Excellent Job by Mike inspecting our Brand New Home in Holly Springs, NC. Given that we were buying a Brand New House directly from a builder, I would not have expected to find any faults. However, hiring Mike from House Inspections is a must have on your new investment. Mike found issues that we would have never thought possible. Whether its a small issue or a big one, we would like our home to be worth the money that we are paying for. Mike is easy to contact and will respond to your email very quickly. I would recommend Mike for any of my friends whose trying to Buy/Sell a property here in Holly Springs, Raleigh, Durham Area.
- R.S., Cary NJ, May 2021
Great work by Mike inspecting my home. He inspected even minute details and covered every nook and corner of the house. He found some of the issues which were or could have been overlooked by earlier inspector. He has done a fantastic job explaining things and make sure I understood them.
- R.V., Apex NC, June 2020
Mike does his job best. He did my new house inspection before closing and was very helpful to point out concerned things and so it was quite obvious to have him before 1 year warrant closing. I definitely recommend Mike for house inspection as his experience has helped look for things that we has the house owners wont see it.
- D.G., Morrisvile NC, May 2020
For first time home buyers, all this is new and a little orientation of what is going to happen and what to expect will definitely help in getting over the curiosity. Overall, the findings are great and I am sure, we would not know about all this without inspection. THANK YOU !
- D.G., Morrisvile NC, June 2019
Mike is an excellent and highly experienced home inspector. He is very diligent and examines with minute details. His reports are very qualitative and brings out issues, with necessary details and possible remedies. He has a knack to notice issues that a common eye may not capture.
- R.N., March 2019
First time meeting him for an inspection but seemed to be professional and knowledgeable. Also got the report within only a few hours.
- M.B., February 2019
Your Predry wall inspection Report was awesome. It shows your depth of knowledge in construction and is very impressive.
- M.N., Cary NC, November 2018
Am very satisfied with Mike inspection report. He is very professional and report shared was very in detailed and easy to understand. I appreciate Mike's efforts for performing this inspection.
- S.G., Cary NC, August 2018
We received a fully comprehensive pre-drywall, framing inspection report detailing the builder's contractors errors and oversights.
- G.H., Apex NC, July 2018
Mike has been absolutely professional and his reports were really useful for a walk through with my Project Manager. I had a pre-dry wall inspection with other company and I was referred to Mike as I wasn't completely with previous company reports. I could just see the difference when I compare two reports. Mikes inspections are through and I was able to see all issues in his report [ identified by myself] which are very difficult to find. I strongly recommend Mike for Home inspections.
- K.K., June 2018
Mike is now family to me and was referred to me by very close friend of mine. He is very detailed in his inspections and ensures that nothing get un-noticed. I give high recommendations to Mile.
- S.G., Cary NC, January 2018
Good inspection! Satisfied! Thanks for always considering our demanding.
- H.Z., Chapel Hill NC, September 2017
Excellent report quality and very detailed! I could not be happier with the quality of the inspection.
- B.S., Raleigh NC, August 2017
He is inspection master.
- R.X., August 2017
He is inspection master.
- R.X., August 2017
If you're looking for a professional that shows up on time, is through and provides detail reports then Mike is the person for you. Mike found things that we would never have found on our own. It's worth the price upfront instead of finding out about problems after the builder warranty is over. I would recommend Mike Schulz to anyone that is thinking about getting an independent inspection done.
- V.R., Cary NC, June 2017
Thank you so much Mike. Your inspection is very detail and thorough. Highly recommend you and thank you for helping us time and again. Wishes.
- J.K., Cary NC, April 2017
I highly recommend using Mike before buying a home or at the 1 year anniversary.
- B.B., Fuquay Varina NC, March 2017
This is our third time using your services and you never disappoint. Thanks for being so thorough.
- T.Y., February 2017
Mike is very professional and delivered the results very quickly. He is very knowledgeable in what he does.
- O.A., Wake Forest NC, January 2017
The inspection and report each very detailed and covered each aspect. Highly recommend
- S.N., Morrisvile NC, November 2016
Knowledgeable, Reliable, and Accountable. Always my first choice when he's available.
- S.K., Cary NC, September 2016
Thank you very much for your services. I am very satisfied with the inspection.
- J.L., Morrisville NC, July 2016
Thank you so much Mike for such a wonderful job !! Absolutely love it. Appreciate your through work and stating the right manner in right fashion. Thank you for providing your valuable suggestions, and excellent advice. It was such a pleasure to have you as our inspector.
- J.K., Cary NC, April 2016
Mike is thorough, conscientious, and always available to his clients and agents to discuss items of concern discovered on his home inspections. His reports are detailed, and not only show defects found, they also have links for buyers to go to in an effort to educate themselves further about the home they're purchasing. If you need a home inspector for your upcoming purchase do NOT hesitate to give Mike from Affordable Home Inspections a call.
- C.R., March 2016
Thanks for your help Mike, this will greatly ease our 1 year inspection with Ryland.
- J.G., Fuquay Varina NC, March 2016
Always rocks with so much detailed reports !!!!
- S.M., Morrisville NC, March 2016
Well done Mike! We appreciate your time and hardwork!!
- M.M., Cary NC, November 2015
Mike inspects homes like it was his own! He inspects every corner of the home making sure all windows and electric outlets, etc..... is working as intended and provides full detail information on how it should be built! New Home inspection is essential, builders not always built as it should be! Thank you Mike in helping my clients with buying their home without any further worries. Nil Varinca 919 272 8796 Nil@NilRealty.com www.Nil.kwRealty.com
- N.B., Raleigh NC, August 2015
Mike inspects homes like it was his own! He inspects every corner of the home making sure all windows and electric outlets, etc..... is working as intended and provides full detail information on how it should be built! New Home inspection is essential, builders not always built as it should be! Thank you Mike in helping my clients with buying their home without any further worries. Nil Varinca 919 272 8796 Nil@NilRealty.com www.Nil.kwRealty.com
- N.B., Raleigh NC, August 2015
Mr. Schulz is very thorough and explains his findings so that a layperson can understand the issues. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.
- C.A., Sanford NC, June 2015
Mike, my friend was right you far exceed most home Inspectors when it comes to the details Very Impressive and detailed report I greatly appreciate it. I now have all I need to make a good decision. Phenominal Job Thanks again
- M.L., Franklington NC, May 2015
Thank you for all your advice and suggestions on maintenance of our house. We would not hestitate to recommend you to our friends for your professional service.
- K.P., Raleigh NC, May 2015
Thank you for taking great care of another buyer--with your very thorough and professional home inspection--Mike!
- J.K., May 2015
Mr. Mike Schulz came recommended from a friend. What a blessing he is! Mr. Schulz is an honest inspector and works with a great deal of integrity. He gave us a very detailed and professional inspection report that has put our minds at ease during the stressful process of buying a home. He really knows his stuff. :) Thank you, Mike! From Lisa and Rob R.
- R.R., February 2015
Hi Mike We just want to thank you for your straightforward advice and keen eye. The report was not only impressive but top notch. We have lived in metropolitan cities all over world like India, Singapore and Australia and have not seen this level of service, efficiency and most of all integrity when it comes to work. Thank you for saving us a ton of money. We don't know if we will be buying the house but we sure are glad we invested in you! Sincerely, Bosco and Audrey D'Cruz
- B.D., Raleigh NC, January 2015
Thank you so much for the inspection that you did on our new house. I was there every day and thought I had done a good job finding problems that the builder needed to correct. I was shocked when I received your report and saw how many things you found that needed to be addressed that I had never even thought about looking at. You are a true expert in your field and one of the most professional people that I have had the pleasure to work with.
- A.M., Raleigh NC, November 2014
Mr Schulz has inspected multiple homes for me. His inspections are always thorough down to the smallest crack. His insights into issues found during inspection are also extremely helpful. Top Notch service. thanks for your assistance Mr. Schulz, Mike A
- M.A., Fuquay Varina NC, November 2014
mike is awesome guy he does details inspection and make sure we get the report in time...
- S.M., October 2014
Mike is an outstanding inspector and a heck of a stand up guy. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone for inspections.
- N.A., Morrisville NC, October 2014
Thank you for your service. We really appreciate your knowledge, sound advice and your patience in working with us. Thank you for generous discount as well. God bless you!
- K.P., Raleigh NC, June 2014
We used Mike for our 1-year home inspection upon the recommendation of our neighbors. We are extremely happy with the inspection services Mike provided.
- M.B., Raleigh NC, May 2014
Your inspection of this soon to be purchased home included things that I would have never even thought to look at! I thank you for your thoroughness and keen eye for detail. I was very impressed with the profesionalism of your report which included pictures as well as examples of corrections. Thank you again for agreeing to inspect this property....you are the best Mike!!
- G.W., Willow Spring NC, April 2014
Thank you for your efficient inspection of our house, we trust this will result in the builders prompt attention to the needed repairs. We will certainly recommend you to any new home owner for your services.
- V.T., Apex NC, March 2014
Simply the best!
- M.S., January 2014
Mike is very thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.
- J.V., Cary NC, December 2013
Mike is professional, detailed, knows construction interior and exterior. On new construction, he corrects from tract builders to custom builders! Even shows, how it should be built by detailed attached reports. I strongly recommend only Mike for all my buyer clients (even on new construction) and to sellers in doing pre-listing inspections before listing their home. All sellers should know their home - no surprises later to re-negotiate the purchase price! Nil Varinca www.Nil.kwRealty.com 919 272 8796
- N.B., Raleigh NC, November 2013
Mike was an excellent inspector. He was thorough and patient as I watched and asked questions. The report is comprehensive and contains great descriptive pictures for all the issues noted. I feel very confident that he identified the areas we need to pay attention to and will definitely recommend him in the future. Thanks Mike!
- B.G., Raleigh NC, October 2013
Great service provided!
- L.G., Raleigh NC, February 2013
Great Job...!
- R.T., November 2012
Mike is the best inspector we've ever used. He is thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and he's got all the tools that will take to thoroughly check the integrity of the home. He is responsive, easy to communicate and has such an affordable rate. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs their home inspected.
- S.D., November 2012
Mike, thanks for being thorough, keep up the great work !!
- I.A., Sanford NC, November 2012
Mike was fantastic. He showed up on time (early actually which was better for me) and performed the inspection in a thorough manner and promptly provided the report on the website that same evening.
- R.C., Apex NC, October 2012
Simply the best.
- S.K., Cary NC, August 2012
Nominate for the Eagle Eye Award!! There is no comparison between Mike and other inspectors I have used. He is toughly knowledgeable of the codes and goes toe-to-toe with the builders and shows them the errors of their ways. The builders resist, but in the end they corrected all the deficiencies Mike pointed out.
- P.P., June 2012
Mike Schulz did an excellent job of inspection our new home. I found him very knowlegeable, thorough and methodical with his inspection service. I highly recommend Mike Schulz for your home inspection needs.
- H.K., June 2012
Mike did a great job and was VERY detailed. He showed me all the items that he found and explained what corrective action is needed.
- T.W., Morrisville NC, May 2012
He is Best at his Work.Even minor things are observed & documented neatly.As owner of the home I strongly recommend to do a Home inspection through Mike Schulz.
- J.C., Reading PA, April 2012
Thank you Mike! You did a great job. Shannon
- K.E., Morrisville NC, April 2012
Simply the best!
- M.M., Cary NC, March 2012
Mike, Again my sincere thanks for an outstanding report! I am truly impressed with the report. Your attention to detail and the promptness of your report is very appreciated! Very Professional!!!
- L.M., Apex NC, December 2011
Mike is "the man!"
- S.K., Cary NC, November 2011
Mike was focused on the job at hand and very efficient. Once completed he walked through all of the issues/concerns. It was great working with him.
- R.C., Apex NC, August 2011
Mike is an outstanding inspector. He is still the only inspector I have seen in the market that actually gets up on a roof to do the inspection. His skill, care, and knowledge really help to put buyers at ease beacause they know that if there is a problem Mike will find it. Plus the fact that Mike knows so much about the building products proper instalation and maintenance is a big help to the buyers. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a highly skilled inspector.
- J.H., April 2011
Mike is very thourough and knowledgeable. I like that he takes pictures of every issue he finds. I have used Mike for almost 7 years and I wouldn't use anyone else.
- K.B., Cary NC, January 2011
I've learned so much from Mike and greatly appreciate all his patience, professionalism, and insights.
- L.B., Chapel Hill NC, September 2010
Mike is really great.
- Y.C., August 2010
I truly enjoyed working with Mike. Purchasing a foreclosure property (that I knew was in need of repair) for my home, was a scary undertaking. I wanted to be really sure what I was getting myself into, not only work-wise, but also financially. Mike came in and completed a thorough inspection. He also took the time to answer my questions as I tailed him through the house, and then again after, as I continued to ask a million more. He was professional and patient and never made me feel like my questions were insignificant. And the report was very detailed and well documented. So much so, i'm able to provide it to the HOA for exterior repairs that need to be made. If I were ever to buy another property or anyone I know is buying, i'd suggest Mike and Affordable Home Inspections without hesitation! Thank you again! K.C.
- K.C., July 2010
Mike is the best Home Inspector I know! If there was a better one, I'd use him/her; but there just isn't.
- S.K., Cary NC, June 2010
I use Mike Schulz exclusively and have been for 6 years. He's the man!
- K.B., Cary NC, April 2010
I would recommend anyone to have Mike come and inspect their home. Mike is very detailed, observant, and efficient in his work. Mike gets the job done and your inspection paperwork back to you in no time. My home inspection was worth every penny and very affordable. My whole family was very impressed with his work. -Tina R.
- T.R., January 2010
It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, Mike. We appreciate you taking the time with us during the inspection. The information is very in depth and useful. Your professionalism and responsiveness are commendable. Thank you, DeJane.
- P.K., Cary NC, January 2010
We really appreciate your thorough inspection as well as the professionalism you displayed during our inspection. I have already recommended you to several prospective clients.
- V.J., Lillington NC, December 2009
Mike is very much professional and did great job on my house
- J.Z., September 2009
He was very generous with his patience as i asked every question in the world. He was by far the most thorough of thorough inspectors. He was extremely knowledgeable. The pictures that accompanied the report showed exactly what he was referring made me understand the inspection report terminology. I felt that his experience for the service we needed was acceptable. I would and will refer Mike for other properties that I need inspected because I know that my buyers will trust his knowledge of the home and septic inspections he does.
- C.L., August 2009
Question: Regarding the Ventless Fireplace? What is the function of the vent on the porch to the rear of the fireplace? Ref: Yvonne Blair 205 Oak Grove Church Rd.
- Y.B., August 2009
He is great.
- D.P., July 2009
Very thorough!!! Checked things I would not have thought to look at and was very knowledgable. Thanks Mike!
- L.L., June 2009