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Tom Dunnavant

After thousands of inspections, Google has rated my service 5 STARS.  As a past home builder, renovator and developer, there's not much i dont know about homes, but i still learn something new everyday.  Protect your investment and work with a full time professional.  I'm available 7 days a week, after 2 on Sunday. 

 We offer through Inspections, Detailed Reports at a Fair Price

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State of Alabama License #HI-2012, State of Alabama Home Builder License # 1738 (Inactive as of 2009) Member NACHI


We go over, under, around and through your home to insure that your Dream Home does not turn out to be your Worst Nightmare. Alabama is a "Buyer Beware State" Protect your investment with a thorough inspection. Its your money.

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Was very welcoming and knew what he was talking about. Absolutely loved his reports because he provides so much information on how to remedy any and all solutions found with the house.
- Z.M., June 2020
Great guy who did a fabulous job. Hw has my highest recommendation.
- M.C., June 2020
Tom is very easy to work with about schedule and any details you need addressed. He does a complete job. His reports have a great deal of added value, especially for the first time homebuyers. GREAT JOB!
- L.D., May 2020
He's a wonderful person to work with!
- L.L., Decatur AL, May 2020
Very impressed with the report, thank you so much
- T.L., March 2020
Tom was very thorough and detailed in his inspection. His inspection also provided helpful resources and tips to fix minor issues such as cleaning grout. Tom was friendly and professional, easy to reach, easy to work with, and flexible in scheduling. Easy payment options were available and quick turnaround of the final inspection report. We would highly recommend Tom and Xpert Home Inspections to anyone needing such services.
- S.M., July 2018
I am pleased to have called you to do the inspection. We are looking forward to getting moved.
- G.L., June 2018
Mr. Dunnavant was very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional.
- L.C., November 2017
Tom was excellent. He looks at every part of your home, and lets you know what needs fixing or replaced. Also in our inspection he recommended a carbon oxygen detector knowing that the house had gas logs. He also told me the gas logs didn't have a gas cut off and he couldn't make them come on, that they needed replacing. If I hadn't had the inspection, I would of been stuck with this issue. I would recommend Tom Dunnavant to any one wanting a house inspection. His cost is very reasonable.
- B.W., November 2017
Thank you Tom for being so kind & outgoing. Above all you are very professional & provided a very thorough inspection. I would not have a problem highly recommending your service. Thank you, Ronnie Sealy
- R.S., September 2017
Customer is very satisfied with the repairs!!
- C.S., May 2017
Thank you Mr. Tom! Will definitely be recommending you to someone else.. You are the best!!:)
- G.V., April 2017
I'm a RETURN CUSTOMER. I had Tom look at a home we were considering. He found things I was uncomfortable with and probably saved my bacon. We continued to look and found another place. Tom was so good, fast, professional, and detailed, there was no doubt who would do the next inspection. Money well spent!
- R.B., October 2016
Tom was very thorough and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain what he found and to suggest possible repair scenarios. Tom was on time and brought everything he needed with him for the inspection. His report was extensive and self-explanatory. It was very easy to talk with Tom about the inspection property and he was both personable and professional. I would definitely recommend Tom.
- K.B., October 2016
Great job. Very fast and professional. Love your sense of humor!!
- S.P., Huntsville AL, September 2016
Tom did a great job. I do not live in the same town but was interested in a certain house. Tom made the time to get it done and get the report to me. The report was thorough and had plenty of pictures. I'm a fairly handy guy but Tom found things I would not have known to look for. He was very accommodating and made a special effort to look at items I had requested as well. Tom also provided a great list of people/businesses he recommended to get things done to the house. I had planned to ask him for such a list but it came standard in the report. Excellent! I'd use Tom again in a heartbeat.
- R.B., September 2016
Great inspector! As a realtor he always makes time for my clients. Always gets reports done quickly. And always makes sure clients are happy!
- R.D., Huntsville AL, August 2016
I have used Expert Home Inspection for Three (3) inspections. I highly recommend this company for all of your inspection requirements Michael Crutchfield
- M.C., August 2016
Tom, Thank you again for a superb inspection, fantastic work ethic, and thorough look, since I could not be there myself and would not know everything to look for. I think you were fair to me and at the same time to the seller also. Thank God for inspectors like yourself. You never hesitated to answer my questions or attempt to educate me on the systems, etc. that you felt I needed to be informed about. Thanks again, Eddie and Sonja Newton
- E.N., August 2016
Very professional, very kind.
- A.S., July 2016
Thank you for your quick response in doing my inspection. I will recommend your business to others.
- T.H., June 2016
Very professional and courteous. On time and offered expert advise on several issues.
- K.P., June 2016
Tom was prompt. He was very thorough. He was very professional in dealing with my wife and me. He made the inspection process a comfortable and easy process to go through. We were from out of state but he made efforts to connect and make us feel comfortable. And most of all he knows a lot about houses and the details that can save or cost you in the long run. Tom has knowledge of houses that does not come from anywhere except hands on experience with each of the areas that he is looking at. You can tell from talking with him that he knows what is behind the wall or under the shingles by knowing things that change over the years in the construction industry. Tom stays up to date with the latest industry trends, and he also knows the history. Great guy, and he did a great job for us - over and above what I expected.
- G.C., May 2016
Tom, Thank you for not only a thorough home inspection, but also for the in-depth report with multitudes of advice, tips, and illustrations. Thank you for looking out for me and God Bless! Jeff and Debbie
- J.H., May 2016
Thank you, Tom, for not only performing a thorough inspection, but also for the In-depth report with multiple suggestions and illustrations! God Bless, Jeff and Debbie
- J.H., May 2016
Very please with service and report.
- A.T., May 2016
Thanks for your time and expert opinion. I will definitely recommend you to anybody I know that needs an inspection. It was my pleasure doing business with you.
- J.A., May 2016
Great knowledge and insights to housing structures. Very thorough in your work, and I appreciate the time you took to go over your findings with me
- C.E., May 2016
Very impressed with the level of service provided by Mr. Dunnavant. The home inspection was thorough and the subsequent report was very detailed with all kinds of helpful pointers and information. Thank you!
- J.M., April 2016
Very professional and thorough. Highly recommended.
- A.K., April 2016
Tom was very thorough and provided excellent information about the home both in detail and in language that was not overly technical unless I asked for further details. I felt much more confident about my purchase after both speaking to Tom in person and receiving his detailed reports.
- S.S., April 2016
Very professional kind person who does a thorough job an explains anything you don't under stand. I would recommend to anyone in the future who's looking for a home inspector. I've VERY please with Mr.Dunnavants services! Beth Davis
- M.D., March 2016
Tom was very helpful and thorough with his report. The pictures were the best part because it showed the exact problem that he talked about. I later spoke with him over the phone where he offered additional help if needed. In my book that's really going the extra mile and taking pride in your work. Thanks Tom.
- D.M., March 2016
Tom does a fantastic job in working with my buyers and explaining things in a way that people really understand. He is always very helpful and makes good suggestions to the clients.
- K.P., March 2016
The best in the business! Thank you Tom.
- B.B., February 2016
Tom, I have a few suggestions for the reports. I am new to yours and now have had 2 clients go through them with some of the same issues popping up. 1) Would love a quick summary of ALL issues categorized at the front by what is in our contract (e.g., electrical, safety, major structural, appliances, hvac, plumbing, etc. 2) Some of the "help" parts have pictures that we think are from the subject takes us a while to know they are examples. Maybe mark them with "example" or something. 3) Would love to see each issue categorized by severity or something. Honey do list, future watch item, vs in need of repair Just a few quick thoughts. Thanks
- R.D., Huntsville AL, January 2016
Great Job Tom. A good quality inspection, simple, yet complete explanation of items of concern. A good understanding of what is and what is not covered in Alabama's Inspection Addendum. The right tools to do the job. Thanks Tom
- R.H., January 2016
Tom, thanks so much for the thorough and detailed inspection you did for my family last week. I am so glad that I chose to do the radon test! I was surprised to find the level so high in the home. Also, I appreciate the time you took to in explaining the problems you found as well as the details of the required repairs. The online process for receiving and accessing the reports and the online payment option was very convenient. I have no doubt that whatever home we settle with, you will be a part of the process.
- D.C., December 2015
Tom performed a very thorough and detailed inspection. I highly recommend Tom.
- D.C., December 2015
Tom did a great job, even found things termite/fungi inspector missed.
- M.H., December 2015
Tom was able to fit my inspection in on short notice and provided a very comprehensive set of reports. The reports were easy to read and very thorough. He is a great person to talk to and work with - very professional and very personable. I will gladly recommend his services. Tom, thank you for your hard work. Tony Ponder, December 6, 2015
- T.P., December 2015
Tom always does a great job, is very knowledgeable and is very fair in how he does business. I would highly recommend his services to my friends and family.
- J.G., November 2015
Very prompt and thorough. Appreciated the recommendations for services to use to repair any issues found with the house.
- B.B., November 2015
Tom was very thorough, explained all issues to us, and offered suggestions on how to "fix" any issues. We appreciated the detailed report with photos and extra added on details. We would certainly use Tom again for a home inspection!
- A.C., October 2015
Tom was prompt, very thorough and detailed with the inspection of my future home. I received my report the following morning. He explained details of the house and the property. The report was in depth and easy for me to understand. I would recommend him and will absolutely use him in the future!
- L.C., October 2015
Tom was prompt with his service, and professional. His inspection report went into great detail, and helped me remedy issues with my home prior to the purchase. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a home they have in mind.
- B.B., October 2015
This is the first time I have ever been through a home inspection! Thank you very much for a very detailed inspection, report, and helpful suggestions for repair! I sincerely appreciate your comments!
- B.T., September 2015
Very helpful and professional! Military friendly!
- M.U., July 2015
Very detailed and thorough report with maintenance requirements/recommendations, associated "how to" and related photos. Fantastic work! cml
- C.L., July 2015
Thank you for a full complete inspection in a timely fashion. will recommend you to anyone who is in need of an inspection.
- D.N., July 2015
Tom was friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with!
- M.P., July 2015
Thanks for your help with the inspection. Good Job. Very friendly service.
- H.P., July 2015
I was impressed with how quickly Tom was able to complete my inspection. His reports are very thorough and he gave me excellent feedback about the inspection and even invited me to call him if I had any more questions. Also the best price I found after calling 5 places! I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to have an inspection!
- L.W., July 2015
Tom, you did a great job! We really appreciate the time you took to check every nook and corner! I really enjoyed meeting you and I have come away wiser than I was before!
- J.B., June 2015
Tom, I really appreciate all you did. Your information is invaluable!You did the most thorough inspection I've ever seen. Thank you so much!
- J.B., June 2015
Tom did an outstanding job inspecting our home. He was amazingly thorough and backed up every defect with pictures. He far exceeded our expectations and we would recommend him to anyone who has reservations about purchasing an older home in particular or any home in general.
- D.G., June 2015
Great job Tom thank you .very helpful suggestions .
- G.L., May 2015
Tom thank you for providing "excellent service " to my buyers. Its been a pleasure working with you knowing that my buyers are being provided a thorough inspection report that enables them to make the best decision on their home purchase. Thanks for going the extra yard in your service-a lost art in America today. God bless and thanks for glorifying Him !!
- I.R., May 2015
Tom is a very professional man. He did a great job with the house inspection in spite of being bitten by the owner's dog. He seemed happy to discuss some of the issues found and led me in the right direction on getting them fixed.
- E.H., May 2015
Great job! Very informative!
- D.D., May 2015
Tom was great to work with. He was able to work out a schedule for the inspection that was convenient for the seller. The report was extremely thorough, and I, as the buyer, was able to learn more about the home than I could possibly imagine. I would recommend Xpert Home Inspections to anyone!
- A.R., May 2015
- S.L., May 2015
Thank you so much for providing your service to us. Tom was so professional and so nice. We appreciate your service. God bless.
- T.S., May 2015
He is good at letting you know the priority of things he discovers: safety, money saving, investment, nice to have and who usually pays for what. That is a lot more than a plain ol' inspection.
- J.C., April 2015
Very thorough, professional, and friendly.
- J.C., April 2015
I would give out this man's business cards to anyone in need of home inspection. Very informative and friendly not to mention professional. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.
- W.L., April 2015
Tom, our offer was accepted. Not only did we know what we were purchasing, but your detailed inspection report will help us prioritize what to do first in repairing and improving our property. Thanks for your promptness. The Joneses
- M.J., April 2015
Tom proved to be very knowledgable and adept at answering all of our questions. Our experience with Tom and with Expert Home Inspections was a very positive one.
- C.A., March 2015
Very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.
- J.P., March 2015
Mr. Dunnavant was a very personable inspector. I could definitely see that he knew what he was doing. He did not rush, so I felt that he did a thorough job, even informing us of cosmetic issues that our excited eyes did not see. I highly recommend this nice gentleman.
- J.C., February 2015
Thank you Tom for doing a great job and going out of your way to offer me advice. I will be calling you on my next property!
- M.W., February 2015
Mr. Dunnavant was very thorough, great at explaining the issues, and helpful in offering suggestions for repairs. I've met several home inspectors and he is by far the best!
- W.D., February 2015
Tom, you gave excellent service. I appreciated all the tips and information you gave me in the walk-through. The report we received was very informative, thorough and helpful. Plus we received it in a day or two of the inspection. I defiantly would recommend your work to every one I know.
- D.P., February 2015
I appreciated you being on time and doing a complete and thorough job. Your report was also delivered to us promptly. We will pass your name onto our friends!
- K.C., January 2015
We are very please at your service. We have used you're company once before. Thank you again
- D.M., January 2015
We are very please at your service. We have used you're company once before. Thank you again
- D.M., January 2015
Excellent job! Very professional, very thorough and truly a pleasure to meet! Answered all my questions. Lots of photos which was great. Photos were clear, explanations / recommendations very detailed. He also commented on things that were well installed, maintained, and or added bonuses, of the home. Tom comes HIGHLY recommended; would definitely use him again. Thanks Tom!! Elizabeth H.
- E.H., December 2014
The report was very through and detailed, we feel like we know what we will be getting in our new home.
- D.V., November 2014
Our inspector gave us acceptable detail on the inspection and very comprehensive details on home maintenance and how too, also giving us a substantial list of contractors and suggestions on who he has used in the past with good results.
- J.H., October 2014
You are awesome! Thanks for being so professional and thorough.
- T.F., October 2014
Tom, thank you so much. This report has really helped us and I am probably going to add the re-inspection service to our order. I appreciate you and you did a tremendous job!
- M.S., October 2014
Very thorough and personable. High recommended.
- J.R., October 2014
He did a great job and I highly recommend him.
- A.L., September 2014
Tom was a consummate professional. His attention to detail and superior knowledge are unmatched.
- J.M., September 2014
Very informative on what he found and what would need to be done by seller and myself.
- C.S., August 2014
Tom is Fantastic!!
- T.B., August 2014
The level of detail that Tom included in his report was great.
- T.D., July 2014
Tom was very thorough and did a great job communicating important information that not only needed to be repaired but ways to help with maintenance moving forward.
- J.L., July 2014
Tom is really professional. Explained everything about the inspection. Gave excellent advise as her progressed with the inspection. Made sure I understood what I should do as soon as the home is mine, I will defiantly fix, paint and add what he suggested. It really makes sense for the upkeep of my home. I would recommend Tom Dunmavant to inspect anyone's home. He also sent reports as,promised. Thank you Tom for making my inspection so easy and helpful. If I should ever meet someone that needs a Home Inspection I will send them your way, Thanks again, Carol
- C.S., July 2014
Absolutely stellar service and reporting. Talked through the items with me and helped answer questions I had about solutions proposed. Knowledgeable and funny. I appreciated the great service!
- A.M., July 2014
Thanks for taking care of my client. I believe he loved the job you did. And thanks for the kind gesture. Have a great and safe 4th of July weekend
- J.D., July 2014
Tom Dunnavant is outstanding!! He has saved my bacon twice by finding issues that would have cost me serious money!!
- T.B., June 2014
Some of the things you said off hand actually helped me out a lot with getting insurance.
- N.B., June 2014
Tom was very thorough & offered common sense insight from his many years of experience.
- B.R., June 2014
Tom did an awesome job! He was very thorough, professional, & clearly explained everything to the buyer. He was not over alarming with some of the issues the older home had, but gave options for the buyer, and/or seller for repairs.
- C.A., June 2014
Thank you for the good, thorough report! I did appreciate the comments and referrals for work.
- S.D., June 2014
Thanks for a great job Tom !
- J.S., June 2014
Much more detailed than the home inspection done on our last property. Appreciate seeing all the pics and the recommendations of good people in the area. Thank you for your hard work.
- J.R., June 2014
Tom very thorough with explaining everything from the inspection.
- J.V., June 2014
Tom was courteous, professional, and thorough. He would be my first choice for future inspections. Thanks Tom!
- S.W., May 2014