Very professional and knowledgeable. Provided a lot of valuable information.
- J.S., May 2021
I appreciate Pete being so thorough checking out the home we want to buy. It seemed like no stone was left unturned and that the report was honest and to the point.
- J.K., Fredericksburg VA, April 2021
He was great! He made sure I knew what was going on and explained different problem areas etc to me!
- S.D., November 2020
Pete was awesome and down to earth! He took his time to make sure my fiancé and understood everything about our new home. I would definitely be recommending his services to my friends. Thanks Pete for being on point and super nice! -Sade
- S.R., October 2020
Pete conducted a very detailed and professional inspection. Along the way he answered all my questions and ensured I was familiar with the key operational aspects of the house (water shutoffs, electrical panels, etc.). I was even quizzed at the end to make sure I remembered! Thanks for a great inspection.
- B.S., September 2020
Very thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful in describing what he found during the inspection
- S.D., August 2020
Excellent inspector, punctual, knowledgeable and thorough.
- C.A., Herndon VA, August 2020
As a first time home buyer Mr. Hamner was very thorough, helpful and informative in explaining how certain thing within my home operates and how to properly maintain that said thing.
- D.R., May 2020
Pete Hamner was an excellent inspector. He was personable, thorough and really a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for your home inspection.
- D.V., April 2020
Pete was very thorough and informative. Thank you!
- C.H., March 2020
Very knowledgeable and would walk me through everything. Highly recommended
- A.T., Woodbridge VA, January 2020
Great and through inspection! Would definitely recommend.
- J.R., Manassas VA, January 2020
I thought Mr. Hamner was polite, professional, and thorough. I think he did a great job and I would most definitely recommend others use him to perform their home inspection!
- C.W., November 2019
Top notch
- P.C., September 2019
Very knowledgeable and friendly! Did a very thorough inspection and took the time to explain everything as he went along!
- J.L., August 2019
Pete was wonderful to work with. He took the time to go through everything and did a great job of explaining his observations.
- S.B., August 2019
Very friendly and informative!
- B.R., June 2019
We have bought and sold many houses, but this was our first condo. Pete was very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Although we were out of state, Pete called during his inspection to go over several of the items, and even added a video of the HVAC blower operation to the inspection report! After over a dozen properties bought and sold (and at least as many inspectors), I put Pete at the top of the list of all the home inspectors we have experienced. We will definitely ask for him again for any of our future inspection needs.
- J.S., Montgomery AL, November 2018
Very professional, helpful and provided lots of information to think about that we would not have thought of asking.
- R.M., September 2018
Great job, very thorough, really appreciate your attention to detail. Thanks!
- C.T., Burke VA, June 2018
Mr. James Hamner did a very thorough and professional home inspection. Gave great advice and was very detailed in showing us every detail about the house. If you're a first time home buyer or have done this before I feel that the way Mr. James Hamner executed this home inspection is the way all home inspections should be.
- M.V., May 2018
Pete always does a superior job. I have been using his expertise for the last 5yrs. He couldn't do it without his wife Martha, the radon queen! Always a pleasure sir!
- J.B., April 2018
Very knowledgeable of his occupation. Very polite, courteous and thorough. It was a pleasure meeting you and I would recommend your services to anyone in the market for a new home. Thanks and best of luck to you.
- P.B., Stafford VA, April 2018
- M.H., January 2018
James is wonderful, knowledgeable, thorough, explains things with attention to detail. We used James before and hope to use his services in the future.
- M.L., January 2018
Second time we have used Mr. Hamner and Home Scope Inspection Services. A professional whom is very thorough and reliable. Thank you again!
- E.D., January 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable!
- K.G., Fairfax VA, December 2017
I was pleased with the friendliness and knowledge of the home inspector. The inspection was thorough, and the report was detailed, while easy to comprehend. In all aspects, the inspector and the quality of work were very professional.
- J.D., December 2017
Pete Hamner was very accommodating and took the time to answer all questions. He was very thorough in his inspection and very detailed.
- R.P., November 2017
He was thorough and explained all his findings in a way that was easy to understand. Great job!
- J.G., November 2017
Mr. Hamner was very thorough and was able to properly information about the home to me. Great work!
- H.W., August 2017
James (who was using his other given name, Pete) did an excellent job in testing the electrical circuits and electrical outlets throughout the apartment as well as the various kitchen appliances. Pete also spent a good part of his time inspecting and testing the A/C and Heating systems which, it turns out, although recently installed (April 2017), are not running in accordance to the expected equipment specifications. What I appreciated most, as future owner, was Pete's patient and detailed explanations of testing procedures and results as he was going through the tests inside the apartment as well as outside (in the case of A/C compressor/condenser) . The detailed report he generated afterwards expands on and explains in detail all of this findings.
- S.S., Chicago IL, July 2017
Pete is always thorough when he does inspections. It's always a pleasure working with him. Thank you!
- C.V., July 2017
Thanks so much for scheduling the inspection on such a short turn around. Good to see Pete again after using him for our last home purchase 13 years ago- yet again professional, thorough, and personable!!
- , July 2017
Pete was very thorough. He explained everything clearly to help us understand the system, as we are first time homebuyers.
- H.B., June 2017
Mr. Hamner was quite thorough and willing to extend his home knowledge to me which was greatly appreciated, especialy as a first-time home buyer. He was not rushed and took time to explain what he was doing all throughout the inspection process.
- M.B., June 2017
First-Class Professional. Pleasant and cordial. Thorough throughout the inspection. Answered all questions asked by attending buyers. Pointed out areas needing attention and provided tips on operation and maintenance of systems. Left home feeling very satisfied by inspection service
- M.F., May 2017
I thought you were very thorough with the inspection and explanations. Thank you.
- S.V., April 2017
He's the BEST!!
- J.J., Springfield VA, March 2017
James was great. Very thorough, easy to work with, happy to answer my questions, and took the time to explain his thoughts on the inspection to my wife and I.
- J.R., March 2017
James was very thorough and very capable of explaining all situations. Being in Construction, I knew what most items were, but he asked for my knowledge anyway. He was careful in performing his inspection and informed me of anything that he thought was relevant. He did a great job!
- B.B., February 2017
James is extremely thorough and explains the issues in detail but keeps his explanation simple enough for a layman to understand. I highly recommend him.
- S.K., February 2017
Very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for your service.
- M.H., February 2017
Very thorough and informative. Covered everything I could imagine and a lot I would never have thought about. Most helpful and taught me a lot about looking at a home. Outstanding job.
- F.L., November 2016
Very thorough and shares with the agent and clients without the doom & gloom some inspectors like to share.
- S.A., August 2016
Very thorough and provided detailed info on inspection. Thank you
- S.S., June 2016
Always honest, alway very through... Jim the the first one I call for all of my home inspections.
- T.Z., May 2016
Mr. Hamner was very thorough, did an outstanding job, and I will highly recommend him.
- J.N., May 2016
Thank You Mr. Hamner for your thorough, professional and efficient inspection of the property. Your patience in meticulously explaining all your findings and procedures was tremendously helpful to a novice like me, and it was truly appreciated. I will recommend James Hamner without hesitation or reservation. Roger Isaacs
- R.I., April 2016
You did a wonderful explaining everything and the inspection was very thorough. Thank you so much!
- D.M., April 2016
Very thorough. Worth the money my clients pay for. Professional and courteous.
- C.G., April 2016
Pleasant knowledgeable guy. Friendly but efficient. I also found he had good judgement and was reasonable.
- D.S., February 2016
Thank you!
- T.L., February 2016
Mr. Hamner was friendly and professional and did a very thorough job. I would definitely recommend him to friends or family.
- D.A., Washington DC, January 2016
They did an excellent job during the inspection. They informed me of what they were inspecting, what they were not able to inspect and why. They really took the time to explain everything to me. I will absolutely use them again and/or refer them in the future. Thank you so much!
- E.T., January 2016
Awesome job, very professional and thorough.
- S.M., January 2016
Very nice and very good at explaining what is wrong with something!
- K.R., October 2015
Mr. Hamner was absolutely amazing. He is knowledgeable, respectable, and great at answering any questions or concerns I had. I learned a lot during the inspection process and will always recommend Mr. Hamner to fellow family & friends.
- K.B., August 2015
Great job and very personable.
- J.M., August 2015
Very informative,engaging and professional.Would recommend highly.
- L.G., August 2015
I was very pleased with the inspection. The inspector was knowledgeable in most areas and willing to reach out to other resources to get further information in other areas. I feel the job was professionally done by an expert. The report was well done and done promptly. His succinct explanations paired with good photography make things very clear. I will not hesitate to recommend Mr. Hamner to friends and colleagues. Thank you for a job well done.
- J.B., June 2015
Very experienced and easy to work with. Highly recommend!
- S.P., June 2015
Thank you for your thorough job with the inspection. You were extremely knowledgeable and able to take the time to explain what you were doing. We will definitely use you again in the future and would recommend you to our friends.
- D.M., May 2015
Inspector was thorough and patient with client's question and education on the home inspection activities and results. Highly recommend inspector for first time homeowners for a good education as well as seasoned homeowners. I was very confident in the conduct of the inpsection. As an experienced, 3rd time homeowner, I still learned a great deal and found that the inspector effectively communicated with the new homeowner throughout each stage of the inspection.
- D.R., Alexandriaq VA, May 2015
Mr. Hamner was extremely professional and took the time to explain any deficiencies he saw while inspecting the home we are in the process of purchasing. His 20+ years of experience in home inspecting definitely showed in the knowledge he had of every aspect of the home and commitment he showed to us! Grade: A++ (or 5 out of 5 stars!)
- C.C., April 2015
Thank you for performing such a comprehensive home inspection. We appreciate your thoroughness and your ability to communicate information we needed to know about our home in a straight-forward manner. You were also patient when answering all of my questions. Thank you again for giving us a realistic overview on the issues requiring attention.
- C.H., April 2015
Great job! Very thorough and knowledgeable. He understood that we knew a little about what he was talking about, and didn't talk down to us.
- V.L., April 2015
James Hamner did an outstanding job with the inspection of the house. He is very professional and thorough. I would highly recommend him to others. Thank you!
- S.W., April 2015
Very thorough job, and very personable. Would recommend or hire again.
- M.K., February 2015
Hi Pete, It was a pleasure meeting you, and my family would like to thank you for your thorough inspection of the home. We really appreciate your honest assessment and your patience. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, The Ching family
- W.C., January 2015
Very knowledgable, informative, friendly and provided a thorough inspection.
- B.J., December 2014
Pete was a true pleasure to work with. He was extremely thorough in his inspection of the home and he took the time to explain the areas of concern. His professionalism and attention to detail were much appreciated and I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs home inspection services.
- L.M., September 2014
Very thorough, friendly, and a complete professional.
- S.C., September 2014
Great job -- appreciated timeliness and great advice.
- J.H., August 2014
- R.R., August 2014
Thank You Pete, for your expertise and professional analysis of the property. It was a pleasure meeting you.
- B.R., August 2014
Mr. Hamner was very professional and courteous throughout. He addressed all our concerns in a clear and complete manner. Great job!
- M.M., July 2014
Thank you Pete!!! You were awesome. We appreciated you taking time out to complete the inspection and patiently answered all of our questions. We truly appreciated your help. Thank you so much!!!
- J.C., June 2014
Very professional, courteous and pleasant. Appeared to be very knowledgeable and willing to share information freely in clear and understandable language. Walk through was thorough and he explained every aspect of his inspection without hesitation. Highly recommended.
- M.F., May 2014
Very friendly and professional.
- R.G., May 2014
very thorough and competent. would call on him again for a home inspection.
- C.S., April 2014
Very meticulous and was willing to talk us through every step of the inspection.
- T.L., April 2014
Jim was very diligent and thorough when he conducted the home inspection on our property.
- A.M., March 2014
Jim was professional, pleasant and thorough. I would recommend his services.
- R.J., March 2014
James was very through and professional. He explained things through out the inspection and was very knowledgeable .
- B.C., November 2013
Mr Hamner has been very professional both times my wife and I have hired him to perform a home inspection. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will use his services again.
- K.M., November 2013
Pete is very thorough and very patient with the buyers in explaining any problems and advising them on how to maintain the home in the future.He spends a lot of time examing the big ticket items like electric box,roofing,HVAC,foundation,and appliances which is what you want in a home inspector.
- N.R., Alexandria VA, November 2013
This inspection revealed an item that could've been detrimental to the foundation of my home. Having this inspection report helped to bring it to my attention before any further structural issues could arise.
- H.H., Alexandria VA, September 2013
It was a pleasure meeting you. I am delighted that Keith selected you to inspect my new home. Michelle
- M.T., Ashburn VA, August 2013
James Hamner was very thorough, communicated throughout the inspection, engaging, paid attention to details, and very, very professional. I would highly recommend Mr. Hamner. Curtis Kinnard
- C.K., July 2013
Outstanding work.
- B.D., July 2013
Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
- J.F., June 2013
The inspection was very thorough. The inspectors took the time to explain each item they were assessing and what did and did not work. I'm very confident in the work they completed.
- J.M., June 2013
James was amazing. He was very through and ensured I knew how to live in my house before I took possession. I am simply happy James was there.
- J.B., June 2013
Pete is the BEST inspector! Very thorough, he even gave me a quick quiz to make sure I knew where safety features were in my new home. He comes with my full recommendation!
- A.O., June 2013
Pete did a very thorough job inspecting every inch of the house. He didn't skip over anything, nor assume that something 'was' or 'wasn't' right. Detailed pictures were taken of each issue and published in a detailed report. I was constantly asked if I had any questions or needed clarification on something. I will certainly recommend Home Scope to any future home buyers who need a home inspection.
- N.L., May 2013
Extremely knowledgeable and very friendly
- T.L., April 2013
James was very thorough with his inspection and extremely professional and courteous. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have a home inspection done.
- J.P., April 2013
I was so satisfied with Pete's report this time, but this is not the first time I've used his services. I've been using Home Scope or recommending his services for over 15 years. He is thourough without squashing a contract or as harsh as he has to be if the home is not worth purchasing. I will use his comany every time I have a chance to need his services.
- M.W., April 2013
Huge thanks to Pete for taking the time to explain items to us and for providing us with a full understanding of how everything works and where everything is located! It was greatly appreciated!
- S.C., April 2013