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Bill Anglin

Sherlock Homes is dedicated to providing a level of service that cannot be given by a large firm. We believe in being big enough to have a presence in the market but small enough to provide the attention our clients have come to expect. Customer service is the #1 priority of our company.  We will do what it takes to help you make a confident, informed decision on your real estate purchase. Our #2 priority is continuing education. We are actively continuing our inspectors education by attending seminars, online courses and personal research. Our product is our knowledge, We will always strive for improvement. Our #3 priority is state of the art equipment to provide the most accurate and reliable results. We will continue to look at new technology to improve our service and provide more information about your prospective new home. Please see our website to learn more about our company and book your inspection today.


15+ years experience in construction,ITA(Inspection Training Assoc.)& AHIT(American Home Inspector Training)graduate


We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.


Bill was very thorough and would highly recommend him!
- K.C., April 2017
The report that Bill provided on the home that we are attempting to purchase exceeded every expectation! The depth of inspection was fantastic and it's obvious that he takes great pride in his work. The items that were documented were legitimate issues and his recommendations were biased neither toward the seller nor the buyer; they were reasonable, earnest, and of great value to both parties. After the inspection, Bill made it a point of contacting us to cover every detail to ensure that all of our questions were answered and that there were no misrepresentations made. He also made it clear that we should reach out to specialists for specific answers to our questions which was extremely appreciated. I will highly recommend Sherlock Homes and specifically Bill Anglin at every opportunity.
- E.R., April 2017
bill distinguished himself in all aspects, exceeded our expectations completely, and we will recommend him widely with our highest praise and confidence. having purchased homes around the nation and internationally, we have some experience with home inspectors. bill easily wins our 'best inspector ever' prize. for areas of potential improvement, and we struggled to offer even one; we'd welcome more of bill's advocacy on behalf of prospective buyers for properties bill inspects. for example, bill's findings at the 630 aspen property included issues with crawl space venting, passive radon system absence, front patio slab cold joint failure, gfci wiring faults in the kitchen, and more. with each, we would welcome his 'local market expect' assessment of estimated costs for resolution and perhaps names of contractors for us to contact. beyond that one suggestion though, we simply wish the above rating scale included '11' for bill alone. really superb work from a professional, attentive, interactive, and kind gentleman. on the basis of bill's assessment; we rescinded our offer and plan very soon to retain bill for our next inspection. thank-you bill so very much and work well done sir! best, betty and dave
- D.T., March 2017
Bill Anglin inspected our home in late 2009 as part of our purchase. Now he returned at our request as we go forward to sell the house! He is very detailed and provided 53 pages of his findings. We have already started repairing/adjusting items that he highlighted. He is very professional and friendly, and even made a small repair to our kitchen oven during his time here. Thank you Bill.
- J.L., March 2017
Bill, I soooo appreciated your patience and taking your time letting me follow you around during the entire inspection! You are personable and professional. You steadily kept on task and clarified any questions I had as well as thoroughly explaining what work was needed in the home to bring it up to standard. When done, I knew why the roof would need replacing in 3-5 years, the necessity as far as the era the home was built to have a sewer scope, where the automatic sprinkling system was hooked up and how it worked, why one extends linoleum under the dishwasher, safety issues, etc. Being a single woman buying a home, it is a necessity to know what needs immediate fixing and what can wait and know what down the road will need repair! GREAT job. I am thankful for your thoroughness and integrity! Respectfully, Annie
- A.S., March 2017
Bill was very professional and personable. He walked me through every issue with the house so that when I reviewed the written report I understood all of his comments and what needed to be addressed. Thank you for all you help Bill!
- L.C., February 2017
Bill was very detailed and a pleasure to work with.
- R.P., January 2017
Bill did a fantastic job. Very thorough and detailed in his inspection.
- E.A., January 2017
Very professional, courteous, and kind. Bill explained everything he saw in a way I could understand and how to fix the minor issues. He was extremely thorough in his inspection and I have no doubt he covered everything in the home, which gives me great piece of mind. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a home inspection!
- J.M., January 2017
Excellent work. Explained everything! Very thorough!!! Bill knows his stuff, would not trust anyone but him!
- C.M., December 2016
Bill, Recommending you to perform our home inspection was one of the best things our realtor has done for us. Knowing whatever issues there might be with a big purchase item like a home is an absolute priority in our opinions. You have saved us from the shock, grief, and aggravation of discovering home problems post-purchase by your thorough and detailed inspection reports. You inspect a home as if you are going to be living in it yourself, which we very much appreciate. Steve & Dolores P.
- S.P., November 2016
Bill, Recommending you to perform our home inspection was one of the best things our realtor has done for us. Knowing whatever issues there might be with a big purchase item like a home is an absolute priority in our opinions. You have saved us from the shock, grief, and aggravation of discovering home problems post-purchase by your thorough and detailed inspection reports. You inspect a home as if you are going to be living in it yourself, which we very much appreciate. Steve & Dolores P.
- , November 2016
Bill did an amazing job! I would definitely recommend him to others and use his services again.
- S.K., November 2016
Bill did an exceptional job of inspecting, in detail, our prospective home purchase. It will help tremendously in making a clear informed decision about the purchase of this property. We highly recommend Bill Anglin!
- S.P., November 2016
Bill Anglin is the best! He leaves nothing unchecked. We have used his services several times and will never call on a different inspecter!
- B.G., November 2016
Bill was wonderful! So detail oriented, professional, efficient, and friendly. Thank you!
- R.K., November 2016
I would highly recommend Bill to anyone looking for a quality home inspector. Bill was there on time and went through the whole inspection with me answering questions as they came up. Next time I am in need of a home inspector I will be calling Bill.
- R.M., October 2016
Bill's report was very thorough and documented clearly stating all inspected parts of the home through detailed description and photos. Since we could not be at the inspection, he followed up with us to go over the report and any questions we had. He was very nice to work with and would highly recommend him for home inspections.
- C.W., October 2016
Bill’s inspection was very thorough and precise. He took time to fully explain all aspects of the process and his write-up was very detailed but easy to understand. Bill’s inspection was exactly what we were looking for in a home inspection. Thanks Bill!
- L.S., Spokane WA, October 2016
After 3 home inspections, all done by Bill I was able to find a house that was structurally sound, affordable and safe. His comprehensive and extensive home inspections were completed in a professional manner including lengthy phone conversations that touched on serious safety concerns. The inspection document itself, is an excellent point of communication, should I decide to hire contractors to complete recommended repairs. I would absolutely recommend Bill Anglin's Home Inspection services to any future, potential homeowner. Bill's Home Inspections provided me with certainty and clarity when faced with home seller disclosures of "I don't know" and I highly recommend his services.
- , October 2016
Bill, your customer service and work ethic exceeded all of our expectations. Your visit was very informative and educational for both of us. We appreciate your eye for detail, your patients with our questions and the sheer knowledge you have in your field. Much thanks! We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know and reach out to you if we need your services in the future. Keep up the good work.
- B.S., October 2016
This is my second home inspection by Bill Anglin. Both inspections were Professionally done and incredibly thorough, documenting the condition of every major house system (plumbing, electrical and structural), including observations with respect to costs of repair. I also received follow up phone calls, that highlighted and summarized the 59 page plus reports. Bill's home inspections have allowed me to make an educated decision with respect to buying a decent house. Investing several hundred dollars to keep from making a $100,000 mistake is well worth the price. As I continue my search for a new home, I will hire Bill again because I know he will tell me honestly and unequivocally, if my next house needs minor repairs or major remodeling.
- , September 2016
Bill did a very detail and thorough job. We were very impressed with him and would recommend him without reservation.
- D.S., September 2016
You did an amazing job. We feel confident moving forward with purchasing our home because you shared your knowledge and suggestions with us. Thank you!!
- L.C., August 2016
Bill is a great home inspector, and I am extremely happy with his inspection to my new property. He looked closely at every aspect of the house from its plumbing, electrical system, and everything else. I am currently overseas and Bill made process easy and very simple. After the inspection, I received the home inspection within a couple days. Great Service! Thank you Bill
- M.S., July 2016
Profesional service and friendliness. Will recommend to others.
- J.M., July 2016
Best Experience!! Bill was highly knowledgeable and incredibly patient with my questions. would recommend to anyone!
- A.M., July 2016
Excellent. Thorough, professional, knowledgable.
- J.P., June 2016
I found Bill to extremely knowledgeable and personable. he was thorough in his inspection. he maintained client confidentiality to the best of his ability. He explained everything he found in detail and added tips to remedy the problem. I would highly recommend him to someone looking for home inspector.
- Y.G., June 2016
We are so happy with Bill performing our home inspections. He's caring, prompt and professional and has a thorough knowledge of home construction that provides us with a sense of security and knowledge of the home he's inspecting that is as beneficial to the seller as the buyers. We'll always use Bill for our home inspections as we know we'll get a complete report as well as helpful suggestions to assist with future home maintenance...and he treats us like family. Keep up the great work Bill!!
- K.C., Phoenix AZ, June 2016
Very thorough, and professional.
- R.O., June 2016
Bill is an extremely thorough and knowledgeable inspector. The inspection took over twice as long as the last one that we ordered on a comparably sized home. We really appreciated the running commentary during the inspection. This permitted us to weigh the findings without having the physical report and this was important to us due to a short time frame.
- M.H., June 2016
Bill was very thorough. The property looked like it just needed new carpet and paint. He discovered minor water damage that could have caused further damage if not repaired. This discovery helped us make an informed decision.
- R.D., June 2016
Thanks Bill, you did a very thorough inspection and I appreciate it.
- S.D., May 2016
Bill was very thorough and took the time to explain not just what needed to be fixed in our new home but a variety of things that we ought to do regularly to properly maintain our home.
- D.T., May 2016
Bill was fantastic! He took time to look over everything thoroughly. He also explained everything in detail and answered all my question. I would recommend Bill to anyone purchasing a home.
- C.A., May 2016
Thank you so much! Bill was awesome. He explained everything to me '& was very thorough, checking everything in the house
- J.T., April 2016
Fantastic job! Extremely thorough.
- J.K., April 2016
Bill's thorough inspection, detailed report, and suggested repairs were top notch. Bill came highly recommended and I couldn't agree more. Not only did he list defects, but he showed pictures, descriptions and links to web sites that detailed how it should be and how it could be fixed. As a buyer I doubt you could find a better inspector to give you an accurate understanding of the condition of the home and of needed repairs.
- J.C., April 2016
Very thorough!! Thanks for everything Bill!
- S.P., April 2016
Thank you for all the houses you helped us with and having the patience.
- C.F., April 2016
BI'll did an amazing job. Very thorough very keen to detail. I would recommend Sherlock Home Inspections to anybody who needs an inspection.
- R.Z., April 2016
I have worked with Bill in the past and once again he went over everything that could possibly be thought of and the result was a thorough report pointing out matters both large and small. The website portal provided allows easy access to all the documents including an option to forward directly to my home builder. This eliminated the step of having to first forward to myself and then to the builder. Bill showed up on time with all the tools of the trade to handle the inspection in a quick and efficient manner. I highly recommend Bill and Sherlock Homes for any home inspection need.
- G.M., April 2016
Bill is an excellent inspector! I met him first when a buyer used him for a house we were selling. We then hired him for a house we are buying and the quality of work is amazing. Thanks Bill!
- J.S., March 2016
The inspection was very thorough and helpful, and presented in a very useful format. Thank you!
- S.H., March 2016
You've inspected three of my families homes and we were impressed each time! Thank you for being thorough and giving peace of mind.
- C.P., February 2016
We already know from a prior home inspection; once Bill puts a home under his microscope, nothing goes unnoticed. Bill's knowledge, ethics and quality of work are unsurpassed. Erika O
- E.O., February 2016
Because of your unusually thorough, detailed inspection, we were able to make an informed home buying decision. We appreciate your excellent service. Thank you, Erika O
- E.O., February 2016
Bill does a very comprehensive review of all house systems. He is knowledgeable and is truly a buyers best friend in being able to buy a home that will not turn into a money pit. Best to hire bill, get things fixed before move in and enjoy a new home.
- S.H., Spokane WA, January 2016
Bill was very kind during a tense inspection. He was professional, thorough and informative. We appreciate his skills.
- B.R., January 2016
THANK YOU , for doing such a GREAT JOB!!!!! GREAT ADVICE??????????
- K.S., December 2015
Bill goes above and beyond not only in inspecting the house and property but also in educating me to many helpful things I didn't know about home construction and maintenance. I didn't know much about gas appliances so he took the time to teach me about them and the safety measures in using them. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I would recommend Bill to all my friends and family should they need a home inspection. Thanks Bill for such a great job well done!
- C.H., November 2015
Bill ways very thorough with the inspection and i will definitely recommend him for any friends I know that needs a inspection.
- M.F., November 2015
I appreciate the time you took to inspect our home. You were very thorough and methodical in your evaluations and made it clear what your scope was at introduction. I feel I could recommend your business to my friends and family without reservation.
- D.G., September 2015
Bill was great. He was very thorough, very knowledgeable and patiently and completely answered all of our questions. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- T.W., September 2015
We ended up having 2 home inspections as first home fell thru. We called him back for second inspection without hesitation. Took his time to look at everything. Took the time to explain what he was seeing. Also discussed possible DIY repairs for some of the small stuff. The report generated was easy to read, had photos to explain what he was seeing. Great job!!
- C.N., September 2015
During my almost 30 years service in the United States Air Force, I moved a lot. I have Purchased and sold many houses, and this inspection was the best I have seen. Bill was methodical, and to the point of explaining each details of his write-ups. In my book he is the best, will recommend highly. Job well done!!!!
- M.L., August 2015
Very professionally written and easy to understand home inspection report. I like the eye for detail on the home inspection report, seems very experienced. Well worth the price!!
- J.M., August 2015
You were so knowledgeable and did an outstanding job! Your attention to detail is unmatched!!
- D.L., August 2015
Thank you for everything you have done for us! We will always recommend you to anyone we know needing your services!! You were so easy to work with, understanding and helpful!! If we are ever in the position to use your services again, we absolutely will, with out hesitation! Thank you again!!
- C.K., August 2015
The times we have needed an inspection Bill was suggested to us & he was thorough. We trusted his work after & expected him to provide the same service for us again, which he did. The reports are well put together & easy to understand. We are greatly appreciative of his hard work & great service. We would recommend him to others for thier inspections.
- D.A., August 2015
Bill is the most thorough inspector I've seen! This is the 5th house we've bought, with an inspection for each. Plus he shows excellent judgement in assessing minor issues vs. serious issues. I recommend him highly!
- R.L., July 2015
Excellent inspector. Made a fine job. Definitely will recommend him.
- C.O., July 2015
Bill was very professional and answered all my questions. He was very thorough and made sure I understood what he was looking for and why. He made me feel very comfortable and I would defiantly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- N.K., June 2015
The inspector is incredibly thorough and detailed with his explanation both on the report and during the actual inspection. The inspection covers everything necessary and more. The cost of it is worth every penny.
- R.D., June 2015
I highly recommend Bill Anglin. I have used him on two home inspections and was very pleased with both. Bill is highly professional, personable, thorough, and honest. His reports are detailed and easily understood and have proved invaluable in our real estate transactions. I can't imagine finding a better home inspector. Sincerely, Bob Steinauer
- B.S., June 2015
Bill, Thank you very much. Once again you have provided us with a thorough, professional inspection. If you need a reference feel free to use us. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Bob P.S. FYI the adjacent cabin on Marshall lake is priced at $95k. However, it is what the owner referred to as a "dry cabin". Permit does not allow water from the lake to be run inside the cabin, only outside.
- B.S., June 2015
Bill arrived early and immediately began to inspect the property. Bill's attention to detail and strong communication skills demonstrated how seriously he takes his work. I quickly gained confidence that any deficiencies in the property would be revealed and I would be able to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the property purchase. I highly recommend Bill for any inspection need.
- G.M., May 2015
Bill was recommended by my real estate agent as top level inspector. As I am buying multiple properties I intend to use as rentals, I really need someone I can rely on to thoroughly evaluate the properties I am looking at. Bill arrived early to the site and quickly went to work. I shadowed Bill throughout the process and he explained everything he did as he went about the inspection. Above and beyond his technical skills, Bill gives the impression that he really cares about his work and doesn't just go through the motions. I have additional properties to look at next week and Bill is my go to for these ones and any additional property I look at in the future.
- G.M., May 2015
Bill has always done a good job for us!!! I would and do recommend him highly! Jim reugh
- J.R., May 2015
Extremely helpful and friendly!
- J.A., May 2015
Bill was so informative as he did his inspection. He took time to make suggestions as well as share hus knowledge and expertise. I was very impressed.
- C.K., April 2015
We're so grateful for you. Your inspection was far and away more helpful and thorough than the first inspection performed on the house. We will definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you.
- D.C., March 2015
Bill is amazing, he has done 2 homes for us and both times he went above and beyond. We are looking for an older home and with that comes a lot of problems and Bill did a great job to help us determine what needs attention. We will absolutely refer him, Thank you again!
- D.L., March 2015
Thanks, Bill, for a second fantastic home inspection in one year. Your expertise has helped us feel confident to move forward with home purchases once the issues you have found are addressed. Thank you!
- L.M., March 2015
Bill did an amazing inspection for us. I was in his bak pocket the whole time and he made sure to keep me informed of what he was inspecting, why, and what the problems were. He was very friendly, profession, and an all around great person to work with and learn from. Anyone who needs a home inspection done professionally, promptly, and thoroughly I guarantee you will not be disappointed with a Bill Anglin inspection. Thank you Bill!
- F.J., March 2015
As it was my first experience with a home inspector, I was pleasantly surprised. Very knowledgeable but also humble enough to explain that he would recommend a "specialist" for anything that he finds concerns with. Very friendly and easy to talk to.
- S.L., March 2015
Great job. We can move forward with our purchase with confidence. Dan and Rita
- D.G., March 2015
Bill is very thorough and does a great job of explaining what he's looking for, what he found, and potential risks. I think he truly has the client's best interests in mind and conducts himself with honesty and integrity. Ultimately, it is clear that he works for you (the client) and not the buyer's agent or the seller's agent, referrals or not. It may be a long while before we buy another house, but when we do, we'll be calling Bill.
- S.T., March 2015
We appreciate your willingness to give detailed explanations of your findings. We always feel like you are a 'straight shooter' and will tell it like it is. Thank you for giving us the information to make an informed decision. We feel lucky to have been referred to you and would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. Mr. and Mrs. V.
- C.V., March 2015
Amazing quality of work. Very thorough and organized. Highly under priced for the quality. Will definitely use again.
- J.H., March 2015
Great inspector that told me everything I needed to know.
- J.A., March 2015
Bill was great! The home inspection he performed was not only comprehensive, the language of the report was understandable to a lay person. We had a quick timeline for our inspection contingency. Bill worked with us to ensure we could make that deadline with the knowledge we needed to make the decisions that we needed to make. I will definitely recommend Bill Anglin to my friends and acquaintances if they are ever in need of a home inspection.
- M.M., February 2015
As a homeowner novice, I really like that the detailed report includes photos. It helps to see what he is talking about. Also, when making recommendations knowing what is a minor vs. major repair helps with budgeting and prioritizing. I also found Bill to be extremely personalbe. He took what ever time was needed to explain the process and answer any questions.
- S.B., February 2015
Bill not only was polite and easy going. He was very professional and you could tell took pride in his company and career. Bill seemed to be extremely knowledgeable about materials, guidelines, and what is now acceptable requirements for your home. He was extremely personable and had a great sense of humor while making sure every aspect of your home was inspected. I personally believe he goes above and beyond what you would expect at a reasonable price as well! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is looking for an inspector for your home.
- M.M., February 2015
Did a very thorough inspection and was incredibly helpful going over report and answering questions afterwards. Thank you
- J.M., February 2015
Thanks for the extremely detailed and informative inspection! You took extra time to explain things to me during the inspection which was an invaluable help!
- D.S., February 2015
Outstanding job!!!! Thanks Bill for being so thorough and pointing out everything no matter how miner. Your report is very easy to read and organized very well. I was impressed with your inspection process and the way you showed me everything as you made your way through the house. Jerry
- J.V., February 2015
Bill is the absolute best home inspector!! He has done both our homes, and his reports have been awesome! Very, very thorough!!!!
- S.S., February 2015
It was great to meet Bill. His inspection was done in great detail. At first I was concerned over his price but watching him do his work I now know it was worth every penny spent. Thanks again Bill for your concern for the new home buyer.
- P.C., January 2015
I would highly recommend Bill Anglin to anyone who is looking to get a new home or to remodel a home. He is thorough and detailed with his reports. During the inspection he explains what he is doing as he goes from room to room.
- M.C., January 2015
Excellent service!
- M.L., January 2015
Thank you for excellent work... AGAIN! I've been a Real Estate Broker for 18 years and your report is second to none. That's why I recommended YOU to inspect the property that my daughter was purchasing. I also appreciate your referrals for additional repair work that we plan to do after we close on the property. Respectfully, Pete Baccarella, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson West Plains.
- P.B., December 2014
We thought that you did an excellent job. You were very thorough and answered all of our questions. A+!
- E.S., November 2014
Very nice job. Very professional
- T.Y., November 2014
Was very thorough (went through every nook and cranny-over 4 hours!) offered great tips on how to address issues identified, and friendly and kind as well- put on foot coverings when in the house an did the messy stuff last so as to be considerate of the home owners! Competent and considerate!
- D.S., November 2014
As a home buyer, I was absolutely satisfied by the level of professionalism and care that Bill put into our home inspection. He was thorough and very knowledgeable. As a Realtor, I want the same peace of mind for my clients! This is why I refer and will continue to refer Bill Anglin!
- N.P., November 2014
Thank you so much for the thoroughness and professionalism in your inspection of this property at 18204 N Meadowbrook. You helped us make an informed decision and probably saved a marriage. We learned alot about this property and feel this was the best money we could have spent. Thanks again, William and Kristi Hansen.
- W.H., November 2014
Great Guy! Very thorough, very knowledgeable. He also became a friend immediately. Very kind and helpful. Great suggestions. I definitely would recommend his service to anyone needing an inspection.
- P.M., October 2014
I cannot think of any constructive feedback. I'm very pleased with the inspection services I received.
- J.H., October 2014