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Scott Trog

Our main objective is to ensure you have a thorough and professional home inspection experience. During the inspection, we will cover a variety of components and systems, from roof trusses to water faucets. Your inspection will be detailed and informative with all questions and concerns answered in a language you can relate to. We understand time is of the essence and utilize a cutting-edge software program to deliver your report within 24 hours of the inspection. The report will clearly identify any issues with the property and will include what actions can be taken. We make sure to give you an in-depth look at your property to help you understand the level of priority of any concerns you might have. This ensures that you will leave feeling confident and satisfied with the newfound knowledge of your property.  Please visit to schedule your appointment today.


ASHI Certified Inspector #260882, Termite #N7155, St. Louis Realtors Association,


We believe that owning your own home is undoubtedly one of the greatest American dreams. As a home inspector I love helping families achieve that goal by giving them an in-depth analysis of their new home with exceptional pricing.

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Scott completed the home inspection very thoroughly. He was professional the entire time and took the time to explain what he was doing while I followed him around. He answered all the questions I had and the inspection report was very thorough, as well! It was easy to schedule the appointment through Beth and they both took the time to work with my schedule!
- S.H., June 2018
Scott was very thorough and explained everything very well. He was on time and we received his report in a timely manner. We were very satisfied with his inspection and the resulting report.
- J.A., St Louis MO, June 2018
Thanks for the great inspection!!
- D.M., June 2018
Scott answered my questions clearly and explained any problems he found. Would recommend him to anyone in need of home inspection.
- J.M., May 2018
Very pleasant and seemed to do a very thorough job.
- S.D., May 2018
Scott was very professional, thorough, and provided alot of information on the home we are buying. He took the time to go over everything with us and provided alot of pictures. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a home!
- J.H., April 2018
Scott was very professional. He went over the house very thoroughly, we were very thankful. I highly recommend him.
- W.C., April 2018
Scott was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful in answering questions and explaining his findings. Plus his services were a great value and he was extremely thorough. Highly recommend. Thanks, Scott!
- A.B., February 2018
I appreciated the fair price. I appreciated your willingness to answer all our questions and educate us about our new house as you want. You and your team were prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. Thanks!
- D.C., February 2018
On time, knowledgeable, professional and a very fair price.
- M.R., February 2018
Scott took his time not only in the inspection but also in explaining to me what he saw. He left no stone unturned and did more than I was expecting. Based on Scott's thorough report, we knew exactly what condition the house was in. When we write another offer, I won't close before Scott sees the house!
- J.D., January 2018
Scott did a awesome job, he checked everything thoroughly. I will definitely recommend him and his company to others.
- D.H., December 2017
Scott Did a great job. He was prompt and Thorough during his inspection.
- D.R., November 2017
Scott is knowledgeable and thorough in conducting the inspection. He explained why he wrote up the items and what corrective action to take.m
- C.H., November 2017
Good Job
- C.G., SAaint Louis MO, August 2017
very well to work with! great at his job! will recommend him to all who I know that need his service done!
- R.H., August 2017
Scott did a great job for us! He is easy to reach and takes time to listen to your concerns. Our realtor was also pleased with his work and we would recommend him to anyone needing inspections! Thanks again Scott!
- C.B., Arnold MO, July 2017
Scott was very through in his inspection. He explained every detail to the buyers and myself. His reports are great. The buyer walked away with a complete understanding of the results of Scots findings and knows what he has to do to maintain the property. Great job! I will be recommending him to others.
- P.M., St. Louis MO, June 2017
Being the first time I've ever needed this done before. (first time home buyer) Scott was outstanding very helpful extremely knowledgeable and being able to explain everything in a way the average person like myself could understand everything he was doing and checking.
- P.T., June 2017
It was a pleasure dealing with Scott, he was very efficient at the inspection and answered any questions that my wife or myself asked. Scott made sure to explain the details of items that he found very well and even had suggestions as to what to do to correct the items ourselves or what kind of contractor we would have to call for various repairs. He had adequate tools, arrived at the appointed time (a little early actually), and didn't waste any time getting started or completed, but yet maintained thoroughness, and wrote up a well detailed report. Scott was very professional and I would be happy to use him again in the future!
- T.P., Villa Ridge MO, June 2017
We really appreciate how thorough your inspection was! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer SO many questions and even take my phone call after the inspection was completed.
- J.R., June 2017
Scott did a great job, was friendly and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend Scott to complete your house inspection!
- L.H., May 2017
Very thorough and informative. Will definitely recommend his services.
- M.B., St. Louis MO, April 2017
Thank you for being thorough and answering our questions.
- S.K., Springfield MO, April 2017
Scott was very friendly and thorough with his inspections. He made sure I understood what he was explaining. Anything I didn't understand, he did a great job of clarifying. I would recommend Scott to anybody looking for inspections.
- M.E., April 2017
Scott did a great job on our inspections. Clients found him to be very personable and professional. We appreciate that he was available to do these inspections quickly and he communicated with us on the additional reports we were waiting for and when we could expect to receive them. Good job
- D.H., April 2017
Our inspector was very thorough and spent a lot of time answering our questions and examining the property. He did not rush at all and was very competent to answer all the questions that we had. He had the inspection report to us in a matter of hours, much faster than I've received such a report with other inspectors. Overall, I feel that he went well above and beyond in performing the inspection and answering any and all questions we had. I would highly recommend him!
- L.S., April 2017
Thank you for all of your help on Parker Scott. The homeowner loved working with you as well.
- L.M., Town and Country MO, March 2017
Scott you save my client from a complete disappointment, thanks for thorough inspection.
- A.B., St. Louis MO, January 2017
Scott is a fabulous partner. My clients have an advantage in negotiations based on his thorough report. I highly recommend him to all realtors. Thanks Scott!
- L.M., Town and Country MO, January 2017
Wonderful job. We are first time buyers and have started at square A for everything regarding this house. Scott made us feel very informed of everything he noticed during his inspection and made me feel very comfortable to ask any questions I had followed by a thorough explanation and reasoning. I would call again and refer to a friend without a doubt!
- M.P., December 2016
Scott conducts himself in a very professional manner and performs a very thorough inspection. One of the many aspects in which he outperforms his competitors was that he takes all the time to answer all the questions the clients have without leaving the impression that he is in a hurry. He also has a profound professional knowledge. I've too many inspectors running through the house, but Scott is conducting the inspection in a way that inspires the feeling that he is paying close attention and takes the necessary time to asses an item's condition. A real pleasure working with him. The only one thing that I would say that could be taken up a notch is the inspection report format. It may be just my personal preference, where I prefer to see the condition of each item inspected reported in a grid format with at least one checked box from several options, such as "Inspected (I)", "Not Inspected (NI)", "Needs Repair (R)", "Needs Regular Maintenance (M)", No Repairs Needed (NR), "Functional / Non-Functional (F / NF) and so on, in addition to the text description. Then I also prefer a very short and clearly marked / titled "summary" at the end of the report only with items in need of repairs, also displayed in the same grid format. I will certainly solicit Scott's services in the future.
- E.T., November 2016