Gabe has completed many inspections for my clients over the years. He's professional, detailed, and easy to talk to. He is always there to help with any questions you have.
- S.G., April 2024
Great Guy, very detail. I would recommend him to anyone.
- N.G., February 2020
Pointed out too numerous findings. More than I bargained for. Saved me from purchasing a property that may have resulted in too numerous repairs. Job well done and appreciated.
- K.B., Allen TX, November 2019
Gabe is knowledgeable and professional. And has a good heart and takes the time to give us the information we need. Great man at what he does.😃😀👍👍
- F.M., July 2019
Enjoyed my experience with Gabe. He?s very thorough and knowledgeable. Would certainly recommend him!
- S.A., April 2019
Thorough and fast. Explained everything to us so well.
- D.J., December 2018
Gabe was very thorough and explained everything he found during his inspection. Would definitely recommend him for a home inspection.
- A.F., September 2018
Gabe is extremely thorough in his inspecting and reporting of the condition of the home. He?s also extremely fair in what he charges for the quality of his work.
- J.T., May 2018
He did a very thorough job. Thank you Gabe!
- N.R., December 2017
Very, very detailed and thorough and answered all questions that I had.
- G.B., September 2017
Very professional and pays attention to detail! Great communication!!
- H.A., May 2017
Gabe was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better home inspector. I will certainly recommend his service to anyone looking to hire a home inspector. The homes deficiencies he pointed out in his report saved me thousands of dollars in future repairs.
- J.S., April 2017
Great inspector. Great communication. Very thorough coverage !!!
- R.W., October 2016
Thank you! Very helpful and professional.
- L.H., June 2015
Gabe was excellent, friendly and patient; I would recommend him to anyone.
- J.B., March 2015
He is a great inspector, very thorough in his inspection and very friendly. I will recommended him any day. Good job Gabe.
- A.E., January 2015
I believe Gabe inspected everything he could. He was very thorough and went over everything he found with me. I was able to understand what he was telling me. I would highly recommend him.
- P.A., November 2014
Gabe was great! Very informative and helpful.
- B.H., October 2014
Great guy. He seemed honest, personable, and answered any questions we had.
- J.T., September 2014
I'm very pleased with the home inspection. I would recommend Gabriel Ortiz to anyone who needs a home inspected.
- N.B., August 2014
Great job. Thorough and had good insights, suggestions and recommendations. Professional and communicated well. I especially appreciated when Gabe related back to his personal experiences with his own home or pool to illustrate what was truly important. Thanks for the great experience for both houses I had inspected. Will recommend to others!
- S.L., July 2014
Very thorough with the inspection process. Gabe doesn't leave any stone unturned. A lot of the terminology is new to me, but Gabe was able to explain everything in a way that I could understand. The detailed inspection report, with many photographs taken and included, makes it much easier and quicker to get estimates on needed repairs.
- B.H., June 2014
Gabe has done a terrific job for our home inspection. After a ~4 hours hard work, he has come up with a thorough detailed report, which took me a while to read. In the report, he identifies issues with detailed comments and photos. Also, he makes suggestions on how the issues should be fixed. In a follow-up Q&A session, he has highlighted issues that he thought should be addressed in earnest. He also asked me if I have any concerns or questions. Then he tried to address my concerns with his honest opinions. I am really happy about the inspection that Gabe has done for us. Thumb up!
- S.G., May 2014
Great job
- C.J., May 2014
Thank you for all your time.
- D.C., April 2014
Extremely thorough, professional, and friendly.
- K.U., April 2014
Even though our house is only a year old we decided to have it inspected before warranty ran out. Gabriel said everything was good except a couple of minor things. I used to build houses and had overlooked these things. So glad we had him come out.
- D.W., April 2014
Mr. Ortiz was incredibly thorough, professional and thoughtful to home buyers concern for a smart investment. His report was easy to follow, providing pictures and specific details of his findings. I would definitely recommend his services!
- C.O., April 2014
I would and will absolutely refer Gabriel to anyone who is in the process of purchasing a new home. He is well versed in his job and very thorough. Gabriel is a very genuine and kind person as well. Thanks, Margie LaRue
- M.L., April 2014
Gabriel did a fine job. I'm very satisfied. It was WELL worth the cost, and I would reccomend Gabe to any friend who is purchasing or selling a property.
- M.M., March 2014
I would like to go and see each item, instead of pictures. But that would take up alot more time. Gabriel gave a through explanation of each item that needed attention.
- S.F., March 2014
Very thorough and catches things that might be a problem if not fixed properly. I am very impressed and would definitely recommend him to any buyer needing an inspection.
- M.L., March 2014
Gabriel was prompt, thorough and easy to work with. He explained key items he found needed addressing and his report was well documented and easy to follow.
- N.W., Dallas TX, March 2014
Thank you sir for your quick response and getting to us within a few days of first talking. You were ready to meet me and discuss the results right on time. You were very thorough and tool your time with walking around the house and showing the professional report and pictures. Thank you for your help, Denise Capps
- D.C., March 2014
Gabriel was very friendly and helpful. His inspection notes were clear and concise which allowed my wife and I to make a fully informed decision on our new home. He's also a fire fighter which is good in my book!
- J.S., March 2014
We appreciate the job you did. Very helpful
- R.L., February 2014
Gabe is always good about follow up and letting the clients and myself know what's going on.
- R.L., February 2014
Very professional, detail oriented and knowleable. Excellent work. Thank you for your help. Elier Peraza
- E.P., February 2014
Gabriel is extremely thorough and detail oriented. I would strongly recommend him to anyone buying a home!
- K.R., January 2014
Gabriel, I can't begin to thank you enough for the very detailed information and for accommodating us so quickly. Buying a house can be daunting, but because of you I know exactly what I am buying. There are no perfect houses and so we need your professional insight to make good decisions . . . informed decisions. I am very excited to say that, based heavily on your findings, I have decided to purchase this home. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind at a time I really needed it! Susan
- S.H., January 2014
Gabriel did a great job inspecting a potential home for me. He showed me the hazards and went into great detail explaining the issues behind them. He saved me a lot of time and money. I will use him again for my next home inspection.
- M.G., January 2014
Gabe was on it! He contacted me right away, was able to schedule the inspection super fast and the report was amazingly thorough. He came highly recommended through Redfin & my agent and I would certainly refer him to friends.
- T.D., January 2014
Pleased with the timeliness of the inspection and the detailed work provided.. Gabe was not able to inspect the roof at the time due to heavy rainfall, but made time to revisit the home and inspect the roof on a dry day soon after. Made my wife and I very pleased.
- J.B., December 2013
Very professional, diligent and high tec
- R.W., December 2013
Thank you for your good work
- A.V., December 2013
Thanks Gabriel for your professionalism! You explained things very well and helped me learn some things about homes I wasn't aware of. I will call you again if we need another inspection. Take care, John
- J.H., December 2013
Gabriel was thorough, professional and able to very clearly walk through the inspection report in a way that an unexperienced home owner could understand. I'd recommend him to anyone.
- T.B., November 2013
Gabriel got out to our home quickly and explained everything very thoroughly and honestly. He was very down to earth and nice to work with.
- J.G., November 2013
Very thorough review and in-depth knowledge of the relevant building code provisions and their development over time. Good practical advice about how to bring things into compliance. Thanks, Gabe!
- M.D., November 2013
Gabe is very detail-oriented and did a very thorough job on the inspection.
- C.W., October 2013
Gabriel is a true professional and we could not have been more pleased by the the thoroughness of his inspection
- K.L., October 2013
He is very detailed, and also explained everything to me clearly.
- C.W., October 2013
Gabriel was great. He did a very comprehensive inspection. When finished he went over everything with us. I would highly recommend him.
- K.K., October 2013
Gabriel was the best. He did an outstanding, thorough inspection, explaining everything to us. I was very pleased with the whole process. Very easy to talk with. A nice guy.
- K.K., September 2013
Very positive and helpful. Knows how to find the plumbing, electrical, cosmetic, and structural issues that have obviously existed and were never repaired by the previous owner. The Inspection Report offered excellent photos and methods to fix the problems. It was excellent to have Home Inspection and Termite Inspection conducted at the same time--better than going 'out there' to find another pest control company. I am extremely happy with the findings and appreciated his thoroughness and rapid turn-around on the Inspection Report. Great job!
- P.R., September 2013
Thank you for your service. We are very satisfied with your inspection.
- J.L., September 2013
Gabe was able to schedule me in right away. I brought up some concerns regarding kitec pipes and he went so far as to call the plumbing company to check if they use them. Overall very pleased with the inspection, quality of repertory, and communication I received. I would highly recommend him.
- D.M., August 2013
Very thorough and sat down and explained the entire report with us after he finished the inspection. We had a great experience with Gabriel and highly recommend him.
- A.M., August 2013
I thought you were quite professional and your report was very thorough and detailed. You did a great job, and on short notice. Thanks
- J.T., August 2013
Thank you again Gabriel for a thorough and informative inspection!!
- C.M., August 2013
Gabriel was timely and very informative. He took the time to explain everything in great detail. I would definitely recommend him.
- S.H., August 2013
Thank you Gabe... we really appreciate you being able to get our inspection done so quickly especially during this really busy season.
- J.C., August 2013
Very detailed inspection. Gabriel was able to meet our tight timelines and provide an excellent inspection.
- C.A., July 2013
Thank you so much for your thorough inspection. You found things we never would have seen with the naked eye. Will definitely use you again in the future and recommend to friends!
- K.K., July 2013
He was great, informative and thorough. He explained everything to our satisfaction on the phone too!
- H.S., July 2013
After another inspector had to cancel on us, we needed an inspection quick on a short-sale home we were purchasing! Gabe was there the next day...early, he was very knowledgeable, and provided a very detailed report. We took several of his cards to recommend to our friends. -Jack...Aledo, TX
- J.H., July 2013
Thank you so much Gab for inspecting our new home:) We drove 14 hours straight through yesterday back to Ohio....lots to do but we are so happy with our new home. We feel confident that your inspection put any questions we had to bed! God Bless and thank you again, Cindy
- C.R., June 2013
Gabriel was VERY thorough and found things we would have never thought to look for. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a quality inspector!
- B.N., June 2013
Gabriel was very thorough and used the latest technology to evaluate our future home for potential problems. Very professional and informative.
- S.P., June 2013
He was great, found even the smallest details.
- C.P., June 2013
Very thorough! I was especially impressed with the time that was taken to answer all questions and explain any of the findings. Would defintely reccomend.
- O.T., June 2013
Very glad my agent got us linked up -- very pleased with your through report and inspection on the property. Will be highly recommended to anyone that needs inspections in the future. Thanks, Jeff
- J.J., June 2013
Thaks Gabriel, I appreciate your thorough inspection. I am very satified with your service.
- K.I., May 2013
Gabe did an absolutely thorough pre inspection on the home. He was very helpful and professional and provided us with an excellent report of his findings. We would highly recommend Gabe!
- S.M., May 2013
Gabriel was very informed and presented the report with great ease of understanding. We had very few questions and those we did have were explained very well. Highly recommended!
- C.O., May 2013
Gabe was thorough in his inspection and made sure to note even the smallest issues. He was clear in his explanations and offered advice as to how to fix small issues. This came in very handy for my husband and I because we are new to home improvements and maintanence.
- C.H., May 2013
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with an inspection on the pie have of our new home. We are very grateful that you were able to accommodate our schedule and for the thorough information.
- S.F., May 2013
Inspection well done thank you!
- D.M., April 2013
I really appreciate the completeness of this inspection. I've already recommended Gabe to all of my local friends.
- C.C., April 2013
Very detailed and thorough.
- S.B., April 2013
He scheduled us quickly and gave us a thorough explanation of what he found and his recommendations. Very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him.
- D.H., April 2013
Very professional and doesn't cut corners! When other inspection companies refused to inspect the roof of my 2nd story home he not only inspected it but performed the roof inspection during rain. My realtor was very impressed with Mr. Ortiz because he took the time to contact her and explain his findings. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspection and without a doubt seek his services the next time I purchase a home.
- B.M., April 2013
Gabriel, it was a pleasure working with you. Your service was extremely professional and you explained everything very thoroughly. Throughout the process you made me feel that you had my best interest in mind. You gave helpful recommendations and I felt that everything you did for our home inspection you did with integrity. Thank you for a great job!
- D.C., April 2013
Thank you for taking the time to give me additional information about the home we are purchasing. It really allowed me to have a better overall feeling about purchasing our home.
- K.K., March 2013
When Gabriel is the licensed inspector who represents my buyers, he is thorough and communicates well with all clients, in either language...English or Spanish! That is a real PLUS!
- Y.C., Arlington TX, March 2013
I thought the inspection was very thorough and the pictures helped me understand the severity level
- M.B., February 2013
Very friendly and personable. Both experiences I have had with Gariel have been great. He is professional, thorough, and timely. He has always been very easy to get a hold of and sends the inspection reports quickly and promptly. I have really enjoyed both encounters I have had with him and would gladly recommend him to anyone that needs a home inspection.
- A.D., February 2013
Very thorough and concise - very reasonably priced too!
- D.S., February 2013
Excellent Home Inspection! Very professional, organized and helpful during a first-time home buyer's inspection! Well done.
- E.C., January 2013
Excellent work! Very supportive and able to answer questions in a timely manner. Thanks!
- T.W., January 2013
I called Gabriel for an urgent inspection just before the new year. I didn't expect he can make it. However he put the customer's request as the highest priority and willing to sacrifice his own holiday time. The inspection is very thorough. The report is very detailed with clear pictures pointing to the exact location of the problems. I'd like to rate 10 for Gabriel.
- B.S., January 2013
Mr. Ortiz was very easy to work with. His inspection and feedback was through, professional and very helpful. This is the second time I have used him for home inspections. I would not hesitate to contact him again, should I need another inspection.
- R.R., December 2012
Gabriel arrived as scheduled and was very professional and efficient in his inspection down to the smallest detail. The report was detailed and contained pictures of any/all deficiencies he found. He then took the time at the completion of his inspection to go over the report and answer any questions I had. I highly recommend his services and his prices are very reasonable.
- N.P., October 2012
Very helpful and knowledgeable.
- A.K., October 2012
Very efficient, professional service! Will definitely reccommend him to everyone. Thank you!
- G.G., July 2012
Great work. Gabriel was very informative and thorough.
- R.S., July 2012
Thank You so much Gabe.
- R.Y., Arlington TX, June 2012
my husband was very happy with the inspecion he did a very good job we were very happy with his work
- W.C., May 2012