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Vince Santos


Providing home inspection services to Southeast Michigan. Including Ypsilanti, Canton, Ann Arbor, Belleville, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Livonia, Dearborn, and surrounding areas.


 Locally Owned & Operated


StepByStep Home Services LC is a locally owned and operated home inspection company based in Southeast Michigan. We offer a full inspection service which includes home inspections, radon testing, wood destroying insect inspections and more. We offer thorough home inspections to help you purchase your Southeast Michigan home with confidence. Following your home inspection you will receive a comprehensive report including photographs and descriptions of areas of interest.

 With a professionally trained and certified Southeast Michigan home inspector, you can trust the largest investment decision of your life will be a well informed one.

Whether you are purchasing a home, condominium or need a home warranty inspection in the Metro Detroit area, you can be assured you will receive a thorough home inspection which places your best interest first. Each home is inspected with the type of care and attention you expect from a professional home inspector.


ITA (Kaplan University) Professionally Trained and Certified - REG104669Cc Southeast Michigan Home Inspector


I've been performing inspections for 18 years and have helped thousands of people in making the largest investment any of us will ever make in purchasing a home. My inspections are thorough and are followed by an electronic report.


Excellent, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I enjoyed learning about the features and maintenance of the home. He was an open book and very personable.
- K.R., May 2022
So thorough & so pleasant!
- Y.A., June 2021
Absolutely would
- D.A., ypsilanti MI, March 2021
I've hired Vince for two home purchases and will continue to do so. Not only does he do an excellent job finding and documenting potential issues, he also is full of extremely helpful advice for homeowners. He truly goes above and beyond. Hiring Vince has given us tremendous peace of mind and helped us identify and form a plan for remediating issues with the home we are purchasing. I have recommended Vince to 3 people who've used him and they all have the same feedback.
- M.M., December 2020
Vince was absolutely amazing! As first time home buyers my wife and I had a lot of basic questions about the many aspects of our potential first home, and Vince was extremely engaging and thorough in answering each and every one. He never made us feel rushed or like we were in his way, it was an extremely pleasant experience. Highly recommended!
- H.M., July 2020
Vince was great. Enthusiastic about getting under the hood of the house and seeing what's really going on. Took time to answer all of our questions as well. We were very happy. Thanks again Vince!
- W.M., June 2020
Vince was thorough, professional, and easy to work with (even though we were in the midst of a public health crisis and shelter in place orders). We'd recommend him to anyone in the area!
- K.S., April 2020
Vince is a consummate professional. He is courteous, efficient and conscientious. Buyers are in good hands when Vince shows up for their inspection!
- P.A., February 2020
Thank you for being available on such short notice as well as being so thorough and nice!
- G.G., May 2019
Vince, You did a great job and I was thoroughly impressed with you knowledge and attention to detail. Thanks!!
- J.T., September 2018
Vince was great! Very thorough and informative. Great job
- A.T., August 2018
Vince was a true expert and professional. He took his time to look at every inch of the house, even going into very tight attic and crawl spaces. He made recommendations as he went along, taking time to patiently answer questions. I would highly recommend him.
- S.M., August 2018
Vince was very thorough and very easy to deal with. He not only answered all of our many questions, but he also gave some tips on home maintenance (e.g., how to remove the cover of the humidifier in order to change the filter).
- M.Z., June 2018
Very friendly and personable, he did a great job of breaking down what he was looking at and why. The digital report is extremely helpful and convenient!
- M.P., March 2018
Vince took his time, was very thorough and knowledgeable. Very personable and took time to show us how the well worked, the filters involved and their maintenance. My realtor even commented was the best inspection he has participated in, and he is a decade into the business.
- D.B., December 2017
Thank you for your help with what to do and how to improve areas. Your very thorough inspection does help to know the home off from the start.
- L.W., September 2017
Same superior inspection I've come to expect. Thanks, bb
- B.B., August 2017
From scheduling the appointment to receiving the home report, Vince has been outstanding! His seasoned experience was evident throughout our inspection, as he was incredibly thorough and made helpful suggestions about the specific maintenance needs of our future home. StepByStep, thank you for making this part of the process so easy!
- L.B., April 2017
Very thorough & also making sure everything is documented including pictures
- C.P., March 2017
Vince does a fantastic job with every one of my clients that have used his services! He is professional, patient and thorough throughout the entire inspection process! Vince answers questions and thoroughly discusses any issues and solutions a client may have during the inspection. Very highly recommended!
- N.H., December 2016
Thanks again for performing our home inspection. I will recommend your services in the future to anyone in need.
- C.I., November 2016
Thank you Vince for your time and the thorough inspection of our future home. This is the 2nd time we used your services and you were quickly available to work around each parties schedule and send the completed inspection by the end of the same business day. Your sense of urgency and timeliness have not gone unnoticed. The Wilson's
- S.W., August 2016
Thank you for everything. You were incredibly helpful as we walked through during the inspection. It was a pleasure to meet you and we are absolutely satisfied.
- T.H., June 2016
Vince was very polite & professional. Answered any questions I had. Did a very thorough yet expedient job. I would definitely recommend Vince for any home inspection needs. THANK YOU!!! :)
- D.L., June 2016
Vince was excellent. Friendly, thorough, professional, and helpful. I couldn't have been happier with our choice to use him.
- D.S., May 2016
You rock amigo!! :-) Thanks for the help and all the detail here... I have quite a punch list!
- M.S., May 2016
Excellent work!
- S.B., April 2016
He did a great job, and made very helpful suggestions.
- E.O., April 2016
Very thorough and efficient. Excellent equipment to perform all work from top to bottom. Quick turnaround and extremely detailed report. Very satisfied and confident any and all areas of deficiency were identified. Highly recommend Vince! Meena Rupani and Steve Stroop
- M.R., April 2016
I have used Vince twice and I would never use any other!!! I will always give his name for referral!!
- M.S., March 2016
Thanks Vince great job thorough and efficient!!
- B.S., March 2016
On time, very thorough inspection and prompt reporting. I would highly recommend Vince.
- W.R., January 2016
Vince was professional, thorough and timely in his ability to respond to our request for home inspection. We will most definitely recommend him in the future and call upon him again if we decide to relocate again.
- C.C., January 2016
I was very impressed with Vince! He was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and the report was very detailed with lots of great pictures. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family!
- C.A., December 2015
Vince was very professional and educated us throughout the entire home inspection. He was also very nice.
- S.W., December 2015
I think he did a really good job explaining everything and very nice.
- S.K., November 2015
StepByStep Home Services exceeded my expectations all around. My realtor and I were extremely impressed by the thoroughness of the inspection and even in a very timely manner. Great first purchase towards our house.
- D.N., November 2015
I am a first time home purchaser. I was recommended many inspectors by friends, finally and fortunately I chose Vince. It was really a great experience to hire this guy to inspect our new house. he was extremely thorough, professional, precise and friendly. Since he arrived, we started to ask him questions one after another, and he was not bothered at all. He answered all questions properly and gave his recommendations. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and family members. Thank You Vince
- , November 2015
Vince was extremely professional, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions/concerns I had honestly and objectively. His written report was very comprehensive and a major help in identifying issues that the sellers needed to address. FM
- F.M., November 2015
Vince was extremely thorough in his inspection of the property we are purchasing. He made helpful suggestions throughout the process and explained everything. I would recommend him without reservation.
- M.G., October 2015
This was my second time using Vince and would recommend him without hesitation. Very professional, thorough and explained things with detail and patience.
- K.L., October 2015
on time, organized, nice report, provided valuable hints
- A.F., September 2015
Thorough, methodical, professional and personable. In a nut shell, these are the things that I think you would expect from a home inspector. Vince is each of them. He was recommended, to me, by my realtor. She said, "He's the best. No, really... This guy is great!" She was far from wrong. Vince was very polite and incredibly professional. He checked everything in the house and explained his process from top to bottom. It only took a few minutes and it felt like I was just hanging out with an old friend, catching up, while he walked through the house making notes and explaining things. I was especially impressed with the care he took to ensure that things were left how he found them. He even brought along a pair of "house shoes" so as to not track dirt through the home while he completed the inspection. In this case, I am not the seller, but selling your house is a very emotional thing, to some. Vince's demeanor and "leave no trace" style of inspection earned a great deal of respect, from me. He promised a complete report that evening and I was not disappointed. He broke things down with pictures and everyday language, rather than techno-babble. If you are purchasing a house, or just need an inspection, Vince should be at the top of your list. Personally, I think Vince is the BEST inspector that I have worked with. I'd use him again. I'd recommend him to anyone.
- A.T., August 2015
This is my first home purchase and really scary experience. However, it makes you feel really good an reassured that it's been thoroughly inspected and given in so many words a thumbs up. Vince was very professional and the experience was worth every dollar spent. Thanks for the reassurance.
- P.C., August 2015
Vince was outstanding! He arrived early & started the inspection. He was very thorough. He invited me to walk along with him for the whole inspection. He pointed things out that needed attention/repair before moving in or what I should do after I move it. He had lots of tips & suggestions. He took in looking at everything & in explaining things to me. He sent me the report (with pictures) from the Inspection the evening of the Inspection Day. Absolutely GREAT Service! I "HIGHLY" recommend Vince if you're looking for a thorough Inspector.
- B.R., August 2015
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, no matter how small, during the inspection. I feel that you did a thorough job and it puts me at ease knowing what I will find in my new home. Thanks for making the experience a positive one!
- A.M., August 2015
Great service
- M.M., July 2015
Excellent person, very detailed and willing to provide feedback and recommendations while doing the inspection.
- M.M., July 2015
Vince did a tremendous job. He was so thorough and meticulous, not to mention personable. He is uptodate in his "Code" knowledge and points out even little things that can be fixed by the homeowner in minutes. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
- W.C., July 2015
Very professional, thorough and took his time going through the entire home, inside and out with a fine tooth comb. He found little stuff that I would have never even thought about checking. HIGHLY recommend!!
- M.V., July 2015
Vince did a fantastic job! He was very thorough and took time to explain everything. As first time home buyers we had a lot of questions that he was more than willing to answer and offered suggestions. I highly recommend him and would be willing to use him in the future if necessary.
- L.P., June 2015
Great job, friendly, thorough, made me feel confident he would find anything that needs to be addressed.
- D.H., June 2015
Vince conducted the inspection in a very professional manner. He stopped to explain his findings as requested curtiously and respectfully. Vince acted as if we were his most important clients.
- E.O., June 2015
I feel like Vince did a very thorough inspection and was very helpful in explaining many details. He seems very knowledgeable and was also helpful in helping me to prioritize the things that need taken care of. I would definitely recommend Vince to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- D.O., June 2015
It was very nice working with you. You are very thorough and you explain everything very well. Awesome job!!
- M.O., June 2015
Vince, was very knowledgeable, true professional he did a very detailed and thorough job describing all the issues found. This is was my first ever home inspection I am thankful for Vince’s patience in all my first time questions. Fortin Family
- H.F., May 2015
Vince is a very personably guy with excellent customer service skills. He took the time to point out and explain issues throughout the home inspection so that I more clearly understand his report when I received it. His inspection as well as his report were thorough, clear and concise. I would recommend him to my friends and family if they should need a home inspection as would my Real Estate Agent who was equally impressed with his service. RLC 15May15
- R.C., May 2015
Vince is a super cool guy. Very thorough, providing descriptions and pictures with even the smallest of issues. Definitely worth the money, 10/10, will definitely be recommending to anyone thatll be buying a house.
- B.B., May 2015
Vince was outstanding! He gave tips and solutions to everyrhing I asked or to what came up. Definitely put my mind at ease being a first time home buyer! Made me feel comfortable with what I was investing in. Thanks Vince! P.S. Was very prompt. Vince was at the home before me and I arrived roughly 15 min early.
- B.S., May 2015
Vince did a great job! We were VERY pleased with his work. He did a thorough job and explained everything clearly and in detail. His report was well written and comprehensive.
- I.S., May 2015
I was impressed with the thoroughnessw of the inspection and especially the photos that documented all of the issues. Thankyou
- R.V., May 2015
I tell everyone he is the best and then when I need him they are calling him. lol
- B.B., May 2015
Did an awesome job!!!
- N.Y., April 2015
Very informative.
- D.C., April 2015
Vince, I really don't have any suggestions. I was thoroughly impressed with you, your knowledge about home inspections, but most importantly, your professionalism and customer service skills. Just keep doing, what you are doing.
- L.D., April 2015
My brother spent a significant amount of time researching inspectors in our area, and chose Vince for the inspection of the home he wanted to purchase. After having an extremely good experience with Vince, he recommended him to me. I mirror my brother's feelings that Vince is a professional, thorough, and objective inspector of the highest quality. I highly recommend Vince, and will use his services in the future.
- P.M., April 2015
Vince at StepByStep did a phenomenal job. He was extremely thorough, walked me through each phase of his process, and offered a ton of information and suggestions. I would absolutely recommend him highly.
- T.F., April 2015
I was very pleased the way Vince was working in a definate pattern coveing all area. Very helpful tips and suggestions so I knew what needs to be repaired and how urgently.
- P.M., April 2015
Vince Santos was extremely professional and helpful when conducting our inspection. Vince was prompt and thorough and explained everything in layman's terms for us to understand. I would definitely hire Vince again, and plan to. Also I would go so far as to say he should receive some sort of raise. HE IS THAT GREAT TO WORK WITH! Thank you, Dan
- D.K., April 2015
Great work as always. bb
- B.B., March 2015
Very professional and thorough, able to accommodate us appropriately.
- M.B., March 2015
Vince did a wonderful job inspecting the house. He was thorough and provided explanation of issues where necessary. I strongly recommend him to others.
- J.W., March 2015
Excellent and thorough inspector!
- D.V., March 2015
Very professional, thorough, and his report is very detailed. Priced very competitively also.
- J.S., March 2015
I would recommend Mr. Santos to anyone wishing to have a home inspection. Being a first time home buyer, Vince made my wife and I a lot more confident about the purchase of our new home. Thanks so Much!
- C.M., March 2015
I had an excellent experience with Vince. Very professional and came prepared. His report was very thorough and was sent the same day. He did not rush the inspection and took the time to give us tips on maintenance of the different appliances. Highly recommended! This is my first home purchase and I'm very glad I had him do my inspection. He responded to my request for quote quickly and was available when I needed. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends.
- B.P., March 2015
Vince was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He was very prompt in responding to communications. He gave very helpful tips and suggestions on how to fix issues along the way, and also how to maintain the condo and its appliances. I will definitely recommend him to others.
- M.H., February 2015
What a nice gentleman,so professional and educational. Thank you so much Vince it was a great pleasure to do business with you.
- L.H., February 2015
My husband and I were so impressed with the job Vince did on our home inspection, we are still talking about it! Vince was knowledgeable, professional and an absolute joy to work with. He answered all of our questions and gave us such useful information throughout the entire process. After 3 hours with Vince, we left feeling very confident that we were buying a great house. He also sent us a very useful, comprehensive report with pictures that I'm sure we will refer to multiple times after we move in. I'm telling everyone I know who is looking for a new house about what a fantastic job Vince did!
- C.A., February 2015
We were 100 % satisfied. Thank you for doing such a great job. We would recommend Step by Step (Vince) to anyone that wants job well done and a great experience, with home inspections.
- D.C., February 2015
Vince, You were very knowledgeable, quick, and answered any questions I had. You also showed me all areas of concern no matter the severity. Thank you, Cody
- C.N., January 2015
Vince was friendly, efficient and informative. We were able to find what was necessary to repair before we bought. He also gave us invaluable information about maintenance and future repairs.
- A.P., January 2015
We were very pleased with your knowledge and professionalism. Made us feel alot better about purchasing a home in another city. Thank you.
- D.W., January 2015
Thorough beyond compare, even when we (potential buyers) decided very early in the inspection that we were going to pull our bid on the home, Vince didn't stop. We will be sure to use Vince on all further inspections (hopefully only one more!). Will definitely recommend to everyone we know that needs this service.
- S.F., December 2014
Vince did a very thorough inspection with many good tips along the way. Great end report as well. Very happy with the service!
- C.C., December 2014
Inspector was very professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. Shopped around and price was very competitive, but went really on excellent recommendations. He did not disappoint. The report was very thorough. I would highly recommend this company.
- J.X., December 2014
Thorough, knowledgeable, great to work with. I would definitely recommend Vince to anyone needing an inspection.
- D.S., November 2014
great service, clear explanation, helpful report
- W.G., November 2014
This is my second experience with Vince and his is the most thorough inspector you could want. He takes the job most seriously and inspects all areas of the home, not just giving the hard to reach areas a brief "once over". He always explains what his is looking for, and keeps you informed as to the things he finds with useful comments and suggestions even before the formal inspection report. All his findings are thoroughly documented and he gets the inspection report to you promptly, often the same day as the inspection itself. The inspection document is well written and covers all the finding plus, it contains reference pictures of all areas, even those that pass inspection. This way a new homeowner can keep this record and reference any changes in the future. Overall, Vince is an excellent inspector and I would not hesitate to call on his services again.
- G.E., November 2014
Vince, you did a great home inspection. You started outside the home and worked your way inside. You covered all the bases. I was impressed with your ability to stay focused. I am so glad I chose you to do my home inspection. I can't wait to brag about how good you are to my friends and family. All the items of concern were noted and the report was sent out in a timely fashion. Thank you again and keep up the great work that you do, Frank and Joanne Spada.
- F.S., Sterling Heights MI, November 2014
Vince was very professional and thorough as he performed our 3 hour home inspection. He pointed out home issues and discussed them with us as he found them. He answered all of our questions completely. He paid special attention to specific concerns we had. Vince's final report was comprehensive, including photos of home issues with easy to understand recommended repairs or remedies. We had been told we need a new roof by two roofing contractors, however our roof is only in need of some minor repairs. As a result of our independent home inspection with Vince,we have saved ourselves the cost of a new roof and can use our money to make actual needed repairs and replacements on our home. The cost of the inspection was within the industry standards and has given us the needed information to make appropriate financial choices about our home. Thank you Vince!
- C.K., October 2014
Very professional
- A.C., September 2014
Vince is professional, knowledgable, and thorough. He was good to work with. I learned a lot following him around. The report is very complete.
- P.J., August 2014
- D.G., August 2014
very personable and knowledgeable
- S.T., July 2014
Very pleasant & thorough - a pleasure working with
- A.T., June 2014
I was very pleased with the details and time you took during my inspection. You are very professional and easy to talk to. I will highly recommend your services to friends and family. Thank you!
- S.S., June 2014
Vince Santos and Step By Step Inspections are a breath of fresh air! He is curtious, consciencious, uber professional and very knowledgable. I recommend him to clients and agents. Everyone who has worked with him is impressed by his work, insights & observations, honesty and integrity. He is wonderful to work with and does a great job....
- P.A., May 2014
Thank you again for a wonderful inspection. Your insights are so valuable.
- S.M., May 2014
Vince is the absolute best! We've used his services on two different homes. His inspection is incredibly thorough and his reports are great and very detailed. We would (and have) definitely recommend Vince to anyone needing a home inspection.
- M.D., May 2014