Dan takes his job very seriously! He was very thorough (took almost 7 hours)! Identified many repairs needed that I brought to the attention of the seller. I would absolutely recommend him when you are looking to purchase an older home that may need a lot of work, so you can either use the inspection to negotiate, or to walk away. The seller certainly will NOT identify those issues!
- J.W., March 2020
Thanks, Dan! As always, you did a great job explaining everything to my clients and made the whole process fun as well as informative. See you at the next one!
- K.H., February 2020
I've had a number of home inspections done for me over the last 30 years, all on older homes built in the early 1900's. I accompanied each one of the inspectors. Dan's inspection was the most thorough inspection I've ever been on. His attention to detail and explanation of what he was seeing as he went along was extremely helpful. I consider myself fairly experienced with the in's and outs of old houses and what you will find since I've gutted and renovated two in the past. Even so, I learned a lot from Dan on the inspection that will be extremely helpful and save me some time and money down the road.
- J.C., November 2019
you have more knowledge than an encyclopedia thanks a million
- M.E., Acton MA, August 2019
Thank you! My husband and I both learned a lot about the house we intend to move into. Dan explained everything very clearly. As first time homebuyers, we got an excellent crash course on how everything in the house works together to maintain the structure. We learned about things to repair and watch out for, and generally how to properly care for the house. For customers who are not first time homebuyers, I would also highly recommend Dan. He provides a very thorough inspection, and all buyers would benefit from this service.
- C.W., June 2019
Dan did a great job for inspecting my house. The details and professionalism were very impressive. He explained the issues he found and most importantly, he suggested the solutions.
- J.L., June 2019
It was a very educative experience to see Dan inspect every little detail of the house. Highly recommend him.
- M.C., February 2019
Dan performed the inspection for lots of my buyer's clients. He is very diligent, professional and knowledgeable. I love to have him on my side when I represent the buyer. I am happy to have him when I represent the seller because of his professionalism.
- E.P., January 2019
From the moment I spoke to Dan Jones on the phone, I felt immediate trust. He was amazingly knowledgeable, thorough and caring about how he presented all that he discovered during the inspection and I felt like he was really working for me. He helped me to understand the property and it's needs. He was so good, that when I asked him for extra business cards, everyone in the room wanted one, my broker, the seller's broker and a friend I brought along who buys real estate! I made a really good decision to hire Dan and I will recommend him to anyone. I will definitely use him again. Great experience. Thank you again Dan!
- K.B., January 2019
We were extremely impressed, very thorough. Thank you for doing such a great job.
- D.F., December 2018
We had a great experience with Dan. He did thorough inspection for us and while he was doing so he explained to us what has to be done.
- C.P., May 2018
Dan is the best. He's very thorough in that he will find everything that might be an issue with a property but also very realistic in the urgency or severity of each item noted. He also takes the time to engage his clients and makes sure we understand what he sees because we don't all speak home improvement!
- E.R., May 2018
Exceptional inspection in detail with photos and descriptions!
- T.B., April 2018
The first time we knew Dan was back in 2012 when he did a house inspection for us. His work was very impressive. That was why in the following years when we consider to buy another houses we hired him again (the 2nd one in 2012 and the 3rd one in 2017). He is very reliable and responsible. We benefitted in great deal from his knowledge on the field (building structure, plumbing, electricity, etc.), his thorough thinking, paying attention to every details, and sending us excellent follow-up reports for the inspection results. We feel that we are lucky having him for our house inspections. We?ll hire him again if we?re going to buy another house. We strongly recommend him to others.
- Z.Z., November 2017
Perfect job. Thank you very much.
- A.D., April 2017
Mr Jones is extremely knowledgeable, through and explains everything as he goes . The best Home Inspector I have ever deal with. I would highly recommend him. He doesn't only explain what he is inspecting, but how it should be repair and how as a home owner you can prevent and maintain it.
- M.B., November 2016
Dan is a fantastic home inspector! Because he only does one inspection per day, he is not in a rush and is very thorough. He is straightforward and very helpful in the always-difficult decision of buying a house. He spotted major deficiencies in the house that would have cost me a fortune. Thanks a million Dan! I highly recommend him and will personally use him for my next home inspection!
- J.P., July 2016
Dan was prompt, professional and courteous to everyone. He gave us an overview of what to expect and had arrived early to speak to the seller. Dan was comprehensive in his inspection and gave us information and details as he conducted the inspection. There were 3 separate buildings to inspect as well as the grounds. Dan spent approximately 5 hours in total and was as focused at the end as at the beginning. The report we received had detailed descriptions and pictures and was segmented into major deficiencies, safety issues and items in need of repair. I was completely satisfied and would wholeheartedly recommend Dan Jones.
- P.S., Sun City West AZ, April 2016
Extremely thorough! Very happy with todays inspection! You addressed all my questions and concerns beautifully and helped me understand the important issues. Great job! Thank you!!!
- H.M., February 2016
I had a great experience with Dan as my home inspector. He was thorough, informative, and was happy to answer my stream of questions. The inspection report was put together very well, and listed all issues we talked about with pictures. I have lived in the inspected house now for approximately two months, and have not found any surprises or issues that Dan may have missed. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone else in the process of buying a home.
- B.F., August 2015
Dan Jones is the best home inspector we have ever worked with.
- S.L., July 2015
Thank you Dan. Excellent attention to detail. Highly recommend him.
- T.R., July 2015
I have bought and sold many houses in my long lifetime. I have never met anybody as diligent as Dan Jones . You cannot get a more thorough Inspection of your home. If you are planning to buy a new home, you can rest assured that Dan will give you the best inspection and will take the time to explain exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done to correct anything in the house.
- S.W., March 2015
Dan was on time and conducted a very comprehensive inspection taking a lot of pictures. He invited me to watch, if I wanted to. When he was done, he explained everything to me. It really helped to have a visual image of the items. He offered to continue to answer questions in the future. I would highly recomment him.
- M.S., December 2014
Dan is an incredibly thorough and detail-focused home inspector. It is clear he takes pride in his work and is genuinely there to provide you with the knowledge you need when making your home purchase. I would highly recommend his services without hesitation and would use him again without question.
- G.S., July 2014
Dan was incredibly thorough - no stone was left unturned. He was honest and patient. The house is big (just under 10,000 sq ft and also has a garage & barn) and it is old (built early 1800's with an early 1900's addition). Dan spent the entire day inspecting every corner. He is very knowledgable with past and present construction. We are more than satisfied with Dan's work and plan on using him again in the future.
- S.A., June 2014
Dan executed a remarkably comprehensive and thoughtful inspection of the property. Beyond the value of uncovering all of the potential issues, I learned a great deal through the process. As a result, I feel I am making a highly informed decision with the purchase of this home. I recommend Dan to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- S.W., February 2014
Outstanding service! We were totally impressed, including the listing realtor. Will surely recommend Dan to family and friends, and we will be happy to use him again if we need to. Thanks Dan for helping us to make a decision on our new investment! Highly recommended!!
- I.X., January 2014
Dan was very thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and meticulous with our home inspection. His report was very well documented, easy to read, full of detailed pictures and recommendations for dealing with house issues. I would recommend Dan to any home buyer.
- C.J., November 2013
Dan was very thorough in his inspection. He explained everything he was looking at and how it might impact me. He was also a very pleasant person and incredible knowledgable.
- J.P., October 2013
Thank you very much for your throughout report. It is so impressive that you have pointed out the so many details about the building structures within three-hour inspection. Your findings and recommendations are very helpful for me to decide what I have to fix. Thank you!
- J.H., September 2013
Dan Jones did a very good job. Thank you!
- K.C., July 2013
Comprehensive, clear, and thorough write-up. I am purchasing a home with confidence because of Dan's knowledge and expertise. Dan's manner is professional, patient, and really put me at ease. I learned so much on this inspection and am very grateful for having selected Dan as my inspector.
- A.C., May 2013
Great job, Dan! This was a thorough home inspection. Your attention to detail exceeded my expectations.
- J.L., November 2012
Very thorough and efficient, very personable and easy to understand.
- S.B., November 2012
Very professional, knowledgeable; the inspection was very well done.
- Z.Z., October 2012
Dan, Thank you for the best inspection that I have ever seen. You surpassed all my expectations... Thank you... anita
- A.M., October 2012
This is the second inspection Dan has performed for us & I would gladly recommend him to anyone/everyone looking to buy a house!!
- M.B., Needham MA, September 2012