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George Parker Lyons





FIRST OF ALL BEFORE ANYTHING: Home Inspectors of North America Will Meet or Beat or Competitors Prices. With the highest quality and best of home inspections with color pictures.


Physical home inspections are a critical part of the home buying / home selling process as well as for ongoing property maintenance and asset management purposes.

Home Inspectors of North America Inspections will provide you with valuable knowledge about a home's major components and systems by conducting a thorough visual examination and assessment to detect defects and deficiencies so you can make a more informed decision. Home Inspections are intended to provide you with an understanding of the home's condition, as observed at the time of the inspection.

Home Inspectors of North America Approved home inspectors will "Do it right by providing you with a comprehensive, high quality and reliable inspection of your home, or potential home. Our inspectors are experienced, trained, reliable and fully independent professionals who value the trust you have placed in us. Our responsibility is to you.

Following the completion of your H.I.O.N.A. Inspection, you will be issued a detailed and comprehensive inspection report documenting the home's condition, as observed at the time of the inspection - tangible documentation of our findings. An electronic version of the inspection report will be sent to you via email within 48hrs of your inspection. By request, a hard-copy report and CD-ROM can be sent to you via UPS 72 hours following your inspection.


 The job of a home inspector is more difficult than most people realize. Practical limitations are numerous and we acknowledge the limitations and realities of the job. However, we also believe


that if we effectively manage client expectations and make every effort to conduct the most thorough inspection possible, then our service will excel.

Qualified, experienced inspectors are the backbone of our company and we want to work with the best professionals.

All of our inspectors have been assessed during actual inspections and have demonstrated their abilities first hand.

We also check references and insurance coverage so that our clients can be assured that they are hiring the best.

We believe that the best way to learn is collaboratively, from one another’s experience, and strive to offer a strong support network within our company.

We constantly share information among our inspectors and strive to stay abreast of the latest issues in the industry. Continuing education is required and everyone is encouraged to communicate with each other.

One thing that is inevitable is a home inspection of the property you are selling. Having a complete inspection performed ahead of time by highly qualified third party allows everyone to know what the issues are.

As the seller:

  • It gives you the opportunity to address the issues ahead of time
  • Alerts you of safety issues prior to people visiting your property
  • You can make repairs if needed,
  • The property issues are known ahead time when negotiations begin,
  • It eliminates buyers coming back and trying to renegotiate the offer
  • No more buyers walking away because there is no time for an inspection

As a buyer:

  • The report provides a more accurate third-party view of the condition of the home prior to making an offer.
  • A seller inspection eliminates surprise defects.
  • Problems are corrected, or at least acknowledged, prior to making an offer on the home.
  • The report might assist in acquiring financing.

Testimonials Edit


To: Home Inspectors of North America:
Greg and I are very satisfied customers! We are so impressed with George Lyons and Home Inspectors of North America. I was given their number from my realtor to arrange my home inspection for the property we were hoping to purchase. I called George and set up an appointment and found him very easy to talk to. Being new to Michigan, George made sure I new what types of inspections I would need such as septic, well, radon, and structural. George asked questions about our family and made sure to find out if I had any specific concerns. I mentioned that we have five young boys and that I would be concerned if there was any mold in the house. He assured me they would look for signs of any mold.

On the day of the inspection, George and two co-workers were at the property with warm welcoming smiles. George made a great first impression on me with his straight forward attitude and clever sense of humor. I have never witnessed a more thorough inspection. The report sent to me by e-mail link was filled with informative photos and descriptions of not only the items that would need attention but also the best attributes of the house that are still in good shape. I have a great tool now to keep track of the repairs and upgrades I make to the home.

Since the inspection, George and I have talked on the phone discussing certain repairs he would consider higher priority. He is proving to be a valuable resource for me when I have questions or concerns about the house. I am so pleased by the outstanding customer service I have received from George Lyons and Home Inspectors of North America. I recommend them to anyone in need of a home inspection.

Melanie (transplant from Southern California to Michigan)
Hi George,
I wanted to let you know that this report is far more extensive than any other inspection report I have seen. I am very impressed and plan to recommend you to all of my clients in the future. Thank you for providing it so quickly...I have waited over a week+ sometimes to get the report back.
Erin Cameron
Heritage Real Estate
201 E. Grand River, Brighton, MI
Mr. Lyons is the Best of all Home Inspectors. Over the years I had many Home Inspections. From Now on I will only go to George Lyons company. Home Inspectors of North America. He took his time to show me and my wife. What problems were in the Home. And what was good about the Home. Worth every penny. Thank you George you saved me thousands.

- G.P, Brighton MI, June 2011
Subject: RE: Home Inspection: 4424 Elderberry Dr from Home Inspectors
of North America
Date: Wed, December 12, 2012 7:22 am
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Subject: RE: Home Inspection: 4424 Elderberry Dr.
from Home Inspectors of North America
Date: Wed, December 12, 2012 7:22 am
To: <>

Thank you George, Your inspection report was thorough, clear, informative, and you took great pictures. I understand the house so much better now. I loved the pictures of the boys too! I really enjoyed reading the report. Thank you, Melanie Pauli







We Will Meet or Beat or competition prices. With the highest quality reports.


Before you purchase or sell your home or property, We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Before you purchase or sell your home or property. We can protect your investment.