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Thomas Skrodzki

Prime Home Services, Inc. has been servicing the Western, MA and Northern CT performing Home Inspections, Pest Control, Duct Cleaning, Odor Elimination, Radon Testing & Mitigation, Water Testing, Well Flow Rate Testing, Mold testing & Remediation, Basement Waterproofing, Foundaiton Crack repair and Termite damage repair since 1998. We are fully licensed and insured, We are a family owned and operated company. Our home inspection reports are computer generated using digital photography, 360 degree photos and videos embedded into the report. We also use drones to view roofs and chimney tops for damage or needed repairs. We have built a strong reputation within the real estate industry as being honest and fair as well as informists and not alarmists.

The best way to describe what we do as home inspectors is... A home inspector is like a general practitioner, when you are not feeling well you go and see your primary care doctor who does an "inspection" physical of you and your systems, finds out what is wrong, then recommends the proper specialist for you to see to correct the issue. We, as home inspectors, do a complete "physical" evaluation of the structure and systems of the home your looking to purchase finding things that are damaged, defective, unsafe, or failing. We then recommend the specialist that can correct those issues found. We do not offer costs of repairs because prices can vary from company to company. We do recommend consulting with at least 3 different companies from that field getting quotes and recommendations before making a choice on the company to perform the repair.

Please visit our website for more information at or if your ready to schedule you can do so by visiting where you will find a live calendar for you to pick a date and time that fits your schedule best.



NACA Approved Inspector MA State Lic. 142 MA Pesticide #26804 MA CSL #080948 MA HI Reg. #174292 CT Lic. #HI.400


Prime Home Services, Inc. provides Home Inspections, Pest Control, Radon Mitigation, Mold Remediation, Odor Control, Duct Cleaning, Basement Waterproofing, Crack Repair in MA, CT and RI since 1998. Visit us online at

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- D.H., June 2020
Professional, personal and highly recommended.
- G.M., July 2019
Tom is fantastic , thorough and always does a great job. Very knowledgeable and has a great user friendly report system. Highly recommend
- S.A., June 2019
Friendly, professional, and thorough. Would definitely recommend or use Tom again in the future if needed. Thanks!!
- R.R., June 2019
Thomas you did an excellent job thank you DIANA KUMISCA
- D.K., port saint lucie FL, April 2019
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Willing to answer questions and made suggestions related to improve performance of various household systems.
- K.B., November 2018
Tom and his team were thorough and timely. They answered all our questions and let us participate in all aspects of the inspection. I've enjoyed their tech-savy-ness!
- C.L., October 2018
First time having a home inspected. Thomas was fantastic very easy to talk to and there to answer any questions or concerns I had.
- J.E., August 2018
Tom did a through inspection of the condo. Would definitely recommend! Thanks!
- C.C., May 2018
Thanks for scheduling the inspection as you did. You did a great job.
- A.K., April 2018
Mr. Skrodzki was personable, didn't waste time and provided plenty of useful information in his report. During the inspection he informed me on several of the issues he had found, explained to me why the less immediately obvious issues were a problem, and offered suggestions on repairs and maintenance which will help me make the most of what I've learned about the property through him. I would strongly recommend Mr. Skrodzki to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- A.R., March 2018
I am very pleased with the way you conduct your inspections. You are very professional and informative.
- T.S., February 2018
Tom, was amazing. Very understandable as he came 3 times to do this house inspection. We appreciated his feedback and advice. I would absolutely recommend him to someone else or use him in the future.
- S.F., January 2018
Tom is always professional and reliable. He is extremely knowledegable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.
- D.M., January 2018
Good job, as always.
- A.K., January 2018
Thomas was extremely professional and informative during the inspection. He is very personable and I enjoyed the experience. I had 1 other inspection done previously and I wasn't nearly this pleased. In the future, I would most definitely use and/or recommend Thomas to others.
- S.D., December 2017
As a Realtor, I always feel confident referring Tom and 1st Call Home Services to my clients. He is thorough and not an alarmist. He is down to earth and answers questions and offers suggestions to the best of his knowledge. His rates are reasonable and he offers a military discount as well.
- A.M., Ludlow MA, November 2017
Very detailed and knowledgeable. Best home inspection experience I've had.
- J.B., October 2017
Very helpful and thorough.
- D.B., October 2017
Tom is very thorough and knowledgeable and speaks honestly using language buyers can understand.
- H.K., East Longmeadow MA, October 2017
Great job. Thorough and friendly! Thanks very much for your help.
- S.M., October 2017
We found Tom to be very pleasant to work with. He took the time to explain his findings. We like the fact that we can contact him any time if we need to have further explanations. We would recommend him to any one who is buying a home.
- S.M., September 2017
Tom is a great inspector. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend using him and his company.
- R.S., September 2017
Tom was very thorough and professional with the home inspection. I would recommend him as one of the best home inspecotrs in the area...
- N.A., Holyoke MA, September 2017
Very profesional and good inspector.Thanks
- M.H., September 2017
Tom and crew are great. They take a personal interest in every client and take the time to explain the maintenance, care, and /or repair needed. Highly recommend tis company
- T.D., August 2017
Absolutely great! He was very professional and friendly and did a very thorough job and saved my family a lot of money in the long run. I would absolutely recommend him.
- G.S., August 2017
Tom was more pleasant, personable, knowledgeable, and professional than any other inspector I have dealt with in over 2 decades of home purchases.
- M.C., August 2017
Thank you for taking the time to explain the whole process to me. I appreciated your thoroughness!
- S.C., August 2017
Prompt efficient and thorough would describe tom,s inspection. Thanks for suggesting protecting the ac unit with an A frame in the winter.
- A.W., August 2017
Great inspector! Very knowledgeable and professional. Goes the extra mile to make sure you know everything about the house your purchasing. Would highly recommend Thomas Skrodzki to anyone.
- M.M., October 2015
Complete and thoughtful home inspection.
- K.R., October 2015
Thomas was very thorough knowledgable and friendly. He answered all questions we had. I would definitely use him again in the future.
- C.D., October 2015
It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Very thorough inspection, knowledgeable on all topics, Christian and completely honest. I will most definitely refer anyone I hear of needing an inspection to you. I love that everything is automated and very user friendly. Have a wonderful day and thank you for a great, comprehensive inspection report.
- C.C., Westfield MA, October 2015
Three inspectors spent 2.5 hours going through a 2,200+ sq.ft. home completing an extremely thorough report. I had the report the night of the inspection. Will and have already recommended 1st Call Home Services to anyone purchasing a home.
- B.F., October 2015
Continue the Great work and excellent customer service!!! Thank you!
- B.P., Sturbridge MA, October 2015
Very professional, very quick results and prompt report!
- T.F., Chester MA, September 2015
your firms services were fantastic. easy to understand and very informative. henry was very knowlegable. and detailed. Thank you Holland
- H.J., August 2015
Tom and Henry were professional, thorough and friendly. I am very pleased and would recommend 1st Call Home Services with no reservations. Thank you Tom! Bob Ferrier
- R.F., August 2015
Very thorough. Inspection report was very informative.
- M.N., August 2015
Tom is very pleasant and professional - took the time to look at everything - above and beyond Amazing job with the roof - love the toy (I know it is not a toy but just had to say) Would hire you again in second (not that I will be moving anytime soon)
- M.D., July 2015
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable
- M.B., July 2015
My husband was there fir the inspection said Tom was great very thorough! !
- T.S., holyoke MA, July 2015
My husband was there fir the inspection said Tom was great very thorough! !
- T.S., holyoke MA, July 2015
Tom was able to accommodate my schedule so I could attend the inspection. The detailed report will allow me to make the repairs and maintenance needed. Thanks!
- F.P., July 2015
I wouldn't recommend using yellow on your reports as it is hard to read.
- D.B., July 2015
Very thorough and report was informative and clear.
- K.P., Westfield MA, July 2015
Tom was thorough, efficient and took the time to educate me on aspects of the house that I was unfamiliar with.
- S.C., June 2015
Tom was very friendly and made sure i understood everything and answered any questions i had. It's easy to tell he is well educated in his field and i will be recommending him to anyone looking for an inspector.
- T.C., June 2015
We are very Impressed with tom's breadth of knowledge of every aspect of houses and the job he performed from inspection to report. Beyond expectations. A top knotch home inspector and highly recommended.
- F.C., June 2015
Thomas was thorough and professional. I would recommend him to anyone buying a house.
- J.D., Agawam MA, June 2015
Henry was absolutely fantastic. As a first time home buyer, I was very inquisitive. Henry took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns, and I greatly appreciated that. The report was VERY extensive and everything was explained in a manner that I was able to understand, with little to no knowledge of typical home issues. I would recommend 1st Call Home Services to anyone needing their service.
- S.M., June 2015
Our inspector, Henry, was excellent! Thorough inspection, courteous manner, made everything super easy for me to understand.
- J.P., June 2015
Thomas, Thank you for the thorough inspection. The dryer vent emptying into the attic is definitely something we would want fixed. Is the termite inspection a separate report? Thank You, Steve Holtz
- S.H., May 2015
Very knowledgeable inspector, Henry Keene, was thorough and gave his honest impressions on areas we may want to investigate further.
- K.G., West Springfield MA, May 2015
He is the a very thorough home inspector and all around great guy!
- A.M., Ludlow MA, May 2015
Thorough, incredibly intelligent, helpful, friendly, professional, well-presented, and excellent report including photos of everything. I am so grateful, and would recommend Tom without hesitation. Monica F. M. Nunez
- M.N., May 2015
Tom did a very thorough job with the inspection. He was able to ID issues that did not appear on the surface and provided me with a detailed report as well. He was early to the inspection and completed it within the 2 hour time frame he originally quoted.
- D.P., May 2015
Thanks Tom, You did a great job for me and gave me recommendations I needed on the issues with the house.
- B.O., Westfield MA, May 2015
We are so impressed with our inspection. He was so thorough and nothing was missed. On top of it all, he was so personable. I would recommend him to anyone else.
- K.M., April 2015
Tom was great and very professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an inspector.
- D.B., April 2015
You are very professional. thank you for pointing out the little things. Thank you for everything. Tina
- T.B., Westfield MA, April 2015
Thomas is very knowledgeable at what he does. He didnt have a problem answering any of my questions. He even gave me tips on a few things around the house and how to service them. He is very easy to talk to and respectful, on the plus side he is a man of faith...that was the icing on the cake.
- Z.M., Chicopee MA, April 2015
Thomas is very knowledgeable at what he does. He didnt have a problem answering any of my questions. He even gave me tips on a few things around the house and how to service them. He is very easy to talk to and respectful, on the plus side he is a man of faith...that was the icing on the cake.
- Z.M., Chicopee MA, April 2015
Very much appreciate all of the photos, and leaps and bounds above my last home inspection experience of 2005, which left me with a house that needed to be completely gutted for safety reasons. Pointing out 'should' and 'could' repair/replace is invaluable.
- S.L., Westfield MA, March 2015
Very thorough and incredibly knowledgable. He educated us on so many different things about our future home and put us at ease! Would highly recommend Tom to anyone!
- C.G., Chicopee MA, March 2015
Very thorough and incredibly knowledgable. He educated us on so many different things about our future home and put us at ease! Would highly recommend Tom to anyone!
- C.G., Chicopee MA, March 2015
A through inspection with myself and my agent present This allowed the opportunity to ask questions. The detailed report was emailed that same evening, and contained plenty of photos to document the property. To top it off, my request to forward a copy of the report was also accomplished that same evening. Thank You Tom.
- D.P., March 2015
Thomas Skrodzki was awesome. Very thorough, very knowledgeable, and very professional. He was on time, and I never was left out of the loop. I knew exactly what was going on at all times. I would absolutely recommend Thomas to anyone looking for an inspector.
- J.L., February 2015
Thank you Tom for completing our inspection. It was a pleasure to meet and do business with you.
- T.B., Westfield MA, February 2015
Very professional thourough report
- P.P., February 2015
Absolutely would recommend Thomas. He was thorough, professional, and personable. I really enjoyed his website with pictures of his family-it gave me an increased measure of trust in him before I even went through the inspection. I felt the price was fair.
- P.H., February 2015
Nice way to get your info on inspections.
- J.M., January 2015
Tom is very thorough and detail oriented, very easy to work with and just a very pleasant person to deal with.
- C.Y., December 2014
Great job. No time wasted. Very pleasant and easy to deal with.
- M.T., August 2014
You did an amazing job. Thank you for being so thorough! We really appreciate how down to earth you are and how you explained your findings. We would recommend you in a heartbeat. Stew and Amanda
- S.B., West Springfield MA, July 2014
My agent and I were thrilled with this report. The technology makes the process incredibly fast and easy. My inspector was thorough, professional and prompt. My agent says she has never seen such a well organized and informative report. She is adding my inspector to her recommendations list. THANK YOU!
- J.R., Springfield MA, July 2014
thank you. It was great to have this report in PDF to refer back to. thanks again.
- C.M., Agawam MA, July 2014
Very informative. Told us what needed to be repaired and how to go by it. Thomas gave us very good ideas on improving the efficiency on our home. Highly recommended as a home inspector
- S.M., July 2014
Very Thorough - But respectful. Report was submitted quickly - but was very thorough.
- C.D., Monson MA, July 2014
Thomas was great and does a thorough job. I would use his services again.
- E.S., July 2014
great job with every detail
- B.D., Westfield MA, June 2014
Very friendly and thorough. I would definitely use him again if the opportunity presented itself. Also did termite inspection and a well water test. Felt I was treated fairly and given a good deal with accurate information.
- B.M., May 2014
I was very impressed with Mr. Skrodzki! I appreciate how thorough his inspection was and the detailed report that was provided.
- J.B., May 2014
Very professional. Answered all my questions and did a very thorough inspection. Highly recommended.
- J.R., East Longmeadow MA, May 2014
Thorough and pleasant to work with
- L.C., May 2014
he was on time very efficient and lots of great information and answered all of our questions
- B.R., April 2014
Thomas Skrodzki is a very knowledgeable person. Also easy to talk to. I'm a first time homebuyer and I don't really know that much about how houses. Thomas made it easy to understand.
- C.G., Chicopee MA, April 2014
Tom was the best all around helpful guy,Would use him in the future
- M.R., March 2014
Tom, You were so patient with us. Dave and I want to thank you for all that you did. In addition we could not have asked for a more thorough inspection. Best, Anne
- A.C., Chesterfield MA, March 2014
very professional,something I have found missing in my prior experiences
- D.M., March 2014
The best out there!!!
- D.H., March 2014
Thank you so much for your insight. Your expertise has helped me with this home purchase experience. I do have a question. Would it be possible to spray foam the under flooring and pipes at 56 overlook dr in Westfield? Laura Reinholz
- L.R., Southampton MA, March 2014
Complete and thorough inspection. Very professional and outstanding customer service.
- C.N., March 2014
He was a very thorough inspector who took as much time as I needed to understand everything from going through the process to explaining preventative maintenance and future expansions I could do. Anything I asked, he explained very well! I couldn't say anything negative because everything was so great. I also loved the reminders and emailing me the reports ASAP! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
- J.E., Springfield MA, February 2014
Great Service and report was easy to understand
- C.B., Ware MA, February 2014
Thorough and professional
- S.B., Westfield MA, February 2014
My wife and I weren't sure what to expect with a home inspection and you were highly professional and patient with us despite the millions of questions we had in regards to inspection peices and process. Thank you for your high level of professionalism and timelyness of the report.
- K.B., January 2014
phenomenal service. thank you.
- K.B., January 2014
Tom It was nice to meet you. Thank you for the thorough inspection. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
- K.B., Southwick MA, January 2014