Joe was terrific to work with. He was knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. He took the time to explain each part of the inspection and also submitted his report timely and accurately. Joe made this part of home buying easier.
- J.I., Montville NJ, June 2023
Joseph was great!! This is our first home and he explained everything in detail and was very thorough.
- M.A., New York NY, February 2023
Joe was very knowledgeable and explained everything during every step of his inspection. Joe was very pleasant and I will definitely be recommending him!
- J.R., November 2022
Thank you Joe! It was a pleasure having you as our inspector! You did such a thorough job, explaining everything along the way! As a realtor, with the clients being my daughter and son-in-law, I am totally confident and comfortable in your inspection. That is so important when people are making such a huge investment! You were reliable, thorough, honest, courteous and your turn around time to forward us the inspection report was incredible!! Joe we thank you and I know I'll be working with you again!
- G.T., Howell NJ, April 2022
Joe was very thorough and very knowledgeable. He explained everything during every step of his inspection. A true professional and very pleasant person. I am beyond satisfied and I highly recommend!
- D.A., March 2022
Joe was very thorough and very knowledgeable. He explained everything during every step of his inspection. A true professional and very pleasant person. I am beyond satisfied and I highly recommend!
- D.A., March 2022
Joe knows how to be professional, he is dedicated and humble.My husband was with him walking through the inspection and he was giving him tips,advices on some of the areas. The fact that he takes time to show you and explain you every detail is amazing to me. I would definitely recommend him a 1000%. Thank you so much Joe for your honesty!
- M.M., March 2022
Joe was super fast in setting up the appointment and he was helpful in understanding issues with the property and potential solutions. - John
- J.L., Yardley PA, February 2022
Joe was extremely thorough and explained everything in layman's terms to me and my client as he went through. I would highly recommend him for any future inspections!
- K.N., Forked River NJ, December 2021
Joe was great during our inspection, took the time to show us exactly the issues big and small. Will definitely recommend him to friends in the future.
- C.M., Neptune NJ, December 2021
Joe was so professional in helping me with my first time home buying! He pointed out many things that I would have overlooked, and was extremely thorough with his explanations of not just "you need to do this" but why. He was also very quick with communicating and it was greatly appreciated how fast he worked!
- A.R., Fair Haven NJ, October 2021
Joe was very knowledgeable and very thorough. He explained everything during every step of his inspection. A true professional that I highly recommend!
- A.S., River Edge NJ, September 2021
Joe was amazing to work with. Very honest, professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. His report was finished quickly and it was extremely detailed with pictures included. He was happy to answer any questions we had and took extra time to go over important things he noticed during the inspection. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a house inspection and will use him again in the future.
- J.C., Avon By The Sea NJ, July 2021
Joe is absolutely wonderful. Very thorough and explains everything. I am beyond satisfied, thank you!
- D.S., June 2021
I truly appreciated the time and thoughtfulness that was put into the inspection, made me feel comfortable in understanding the process and concerns. Thank you so much, I will definitely recommend and use you if needed. Again thank you. :)
- K.M., May 2021
Joseph was very thorough and personable throughout the whole inspection. As a first time home buyer, this was the first time I had to go through this process and he explained everything for me to understand easily. I would recommend him to anyone.
- K.T., May 2021
Joe was very professional and approachable. I’ve learned a thing or two about terms related to houses. Thank you Joe!
- Y.B., May 2021
Joseph is extremely thorough and quick. He works extremely efficiently and does an amazing job. Very knowledgeable about all things pertaining to homes and I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a great home inspection.
- T.S., March 2021
Joseph gave a thorough home inspection and the report came back the same day. As a first-time home buyer, I was so thankful for his help and all his explanations during the walk-through. Thanks, Mr. Paxia!
- K.O., March 2021
Joe Paxia performed the inspection on our new home. I was impressed that he arrived early. He was professional and thorough. We walked through with Joe as he explained everything along the way. If there was an issue, he explained if it was important or something to deal with in the future. He took his time to show how all of the appliances work and how to maintain them. Joe was knowledgeable and courteous. He did an excellent job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joe Paxia to any of my family or friends.
- E.L., Clak NJ, January 2021
Joe is a true professional. He is very thorough, takes his time and explains everything during the walk through, (good and bad). I have purchased properties in the past and Joe is by far the best inspector I have ever dealt with. It was a pleasure working with Joe and any future purchases I make or if anyone I know is looking for a Home Inspector, I will recommend Joe in a second. Thanks Joe
- J.P., November 2020
Joe was on-time and very thorough. Joe took his time and explained everything to me. Joe especially made sure that anything they he considered a safety hazard was pointed out to me so that it could be addressed. Joe did an excellent job and I would recommend you use Joe for all of your future inspections!
- V.J., Howell NJ, October 2020
Our inspector Joseph Paxia was the most professional person we have ever met. Scheduling the inspection with him was very easy and convenient to us, as he responded with no delays. He arrived to the house earlier on the inspection day and was working on the house already when we came in. He was very polite and patient with ALL our questions. He took us around the house and explained every single detail about his inspection, any issues he sees and how important or severe these issues are at the present timing or will be in the nearest future. He pointed out the details which only very knowledgeable inspector would know! He was very detail oriented in his work and in explaining technical things to us in more simple way. He used examples to illustrate complicated technical scenarios which gave us better understanding and comfort level to move forward or not with the purchase of the house. He made himself available to talk to us and clarify certain things even after a few days the inspection report was completed already. We were very satisfied with his service, technical knowledge and professional opinion. Report was very detailed, clear and had a lot of pictures. We definitely recommend Joe Paxia to our family and friends for house inspection! Thank you, Joe!
- V.R., Edison NJ, September 2020
Joe was very courteous and thorough during the inspection of our home. He went over everything in our home and explained all issues that came up. It was a pleasure to have him in our home and highly recommend him. Its always great to deal with such a professional.
- T.S., June 2020
Joe was very, very thorough and very knowledgeable. I was extremely happy with his service and would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a house inspection. Thank you!!
- B.L., June 2020
Joseph recently did my home inspection. He is very thorough and professional! He caught things that I would never notice and gave me many useful for the homeowner’s clues. The report he provided is so detailed that I will keep it as a guide and refer to whenever need to locate things in my house, things which are essential but often not visible to the average woman eye??. I think that the report will be very helpful in the negotiation process before closing. Yes, I highly recommend Joseph. Mira
- M.W., June 2020
Joe was very professional and did great job. I will recommend him to all my family and friends
- D.H., May 2020
Absolutely satisfied! Thorough and very accessible for questions and follow up. Highly recommend!
- W.K., Ocean Grove NJ, May 2020
Thank you Joe for your recommendations. Your report was very thorough and we appreciate the time you spent with us explaining observations and making suggestions.
- I.M., April 2020
Joe was friendly, knowledgable, and professional. His inspection was thorough and he explained everything that he found in a respectful and clear manner. He helped us see the issues that were present in the older home that we were purchasing, and made appropriate suggestions for further investigation. He completed and sent us his written findings the same day as the inspection. We would recommend him without reservation.
- M.D., March 2020
He was great and thorough
- H.H., March 2020
Joe is very detailed and treats each house as though he was inspecting it for himself. Joe goes through every area of concern to make sure I see it and explains how the problem should be fixed
- P.A., February 2020
We have used JP Inspections on multiple occasion for vacation properties and investment properties. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. His calm demeanor helps you, the home-buyer, make good decisions on the purchase of the property and its ongoing maintenance. Joe lets you know that all homes need TLC and if you do that, your investment will always appreciate. I highly recommend Joe for any and all home inspections.
- R.P., February 2020
I was very pleased with Joe Paxia.He took kis timr with me ,explaining all that I would need to know about the water heater,gad furnace and the electric . He explained different thing to me that were for my benefit . I am very pleased.
- M.F., February 2020
I was very impressed.Joe spoke directly to me about all that was to be inspected. He explained certain things to me that were necessary for me to be informed about. He certainly did allow me to be informed. I highly recommend Joe to anyone that would be interested in an informative inspection. Every thing was explained. Thank you Joe, Marybeth Ford
- M.F., January 2020
Joe was so patient with my older client. He took the time to explain a lot of information other inspectors may not have delved into. She was thrilled as was I. I would recommend Joe any time
- S.M., January 2020
Very knowledgeable of all aspects , a pleasure to go business with. Thanks Joe !
- D.L., September 2019
Very through. I asked for another report for the HOA and it was done the next day, Thanks Joe
- C.B., September 2019
Joe was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly! He walked the home step by step with me and as a first time buyer, he helped me easily understand his findings. After we completed the inspection, I received his organized and detailed notes less than 24 hours later. I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone who is considering buying a home.
- S.M., August 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable. As a first time home buyer i was glad to have an inspector who could explain everything he found clearly and concisely .
- D.Z., August 2019
No Suggestions. He was very professional, informative and efficient.
- J.K., August 2019
Joe was very thorough and professional. He found several items I did not find after a few of my own informal inspections. He was practical and hands-on, I would recommend him for your inspection needs.
- T.S., August 2019
Joe was very thorough. He was informative and spent time explaining the issues he noted. I followed up with a couple of phone calls and he was very responsive. Joe is experienced and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- R.T., June 2019
Joe did a great job with the inspection. He was thorough and walked me through the steps of the inspection so that i could get a better understanding how things work and if there were any issues.
- M.Z., June 2019
Joe was very thorough and walked me through each of the recommendations he had, all of which were detailed in the report. His hands-on attitude is exactly what I was looking for.
- R.M., May 2019
Thank you. You were one of the best Inspectors I've dealt with, you were on time, professional and thorough. I received your report the same evening and was impressed by the content.
- L.K., Toms River NJ, May 2019
Besides being polite and a consummate professional, Joe knows homes! . He is polite, explains every detail and is very thorough. He went over every square inch (inside & out) of the house from crawling on hands and knees under the structure to navigating tight attic space to examine the roof structure and air handler. He opened my eyes to conditions that were potential problems as well the obvious. The very same evening I received the report with comments, photos, and recommendations. Money well spent. You will get a house inspection and an education in 2-3 hours time.
- M.G., May 2019
You were quite thorough and brought to my attention things I would have missed.
- R.B., April 2019
Amazing Professional and very punctual in everything he inspected, i would highly recommend and use he's work anytime i need, thanks for the great work!
- D.S., Long branch NJ, February 2019
Joseph was a pleasure to work with and very friendly. He was thorough with the inspection and took the time to show me his findings and explained the concerns regarding certain issues. He also made some recommendations for maintaining items throughout the house. The inspection summary was sent quickly, very detailed and easy to read, along with photos showing areas of concern. I appreciate his knowledge and professionalism.
- M.C., December 2018
This was my first time buying a home and Joseph was very thorough when explaining things to me. He would show me everything, explain what it was for, and the expected life span. Any questions I had he made sure to answer them. He is very honest, flexible and punctual.
- E.Z., December 2018
Completely viewed everything with wonderful explanations! ! Wrote report that had positive response from sellers to address repairs! !!!
- A.R., November 2018
Joseph thank you for being so thorough and explaining your inspection in detail as we walked through my home.
- D.L., October 2018
Joe was absolutely wonderful. I would recommend Joe to anyone who is looking to have an inspector that has great knowledge and professional. Thanks Joe for all your help!
- T.N., September 2018
Hi Joe Thank you for all the suggestions you gave me to make my new home better. Thanks again Diana
- D.R., September 2018
Joe, Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection! It covered all details of concern, and appropriate suggestions for critical to non-critical repairs and replacements! I would most definitely refer your company! Pam McCoy
- P.M., July 2018
I very much like to use JP with my clients home inspections. He?s incredibly thorough and can give people suggestions of what they can do along the way without being intrusive or overwhelming. He takes his time and completely combes through the house leaving no stone unturned and his reports always come back in a timely manner.
- M.R., Hazlet NJ, July 2018
appreciate the thorough job, took lots of time to show us what was what and explained everything that needed to be done, very helpful and knowledgeable
- J.V., July 2018
Joseph did an excellent job walking me around the house and explaining everything he saw. It was very insightful and I'm glad I went with Joseph.
- C.M., June 2018
Joe is knowledgeable and thorough with his inspections. Very professional and great with clients.
- H.B., Asbury Park NJ, March 2018
thank you for a great learning experience on the inspection process you did great job
- M.H., September 2017
He's very professional and extremely helpful!
- L.I., June 2017
Joe is very professional, he went over everything step by step with us! We will definitely recommend him.
- M.L., December 2016
Being unfamiliar with an inspectors job............. he spoke to me in layman's terms so that I understood any foreseeable problems, within the Condo but, also explained to me the positives. I felt comfortable enough to ask questions when I didn't understand and he managed to fill in the blanks for me........... and very professional.
- N.Y., June 2015
Being unfamiliar with an inspectors job............. he spoke to me in layman's terms so that I understood any foreseeable problems, within the Condo but, also explained to me the positives. I felt comfortable enough to ask questions when I didn't understand and he managed to fill in the blanks for me........... and very professional.
- N.Y., June 2015
Joe P. Was excellent and very thorough. I would highly recommend him for home inspections. I took away a lot of knowledge from his inspection and feel confident about his advice.
- C.D., May 2015
Joe, your thoroughness and expertise are well noted. Appreciate your recommendations and responding so quickly. Thank you for your highly professional and detailed report.
- J.G., May 2014
Great guy and did a fantastic inspection. He poined out many of the things I wouldn't see on my own. Thanks Joe
- G.Y., June 2012