Professional, timely, courteous, flexible with appointment's schedule, spent time to explain and review with us the details of the inspection. Highly recommended.
- J.G., September 2021
Erskine and his son were excellent. They were kind and easy going, transparent, explained all of their major findings clearly in-person, and produced a full written report in under 24 hours. We would absolutely recommend them!
- S.C., August 2021
Working with Erskine Betts was an absolute pleasure. As a first-time home buyer the entire process of an inspection seemed very overwhelmly to me. Erskine immediately put my nerves to rest with his professionalism and quality of work. He acknowledged my needs as a first-time home buyer and throughout the inspection process walked me through what he was doing and was looking for-- all without missing a beat. Not only was Erskine accommodating onsite during the inspection, but his inspection report following the visit was fantastic. His report was clear, organized and provided me with everything I needed to proceed forward in my homeownership. 10/10 would recommend Erskine for your house inspections!
- J.W., August 2021
Very thorough and detailed. I was highly impressed. Would recommend 10/10
- H.W., June 2021
Extremely thorough and informative. I was a little taken back by timeliness in arrival but, I believe he gave me every minute i needed when inspecting. Beyond being thorough, which everyone requires in an inspector, they were very knowledgeable, educational and compassionate and confident. He spoke on my level and inspected the home as though it were for his own family.
- C.M., June 2021
Erskine was so helpful and friendly in answering all of our questions. His report was extremely thorough and revealed some important unseen aspects of the house that needed addressing prior to moving in! Thank you so much, Erskine!
- A.S., May 2021
Excellent and informative. Erskine took the time to walk me through every issue identified and educated me on possible solutions. I felt very comfortable knowing a very knowledgeable professional inspector had completed the inspection.
- W.A., May 2021
Thorough. Reports with additional supporting diagrams that illustrated how things are intended to work. Patiently explained things to us multiple times. Suggested things that we should get professionally evaluated before due diligence even though they were perfectly functional at time of inspection. Suggested things that we should get professionally evaluated after closing even though they were perfectly functional at time of inspection. Pointed out Safety issues (specially related to children) Highlighted things that we should periodically check after close. Knowledgeable about when codes were introduced vis a vis when the house was constructed.
- S.S., san jose CA, May 2021
Erskine does a very thorough job and explains his findings in easy to understand terms. I highly recommend him.
- K.R., April 2021
Erskine and Matt did a wonderful job. They were professional and thorough and I appreciated very much their knowledge and expertise.
- T.A., April 2021
Erskine was an incredibly thorough and knowledgeable inspector. We are helping our daughter and son-in-law, first time home buyers, finance this house, and he spent a lot of time showing them where key items were, such as main water shut off valve, hot water heater shut off, and electrical box. His report noted items of deferred maintenance that required a skilled electrician, plumber, or mechanical engineer, as well as items that included small repairs that a homeowner could perform on their own. We have purchased many homes over the years and his was by far the most thorough report. We highly recommend him!
- L.R., April 2021
You were so thorough and explained things to me in such great, helpful detail after the inspection. I can see why my dad said you're the #1 inspector he trusts and made sure that I was able to get an appointment with you for my new house. Thanks again!
- M.P., March 2021
Erskine is a very knowledgeable and thorough inspector - he pointed out and helped us understand what concerns were major vs minor, which is very helpful in these competitive markets. His inspection reports were a critical part of our due diligence. He was very patient with us as we shadowed him on the inspection, took the time to explain every thing he found, and gave us great recommendations on home maintenance. We have used Erskine for two of our home purchases so far and highly recommend him!
- S.P., March 2021
Erskine was professional and knowledgable. His report was detailed and explained everything so anyone could understand.
- A.R., February 2021
Mr. Betts is very knowledgeable and his inspection of the house I planned to buy was thorough and alerted me to several issues that needed to be addressed. I felt confident about purchasing my new home.
- J.M., February 2021
Erskine and Matt were phenomenal! They were extremely thorough and helpful when it came to the inspection. Both were very willing to allow us to follow behind and very open with their findings. Both explained what they were looking for and tests that they were conducting while we were going through the property. His report was very detailed with pictures, arrows, diagrams, and explanations. The report was ready within two days of the inspection, but nothing came as a surprise, because all of it was already discussed when he had walked us through the home. I couldn't have asked for a better report that we plan to use to negotiate with the sellers. It will also be a great tool for the future since it will be available online for us. Our specific report was 151 pages of detailed information on both positive and negative aspects of the home. Thanks for your hard work!
- C.H., February 2021
Erskine was great and walked through everything and answered all of my questions and explained what would need to be done to repair anything that was found to need attention.
- C.J., February 2021
Terrific communicator. Explained concerns clearly. Amiable all around.
- C.S., January 2021
Erskine and Matt were professional, thorough and extremely helpful throughout the process. The detailed report makes any recommended repairs easy to prioritize and complete. Excellent service.
- G.C., December 2020
The inspection and report was extremely detailed, the level of service and follow up was all extremely helpful.
- P.S., December 2020
Erskine was extremely thorough, excellent to work with, and offered us his wealth of knowledge that we, as first time home buyers, felt was invaluable. We can't thank him enough!
- K.L., November 2020
Mr. Betts and assistant Matt were above and beyond professional, informative, and thorough. I felt included in the inspection process and Mr. Betts and his team answered every question I had about the maintenance expectations and care of the services in our new home in complete detail. With Mr. Betts, you definitely get what you pay for and then some! The Inspection Report he provided my wife and I was chock full of not only the house items with reference locations and photo's, but also included national statistics, equipment lifespans, and general safety guidelines for the average consumer. I can't speak highly enough about Mr. Betts and his team...Thank you so much! R/ Todd & Tiffany
- T.S., October 2020
My husband and I knew from the start of the inspection that we were in good hands with Mr. Betts and his son. He explained the entire inspection process very clearly, answering any question we had with thoroughness and good cheer. He flagged various issues in the home along the way, describing and showing us points of concern and offering suggestions on how we might address them. The home-buying process can be nerve-wracking but Mr. Betts put us at ease. When we received the written inspection report (detailed, with lots of photos and contextual information), there were no surprises for us as Mr. Betts had been so communicative during the inspection itself. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great home inspector.
- C.R., October 2020
Outstanding service. Mr. Betts and his son conducted a thorough inspection and report including pictures/diagrams of any findings. Having never used a heat pump before, Mr. Betts went out of his way to explain heat pump operations which will save me money down the line. He also took the time to walk me through the electrical panel and any issues they found during their inspection. The Inspection report was provided in a very timely manner. It not only included issues found, it also included homeowner recommendations which will be useful later on. As a retired military member, I highly recommend calling on them for your inspections. You will be glad you did.
- H.P., Fuquay Varina NC, October 2020
Mr. Betts and his son were very thorough and honest in their inspection. As a first time home buyer I was appreciative of the additional time they spent explaining how certain systems in the home properly operate and what to look for in the future to maintain them.
- L.R., September 2020
Very professional and courteous. Would highly recommend them anytime
- B.S., September 2020
Me. Betts is friendly, thorough and detail oriented. He takes pride in his work, takes time to explain significant findings. Highly recommend this service provider.
- A.F., September 2020
We greatly appreciated not only the level of detail and competence with the inspection itself, but also with the documentation of the inspection. We highly recommend Erskine to any home buyer!
- L.G., August 2020
My husband and I are in absolute agreement. Erskine’s work was what we needed and helped us make important decisions. He was on time, report was completed quickly and most important it was comprehensive and clear. The pictures relating to each detail are very helpful.
- A.H., August 2020
Erskine was a knowledgeable, straightforward professional that clearly understands his craft at a deep level. He expertly guided me through the property pointing out key elements of the property that any new homeowner would want to know. His comments and content were focused, thorough, and on-point. He easily answered any question I had, and responded with the appropriate, layman’s terms that ensured I understood the content of his responses. His summary report was extensive, detailed, and thorough. I enthusiastically recommend Erskine for any inspection needs.
- N.T., July 2020
Erskine is absolutely great! He is very detailed oriented and his inspection report turned out to be extremely thorough and helpful in making my home buying decision easy. I would recommend Erskine to anyone looking to get a solid and quality inspection within a very reasonable timeframe. Thanks Erskine for d as ol you do!!
- B.G., July 2020
Great attention to detail, report was easy to understand. Prompt service. I highly recommend.
- C.C., July 2020
Erskine and his son were above and beyond my expectations. I am a first time home buyer and I had no understanding of the process. Erskine and company took the time to educate me well on the process and what was important and how things would show up on the report and gave counsel on the findings. I was worried of course that being a first time home buyer that my inexperience may allow for some trickery but throughout the process the inspecting team was nothing but totally honest and even went so far as to show some tactics that other inspectors may use to suggest fixes that weren't in line with the problem. Hiring this company is like hiring a trusted family member that you call when you don't know how to fix something, you know they are going to take care of you as if it were their own. I can't say enough positive things about this company and its employees, so bravo to you, you found the winning formula and I will be using your service again should the need arise!
- B.K., July 2020
Erskine was thorough, thoughtful and performed our inspection with the age of the house in mind. All this was extremely valuable to us as we navigated our new home purchase. We would absolutely recommend Erskine for your home inspection!
- H.L., June 2020
Mr. Betts was extremely professional and walked me through every single piece of information throughout the inspection process. When I received my inspection report there were no surprises because he had been so thorough while we were in the home. Unlike reports I have seen in the past it was very easy to follow, very self explanatory and helpful. All pictures were clear and marked well to show exactly what he was referring to. I really appreciate that I can go right to the report to create a list of things I would like the previous homeowner to take care of as part of our purchase agreement. I would 100% recommend Mr. Betts for any home inspection. Thank you!
- D.H., June 2020
Inspector seemed to be very knowledgeable relative to the household systems and equipment. Excellent detail on the issues that presented themselves. Report on the issues was clear and photos helped the understanding of the problems. I understand the need for all the "boiler plate" language in the report, but it does make it burdensome to get through and get to the details of the issues. The summary section did help boil the problems down to a concise list.
- D.S., June 2020
Erskine was extremely helpful & knowledgeable. I had a great first-time buyer experience. His inspection report was meticulously detailed and easy to read. Pictures and descriptions of what he found & suggested fixes. Due to how he structured it, my "repair request" list was incredibly easy to create. Would 100% recommend and use Erskine Betts again!!
- W.M., June 2020
Erskine was friendly and professional and provided a thorough, helpful, and timely inspection report before the builder walk-through on our new home. He identified several things we never would have known about, and the builder agreed to fix nearly all of them.
- J.H., June 2020
Very thorough and appreciate you two involving us in the process. Highly recommended.
- J.B., May 2020
The inspection report not only listed items that needed repair, but also included bits of information helpful for future maintenance. A few points were clearly safety issues that the sellers responded to immediately. The inspection team was fast and efficient even in the midst of the current pandemic. Before meeting Mr. Betts, I was convinced that he was the inspector I wanted because a trusted staff member at a well-known law firm that handles many closings said, "I do not know Mr. Betts, but every residential closing where he is the inspector, the customers are very pleased".
- E.D., April 2020
Erskine was amazing. His inspection was thorough and his report very detailed. He discussed our concerns with us, answered all of our questions, and pointed out areas of concern explaining very clearly what needed to be done to resolve the issue. I'm glad we had our home inspected prior to submitting our 1-year punch list to our builder. I would strongly recommend Erskine to inspect your home.
- E.P., March 2020
Mr. Betts seems very thorough in his evaluation and timely in presentation of his report. The photographs were quality images demonstrating the areas of concern or inspection.
- M.B., Marvin NC, March 2020
This is the second home Erskine has inspected for me. There's a reason I came back to him. He's very thorough, knowledgable, clear, detailed, friendly, and personable. (I could probably list more adjectives.) He's a joy to work with and I feel assured he has my best interest in mind. The reports are detailed but easy to take action on. He clarifies with plenty of background information, diagrams, photos, and comments, listing even general home care and safety items as well as typical inspection items. I'd recommend Erskine to anyone.
- R.T., March 2020
After Ersksine was hired to inspect the home that I am selling, I was impressed enough that I selected him to inspect the home that I just built (after getting other good reviews about inspectors who had worked in the new neighborhood). Erskine is the consummate professional: thorough, personable, prompt, clear. His reports are highly detailed, and it was easy to create a punch list for my builder. I don't expect to be moving again, but if I did, I'd select Erskine (or his son Matt, who is now working with him).
- K.D., March 2020
Highly professional, incredibly thorough, patient and personable. Took time to explain everything and answer all our questions. Thanks Erskine!
- N.L., March 2020
Erskine and son were very thorough in their inspection of the premises. I very much enjoyed meeting both of them when I stopped over at the house. I also appreciated the fact that Erskine was able to meet with the Toll Brothers rep, Mike Donohue, and share with Mike his major concerns relating to the beams in the attic. I rate Erskine a 10 and would highly recommend him and his son. Best regards, Felicia Nelson Piazza
- F.N., February 2020
Erskine and his son were great to work with and very thorough, explaining what they were looking for, and any issues they found. They also answered any questions I had in a way that was easy to understand.
- D.B., February 2020
Erskine did a great job. He was thorough, professional, and courteous. As he worked, he took the time to show us areas of concern and explain to us what he was observing. We highly recommend him!
- T.H., February 2020
Erskine has inspected four homes that we have bought over the years and he always does a thorough and comprehensive job.
- J.E., Apex NC, February 2020
Erskine and his son were very knowledgeable about every aspect of the house. They were extremely helpful and took the time to explain anything I had questions on. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a quality house inspection.
- B.T., February 2020
Very thorough and knowledgeable about homes and the quality of homes.
- J.M., December 2019
Erskine was thorough and the explanations were easily understandable.
- T.J., December 2019
Quick, efficient and detailed!
- B.J., December 2019
Great attention to detail! He was pretty quick contacting me back and sending the report.
- M.N., November 2019
The report was very detailed, and we learned a lot about the property.
- P.K., November 2019
Excellent work, great communication and perspective, solid report.
- C.S., October 2019
Great job. Thanks.
- B.M., Carrboro NC, October 2019
this is our 2nd time using Erskine and we are completely amazed as to how thorough, complete and detailed his reports are. The reports are well categorized by area, spelled out, clear pictures of important details and just what it all means. Very well done, honest price and done timely. Thank you.
- M.G., October 2019
I would recommend Erskine Betts to anyone. He did a awesome job in ensuring that he made us aware of all of the problems.
- T.G., September 2019
Mr. Betts did a very detailed and complete inspection on the home I am purchasing and provided a very detailed report on his inspection. Very well pleased.
- M.P., Fuquay-Varina NC, September 2019
Erskine Betts is tops on home inspections! He is knowledgable, informative and honest.
- M.D., September 2019
We have used other inspectors in the past, but Erskine and his son Matt are head and shoulders above them. Their knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail is evident in the time they take doing the inspection and in their reports. The peace of mind the report provides is invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend or use EMB for any future home purchase .
- T.G., September 2019
Erskine was very easy to work with. He was thorough, provided explanations whenever necessary and was very professional. He and his son spent 3 hours on my property and checked everything stem to stern. I feel well-equipped to prepare my house for sale. Thanks Erskine...
- B.L., August 2019
Erskine and his son did an amazing job inspecting our house. They went through every aspect of the house in detail and explained areas where we had questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Erskine to anyone looking to have an inspection done.
- K.S., August 2019
Mr. Betts and his son, are very comprehensive and knowledgeable and provide information during the process. He answered all our questions and provided insight into possible issues. this is the third time we have used his service and would recommend it to everyone who is buying or in the process of a one year review.
- S.Y., Fuquay Varina NC, August 2019
Erskine performed wonderfully. Not like any inspector we've had before; he totally took into account the age of the house, but also wanted us to be protected. We are lucky in that the sellers actually took very good care of their property and Erskine related that he noticed they had. If something major had been uncovered, I am sure that Erskine would have informed us. I felt very comfortable with all pros/cons that were related and never felt intimidated (which has been the case in the past from other inspectors). I wholeheartedly recommend Erskine and his company.
- R.L., August 2019
The highest level of professionalism was expressed by Erskine. The time , expertise and care put into his job was impressive. To put it bluntly he knows his stuff!!
- M.D., August 2019
Erskine was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. He took the time to educate us on all the structural and personal liabilities associated with our home and ensure that we knew what was most pressing to consider during closing. He even tossed in a few nuggets of wisdom to appease my handy-man nature and desire to fix some of these issues myself. I would absolutely recommend Erskine to anyone looking for a GREAT home inspector!
- A.S., Holly Springs NC, July 2019
Erskine as usual you did an excellent job inspecting our new house. You do a very thorough job and produce an in depth report that is always top notch. Thanks!
- J.M., July 2019
Excellent and thorough service. I was impressed at the level of detail in the report, and very relieved at what EMB identified in our home that we were not aware of - including subfloor water leaks, and electrical damage that is a fire hazard at this time. Thank you! I highly recommend EMB!
- P.W., July 2019
Extremely thorough, knowledgeable and friendly.
- L.M., July 2019
So thankful we had Erskine conduct our inspection! Extremely through, professional, and patient in answering any questions we had. Erskine has inspected previous homes for us, and we have been extremely please with all reports he compiled for us. Thank you Erskine!
- C.D., June 2019
Mr. Betts did a through inspection although we were out of town and couldn't be there. We feel that he covered and answers concerns well.
- A.C., Chapel Hill NC, June 2019
Erskine was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable!! Not only did he go over anything that was in need of upgrading but also reviewed everyday household safety. Thank you for making my house inspection and the report so easy to follow!
- C.P., June 2019
Erskine is a very knowledgable man with obvious years of experience. He came highly recommended to me from a friend and did not disappoint. The pictures were very helpful in understanding potential concerns. I would definitely use Erskine again for a future inspection, and as icing on the cake he's a friendly guy too!
- C.D., May 2019
Eskine Betts was extremely professional and an excellent communicator. On site, he described to us very clearly the major issues with the house, prioritizing for us which items need immediate correction and which are longer term concerns to consider. We were also very pleased with the thoroughness, clarity and timeliness of the written inspection report Erskine produced. The photos and drawings he included will be especially helpful in communicating issues with the seller and with professionals we will be asking to provide repair estimates. Nice work!
- M.H., May 2019
Erskine did an incredibly thorough and detailed inspection of a property we were looking into buying. We learned a lot of information about the house and also about various aspects of home ownership and maintenance. This information will be useful to us in years to come. Thank you!
- J.S., May 2019
Erskine did an extremely thorough job. He very patiently explained everything he inspected. He helped us better understand the mechanical and structural features of the house. His report was thorough, detailed and extremely helpful for negotiating with the sellers. Erskine was available to answer questions that came up.
- J.H., CHAPEL HILL NC, March 2019
Very thorough inspection. I was very comfortable throughout the process and felt educated on all the findings. Would definitely recommend!
- J.I., March 2019
Very thorough and willing to have me around for a while and give opinions as he worked. Made a huge difference. Really gave me a good idea of what I was dealing with.
- C.C., March 2019
We were so impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of Erskine and his son! He walked us through the whole process and let us tag along, a huge help for first time home buyers like us! He was thorough and transparent during the inspection and the report he generated was very easy to follow. We can't recommend EMB highly enough!
- J.D., March 2019
Erskine was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and personable. Happy to fully explain issues he found and how to correct the problem. I would Erskine to anyone who wants a thorough inspection and who wants to learn a lot about home maintenance in the process.
- K.B., March 2019
Incredibly knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. The maintenance suggestions were invaluable. Would highly recommend!
- M.R., February 2019
Really appreciate the thoroughness and detail!
- T.H., February 2019
Erskine was very knowledgeable and thorough. He explained both good and bad items well, and highlighted activities I could do and things I should watch out for to maintain my new home. The final report if very long but easy to follow, and the integrated repair list option was a good way to document what you want to do about each item.
- D.C., February 2019
Fantastic report, very easy to understand and comprehensive.
- P.K., February 2019
Very thorough but moves swiftly through the process. We feel confident the inspection was exact and missed nothing. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quality inspector.
- C.B., Chicago IL, February 2019
Very thorough. Took time to explain things to me.
- W.K., January 2019
We had an awesome inspection experience with EMB Home Inspections. Mr. Betts and his son have an eye for detail and are very personable and professional. We appreciated the opportunity to follow them during the inspection and ask questions of Mr. Betts which were patiently answered. He taught us several new things about owning a home, which is invaluable for first-time home buyers like us! Mr. Betts provided us with a fully detailed report that was well-written and easy to understand. It included photos of inspected areas, photos of problem areas and potential problem areas, as well as diagrams of different systems/items and how they should function. Thank you, EMB Home Inspections, for all of your help and expertise!
- S.B., December 2018
You guys were great, I appreciated the friendly consulting and explanations.
- J.F., December 2018
Report was thorough, well written and documented.
- G.L., November 2018
He was great! Super nice. He went through everything and took lots of time to explain, show and talk through any concerns he had.
- M.B., November 2018
Very thorough. Patiently explained points of concern and possible ways to address them. Displayed an apoye for detail and a professional manner.
- V.V., Raleigh NC, November 2018
Erskine Betts is a fantastic home inspector and a really nice guy! He was knowledgeable, personable, and very professional. His inspection report was very thorough and detailed; and we really appreciated him allowing us to shadow him during the inspection and ask questions along the way. Highly recommended--I can't wait for the chance to spread the word and refer him to friends.
- E.W., October 2018
Thorough, extremely informative, and really nice and approachable. Told us where to focus our concerns and answered every question. Thank you!
- M.D., October 2018
I am impressed by the competence of Mr Betts, his complete and understandable report, useful suggestions and respectful, professional and friendly manner.
- R.T., October 2018
Thanks so much for the detailed inspection. You have helped us feel very confident we are getting a home without any surprises. Your photographs and explanations make it easy for the seller to see what needs to be addressed. We appreciate your help and highly recommend your service.
- J.W., October 2018
Very comprehensive in his inspection.
- P.G., October 2018
I absolutely would recommend Erskine to someone looking for a home inspection. Him and his Son were extremely detailed and helpful going through everything in the house with me. Their attitudes and professionalism were bar none.
- C.D., October 2018
Erskine and his son were professional and polite. I would definitely use them again.
- J.C., September 2018