Justin was great. Very happy to have him do our inspection.
- P.W., August 2019
My inspector was Robert Valleyfield. He is the best in the business!
- K.A., August 2019
He was kind , he was efficient and made sure I understood everything and answered all of my questions
- J.H., July 2019
We were very happy with Justin's inspection report.
- J.G., July 2019
Justin was not our inspector. Russ Valleyfield was our inspector. I sent him a follow-up email asking for clarification on a couple of items in our report and he never responded.
- S.Z., July 2019
Justin is extremely thorough and very courteous. He is honest and very experienced. I most definitely recommend Justin, as he has performed multiple inspections for me.
- M.F., July 2019
Great work
- J.H., June 2019
good work
- S.P., June 2019
Very Good.
- P.D., June 2019
Excellent job. Detailed and thorough. Took time to explain all items as we walked through.
- M.T., June 2019
Kim Niedbalec was awesome! She was very thorough and took time to answer our questions. Thank you!
- Z.H., May 2019

This is the second time that I have used Justin for an inspection. He is very thorough and explains things in even greater details during the inspection than in the report. The report is a great punchlist for me to prioritize repairs and upgrades. 

- T.P., March 2019

Geo was very professional and did a great job with our inspection.  I would happily use him again for another project.  

- J.S., February 2019
Justin was great preparing the report. Mike (who actually conducted the inspection) was incredible! He was knowledgeable and thorough in his assessments and documentation. Great Job. Thanks.
- C.F., November 2018
Justin was phenomenal and very thorough. This is the second home he has inspected for us, and the first time he conducted has inspection he saved us from purchasing a lemon of a home. This inspection he exceeded all expectations. His attention to detail was outstanding, his willingness to explain in detail his findings was refreshing. Justin is an asset to your company and I will recommend him to friends and family. Thank you
- C.H., September 2017
Justin was very thorough and explained everything he was looking at/for. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- E.M., August 2017
I would recommend Justin for anyone looking for a specific individual for inspection. Justin was very friendly and knowledgeable in this profession. He gave us a lot of advice on our first home purchase. A special thanks to Justin as we had to request for a report within 24 hours due to the seller's agent threatening us to sign the contract within the next day. Justin was able to accommodate our urgent request and got the report to us before 24 hours. I have nothing but admiration for someone who love their job so much and at the same time helping others so genuinely.
- S.C., August 2017
Justin was very thorough and took time to explain what general maintenance should be done on the home we are purchasing.
- A.R., May 2017
Nobody's perfect, but Justin takes his time and thoroughly explains everything he is doing and everything he finds.
- K.S., January 2017
Very happy with his work and thoroughness
- C.S., July 2016
Justin thank you so much for being absolutely thorough. I couldn't have chosen a better inspector for this home. I am just so pleased with the overall experience. I will definitely be in contact again for future home inspections and continue to recommend you to clients, friends and family of mine! Thanks again.
- M.M., April 2016
Great inspection and complete open communication. The return of the report was done quicker than ever expected.
- Y.B., February 2016
Justin was just fabulous! I am a first time home buyer so I had a lot of questions. He was very thorough and explained everything to me as I followed him around the house. He even gave me a lot of good advice. His report included everything we talked about and was very detailed. I would definitely recommend Justin and First Choice!
- N.K., January 2016
Justin is a true professional! He uses his skills in a systemic approach for the inspection and goes through everything methodically. In addition to identify problems, he spent time educating me on proper ways to take care of a house. The report is very detailed and easy to read and understand. I am so happy that I have chosen Justin and the First Choice as my inspector and will highly recommend him to my friends and colleagues without any hesitation or reservation. Thank you so much, Justin.
- J.L., August 2015
Extremely pleased with Justin's inspection. I would highly recommend First Choice Inspection Services.
- E.B., July 2015
Justin did a great job walking me through the whole inspection process and really explaining to me in detail what he was seeing while walking me around. Granted he was also training a new inspector at the time, which might have explained some of the extra explanations, but either way I felt really taken care of throughout the whole process. Based on his thorough and honest report I will probably have to pass on the house that was inspected, but I will definitely be back to have him inspect the next one!
- J.S., July 2015
Justin was very thorough, and explained the home inspection process in understandable terms. He offered several helpful tips for new homeowners, which provided me with more confidence to begin that journey. Justin was extremely professional and I completely trust his judgment. I plan to consult with him after purchasing my home, as needed.
- T.M., May 2015
Great Inspector
- R.M., February 2015
Great Inspector
- R.M., February 2015
Thank you for being so thorough and for taking the time to explain so much to us! Great work!
- M.M., February 2015
Justin was great. Very knowledgeable about the process and I learned alot from him. He was also very nice, prompt, and had a timely inspection report turnaround.
- J.C., January 2015
Very Knowledgable, and willing to share info freely! THANKS JUSTIN!!!
- M.C., January 2015
Justin was informative and provided excellent service. I will most definitely recommend Justin Castronova.
- R.T., December 2014
Justin, thank you for a professional home inspection. After the inspection I felt that we had received an education. Many problems surfaced but we never felt pressure to make a quick decision. Inspections are intended to alert a buyer to problems but the final decision is the buyers. Our final decision on the property was one based on fact and information. Great job!
- D.R., October 2014
He was friendly and very informative. He answered all of our questions and concerns. He brought up information that I did not even think of asking about.
- J.D., July 2014
was great with any questions i had and did a very professional job.
- N.P., June 2014
A great inspector. Justin really took his time explaining the entire inspection process and was patient with us and all of our questions to ensure that we understood what was happening with the property. I would definitely recommend Justin and First Choice Inspectors, LLC if purchasing a home.
- N.M., June 2014
Keep up the good work.
- D.K., April 2014
Justin the best inspector ever!
- S.N., February 2014
We appreciate how informative you were in your home inspection. You answered all our questions very thoroughly, made sure we were aware of any potential hazards and any issues that may need to be addressed.
- D.U., January 2014
Thank you for your time and patience. You were very informative and gave some great personal sugguestions. Congratulations next week on your wedding!
- J.C., September 2013
Justin was very thorough and helpful. He identified numerous items that I was able to bring to the attention of the seller. I'd highly recommend him.
- N.K., September 2013
Justin was very thorough and helped put my husband and I at ease during the inspection. He was attentive to our concerns and took the time to explain all things he found during the inspection. We truly appreciate him for that.
- A.B., June 2013
My husband and I were extremely pleased with Justin's professionalism and thoughness of his inspection. We would definitely recommend him to our friends as the best choice of the home inspector.
- V.S., May 2013
justin is very professional to work with i would recommend him to everyone.
- W.L., May 2013
Very knowledgeable and took the time to be sure that everything was explained and that we understood any issues major or minor. Very good inspector in our opinion. I will recommend him to anyone!
- J.R., April 2013
I would definitely recommend him to any future home buyer. I was very impressed with his knowledge as well as experience. I am pleased to have found such a great inspector.
- Y.V., February 2013
I've always liked Justin and 1st Choice Inspectors! This evening my client told me that he really, really liked Justin and was very delighted and happy with the thorough inspection that he did. Thanks, Justin!
- L.K., February 2013
- T.G., January 2013
Extremely thorough. Kept me informed on many of the issues, while he was working. Really appreciate the time he spent to make things clear and explain his findings.
- Z.M., January 2013
Justin and First Choice are great. They are professional, reliable and very well versed in their field. I strongly recommend their services to all my clients.
- D.D., Wheaton IL, January 2013
Worth to recommend. Very Professional and Detailed Inspection.
- M.R., November 2012
Justin was an excellend inspector. He took his time to explain everything in detail and also gave us advice for maintaining the condo and all appliances. Very friendly and you can tell he is passionate about what he does.
- S.R., Chicago IL, September 2012
Thank you so much for spending the time to explain every aspect about our future home to my wife. She has gained so much knowledge and even came home bragging about all that you taught her. We appreciate the service you have provided and I look forward to having these recommendations taken care of one way or another. Don Montgomery
- D.M., Chicago IL, August 2012
The best of the best. Justin is a experienced professional and I recommend him to all my clients.
- D.D., Wheaton IL, July 2012