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John Esposito

Are you buying or selling your home?

Before you make that big real estate transaction you should have a home inspection for peace of mind about your new joy.

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The best, Thank you so much!
- R.P., May 2023
- A.M., July 2020
Very professional. I will sure recommend my family & friends. Thanks for your service.
- A.L., New York NY, November 2019
Mr. Esposito was thorough and very informative. He took the time to explain and show me how the major appliances operate (i.e. the water heater, electrical panels, etc.) He also gave me helpful tips on how to maintain certain areas in the home. He was friendly and patient with all my questions. I would definitely recommend Mr. Esposito to family and friends.
- K.R., September 2019
Just the facts jack.
- T.H., August 2019
My husband and I are very satisfied with Mr. Esposito's professionalism. We had the inspection the day after signing the contract. The report is very detailed and informative. Investing a few hundreds before purchasing a home can save you thousands in the long run. Thank you again. Definitely will recommend! God bless you for the work you do. 👍
- H.C., July 2019
Mr. John Esposito is very professional in explaining what to expect during a home inspector. I gave him a list to look over of items I wanted check since this was my first inspection. He put me a ease with my requests. He has a pleasant personality .
- R.D., May 2019
Your the best
- G.R., March 2019
I had a great experience with John Esposito's company, the House Detective. The inspection was very reasonable and extremely professional. The equipment he had to inspect the house ,(moisture detector, etc.), was quite impressive. I didn't expect that level of sophistication for the reasonable price I paid. The turnaround in providing the report was extremely quick...same day if I remember correctly. The reporting tool that he has online is very user-friendly, and allows you to view the entire inspection report, or just what his recommended repairs are. You're able to customize it for your needs. The report is professional and very easy to read. He did find a few minor issues, which I was able to negotiate with the seller. More importantly, I received peace of mind that I was getting solid home. I would recommend the House Detective to anybody looking for a home.
- M.M., May 2018
Thank you Mr John ! You did a great job I'm very thankful for everything.
- M.Y., March 2018
You're both personable and professional and I will highly recommend you to others. Thank you so very much. R.S.
- R.S., March 2018
Excellent service. John provided a thorough inspection and a comprehensive and informative report. John's service is far superior to that of other inspectors I've used in the past.
- R.A., January 2018
Excellent service. John provided a thorough inspection and a comprehensive and informative report. John's service is far superior to that of other inspectors I've used in the past.
- R.A., January 2018
you are a very professional Inspector, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone .
- E.H., October 2017
Great thorough job . Very nice and easy to deal with
- K.B., September 2017
Mr. Esposito is very professional and knows is job very well. Thank you and I definite will recommend you to my friends and relatives.
- L.G., August 2017
John is great inspector. He is very thorough on his report and even on time. Even very friendly and gives good advise to homeowners. I highly recommend him. Does a good job of inspecting. Quick turnover on the reports too. :)
- K.J., July 2017
My husband and I are relocating from Brooklyn to White Plains. After living in apartments for years, learning about house potential issues and home upkeep have been daunting. John has been thorough, timely and helpful; his comprehensive inspection has made us much more comfortable with the transition and saved us from costly blunders. Highly recommended!
- N.L., June 2017
Mr. Esposito is a true professional. He provided feedback as he was conducting the inspection and submitted the report in a timely fashion.
- D.M., July 2016
Very helpful, and trustworthy. Would recommend to friend or family member. His rate was also lower than others I contacted. Thank you.
- A.T., June 2016
Sorry for the late reply,John you are truly a professional at your field of work! Very detailed and knowledgeable and a great sense of humor!
- L.G., June 2016
Thanks, so much, Mr. Esposito! As scary as this process has been from time to time, having someone do prompt, quick, & thorough work...while still being friendly & funny is very calming. Thank you, again!
- S.J., April 2016
John was on time and very professional. He explained everything that he was doing in the Inspection. Thanks John....
- C.S., March 2016
Great incite and very convenient scheduling and methods of payment
- M.R., November 2015
Very thorough, answered lots of questions.
- C.T., September 2015
Thank you very Much Mr John for the fast and great service. I will take your advises .
- A.M., July 2015
- R.W., June 2015
- R.W., June 2015
- M.P., May 2015
thank you !!!
- V.G., March 2015
I've been working with John for over 5yrs+ and it's always a PLEASURE!!! He's very thorough, detailed, informative and on time. John, you are the best and thank you for loving what you do. Regards, REALTOR,Kerry.
- K.G., December 2014
John, Thank you for your service, continue to serve with the passion you have for the job, and love and care for your customers. Thank for a detailed inspection highlighting the issues that need to deal with. God bless you.
- K.S., December 2014
John Esposito is the best home inspector I know of. His work and support for all of the clients that I serve as a homeownership counselor for NHS Bedford-Stuyvesant is above the BAR!! Thank you John for all that you do for me and the communities I/we serve.
- K.W., October 2014
John is well knowledgeable about his job and demonstrates his expertise on the matter by explaining to the clients the pros and cons found on the property to ensure you are making a good investment. Plus he has a very charismatic personality. I'm glad to have made bussiness with him, people like him are valuable for this field. If I get to buy this apt. I'll always remmeber him..! Thank you John... you're the Best. Quirenia Ferreiras
- Q.F., October 2014
Mr. Esposito was a true professional and arrived on time and provided the service that I was looking for. He was insightful and answered all my questions and concerns.
- D.A., October 2014
John was an excellent and extremely thorough inspector who went above and beyond to explain the details of my home inspection to me a novice first time homebuyer buying a 1 family home in Queens, NY. I took notes throughout the inspection but working with John I didn't even need them because he left no stone unturned.
- R.B., October 2014
Thanx for for your patience re: the scheduling and the situation w/ security. The education you provided during the process is very valuable as well. Thanks again. Lisa
- L.N., September 2014
wonderful he explained a lot
- R.L., August 2014
John is prompt and thorough. He has a very pleasant demeanor and clients respond well to him. His report is available within 24 hours and can be viewed online as he emails it to both client and realtor. I highly recommend John for your next inspection.
- B.F., July 2014
John, Thank you so much, especially for letting me know which personal property is still usable. That information will save me thousands of dollars. I now also know what I may be able to speak to the seller about as far as repairs or concessions, although it is a Fannie Mae foreclosure. I'll give that a try and see what happens - it can't hurt. In any case, I feel so much better knowing what those previously hidden costs may be now, so I'm better prepared for those those.
- I.S., July 2014
Dear Mr. Esposito, Thank you for your outstanding work. We sincerely appreciate all of you hard work. You are a true professional. Regards, Lina & Bob Mengani
- B.M., June 2014
I used John before on another home, and liked what he did then, so I used him again on another home that I'm interested in...Excellent inspection
- D.F., June 2014
John is the best in the business! Thorough in his inspection, very professional and knowledgeable and a wonderful person.
- S.K., June 2014
Friendly and helpful
- S.T., June 2014
Great job.
- H.M., May 2014
Excellent performance.
- H.M., May 2014
You were through, pleasant and very knowledgeable! I appreciate the extra time spent answering non-related questions! I will recommend you to any and everyone that I know is going to buy a place in the city!
- L.W., March 2014
This is my first home inspection, and I can truly say you made it a wonderful experience. Thanks for the experience.
- P.D., December 2013
John have GREAT customer service, he took his time and look through the house thoroughly. He was ready to answer all questions and even walk you through step by step. He didn't just did his work but let you understand what to look for. He is the BEST, we felt safe and I will recommend him!!
- C.P., December 2013
Hi John, Thanks so much for the fast turnaround on the report. You are the best!! Michelle
- M.B., October 2013
Thanks for your help i believe i can do an inspection thanks for the knowledge. You did a great job for me Thanks.I would highly recommend you to to the job. Thanks
- J.B., October 2013
Thank you for my home inspection. I've recommended you to my friends.
- K.H., September 2013
John Esposito was very professional and we felt like would could definitely rely upon his assessment. We would highly recommend him.
- L.B., August 2013
The very best
- J.D., Anywhere NY, August 2013
One of the nicest, very efficient home inspector. He explained every detail about the house as if I was new to the english language. Very informative and concise.
- J.L., August 2013
John Esposito is professional, knowledgable, dependable and courteous. I would definitely recommend him for an inspection! He explained his observations to me as he completed his inspection. John was able to find electrical issues with a two family property I wanted to buy and thanks to him I avoided a money pit and was able to find a good single family property!
- D.M., July 2013
Extremely detailed, knowledgable and consumer friendly. Would recommend to friends and family with no hesitations or reservations.
- C.C., July 2013
He was on time very detailed and polite. I will recommend him to others
- D.P., June 2013
John Esposito did an excellent job in very professional manner.
- E.F., June 2013
very meticulous.Thank you.
- E.D., May 2013
Very thorough and pleasant.
- S.L., April 2013
Mr. Esposito was very thorough and explained everything in detail prior to the insepction. He met my expectations.
- M.T., April 2013
It was a pleasure to meet you. I love the report you sent. It points out everything and is full of information. I will be passing out your cards. Ann Marie Focca A Family Affair Realty
- x.x., March 2013
Thanks for everything
- A.J., February 2013
Thank you so much. We love the report very professional.
- B.P., February 2013
John was very thorough & conscientious in conducting the home inspection on my behalf.
- A.W., February 2013
John was very thorough & conscientious in conducting the home inspection on my behalf.
- A.W., February 2013
Mr. Esposito was highly recommended to me by my brother & sister-in-law Sam & Vanessa Kollock. I'm so thankful that they did. Because he was very efficient,proficient,and competent. I can't think of any more adjectives to describe how grateful I am with his work. But I do know I'll recommend him to anyone who's looking for an inspector. Plus he sent me the report the same day. Very professional. He was my personal "Mike Holmes from HGTV"!
- A.K., January 2013
I appreciate Mr. Esposito's professionalism. He was thorough with the walk through, pointed out concerns and explained them to me in layman's terms so that I could understand. The report was quickly made available to me.
- M.H., January 2013
John, my family thanks you once again.
- G.M., October 2012
John was the high light in this which is my first home buying experience. Courteous, professional, thorough, and efficient. Wish all real estate professionals were like John!
- S.B., October 2012
Great job again.
- P.J., October 2012
Given short notice, Mr. Esposito performed a detailed inspection providing pictures and video of problem areas.In addition, as a HUD Certified Inspector he was able to provide me the proper documentation required by government programs.
- T.H., September 2012
John was very helpful. He explained everything he was doing to me as he moved from one room to the next. He also informed me of items that I should be appear of and items that will need to be reviewed during the next few years. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions.
- I.L., September 2012
Thanks for being Thorough, Patient and Professional.
- J.R., Bronx NY, September 2012
thanks john for your professional service.
- A.D., August 2012
Thank you for the great job. Took his time and showed be all that needs to be done and more.
- P.M., August 2012
John is a true professional.He was prompt, patient,and more importantly, took the time during the inspection to answer all of my questions and concerns. He was always available before and after the inspection whenever I need guidance. John inspection equipments were advance and state of the art. He invested in the latest technologies to ensure his report is accurate and reliable. My report was delivered within eight(8) hours after the inspection. I highly recommended John Services.
- J.A., July 2012
Thank you so much John. I really appreciate your wealth of knowledge and explaining things to use. Thank you and May God bless you.
- F.D., July 2012
Thank you for taking your time to inspect our new home, answering all of our questions and concerns. I also like the fact you took your time and was very detailed.
- C.P., June 2012
John Esposito is simply amazing...hands on with every single aspect of the home. He is very informative, has many years of experience and goes the extra mile to explain each and every aspect of the home to you. I highly recommend his work and professionalism. JOHN - Thank you so very much for your due diligence!!!
- F.O., May 2012
John was extremely thorough and professional. I would highly recommend him.
- E.M., March 2012
You are the very best. Thank you so much
- J.D., Anywhere NY, March 2012
He was timely, and very thorough. Will definitely be recommending him.
- T.M., February 2012
John, amazing job from start to finish. You went far beyond providing just an inspection. You provided us a sense of security with your work, honest professional opinions, patience in answering our questions and I also realized how you handled the subtle aspects of the job like performing in front 8 people which included the sellers agent and 3 of the property owners and more importantly my wife AND her MOTHER (2 of the harshest critics anywhere!) all the while picking proper times to relay important information to us and privately countering the agents who downplayed the severity of some of the issues. I can go on, but you get the idea. I was totally satisfied that I hired you and my wife and her mother all commented how good you were.... that alone speaks volumes. Thanks John! See you at the next inspection! -Larry
- L.H., January 2012
Thanks for the great job on my Home Inspection,the report was verry well presented and professinally Done.
- H.C., October 2011
John was absolutely fantastic. He was prompt, thorough and gave me tips on the condo that I hadn't even thought of. His service far exceeded any expectation I had and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a housing inspection.
- L.M., May 2011
Very knowledgeable, patient and personable. It was a pleasure doing business with John. I highly recommend him.
- M.B., May 2011
Great service.
- M.P., April 2011
Thank you so much for taking us step by step throughout the home, as well as for your patience in answering questions from my wife and myself.
- S.K., April 2011
Professional, helpful and a kind person as well.
- P.D., April 2011
John, Thank you very much for your expert advice and identification of the many problems we were not aware of. We are extremely thankful that you were recommended to us and we would always use your services. Have a blessed week. With thanks Gabriela and Nickolas
- G.A., April 2011
Thorough and very professional.
- E.T., March 2011
Very professional and pleasant.
- T.S., March 2011
Gr8 job...Job well done & very professional.
- T.T., January 2011
Wonderful prompt and comprehensive service, even the real estate agents were impressed. They said that you noticed and understood things which other inspectors overlooked. They asked for your contact information.
- M.J., January 2011
Great job, fast results , very honest and helpful. Thank You!
- M.L., January 2011
Thank you so much for your work today. It was a pleasure working with you.
- L.F., January 2011
excellent home inspector
- S.M., White Plains NY, December 2010
John, It was nice meeting you today. I learned a lot and thanks for your expertise.
- T.M., December 2010