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Timothy Hilsher

Buying a home can be a stressful experience for anyone. We are here to help you through that process and bring peace of mind that you are informed about the decision you are about to make. Many homes look great to many individuals, but unless you know what things to look for the home could contain potentially serious defects in construction that may cost you more money in the long run. Having your home professionally inspected by HG Home Inspection early in the buying process can save you thousands and help ease your mind that this is the right property for you. We find items such as faulty wiring, leaky roofs, which the seller or builder can correct.

HG Home Inspection Hilsher Group LLC performs high quality inspections to include all major components of the home for both functionality and safety. HG Home Inspection are recommended to Buyers, Sellers and any Homeowner who has not had a professional inspection performed on their home in the last 5 years. We cover the greater Houston area traveling as far north as Huntsville, east to Cleveland, south to Galveston and west to Katy.


I am licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commission: Professional Home Inspector License #20768 and a member of BBB..


HG Inspection is dedicated to excellence in all we do. We use only the best software and inspection tools to now include Drone photography. What you get is fast service (72 hour or less booking) and a first class report that same night.


Excellent customer service!!!
- D.R., September 2021
The process was seamless. My client received her report the same day!
- A.E., July 2021
Exceptional service & Knowledge!
- M.M., July 2021
Timothy performed an excellent job on the property. He found items that we never knew existed. Also, his reports are easy to read and understand.
- B.W., March 2021
will definitely be adding you to my list of 2 trusted inspectors i use. thank you. clients were very happy with service
- E.M., February 2021
Very informative. Explained the report so it was easy for agent and client to understand. Will definitely recommend to other clients in the future. Thank you.
- S.S., December 2020
The inspector was very knowledgeable, professional and detail, I will recommend HG for any inspection work
- I.O., October 2020
Great inspection! Very helpful and knowledgeable!
- J.L., October 2020
My client and I were very impressed with inspectors report and how efficiently he completed the report.
- K.S., July 2020
Always professional and provides clear, detailed reports in a timely manner.
- M.W., Humble TX, July 2020
None Better! In fact I would say; " As good as the Best and better than the rest"
- M.H., June 2020
Customer service was amazing when making the appointment. Timothy need an very thorough inspection and took the time to go over every detail with us . We highly recommend !
- C.F., April 2020
He was very professional and thorough with the inspections, explained in detail everything that was on the report. Reasonably priced. I will definitely recommend/use Timothy again. One of the best Company's out there. Thank You Timothy!
- C.S., March 2020
Not only do I recommend Timothy, My clients loved him and said "thank you for hiring a fantastic inspector".
- D.K., February 2020
Timothy was excellent! He took the appropriate amount of time to be sure the inspection was accurate and all items were inspected. I would certainly recommend him to my clients.
- V.H., February 2020
No suggestions. Very polite and and easy to talk too. Glad he was recommended to me!
- D.B., Montgomery TX, January 2020
I gave your info to my buyers agent Megan Bennett so we can both continue to refer business your way! Very impressed with the reports.
- A.T., Houston TX, January 2020
Coordinated well. On time for inspection. Fast results/feedback.
- J.B., January 2020
Tim; We thank you for your service on our behalf. We have take your recommendations to the seller and have their full cooperation. We appreciate what you did to help us.
- J.K., December 2019
Incredible knowledge and excellent service every time. I recommend TJ and his inspectors to all my clients.
- J.R., CYPRESS TX, November 2019
Very professional and polite and very thorough on the inspection of the home
- R.D., October 2019
We can't thank Timothy enough for all his hard work. The details he provides are outstanding!
- K.H., Spring TX, October 2019
TJ was recommended by my realtor. He was awesome! Very knowledgeable and informative. I would use him again and definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. You will not be disappointed in any way!
- B.S., September 2019
TJ was recommended by a friend and did not disappoint at all. I would highly reccomend Tj and his company.
- C.M., September 2019
Best inspector I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Timothy to anyone who needs an inspection. Very thorough and easy to understand.
- L.V., August 2019
Timothy was awesome!
- J.M., June 2019
I?d recommend him to my friend who buying house!
- J.K., June 2019
Thank you for prompt service and clear reporting!
- K.M., Rosharon TX, June 2019
Great positive attitude, communication and attention to detail. Additional web version of report makes for an easy analysis. Took the time to explain and prioritize each item on the report before they left. Never felt rushed. Good people!
- D.B., May 2019
T.J. was thorough and complete in my new home inspection, and even took the time to go over all the line items with me and explain it in detail. I felt so much better about my new home purchase after having his expert opinion and explanation of the full report. Thanks so much!
- V.C., Manvel TX, May 2019
TJ is very professional and experienced. I would definitely TJ for future inspections.
- E.T., May 2019
Thanks for putting in the time to check and explain everything. I will be recommending HG to anyone with inspection needs.
- R.S., Conroe TX, April 2019
Timothy was very thorough and friendly during the inspection which made for a great first experience! He answered questions that came up, and provided suggestions on home maintenance. His reporting was detailed. I would absolutely recommend HG Inspection!
- J.S., April 2019
TJ did a wonderful, thorough job of inspecting our future home! Very personable and informative throughout the inspection. Would highly recommend.
- K.O., April 2019
Great experience! Very knowledgeable and friendly- helped us decide how to move forward with issues with the home and provided trusted vendor recommendations!
- A.B., April 2019
TJ did an exceptional job! Being a first time home buyer there was a lot I didn't understand, and he explained EVERYTHING perfectly.
- C.J., March 2019
Excellent and detail oriented.
- N.A., Katy TX, February 2019
TJ was thorough and detailed. He walked us through the inspection with us item by item, making sure we knew exactly what everything meant and why he had pointed it out on his report. He was friendly, professional, and incredibly helpful.
- J.N., February 2019
Thank you for providing a prompt and easy inspection process. From set-up to payment to inspection date, everything was seamless. As a Realtor, having trusted vendors I can count on is so important to help the entire buy process run smoothly and most importantly, keep my clients happy. Your knowledge, professionalism and report platform are all top notch. A+ As always, I appreciate having your team as part of the buying process.
- N.S., Frisco TX, January 2019
Great having you has my inspector Timothy Hilsher and allowing me to walk the property alone side with you during the inspection. I have had the privilege to know the value and status of what I was buying, what to expect, and advise on my home. Greatly appreciate you as my inspector and your Company thanks.
- W.N., December 2018
Amazing inspection. Extremely thorough. Best part was that I was in a time crunch and they were able to inspect the house the day after Christmas. Talk about Customer Service. I would recommend them big time. Will definitely use them again.
- R.M., December 2018
Very thorough and cordial.
- M.M., December 2018
Tim was great. Very patient and helped walk me through everything. I really enjoyed his help and hope to work with him again in the future.
- D.M., November 2018
Great job, very informative and very friendly!
- A.N., October 2018
Thanks for making the time to return to Iris Bluff, I know you didn't have to and I appreciate the extra effort.
- P.S., October 2018
It was a very thorough inspection. We were not able to be there but the photos and report was very descriptive. Lucky for us all the defects appeared to be minor. Easy process to deal with.
- D.B., Bakersfield CA, September 2018
Amazing work!!
- K.M., September 2018
TJ - You are the best inspector I?ve ever hired! I appreciate your thorough attention to detail. I also am impressed by the way that you didn?t rush through the inspection. I appreciate the time you took to explain things to me & all of your recommendations. Your report was very detailed & I will use it to address current issues regarding maintenance & also use it as a guideline for future maintenance. I will recommend you & your inspection services to others. Thank you again for such a good job.
- B.A., September 2018
Being a single woman, TJ walked me through the entire inspection. Walked me to areas to give me a visual of what I would need to repair. Friendly and easy to work with.
- A.R., August 2018
Very thorough inspection and review with the buyers giving them confidence in their home purchase.
- O.H., Houston TX, July 2018
They are always very good at finding even small problems. They are on top of getting the inspections done.
- T.M., Montgomery TX, July 2018
Always there when needed.
- T.M., Montgomery TX, June 2018
Amazing job , very organized and detailed .
- Z.M., May 2018
From start to finish our experience with HG has been fantastic. We have used another home inspection company in the recent past and HG was even better to work with. And clearly recognizing fantastic employees is a skill you have. Keep it up!
- D.P., Houston TX, April 2018
I did not attend the inspection, but Mr. Hilsher went out of his way to explain the report to my real estate agent and me. I really appreciate the service.
- D.N., March 2018
You guys are great and you never make the client feel like the house is falling apart, very buyer friendly. I keep coming back for the service and the software that allows me to build a very neat and professional repair request.
- D.K., February 2018
TJ was very thorough and helpful! He seemed to enjoy answering our barrage of questions. :)
- K.B., February 2018
Best home inspection I've ever had. Very thorough, insightful, and professional. Thanks Tim!
- T.W., December 2017
You appear to have done an excellent inspection. Appreciate it.
- T.F., October 2017
The quickness with which the home inspection was done was very important to us. I found the report to be very thorough and easy to understand.
- K.R., October 2017
T J is the best! He is thorough and can explain his findings "clearly & without panicking" the Clients, so the Buyers can make sound, reliable decisions. T J is also very accommodating and so respectful of time and issues that have come up ! Definitely recommend T J and his wife is nice too!
- B.E., Houston TX, August 2017
Great inspection, pointed out everything and offered great advice
- D.H., August 2017
Great Service, on time, very thorough and detailed inspection. Covered report immediately following inspection and I was mad aware of all issues. I highly recommend T.J. and the Company
- T.I., July 2017
TJ is an awesome inspector. He answers all my clients questions as well as my own. I've only used TJ HG Inspection for all my inspection needs and I'm very pleased with his services.
- J.W., July 2017
Professional, experienced, reasonably priced; will definitely call TJ for another inspection in the future!
- P.M., Houston TX, July 2017
Very courteous and professional team
- L.W., June 2017
Tim was awesome. He took the time to explain everything and even took the extra time to show me how things should work. I would highly recommend him!
- C.W., June 2017
Coleman did an excellent job. Top notch and thorough. I will definitely use your service again (it's my second time this year so far).
- C.C., June 2017
He was very thorough, professional and nice!
- M.S., June 2017
Tj is amazing! Very pleased to work with his team!
- M.R., May 2017
The inspection was very thorough and professionally done.
- M.P., May 2017
I am very thankful our realtor recommended T.J. Hilsher! After the inspection, he took time to physically walk me through the house as he explained his report. He also did a great job answering questions, ensuring that I truly understood everything. I was really impressed by how personal he was and willing to help with any questions we might have in the future. I will most certainly recommend T.J. Hilsher in the future! Thanks! Rebecca
- R.E., May 2017
Very detailed and beat my expectations on time to turn report around. Thanks
- B.B., May 2017
great company, always prompt, excellent customer interaction and explanations of reports. I use them every chance I have.
- T.S., April 2017
You and Amber were excellent! Thank you for staying late on a Friday evening and answering all of our questions. You made certain we felt comfortable purchasing our home.
- M.R., April 2017
Timothy was very thorough and explained everything in detail. Any time we had questions, he never had an issue explaining or going back to the part of the house to show us the issue. Hopefully we won't have to use him again for a few years, but we will always recommend Hilsher Group Home Inspection to everyone!
- J.T., April 2017
You were wonderful, and thank you so much for detailed explanation in layman's terms for us new homebuyers. :)
- A.N., March 2017
Thank you so much for the bang up job that you did with this inspection. The buyers are so glad to have had such a thorough and well done inspection. They feel very satisfied that with this inspection they can have the necessary items completed and when they move into their new home they will be very happy. Thank you so much and if you ever need a reference, please have them call Pam at 832-330-8368.
- P.S., Tomball TX, March 2017
Excellent work! Absolutely love the new cut and paste report - it is just genius! Love it!!!!
- D.B., March 2017
I was very impressed by the thoroughness, and range of tools used to accomplish a comprehensive inspection.
- S.W., Houston TX, March 2017
Very very nice and professional. He is detailed with every part of the house. Explained each finding with precision.
- M.R., March 2017
TJ and his wife are AMAZING! They showed up on time and explained every detail of the inspection. They had all the best equipment to test all the aspects of our new home. I will definitely use them on my next home inspection and let all of my friends know as well!
- R.M., Humble TX, March 2017
TJ was great, as first time homebuyers we were both very anxious at the thought of the home inspection. He explained every deficiency that he found very clearly and how it might impact our decision to purchase the house. After his explanation of the report, we left feeling very much at ease.
- J.M., Houston TX, March 2017
I thank you for your complete report. I was impressed with your professionalism. Thank you again.
- B.T., February 2017
Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly explain the items in the inspection report. You are a joy to work with and would recommend you to anyone!
- A.A., Kingwood TX, February 2017
Easygoing, personable, knowledgeable, patient, and super informative service!! Great job TJ ????
- M.W., February 2017
Very detailed reports. TJ took time and walked through the report, section by section. Great service, thank you!
- A.G., February 2017
Mr. Hilsher was a very thorough inspector of the home that I was potentially buying. I was present at the inspection with his assistant and himself. I informed him that this was going to be my first home purchase. With that, he allowed me to follow his assistant and himself around the house as he pointed out things to look for and ways to fix certain repairs myself. He was very professional and informative throughout the whole process. I also liked the fact
- , February 2017
I am a first time home buyer and this was the first time ever going through an inspection. Mr. Hilsher walked me through the entire process and showed me in detail what he was looking for. I had also written down all and any concerns with the house that I had seen, and Mr. Hilsher had an explanation or answer for each and every one. His attention to detail and observation was very keen. On top of that, with him knowing that I was a first time home buyer, he gave me tips and tricks to keeping the house maintained in areas that are usually neglected in other homes. At the end of the inspection, instead of sending the report days later, he downloaded all of his information and presented everything in full at the house, then emailed the official inspection to me then and there. All in all, I was pleased with his service.
- M.D., Humble TX, January 2017
I appreciated you taking the time to go over the inspection with me and explain things.
- B.B., January 2017
Everything was great! Both inspectors were excellent, polite, and very thorough! I've used many inspectors in the past and I will use HG going forward as their service and prices are really great!
- T.B., January 2017
I've been a Realtor since 1996 and I can truly and honestly say I've never had a better experience, time and time again with the services, attention to detail and outstanding professionalism as Timothy Hilsher personally and all his staff, services, reports and quality of production.
- K.H., Spring TX, January 2017
detailed, accurate and quick report. picked up issued that I did not notice. very satisfied with the inspection
- S.Y., Houston TX, January 2017
Thank You for your work, you save me from a bad purchase. I really appreciate it.
- P.D., Spring TX, January 2017
My husband said you did an awesome job..he was very happy on the way you checked the property...5 stars all the way!!!!!! ??
- V.M., Baytown TX, December 2016
Very professional inspection and friendly inspector. Thank you Timothy.
- K.L., Spring TX, December 2016
I needed these guys to come out on a Saturday so I wouldn't have to take off work. They were more than happy to accomadate me. I've used this company twice and have been very pleased with their service and courtesy.
- T.N., Huntsville TX, November 2016
They did an outstanding job. Very friendly, on time and detailed. When I had questions or wanted them to look at something they took the time to address my concerns.
- T.N., Huntsville TX, November 2016
Thank you for an excellent costumer service.
- J.C., November 2016
T.J. was able to come out promptly the day after my agent contacted him. He waited for me to arrive although he had already completed the inspection and gave me a thorough rundown of the report when I arrived. He was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him to others.
- K.J., November 2016