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Larry Rollins CMI

A typical Tennessee home inspector has less than 3 years experience and is only held to "state minimun standards" by the state licensing board.  I have close to 30 years as a marine and residential inspector.  and, unlike most tennessee inspectors, I am a "Certified Master Inspector", one of only ten in all of tennessee, which holds me to a significantly higher standard.
I am also a certified Radon Gas Specialist. and a Certified Mold Inspector.  I spend many hours each year maintaining and upgrading my certifications and education.
If your worried that a home inspection will cost you money?  A typical home inspection makes you money.  Upon recieving your report, your realtor will help you prioritize the problems noted in the report.  Your realtor will then typically ask the seller to fix many of these items or reduce the price so that you can have them fixed.  Usually, this amount is many times the price of your inspection.
The time to call or email is now.  Even prior to signing a contract with the seller.  We can help to inform you of what to expect, and get you set up and ready so that once a contract is signed your inspection can take place asap.
Remember, as your home inspector, I become the only person representing you that does not have "a dog in the fight".   With a purchase this size you need at least one person on your side that has nothing to gain at the closing.  I work for you and you only!  I will take whatever time is necessary to insure that you are fully aware of the condition of the home and you will recieve a full color digital report that very same day.
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Tn License #477. Certified Master Inspector, Gold Member of Homegauge, Member BNI international. Radon Certified.


One of ten Certified Master Inspector's in Tennessee, I bring 35 years of residential construction and inspection experience to bare. Standard inspectors are only held to state minimum standards, I enjoy being held to the highest standards.


Larry is a fantastic inspector !! He did a thorough inspection and saw many flaws, not up to standards, so many things that need immediate attention and repair. This is a new build too. Larry, your an Awesome inspector !! I would highly recommend you and will use you and your services for all my properties. Thank you Larry !!
- J.W., August 2021
Larry is the best home inspector I've ever used! I was blown away by his attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond. Larry sees a home inspection as a HOME INSPECTION - he looks at it through the eyes of what a homeowner needs to know before buying. Instead of relying on a skimpy checklist provided by the state, Larry uses an extensive, comprehensive list and provides detailed pictures and videos of everything in the report. I highly recommend Larry for your next home inspection.
- C.M., August 2021
Larry was very helpful by explaining his findings and answering all our questions
- D.D., July 2020
Absolutely, he was very thorough with everything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- D.S., June 2020
This is the forth time our family has used Larry. We continue to go back for a reason. After Larry’s report we are fully confident in the homes condition. Larry’s report are comprehensive and thorough. I would recommend Larry to anyone. Dean Darr...
- D.D., May 2020
Excellent and thorough job on the inspection. Thanks for finding some things I even overlooked, and I'm a stickler for detail.
- C.H., Mount Juliet TN, January 2020
Easy to work with, great explanations, and takes time to teach. That meant a lot to us as we were not able to be there for the inspection.
- R.B., March 2019
Keep up the good work. We were impressed with the efficiency of your inspection. You touched on all our concerns and explained in detail all the results you arrived at.
- J.M., September 2018
Thank you for being so informative and making sure I understand. I would recommend you to anyone who was purchasing a home. I will definitely look over the report again and make the changes that were mentioned. If I have any questions I have no doubt you will be there to help. Glad to have met you.
- P.G., August 2018
Very professional and thorough!
- H.G., July 2018
After experiencing some very expensive (and unexpected) repairs for my last 2 home purchases I was looking forward to having Larry do my home inspection, since he came highly recommended. My previous homes were inspected but not very well. Larry's inspection was very detailed and thorough. He made sure I understood everything in his report and explained all the issues he found at the house. This will be my first home purchase that I can make with peace of mind. Thanks Larry.
- L.W., October 2017
Don't change a thing. I greatly appreciate your experience, personality and sincere desire to make sure your clients understand what they're potentially buying. My family has bought/sold houses all across the country and you are the best inspector we've had yet. Would gladly refer anytime.
- S.S., June 2017
Great service and very detailed.
- N.M., November 2015
Very Professional and right to the point.
- C.J., May 2015
Personable, and Thorough. Larry did a great job, and was clear in his explanations and suggestions on the issues he found. Thanks...
- T.W., May 2015
Thank you for a thorough and user-friendly report. We will be sure to refer you, Larry.
- A.M., May 2015
Larry is very professional and very thorough. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an inspection.
- J.G., February 2015
Thank you for making inspection on a such sort notice! For sure will recommend to my friends!
- A.M., April 2014
Nice job! I would recommend Larry Rollins in a heartbeat!
- A.H., April 2014
Larry Rollins is very good! I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home. I have been self-employed as a drafter and designer for a number of years with some "hands-on" general construction experience. Drawing on my past experience I could see shortly after meeting with Larry that he is a professional who really knows what he is talking about. I learned a lot from him.
- J.W., May 2013
Larry was very informative. We plan on purchasing more real estate in Nashville and will certainly contact Larry again.
- D.M., March 2013
In my honest opinion you did an Absolutley Top notch inspection. You should be very proud that Honesty and truth are your watch words I will definately recommend you to other potential home buyers Mike Holmes watch out !!!!
- J.K., Gallatin TN, August 2011
Larry was thorough, with very good documentation of his inspection. He explained every thing in "laymans' terms so that we could understand. I would definitely use him again, and would recommend him to others as well.
- L.M., April 2011
Thank you for not only the inspection, but the time you took to explain things carefully afterwards.
- J.F., Nashville TN, February 2011
I am very appreciative of the detailed inspections Larry has provided for me during my home buying process. His conscientious approach saved me from purchasing a home that would have caused me a lot of expense and problems. Fortunately, the second time i finally found a well maintained home! It is the unseen things that end up being costly and a good inspector can find point those things out!Thanks!
- S.R., Cornersville TN, October 2009