His work was excellent and his report was not only delivered on time but was done in a professional manner.
- C.C., January 2019
Thanks for your professional work. Always available and always on time
- A.M., Weston FL, April 2015
Excellent inspection, very professional
- M.L., September 2014
H Lopez is a skilled professional in their work, punctual in meeting appointments, meticulous in his work developing, he uses high technology tools that allows a more successful and professional work for the benefit of the client. I would not hesitate to recommend Henrique Lopez is definitely the best option I had seen in inspections and the best cost in the market.
- A.M., Weston FL, August 2014
Mr. Henrique Lopez did a very complete and comprehensive professional home inspection. He gave us advise about the repairs that needs to be done.
- C.F., April 2014
Un profesional a toda prueba con quien el cliente se siente absolutamente seguro. Recomendable 100%.
- G.Z., March 2013
Henrique was there on time, very courteous and professional. He is incredibly meticulous, takes his time to review everything and is willing to share his knowledge with the client. He knows exactly what to look for, how to check it and gives you insight about how to fix it and pricing. He will dig deep even if this means he'll have to invest more time. WE had a situation where there was no access to the attic, and he spent a large amount of time to figure out different options of how to access, without giving up or complaining about the situation. The written report was done in a timely manner and was incredibly detailed and informational. We really had a good idea of the situation of the house after his inspection. I would highly recommend his services.
- M.D., February 2013
Excellent service. Liked the clarity of the inspection report. A+++
- P.R., Weston FL, November 2012
Thanks for your assistance..we are very appretiated
- W.M., North Miami FL, August 2012
Very professional, honest and sharp. Excellent service and fair rates.
- G.W., June 2012