Very thorough. Super happy with the report and findings that helped us finalize our new home.
- H.L., June 2024
Steve and Mike are amazing. Very professional , taking time to talk to my client and explain the entire process. My client felt safe getting a house that has been inspected by them.
- L.T., Las Vegas NV, June 2024
The inspection performed on our potential property was very thorough and attention to detail was obvious. The inspection helped us to make our final decision on our forever home. Thanks!
- T.H., June 2024
They live up to their name! Very personable and all our questions were answered perfectly. I can recommend them without reservation!
- L.B., Richland WA, May 2024
Steve is so knowledgeable and leaves no stone unturned. I highly recommend him to do your home inspection before you buy. It is well worth the minimal cost.
- R.F., May 2024
Steve Wadkins was very thorough and professional in conducting the inspection of the home we are purchasing. Every detail was covered and he and Mike had photographs ready to review items with us in person. The full report was ready on line very quickly. He was also very understanding and accommodating when we were delayed in arriving at the home. I would recommend Steve and Eagle One for an inspection and would use them again if I have the opportunity.
- M.G., May 2024
Steve and Kevin did such an amazing and meticulous job! I love having the peace of mind by getting an inspection on my new build! They were both extremely polite and professional, I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a great and honest inspection!
- C.M., May 2024
Steve did a great job with our new home purchase inspection. Very thorough and transparent about his findings. He was an all-around professional and is excellent at what he does. I would recommend him for any building inspection.
- J.V., May 2024
Very thorough, professional, and focused on the task at hand. Swept the house and perimeter for any and all issues. Explained in detail issues ranging from the smallest to largest and gave me actual advice on fixing them. 100% worth getting these guys if you want to leave no stone unturned.
- G.M., April 2024
Steve was very professional and caught a lot of things that I would’ve missed! High recommend . Was very helpful with all the questions I asked and provided very detailed information. Best in town
- J.H., April 2024
Both inspectors (Steve and Mike) were the utmost professionals! Very meticulous and thorough in their work, there was no doubt they knew what they were doing. Went over the results with me after the inspection and later that day received those results (along with photos taken) in writing via email. I would highly recommend their service to those in need. Neil S. Las Vegas
- N.S., April 2024
10/10!!! Steve did an amazing job on inspecting our new home. We are thankful to him because even though the house is a beautiful new built home, it did still have a handful of items that needed to be dealt with.He was able to see what we didn't on our walkthrough. And besides cosmetic paint jobs, he was able to throughly inspect every single detail of the home and provide a very detailed inspection report that we were able to easily understand. I highly recommend him for any inspection needs for anyone's homes.
- L.J., April 2024
Truly a pleasure to work with Steve and his team! They were very thorough and made my life 100x easier by finding all of the imperfections in my new construction home before I closed. Not only were Steve and his team professional, they were all so nice, and went above and beyond in the customer service department. Thank you guys so much!!!
- S.H., April 2024
Steve and his team were exactly what I had in mind when it comes to an inspection. I wanted a team that could find all the small deficiencies and walk me through verbally all the problems found and with a detailed report. I’m glad I gave Steve and his team a try. Thank you Eagle eye!
- M.O., March 2024
Very thorough and knowledgeable. would absolutely recommends!
- M.M., March 2024
Steve and his crew did an amazing job. Inspection was precisely done. "Eagle Eye" is definitely an understatement. Thank you for such an amazing job well done.
- J.D., March 2024
The inspection experience was quite pleasant, and to the point, which is what I like. He answered all the questions I had in an orderly fashion, and explained things that needed to be taken care of As soon as possible. The entire team showed respect for the property and for me and I thank them deeply.
- S.R., March 2024
Steve was very thorough. I felt he did a great job inspecting the home and was able to explain all of his findings in a way we could understand
- J.G., February 2024
Steve is the most handsome cat ever!!!!! He is very professional and down to business! He looks so serious while he was doing his inspection like Inspector Gadget if you all remember him back in the day. :) Top notch! I knew that I selected the right one from the list sent over by my realtor. Love ya Steve keep up the good work. Robin :)
- R.C., February 2024
Steve was absolutely wonderful. He answered all my questions and was extremely thorough. The best home inspector I have worked with. I will be recommending him to anyone who needs a home inspection done.
- C.M., February 2024
Steve was great did excellent thorough job. Walked me through the home showing me everything he found which is detailed in his report. I feel confident in negotiation with the sellers.
- M.V., January 2024
Steve and his team were professional and very thorough. No stone was left unturned in my inspection. He came very highly recommended and I will say he exceeded my expectations. He and his team were easy to work with and they did a great job explaining everything so I could understand. Thank you Steve!
- D.K., January 2024
Steve was very professional and did excellent job . I was extremely impressed and satisfied with his work. I will highly recommend Steve and his expert team to everyone looking for home inspection. Best service. His level of expertise is worth way more than the price he charged me. Thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with Steve.
- A.K., January 2024
Not only is Steve down to earth an personable, he is a very thorough and meticulous inspector. He pointed out imperfections that we missed in our initial walk through and even offered suggestions on how to repair them. I would highly recommend him as an inspector to those who are seeking a home inspection. Thank you Steve for everything.
- J.A., January 2024
I highly recommend. Very thorough and adequately detailed report. Love the use of a drone to check the roof and love the thermal photography to test air ducts.
- J.G., December 2023
Choosing Steve for my home inspection was a fantastic decision! His professionalism and efficiency made the process smooth and stress-free. Not only was Steve incredibly thorough in examining every aspect of the property, but his friendly demeanor made it easy to ask questions and understand the inspection findings. His attention to detail and expertise provided me with valuable insights into the home's condition. Overall, we highly recommend Steve's services to anyone seeking a reliable and personable home inspector.
- G.L., December 2023
Thank you for being so thorough!
- M.H., December 2023
I was very happy with the new home I purchase, but after a couple issues discovered and that the builder fixed, I needed "A piece of mind" to my myself and my family. So, I contacted Steve at Eagle Eye Home Inspectors. They were able to come in a short notice. It was in a total surprise how diligent and thorough on the detail of their inspection is, they open every drawer, checked every receptacle, light, carpet, flooring, walls, roof, window, garage, heater, a/c etc. They kept me in the loop in their findings, so it was nice to be aware of them. Their report and professionalism are superb. Will use Eagle Eye on my 11-month inspection. The cost to have them inspected well paid off for the items found that the builder will need to fix since I am still within my 30 day. "I Absolute will recommend to all homeowners. Edison L
- E.L., December 2023
Steve was awesome! Thanks so much
- L.S., November 2023
Steve was very professional and thorough with his inspection. Being a first time home buyer, having Steve and Eagle Eye Home Inspections perform the home inspection gave me comfort. Buying a home is an overwhelming process, but having inspectors who take their job serious and are very thorough with the process has helped decrease the overwhelming feeling. Once they were done with the inspection, they took the time to review their findings with us and answered any questions we had about the recommendations. Steve was so thorough, he discovered the house we are purchasing had a hidden built in laundry shoot from one of the bathrooms to the laundry room. I highly recommend using Steve and Eagle Eye Home Inspections for your home inspection when buying your home!!
- K.Y., November 2023
Steve and Kevin did a fantastic job. They arrived early at the property and were very detailed on their report. Highly recommend their service.
- K.S., November 2023
Absolutely amazing!!! Found things that I would have never seen! So grateful that Steve did such a thorough job. Will definitely recommend 100%!!
- J.C., October 2023
Wonderful. Never done this before. He was very detailed, very informative and very polite. He explained everything. I felt like he checked this home as if it was his own.
- S.E., October 2023
Awesome job! Felt like they really looked at every detail! Would use again in the future or recommend to anyone else in a heartbeat! Thank-you very much!
- D.B., October 2023
Steve and Kevin inspected our new home just before the one year warranty with the builder was expiring. They did a thorough inspection and explained items as they went through. Very informative and would highly recommend to anyone purchasing a home or in need of an 11-month inspection. Thank you Steve and Kevin!!
- S.H., October 2023
Steve is a really great person. He is really easy to understand and I would recommend him to only one that’s buying a new house.
- A.S., October 2023
Steve is very professional and friendly. He explained the inspection process which increased our confidence in our home purchase. He made sure that we understood everything and thoroughly answered all of our questions. He provided us with photos and every bit of information anyone could ever need! We were confident negotiating with the sellers due to his explanation and thoroughness. We absolutely recommend Steve!!!
- J.S., September 2023
Steve was very thorough, easy to converse with, and happy to answer any questions we had. He arrived early and after a few hours, his review of the inspection was easy to understand and efficient. Details of any callouts were well documented and potential solutions explained. As first time home owners, we also highly valued his enthusiasm in offering knowledge on how systems work in a home and maintenance on certain items in the household to keep an eye out for.
- E.C., September 2023
They're absolutely great inspectors my inspection came out great???? And they also have really great customer service they're really communicative!! I'm also thankful that they were my inspectors because everything went smoothly????
- W.L., August 2023
Steve was awesome, I will definitely be recommending him and his team to friends and family ever in need of a home inspection. He was professional, personable, and very thorough. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail of the initial inspection results generated at the end of the inspection, before the final report was put together.
- M.G., August 2023
Steve did a great job as well, nothing but good things to say about this company and their employees. Pleasure working them and now I’m confidently moving forward in my home buying process knowing everything was addressed or to the least made aware.
- N.Z., August 2023
ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND STEVE AND HIS TEAM !! Steve and Kevin did such an amazing job, amazing! Can’t THANK them enough for all they did to make our home, the PERFECT home sweet home! For all your home inspections needs, they are the BEST TEAM! MUCH APPRECIATED STEVE AND KEVIN, you’re awesome. God bless you both and your families!
- J.B., August 2023
There is not enough I can say about how wonderful Steve and his team are. Being a REALTORŪ we deal with multiple professionals to make a transaction run smoothly and I don't think that would have been possible without Steve. After having a very disappointing and rough builder final walkthrough an hour before, the discouragement set in... that is until Steve and his team arrived. On a new construction home that we had hoped was ready for move-in, it was far from. Steve was EXTREMELY detailed in his inspection and really took his time (on a late Wednesday afternoon) when most inspectors would have rushed to be finished for the day. After spending almost 2 hours in the home, Steve and his team checked off every concern and then some that my clients had from the state of the property prior with the builder. Not only did Steve treat the home as if it was his own, he spent a good amount of time walking my clients through what he found while inspecting and even walked them through how their home systems work in regards to the A/C, water, and washer/dryer ventilation; something the builder should have done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you and your team had done to make this a better experience for my clients and I. I will continue to use Eagle Eye Home Inspections for all my transactions moving forward; this industry needs more people like Steve and his team.
- L.H., Las Vegas NV, August 2023
Steve's performance was exceptional! With just one phone call and a single form, Steve and Kevin promptly conducted a comprehensive inspection of our new home the very next day. Their efficiency, attention to detail, and thoroughness were outstanding. A perfect 10/10.
- D.H., August 2023
Very thorough and did amazing job.
- J.A., August 2023
Very thorough and takes time to explain his report. Friendly and professional.
- C.B., August 2023
I really enjoyed working with Steve. I really appreciated the fact that he could do the job very quickly as time was of the essence. I believe he did a thorough, accurate and professional job which resulted in a very helpful detailed report complete with pictures and videos. We then went over the report dwelling on any details he felt were important and any ones that I felt needed to be explained to me in more detail. This gave me a lot of confidence in his findings and conclusions. He also offered to answer any questions I might have later as I went over the report with others. I may have some. Although he was professional and business like he also made me laugh, which for me is a wonderful combination.
- I.M., August 2023
Thorough job. Very courteous and knowledgeable.
- S.O., August 2023
Did a complete job and answered all my questions/concerns during inspection. Well pleased!!
- J.E., August 2023
Absolutely, his inspection was very thorough, nothing unnoticed.
- T.O., Henderson NV, July 2023
Steve was fantastic! He and his team did an excellent job finding all of the issues that my future property needs attending to. He and his team are very thorough when inspecting homes. Steve followed up with me to go over everything he discovered and explained in detail all of the problems encountered and provided valuable recommendations. He was very friendly and professional and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I plan to use him again if I decide to go with a different home. Highly recommend him. Thanks a lot!
- E.V., July 2023
Quick, reasonable and excellent work - would definitely hire Steve to do inspection again!
- D.C., July 2023
Fast service and very thorough down to the smallest detail. Thank you very much. I paid $380.00 for the inspection, and I got more from it, money well spent.
- M.F., June 2023
Steve and Kevin made me feel so comfortable with my first home purchase! They were extremely professional and capable and even gave me tips as a first-time owner. They answered all of my questions and were extremely thorough with the inspection process. This is the last home inspection company I'll ever use in Vegas. I couldn't recommend them enough!
- O.F., June 2023
Steve is a true professional. He is thorough and explains every facet of his findings. We were given a clear understanding and moved forward with confidence. Thank You Steve!!
- L.H., May 2023
I recommend this company for inspect your home; it's a really complete inspection of everything. I'm happy about the job they did.
- H.M., April 2023
Steve was prompt; communicated clearly and reports were provided same day. We were pleased with his work.
- M.J., April 2023
Steve was able to identify a potential mold issue found in a home we were purchasing. without his keen eye we would have dealt with the issue after closing, on our dime, vs. being able to pivot during escrow requesting that the homeowner resolve the issue. thank you Steve!
- D.M., April 2023
Steve was extremely thorough and highly professional. I'll ask for him by name next time!
- R.A., April 2023
Very detail and thorough!! I recommend Steve to every new home buyer!
- H.W., April 2023
Steve was great! Extremely thorough and personable. Job well done! THANK YOU!
- B.L., April 2023
Steve was personable, knowledgeable and professional. He and Kevin left no stone unturned in their inspection of my property. The use of state of the art technology, including a drone to examine the roof was first rate. Truly appreciate the immediate feedback via slide presentation which included color photos and video, final same day report and summary items which helped me generate a repair list. I highly recommend Eagle One to anyone looking for the very best!
- D.S., March 2023
Good people. Easy to communicate with from start to finish of the process. Report was on time and thorough. Would recommend to others as well!
- K.M., March 2023
Steve was very detailed in his inspection! He went over everything with us and informed us what needed to be taken care of. The turn around time to receive the report was within hours after the inspection was completed. Friendly guy! I would definitely recommend him!
- T.S., March 2023
Steve was very knowledgeable of everything and shared inspection details with full understanding. I was very pleased with inspection.
- L.G., March 2023
Thank you Steve, for the coming out to inspect our home. I appreciate the how responsive you were to getting it scheduled. You and Kevin took the time to look at everything an I felt you were thorough in your inspection. We used your recommendations to help us buy the home.
- J.K., March 2023
Steve and Kevin did an amazing job for us on the house we bought in the Las Vegas Area. They were professional as well as very thorough. They used equipment and tech to fully inspect the home that we haven't seen with other inspectors. They were courteous and respectful! Highly recommend these folks!
- D.C., March 2023
Steve and his crew were extremely friendly and did an excellent job. They answered any questions I had throughout the inspection and called me over to look at things throughout. They showed me any concerns along with pictures at the end of the inspection. They also sent me the full report very shortly after. Steve took the time to give me contact information and referrals for other things I anticipated being needed. He even spoke to me on the phone later that day to address any questions/concerns I had regarding the property. I would highly recommend Eagle One!
- C.C., March 2023
Very detailed report. Job well done!
- B.P., February 2023
Steve was very professional and polite walked me through everything
- B.E., February 2023
Steve did an amazing job, he was extremely thorough and explained everything perfectly! They were very easy to get an appointment with quickly and were right on time. I would very highly recommend them!
- A.F., February 2023
Steve was great! He answered all my questions and was very thorough during the inspection. He explained the process and after it was done let me know the inspection would detail all his findings and would be emailed the same day. Highly recommend!
- M.C., January 2023
I would absolutely recommend Steve for home inspections. He was very kind and provided a thorough service that was not only professional but also friendly to clients. He even went one step further and offered additional help with contacts to be able to successfully have any problems fixed after he also thoroughly explained the report to us. Eagle One was quick to be accommodating and provided no wait for the results! As a realtor and a client, Steve’s services helped with a smooth transaction and I will absolutely trust him with future inspections.
- W.O., December 2022
Very prompt and thorough. The inspection was easy to set up, and the report was incredibly detailed. Steve reviewed the summary with me and answered all of my questions. Highly recommended!
- C.M., November 2022
I can't recommend Steve more highly. He did and amazingly thorough job inspecting my newly built home. He went the extra mile and guided me through the process of requesting repairs from the builder and urged me to not settle for less with my new home. I will definitely be using Steve's services in the future.
- D.S., November 2022
Ten stars all the way around. Professional and quick service. The inspection was completed the day after the request was made. Complete inspection from stem to stern, with details spelled out for absolutely needed repairs, and those that were "nice to have repaired". This inspection is also something that homeowners should have done on an annual basis to make sure their home is "tuned up" to prevent costly expenses from piling up and causing sticker shock. I would absolutely recommend Steve's services and I will use this company again.
- P.S., October 2022
Perfect inspection! Nothing escapes him. His name is Eagle Eye for a good reason. I am a realtor and will use his services again. Very professional. Very thorough with regard to every detail.
- I.L., Henderson NV, September 2022
Steve was friendly and informative. He gave in depth details of his findings and left my buyer comfortable with what to ask for in repairs. I will definitely be adding him to the top of my list of preferred vendors and hope to do business with him again soon. Thanks Steve!
- J.M., Las Vegas NV, August 2022
Mr. Wadkins did a GREAT home inspection on our house. I see where the name Eagle Eye Inspection comes from!! I would definitely recommend him!
- S.D., August 2022
Thank you Steve you rock. Your hard work and thoroughness really helped me with the purchasing of my new home. Your fast response blow me away. Keep on the great work you do. Mahalo Corinna
- C.N., August 2022
Steve was very professional and courteous. When I buy another house down the line, I’m definitely using him.
- P.W., August 2022
I would recommend Steve to ANYBODY looking to find a new home. He was so professional and efficient. 10/10 !
- K.M., July 2022
Steve is awesome! Super nice, honest and very thorough. I would highly recommend.
- A.M., July 2022
Steve did a thorough inspection and was very informative when it came time to share the results with us. He does above and beyond. Highly recommended!!!
- Y.V., July 2022
He did great! These guys are awesome! Quick, thorough, very efficient and punctual. Very professional and quick turnaround for reports. Thanks so much!!!!!! - Fabian
- F.M., July 2022
Very detailed oriented and noted everything in the report.
- E.S., July 2022
He was very good . Very precise and fast . Explained everything in good detail would highly recommend
- R.V., June 2022
I absolutely recommend Steve Wadkins - Eagle One for an inspection. He is very thorough and very detailed with his work. It is no wonder why they are called “Eagle Eye”.
- L.B., June 2022
Steve was polite, knowledgeable and explained everything well. He was recommended by my realtor and was familiar with the neighborhood as well, which made me feel comfortable with our choice.
- E.S., Las Vegas NV, May 2022
Steve and his partner did an excellent job! their report was thorough and he took the time to go over with me after i got out of work. he took his time and explained every issue with me and he was very knowledgeable he was honest about the things he didnt know. i would recommend him to anyone.
- J.C., May 2022
Steve and his team was very thorough and went over everything in details. He gave me detailed explanation on questions that I had during the inspection. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I would highly recommend this company and would definitely use their service again.
- T.N., May 2022
Great customer service and really knows the job. Thanks so much
- L.F., April 2022
Top notch professionalism and attention to detail. Would absolutely recommend.
- Z.L., April 2022
Steve was a great Home Inspector . It seemed he was extremely knowledgeable about homes in general and in depth. Steve was professional and caring. All I can say is THANK YOU Steve ! Job well done
- J.B., March 2022
Very professional and excellent
- J.R., March 2022
Steve was extremely helpful and patient with every question I had regarding the property. As a new home buyer there's a lot I am still learning. He took the time to explain the process, was extremely attentive to anything I pointed out on the property, even sharing some basic home owner knowledge with me. Some of which included safe practices and showing me where to locate shut off valves, etc. I would highly recommend this service to anyone purchasing a home, new or used, as it gives you great information and piece of mind. Thank you for everything Steve!
- A.B., Las Vegas NV, March 2022
Great service! On time, very thorough, clear communication, friendly and polite. Yes, I would recommend Steve and his company for this service to others :)
- S.M., March 2022
Excellent job guys. Extremely thorough and professional. See you again next time.......too bad you can't come and work in Montana
- E.R., March 2022
Steve was very thorough and explained the inspection details and answered any questions we had. Very nice gentleman and would recommend him for home inspection needs.
- D.K., Las Vegas NV, March 2022
Thank you for being so thorough and detailed.
- J.C., February 2022