Thank you for the time to explain all the inspection items and to share your knowledge. Very useful inspection and report of good quality. Remi.
- R.L., November 2019
Bill, Thank you for providing an excellent inspection of this property and one about a month ago on Pensdale. Mico is a great and thorough inspection and is very helpful in explaining all of his findings. This is our first investment property and Mico said you might be willing to talk to me about your experience? We would appreciate any advice you are willing to share. Thanks, John Cusimano 267-640-6760
- D.C., October 2019
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Although initially overwhelming, the attention to detail and thoroughness was much much appreciated. He was an effective communicator and was able to adjust and explain details accordingly. I'm a handyman, not an expert but not a beginner so his explanations were spot on. His ability to speak to every picture he took without copious notes is an obvious indication of his command of the field. I will definitely recommend William to anyone I come in contact with that needs an inspection. Well worth the cost.
- M.M., September 2019
Incredible work - Thank you.
- R.F., October 2017
Very knowledgeable about all things stucco!!! If it weren't for Bill's guidance throughout the process of the invasive stucco inspection, I do not believe I would have been able to keep the deal together. Thanks for your time and expertise Bill-- you and your team are the absolute best!!!!!
- A.L., Conshohocken PA, August 2017
thanks for your assistance can you send me over the list of people to perform the repairs - correctly thanks
- J.P., August 2017
Very Good and very knowledgeable.
- J.H., June 2017
I was extremely pleased with the amount of time Bill took answering all of my questions. I feel confident that the entire house was inspected and I will have no surprises after settlement. This is the 3rd house Bill has inspected for our family and I highly recommend His services.
- J.M., December 2016
Very professional and exceeded all expectations with regards to the lengths Bill went to probe every possible accessible area of the home to help us make an informed decision. It's clear he is extremely experienced and we will only be using him in the future.
- R.F., May 2016
I've only ever had experiences with one other inspector prior to working with Spotlight. Bill was amazing to work with. He went through everything in the house as though it was his own home. Bill made sure I understood the mechanical items in the home and fielded any question I had. I would certainly recommend Bill and Spotlight to anyone I know.
- M.P., July 2015
thorough stucco inspection. prompt, informative and actionable report.
- P.G., May 2015
Very Thorough and excellent analysis. Significant value added information and suggestions.
- M.F., March 2015
Great service like always! Bill is never a let down!
- T.S., March 2015
He was great! For being someone who knows next to nothing about how to actually care for things in a home, he made me feel very comfortable with the home. My mother came to the inspection as she has more familiarity with these things, and she commented on how she liked him and found him to be very thorough. I'm extremely happy and would highly recommend him!
- C.K., October 2014
Thank you, Bill!
- A.A., August 2014
Bill Dare did a fantastic job on our inspection. He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable! He also got the report to us in record time. i would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
- E.W., May 2014
Bill proved to be a highly competent professional. He is well informed with excellent communication skills, with the ability to explain the inspection process to a laymen in a manner which was easy to understand. I would recommend his services to others with a need.
- E.L., Harleysville PA, May 2014
FABULOUS insight and suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Bill and Ty during the home inspection.
- D.V., April 2014
As this was the first time that I was getting a new home built, I was happy that I was able to have Bill come and complete a pre-drywall and final inspection at my home. Although, I had a very good builder, his attention to detail was able to find items that needed to be corrected and I appreciated the time he took to explain the details to me during the inspection. The inspection provided me the peace of mind that my home was soundly built. I would suggest Bill to anyone needing a home inspection and actually have already done so, it is definitely worth it to get a quality inspector like Bill.
- C.B., October 2013
Thanks Bill, You are very Professional and appreciated your expertise, Tom Roggio
- T.R., October 2013
Bill, is thorough, friendly and has a great report, I never had a better inspector work for my clients!
- J.S., September 2013