitely recommend your service!
- C.C., October 2017
Thanks Sammy for the through and great report. The ease of use of the report and ability to send a repair report was outstanding. Thanks for seating down with me to review the report to ensure I knew what you found and recommendations.
- R.O., September 2017
Simply excellent, in every way....Thanks Sammy
- R.S., September 2017
Your business ethics were exceptional. We were very please with the results and your efficiency.
- W.J., September 2017
Always on time and provides a quick and thorough report!
- G.H., Fraklin TN, September 2017
My client loved the ability to have the inspection on the web and I loved the click lists for repair request. Sammy was great to work with, he was thorough on his inspection, and his fees were fair.
- R.H., September 2017
Sammy was very descriptive, and told me everything that he found. He recommended how the issues should be fixed and if they were major or minor issues. I even called after the inspection to discuss some of my concerns and he answered every question to complete satisfaction.
- P.L., Elko NV, September 2017
very professional and thorough.
- M.R., September 2017
Sammy is incredibly thorough, there is nothing he can't find. His reports are easy to read and he provides clear pictures specific to the issue. Sammy's reports show where he recommends repairs or simply wants to notify the buyer of areas that may need attention in the future, or wants the buyer to simply be aware of details regarding the home even if they don't need repair. Sammy is very timely with his schedule and the submission of the report. I highly recommend Sammy. When you purchase a home he has inspected, you move in knowing all the necessary details and you don't have to worry about uncovering hidden issues.
- S.T., September 2017
Very thorough! I have used him twice and wouldn't think of using anyone else. I highly recommend.
- S.T., August 2017
I thought you were friendly and courteous and went over all the details of the inspection with me. I would recommend you and your company to anyone needing a home inspection.
- B.S., August 2017
Thank you for being so thorough and taking the time to explain each item you found! I truly felt you looked for everything, and I sincerely appreciate that, especially since this will be my first home. I also want to thank you for being so accommodating at the last minute, I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a house. Thanks again!
- S.S., August 2017
If you want a home inspection Sammy is your man. I live in California and showed the inspection report to knowledgeable friend here to see what he thought. He told me it was one of the best reports he had seen since it was so thorough. Thank you Sammy for making our decisions on a home purchase easier The Campagna's
- S.C., August 2017
I have never had such a thorough imspection done before! Sammy was amazing. Thank you so much!
- K.N., August 2017
Sammy did a fantastic job! He was very thorough in all aspects of the inspection from the roof all the way down to the foundation! He explained in layman's terms every issue that needed attention! Two thumbs up!!!
- R.H., August 2017
does a thorough job, explains what was discovered and the report. a buyer used him a year ago and it was our home that he inspected. I was impressed with his work then so that's why we hired him for this job.
- J.L., August 2017
Excellent service and professionalism. Very affordable. Thank you for your time and expertise.
- A.P., August 2017
Everything went great! Easy to work with and very knowledgeable.
- M.M., Hendersonville TN, August 2017
Sammy did a wonderful job explaining the inspection report to my client. My buyer walked away with a full understanding of the home and what exactly to address.
- W.M., Hendersonville TN, August 2017
Sammy inspected this house as if he were buying it himself. Service was more than expected and his level of expertise was great. Money well spent. We can highly recommend this company and especially Sammy
- C.H., July 2017
Thanks, Sammy! Fantastic inspection with competitive pricing and completed in a very timely manner. Plus, he is VERY quick to respond. I will definitely recommend!
- A.B., Smyrna TN, July 2017
very thorough and knowledgeable
- A.H., July 2017
Great service and an excellent job performance Thank you.
- R.T., Murfreesboro TN, July 2017
Very thorough, detailed and timely report.
- S.W., July 2017
Sammy is a very respectable and nice man. On top of that, he walked me through and showed me anything and everything he thought was important enough to show.
- D.K., July 2017
Sammy done a wonderful job while inspecting our house and has saved me several dollars as well as the headache of having to fix these issues after the purchase, I would recommend him to anyone looking too purchase a home. Thanks for the help.
- J.C., July 2017
Love Mr. Sammy! Phenomenal home inspector!
- a.c., Portland TN, July 2017
This is the second time I used Sammy for a home inspection. Once as a seller and now as a purchaser and both times were excellent. He was very prompt and was prepared with the report prior to my arrival to review the inspection. Excellent work!
- T.D., July 2017
Sammy you saved me and my kids from an unsafe electrical situation and I can't thank you enough for your thorough documentation. Above and beyond my expectations for sure. Thank you.
- H.B., June 2017
Sammy is great! Super helpful, checked everything in the house I didn't even know existed. Would recommend.
- L.B., June 2017
Sammy always schedules clients in a timely manner and is easy to understand when explaining issues he finds.
- L.H., June 2017
Very thorough inspection and very precise report with verbiage and accompanying photo support.
- P.F., Elizabeth City NC, June 2017
Thanks again Sammy for a good home inspection for our clients. We appreciate your common sense approach during a stressful time for many homeowners and home buyers!
- S.S., Gallatin TN, June 2017
He was very thorough and took the time to review the report prior to departure. I would recommend him to anyone!
- M.C., May 2017
Very detailed and thorough!
- J.O., May 2017
Sammy is super knowledgeable and very thorough in the inspections. Plus I got the final report immediately (same day as inspection)- this is a HUGE plus!
- T.F., May 2017
Thank you Sammy for your patience with me as a new Realtor as well as the extra attention and care you gave my Client.
- J.W., Gallatin TN, May 2017
Sammy did a thorough inspection and provided great insight to my buyer about the items in need of attention. He was easy to understand and was able to address concerns with clarity and diplomacy. He was quick to get us the report in a reasonable amount of time and included pictures and appropriate comments as needed.
- D.K., May 2017
Sammy was fast, proactively communicated with us, and can see things I would not have noticed.
- N.P., May 2017
Your inspection seemed very thorough. Look forward to having you meet us out at the new property on the final walk through to ensure everything we asked to be repaired is complete and to inspect the garage walls and flooring. Thank you!
- G.L., May 2017
My Clients Loved him!
- T.B., May 2017
Sammy was GREAT! Very knowledgeable, thorough, personable and explained EVERYTHING to me. I would highly recommend him. Top notch!
- A.Z., May 2017
Thank you so much for your inspection. We learned a great deal about the house that we would never had known without your inspection. Thank you again
- P.W., Springfield TN, May 2017
Very thorough during the inspection. Sammy answered all of our questions and was able to provide contacts for some repairs we would have to make. He was timely and also very friendly!
- G.A., April 2017
Sammy and his team are top notch! I would recommend him to anyone.
- K.B., April 2017
Great inspection! You caught things that we had no idea were going on. We liked that you gave explanations and then gave suggestions for making the repairs.
- T.B., April 2017
Sammy did a great job, on time and for a good price! The report was immediately available on the web; the videos are helpful. Sammy was very responsive to my questions in advance of the inspection and equally as responsive to my concerns and questions after the inspection. The whole process was smooth and easy from where I sat - no stress, no disappointments. Thanks, Sammy!
- F.S., Hendersonville TN, April 2017
You were very thorough and caught things that I might not have expected you to catch. Thanks for a great inspection.
- T.B., April 2017
Very satisfied with the inspection
- F.G., March 2017
Sammy was on time, made sure I understood everything, and efficient. He was very kind and I had my report before he left. I absolutely would recommend Sammy.
- K.J., March 2017
Thanks again for a fast report. My clients were happy to know what you found and found it useful in deciding to continue with the contract or not. Michelle
- M.G., Portland TN, March 2017
Great job
- R.K., March 2017
Very thorough. Observed numerous items we did not notice in our casual viewing of the property. Provided peace of mind and confidence about the overall condition and quality of the property.
- D.C., March 2017
Sammy was very informative and professional.
- C.F., February 2017
Sammy did an amazing job searching the property and getting me a report that I could discuss with my clients. Timely, professional and friendly! Thank u Sammy!
- J.E., Hendersonville TN, February 2017
Very professional and thorough inspection. Was given the opportunity to review the inspection and actually see what they were inspecting/findings - not just in pictures, but the actual house too. All questions were answered thoroughly and suggestions for repairs were given. All in all they made a potentially stressful process very pleasant, and I walked away with all my questions answered. Highly Recommend Sammy and his Company!!!!
- D.W., February 2017
Mr. Durrett was excellent! He conducted a very thorough inspection and explained to me all of the issues with the home and the ultimate effects if the issues were not fixed. I would recommend him to everyone that needs an inspection!
- J.J., Nashville TN, February 2017
Sammy was great! He was extremely thorough and his report was easy to understand. Thanks for the great job.
- K.T., February 2017
Thank you for always going above and beyond!
- a.c., Portland TN, February 2017
Brought to light fundamental problems that kept us from biting off much more than we intended to chew. Property was not right for our needs. Thank you will contract you again when we find another property to bid on.
- W.B., February 2017
Sammy was careful, thorough and a professional. He answered every question and explained in detail and was thoroughly familiar with every aspect of the inspection. I recommend him!
- L.H., February 2017
Sammy's inspections are thorough and the reports are easy for myself and buyers to understand.
- L.H., January 2017
Sammy was very thorough, he did a great job!
- R.L., January 2017
Very efficient work and enjoyed the online access to forms etc.
- R.S., January 2017
Provided quick service for the home inspection. Did a complete and thorough inspection of the home. Supplied a detailed report of all issues found in the home. Personally believed the service provided saved me from making a purchase that would have caused years of headaches and $1000's in repairs.
- K.S., December 2016
Thanks for your thorough expertise. Saved us thousands on repairs around the house including structural, plumbing, and electrical hidden discrepancies which are all being taken care of by the seller! Great work Sammy ??
- W.W., December 2016
Sammy did a very thorough job! I also love the ability to create the repairs list directly from the report.
- , December 2016
I had a home inspector that I worked exclusively with, however, meeting Sammy changed the game! Very concise, no-nonsense, easy to navigate reports and website. I love the convenience when putting together a repair proposal, and I love the friendly, down to earth, professionalism of Sammy, very knowledgeable!! I have found my new home inspector, and I will recommend him to each and every client and Realtor in need of one.
- L.L., December 2016
I really like the fast turn around time. This allows for the contract process to continue. Thanks for the easy transaction!
- M.G., Portland TN, December 2016
Sammy, you were super helpful and so nice to offer any assistance to myself or my buyer! I sincerely appreciate your patience with me ad the questions I had. Thank you so much!
- C.N., November 2016
Prompt, courteous and thorough!
- G.H., Fraklin TN, November 2016
Mr. Durrett was extremely thorough in inspecting our home. As first time home buyers we had many questions but Sammy was very patient, personal and detailed in his explanations. He made us feel as though we were his only customers, like we were his top priority and made sure we understood everything before he left. We would recommend anyone looking to buy a new home to give Sammy a call.
- T.V., November 2016
It was a pleasure to see a professional in action. You offer a straightforward, no nonsense approach to your work and the end result, the home inspection report, show this. I've dealt with a few other companies in the past, as an agent and a buyer, but I can now say with confidence, Sammy Durrett will be my go to home inspector!!
- R.R., Cottontown TN, November 2016
I have used Sammy for numerous home inspections. I know he will always do his best for my clients and I trust his work. Sammy is always polite and courteous when meeting with clients and he takes time to answer any questions that they have. Sammy is a true professional and I can always count on quality work.
- J.B., October 2016
Sammy, Being a first time house buyer your report pointed out so many areas of fault that needs repairing that I couldn't see, particularly taking into consideration the age of the house. Faults that definitely need attending to if I plan on living there over a long period of time. I definitely would have to reconsider purchasing. Thank you very much. Your inspection was worth the cost factor upon purchasing. Much respect to your work. Jerry spears
- J.S., October 2016
Extremely thorough inspection report and well worth the money. I have had prior inspections that lacked photo explanation and this is a problem. Sammy provided extremely clearly details and photo proof recommendations of what our future home purchase would include as far as needed repairs. A great home inspection is critical to the home buying negotiation process and Sammy has provided my husband and I with an excellent tool as we move on to our potential closing date. Thank you!
- M.P., October 2016
Simply put, Sammy was fantastic. Sammy was very quick to respond to my call, he was very thorough with his inspection, and clearly explained his findings to me when I arrived onsite. The report we received was very detailed, easy to understand, and he provided the report just a few hours after the inspection was completed. If my next home is purchased in the area, I will use Sammy again.
- L.R., Gallatin TN, October 2016
Thank you Sammy for the "very detailed" report I asked for. I appreciate the courtesies you and your assistant showed me and my home. When I find my new home, you are the inspector I will ask for. Thanks again,
- J.M., October 2016
Sammy was very thorough. He really took time to explain things that were areas of concern versus cosmetic issues. The same day report really helped us get a head start on working with the seller. Top notch inspector!
- c.w., October 2016
Sammy is very knowledgeable about the industry. He really took the time to explain things to me. I would definitely use him for all inspections.
- c.w., October 2016
Mr. Durrett was very thorough. He provided a very detailed report the same day of the inspection. I will definitely use him if I ever need future inspections!
- c.w., October 2016
I don't do these surveys really at all. But I had to make a exception here. You did a awesome job. I appreciate how thorough you were. And I hope you really don't mind me calling you here in the next few days I will be in contact. Thank you so much for everything you have. JEFF Meador
- J.M., Portland TN, October 2016
Not only was Sammy thorough and efficient, but he answered the phone each time I called and patiently answered my questions which I found extremely helpful.
- S.L., October 2016
Sammy is very friendly and very knowledgeable and informative, I would recommend him to anyone
- E.D., September 2016
Great communication and service, very professional. The report was well documented and easy to understand. Mr. Durett took the time to physically walk us through everything in the report. Would highly recommend.
- M.J., September 2016
Professional Came when he said he would Received report in very short time Would recommend to others
- L.T., September 2016
Inspection was extremely thorough with photos and details of all items of the house that needed improvement. My fiance was nervous about neither of us being able to attend the inspection as she had bad experiences in the past with inspectors not catching obvious problems while her family did a walk-through of a home. Sammy was able to quell these concern by providing a very detailed report and being honest about the condition of the house.
- J.T., September 2016
Professional and knows his job.
- J.M., September 2016
Very pleased with his prompt response and information provided. Would highly recommend him to my friends. Great job.
- L.L., September 2016
Very pleased with his prompt response and information provided. Would highly recommend him to my friends. Great job.
- L.L., September 2016
Did a good job.
- A.S., August 2016
We were very pleased with the professional way that the inspection was done and also with the up to date technology that was used. I am in the building industry and deal with home inspection reports all the time, and I will say without a doubt that you are the most thorough that I have ever seen. We appreciate your willingness to talk with us and explain things. We will definitely recommend your services to others.
- T.T., Ashland City TN, August 2016
You were great Sammy. Very thorough. I will recommend you to anyone who needs an inspection done.
- K.J., August 2016
We were very pleased with the service we received from Sammy. We ordered the inspection on a Monday evening and it was completed by Thursday morning of the same week. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. We were impressed with his up to date technology including using a drone to see places not possible without it.
- T.T., Ashland City TN, August 2016
Use of a drone was unique and extremely effective to inspect the roof and areas well above ground level. The insightful report supported with pictures was easy to follow and understand. The home inspected and that we were buying looked near perfect to our layman's eyes; however, Sammy's expertise uncovered a few minor issues whose repair by the seller will more than pay for the inspection and give us confidence in performance for some time going forward.
- T.B., August 2016
Sammy was personable and knowledgeable. He kept us well informed through the process. We highly recommend him.
- C.J., July 2016
Great doing business with!
- C.H., July 2016
We greatly appreciate your professional and friendly service. You arrived at agreed time and went right to work. Your inspection from rooftop to crawl space was very thorough and well documented. We would highly recommend you to anyone needing such a service. We have printed a copy of your report and the issues that you had documented have been addressed. Thanks again Debra & Dennis Plourde
- D.P., Hendersonville TN, July 2016