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Sam Jones

Pacific RV Inspedtion Services can help you make an informed decision about a potential purchase of an RV. Knowing what you are buying and the potential problems can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches. It is not unusual to see a RV purchase and after getting home and then finding several problems with the RV. This could be avoided with an inspection. Returning to get repairs can take weeks just to get and appointment and then time at the RV dealership. A pre-purchase inspection will give you the buyer the knowledge that everything is ok and get it fixed before you complete the purchase, thus saving you time and money. The RV dealer can also feel good about giving you a positive experience from your purchase. Our goal is to make the RV purchasing experience good for all parties. 


NRVIA Certified Inspector Level II #1961 Certified Thermographer Level 1


Like a home inspection, an RV inspection will educate you about your potential purchase. Help make your decision a wise one without regret. The highly detailed report is an important resource in making that decision. Call and let us talk.


Sam is very knowledgeable when it comes to motor home inspections. He definitely looks out for his customers and their best interest. Very nice, caring , and honest.
- C.B., Emmett ID, May 2022
Sam is fantastic and saved the day! He did a challenging inspection for me on very short notice and was helpful, kind, and professional throughout the process. I highly recommend his services and thank him very much for the help he provided me.
- L.M., August 2021
We were blessed to have Sam come and inspect our used RV recently. We are 1st time owners and typically clueless. Sam is excellent at "hand holding" and his expertise is obvious both in being an owner himself and being a NRVIA inspector. He schlepped tirelessly over our 30 foot rig, poking and prodding and most importantly EXPLAINING. Sam is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WITH THE MOST STARS ONE CAN GIVE!!!
- G.D., Sunnyvale CA, April 2021
I AM VERY HAPPY I HAD MY COACH INSPECTED BY SAM BEFORE BUYING! WORTH EVERY PENNY FOR PEACE OF MIND WHEN PURCHASING 40' TIFFIN!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES! :) Sam took his time and THOROUGHLY inspected everything top to bottom, front to rear. Comprehensive 151 page report sent to me within 24 hours of completion. I met him in Idaho. I asked him if I could observe him in action. He invited me to stay and encouraged me to ask any questions while he performed the inspection. Very personable, knowledgeable and pays attention to detail. Tested everything inside and out. Provided a detailed list of minor items dealer needed to address before delivery. Let me say it again "I AM VERY HAPPY I HAD MY COACH INSPECTED BY SAM BEFORE BUYING! WORTH EVERY PENNY FOR PEACE OF MIND!" Kudos to Sam!
- D.V., August 2020
Can’t thank you enough for your services. In the middle of a inspection you saw significant problems and were more than willing to stop and look at a second Motorhome a few miles down the road. I could have purchased a total lemon if you hadn’t been there. Hiring you was the best thing I did, especially for a first time purchaser. I would have loved to learn more from you. Thank you so much.
- L.J., October 2019