Steve conducted a thorough inspection. He is very friendly and someone you can trust to get the job done well.
- J.R., Voorhees Township NJ, February 2019
Steve was polite and professional. The inspection was complete and looked at all aspects of the home. Great job
- M.D., Waxhaw NC, February 2019
At first I wondered why I had to wait a week to get an appointment, but after the inspection I understood why! Steve is so patient and understanding. He explains things thoroughly and make sure to give the purchaser insight. He is not in this business for the money, you can tell he has an interest in his work. His honesty and care for you is outstanding. Steve wants to make sure you know what you are getting into. I love it! Any home that I purchase I will definitely be contacting Steve!
- J.W., NewYork NY, February 2019
Steve rated a 10. He exceeded my expectations in the way he did his inspection. Very detailed, insightful, and took the time to talk with the home owner about the process. Made the entire process seamless, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having their home inspected. When I purchase my next home, I will be calling on Steve again.
- D.H., Medford NJ, February 2019
Steve explained everything to us thoroughly and made us comfortable!
- E.C., Pennsauken Township NJ, February 2019
Extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Thoroughly inspected the house and was always available for any questions or concerns.
- A.&., Burlington NJ, January 2019
Very thorough and professional.
- P.L., Haddon Township NJ, January 2019
Steve did very good job. I recommend Steve . Thank you Steve
- A.A., Sicklerville NJ, January 2019
Steve was awesome! He went through every inch of the house to make sure everything was ok. He talked me through everything that was wrong (minor issues). I would highly recommend him!!
- J.F., Philadelphia PA, January 2019
First time home buyer, Steve was super friendly and so helpful with explaining everything to me. He knows what he is doing I was NOT disappointed! Will recommend to anyone else buying a home.
- D.M., Cherry Hill NJ, January 2019
He was very informative and helpful throughout the process.
- A.P., Berlin NJ, January 2019
we were out of state and bought our house over the internet so we need help. Steve West did a absolutely wonderful job for us, he found many problems which were all repaired (over $3,000. worth) . We have been in our home now for 3 months without any problems. Steve you nail it.
- J.M., Jensen Beach FL, January 2019
He was awesome and really helped me understand when I had any questions.
- R.D., Barrington NJ, January 2019
Steve West is a true professional and provides quality service for a great price. Property inspection report performed by Steve will contain attention to detail notes, honest assessments (not assumptions), and recommendations. You will be even more informed and feel confident when going thru that final stage of purchasing (or not) that dream home because you have Steve?s inspection report in hand.
- J.F., Seattle WA, January 2019
Steve was a pleasure to work with and was very thorough in his inspection as well as his explanation and attention to detail each step of the home inspection. We were very satisfied with his work and will surely use him again and recommend his services to others should the need arise.
- M.G., Voorhees Township NJ, January 2019
Steve, I feel that you gave a very thorough inspection. I?m glad that you were recommended. Happy New Year to you and Family !!
- C.F., West Deptford NJ, December 2018
I really appreciate his work he was very nice and also explained as he went through the house I would recommend him highly thank you.
- J.G., Camden NJ, December 2018
Steve was very polite, professional and thorough during our home inspection. He was on time and answered all of our many questions we had so we could understand everything about our new home. Our 3 year old son was with us and Steve was great with him. We would definitely recommend Steve to anyone in need of a home inspection!
- M.E., Philadelphia PA, December 2018
Thank you so much for you professionalism and thorough inspection!
- J.S., Cherry Hill NJ, December 2018
Steve was very through with us while conducting the inspection - he walked us through every detail whether it was minor or severe. As new home buyers we asked him a lot of questions, and he remained very patient with us throughout the entire process. My wife and I would gladly refer Steve to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thanks!
- M.T., Northfield NJ, December 2018
Steve was very thorough and friendly too!
- J.K., Philadelphia PA, December 2018
Very satisfied with service
- I.M., Pennsauken Township NJ, December 2018
I really appreciate your thorough inspection. I especially like the inspection/repair request features on your website. Thank you for your expertise, service to our country, and support for the ongoing mission!
- M.A., MOUNT LAUREL NJ, December 2018
Thank You Steve , for the Outstanding by the Book by the Reg Home Inspection & Professionalism . You are a Valuable Asset to the Home Purchasing Community & Veterans . Absolutely a 10 +/ A+. May Your Rising Star Skills & Devotion & Dedication Never Be Overlooked & May a New Rising Star Follow in Your Steps & Lead a New Generation into the Future.
- R.L., Magnolia NJ, December 2018
" Thank you so much for the time you took to thoroughly inspect the property. Your knowledge, expertise and information you provided was outstanding! The detailed report with pictures, video and recommendations, was exactly what I was looking for and needed to assess the property. I can't thank you enough for the quality of service you provided to me and my family". It was greatly appreciated!!
- B.T., Philadelphia PA, December 2018
Was completely satisfied with the inspection report and also with the verbal communication on explanations of what the inspector observed.
- T.E., Mount Laurel NJ, December 2018
Again The Pristine Consummate Professional my Senior Shipmate Mr. Steve West demonstrated the most in-depth prolific and thoroughly tangible residential professional pre home ownership inspection literally leaving absolutely no square foot of the dwelling and the entire property unchecked.Of a fact I can assure any prospective home owner out there that with Mr. West and the entire team at Settlers Home Inspection they will be getting the most thorough and indept pre ownership home inspection done that will definately make it abundantly clear if an entire property will not be longatively fit or suitable for a comfortable habitability and also if it's free of major expensive necessary repairs and maintenance updating.Again my dear wife Vackesha and I and our children are eternally greatful to you sir for a Job well done.Bravo Zulu. Respectfully, Mr. & Mrs. Adrian & Vackesha A. Grey.
- A.G., East Orange NJ, December 2018
It was a pleasure having you do our home inspection. We appreciate your the time and care that you put into the inspection. This is the 2nd one you have done for us!! Thank you
- S.B., December 2018
Steve was great throughout the whole process. He carefully explained everything he was doing/testing throughout the whole inspection and making sure I understood at the same time. Highly recommended!
- A.C., Goshen NY, December 2018
This is my first home buying (solo) journey. Steve made it the most comprehensible, professional and worth wile service I've had in quite some time. Very knowledgeable and willing to show and explain what it is he is doing, as well as document at a very high level of competence and professionalism. Steve had the report done in less than one day and the report is formatted in a clear and concise manner and coincides with everything we looked at. I would have given Steve an 11, if it were available.
- A.J., Mount Holly NJ, November 2018
The inspection was very thorough and the report was detailed and provided very fast. Thanks to Steve, I knew to have a crack in the foundation of the home inspected by an engineer--which resulted in my receiving a credit toward my closing costs from the seller for the needed repairs! Steve was also very friendly and courteous through the inspection process. I really felt like I was getting good advice from a knowledgeable source. I would definitely recommend Settlers Home Inspection, and Steve in particular, to anyone I know who needs a home inspection.
- M.H., Edgewater Park NJ, November 2018
Steve was great and very good at what he does. He explained everything and made sure nothing was left unchecked. He was also very kind and made it very easy for me to understand what needed to be done. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs their home inspected.
- J.N., Camden NJ, November 2018
Wonderful inspection. Very thorough and detailed . Steve showed us stuff that I wouldn't have noticed. He is very knowledgeable in his field. He took his time in every room of the house and even gave us his recommendations on ways to make the house more energy efficient as well as small things we can purchase from our local lumber yard to make our house safer. Would definitely recommend Steve to everyone I know is going to be purchasing a home in the future.
- F.L., Bordentown NJ, November 2018
Very thorough, talked through everything he did so I knew what was going on which I greatly appreciated.
- D.V., Blackwood NJ, November 2018
Steve was very thorough and detailed with the inspection. He helped us understand what certain things were and about their upkeeps. Thanks Steve!
- G.S., Somerdale NJ, November 2018
Thank you so much for making the necessary updates to our inspection.
- M.S., Woodbury NJ, November 2018
very thorough and efficient
- M.S., Woodbury NJ, November 2018
Very pleased. Steve was thorough and personable. Most importantly he took the time to explain everything in simple, layman's terms. Would definitely recommend.
- M.G., Evesham Township NJ, November 2018
Details given...very personable
- J.M., Washington Township NJ, November 2018
Great guy to work with. Answered all questions and worked with us. Very knowledgeable.
- K.H., Mount Laurel NJ, November 2018
I am 100 percent satisfied. Thank you
- R.B., Pitman NJ, October 2018
Great Job, very thorough and professional.
- L.S., Washington Township NJ, October 2018
Very descriptive as to what was wrong, answered all my questions and explained everything to me perfectly.
- M.F., October 2018
great work! very detailed and explained everything.
- W.C., Philadelphia PA, October 2018
Very thorough and professional. A pleasure to work with.
- N.L., October 2018
Steve arrived in a timely manner, was pleasant and engaging, was professional and above all thorough.
- A.C., Monroe Township NJ, September 2018
Even though we are inspecting a newer home, Steve didn?t leave any detail untouched. He is very professional, answered all of our questions, and is a wealth of knowledge. Steve knows his stuff and it is apparent that he enjoys his work. Steve was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him!
- M.S., Medford NJ, September 2018
Thank you so much! Amazing job.
- C.H., Bridgeton NJ, September 2018
Great guy!! Awesome experience, all the way around. VERY thorough, professional and quite the gentleman!! Thanks Steve
- M.P., Magnolia NJ, September 2018
Steve , we want to say thank you for taking the time to make sure we were happy with our inspection ,you are absolutely one of the best inspectors we have come in contact with .we highly recommend . thanks again for your time.
- J.M., Philadelphia PA, September 2018
We are first time home buyers and Steve could not have been a better person to make us feel comfortable in our big purchase. Incredibly thorough and extremely pleasant and professional throughout the process. Gave us great guidance on the condition of our home and patiently dealt with any questions we had. Could not recommend more highly!
- E.O., September 2018
Mr. West was extremely thorough in his inspection. He explained & answered any questions I had concerning the inspection. A great experience
- G.W., Shamong NJ, September 2018
Steve was extremely nice and easy to work with. Any questions we had, he answered in words that we could understand. I highly recommend
- L.H., September 2018
Very thorough, professional and meticulous. I would absolutely recommend Steve and SHGI again, I feel very confident and satisfied with Steve?s inspection and recommendations. Professionalism and quality at its finest as well as very reasonably priced . Anthony T.
- A.T., Somerdale NJ, September 2018
Thanks Steve you were a professional and I would gladly ask for you services again.
- A.F., Delran NJ, September 2018
amazing very knowledgeable and we thank him so much.
- R.A., Clayton NJ, September 2018
Thanks Steve, you did a wonderful job.
- M.S., Sewell NJ, September 2018
Kind and personable. Very thorough during inspection. Steve walked us through all issues seen so that we completely understood the extent of them and what action should be taken to repair/replace. The whole inspection from start to finish was easy and painless. I was confident that he was doing his best to ensure that we knew exactly what we were getting with our new home and nothing would be overlooked. Would highly recommend and would definitely use his services again if we ever needed them. Thanks Steve!
- D.F., Hammonton NJ, September 2018
Steve was very through. He gave us tips on diy things and stressed the importance of professionals needing to be called in. He also pointed out things that could wait and things that need to be done ASAP. This was important for us because we needed to make an on the spot decision as to whether we would go through with the sale or not.
- P.F., August 2018
Thank you for performing such an in-depth inspection and taking the time to explain each item you felt were of concern. We feel very comfortable purchasing this house knowing what we can wait to repair and what we need to address immediately.
- P.F., August 2018
Steve was phenomenal!!! He was on time, courteous and professional, and made our inspection process enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable and was helpful in assisting us understand the details. We highly recommend him for any home inspection service. Thank you again!!!
- L.J., Deptford Township NJ, August 2018
Steve, Thank you for such a thorough inspection and also for taking the time to explain so many different items to me. You didn't make me feel as though I was uneducated. Very much appreciated!
- G.F., August 2018
Steve did a great job and was very thorough and personable explaining what he found throughout the inspection. We are very happy with the inspection.
- N.T., Linwood NJ, August 2018
Not only very thorough but also an A+ conversationalist. Steve was able to make an otherwise boring situation fun. The 360 pictures of the house are great. Steve made it easy to understand what things he found were a big deal and what things weren?t. I would strongly recommend him to anyone I knew that needed a home inspection done.
- B.M., Haddon Township NJ, August 2018
Very professional and competent. Pleasure to deal with. Timely reports and comments.
- S.C., August 2018
very informative. tells me what his going to do and what repairs needs to be done.
- G.Y., Burlington NJ, August 2018
Thank you for your service in inspecting our prospective home. Your inspection was done in a professional and thorough manner. Thank you for sending the report the same day.
- M.P., Flushing NY, August 2018
Mr. West was extremely professional and helpful. I would recommend him, absolutely!
- J.S., August 2018
I am very pleased with everything you did. Buying a house is a huge decision especially being a first time home buyer. You definitely made me feel more comfortable with my purchase. Thank you!
- M.V., Maple Shade Township NJ, August 2018
Steve is the best! This was my second home inspection with him. Not only is he very professional but he is very thorough and answers all of my questions. Thank you Steve you are awesome!
- B.M., Philadelphia PA, July 2018
Highly pleased with Steve's general attitude: very professional, friendly, patient and eager to explain in objective and clear terms the technical grounds of his findings. He was punctual for appointment, well mannered and considerate with Seller, from whom Steve elicited a great deal of supportive cooperation with the inspection. I strongly recommend Steve to anyone in need of a well done home inspection.
- J.V., Franklin NJ, July 2018
Steve went above and beyond for me at my home inspection and I would not recommend anyone else for the job. Steve is extremely thorough in his inspection and does the job the right way, if I had any questions he had no problem answering them for me. Hire Settlers home inspections today, you wont regret it!
- J.L., July 2018
Thorough and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend!
- J.M., Woodbury NJ, July 2018
Steve was very thorough and professional. He was very patient with all our questions which he answered with great explanation and detail. He was very objective in his inspection and evaluation of all points of the home.
- B.G., Pocono Pines PA, July 2018
Steve was very professional and detailed during the inspection. He explained things clearly as went along and was able to answer all of our questions.
- M.S., July 2018
Thank you for a great job!
- M.E., Voorhees Township NJ, July 2018
Thank you for a great job!
- M.E., Voorhees Township NJ, July 2018
Very through. Looked at everything Highly recommended
- A.S., Medford NJ, July 2018
Very thorough and informative
- D.H., Magnolia NJ, July 2018
Steve is excellent and very thorough in his inspection. Plus he is a personable guy!
- B.M., Evesham Township NJ, July 2018
Steve was extremely thorough. I couldn't have asked for a better inspector.
- J.B., Bellmawr NJ, July 2018
Steve was very thorough. Also very accessible for phone calls as well to answer questions. I am very pleased with his work and will absolutely recommend him and use him again.
- E.D., Evesham Township NJ, July 2018
Steve, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspector. As a first time home buyer you were extremely thorough and answered all of mine and Tony's questions we couldn't have been happier with your work. Thanks again!
- B.M., Philadelphia PA, July 2018
Steve was great!! He was knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. He explained what he was doing and why as he did each part of the inspection and answered all of my questions completely
- T.S., Sicklerville NJ, July 2018
Steve was awesome. A total professional the entire time. Very knowledgeable of the business. His attention to detail and thoroughness is outstanding. We would recommend Steve and his company to anyone and would definitely use him again when buying another home.
- L.B., Evesham Township NJ, July 2018
Steve did a thorough job, and welcomed along the home owner along the way, and disclosed all information found during the inspection. Very friendly, and down to earth. Would absolutely use again.
- Z.E., Washington Township NJ, July 2018
Excellent inspector, highly knowledgeable and detailed. 2nd time I have engaged Steve for purpose of home inspection. A++ in my opinion.
- M.M., Monroe Township NJ, July 2018
Steve was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and took his time during our inspection.
- R.C., Audubon NJ, July 2018
Steve, you were awesome!!!! Very thorough and personable. Thank you so much.
- M.G., Washington Township NJ, July 2018
We have had multiple home inspections. Steve was without doubt the most thorough and knowledgeable inspector in our experience. He is very thorough and takes the time to answer all questions. We wouldn?t hesitate in recommending or using Steve again.
- J.T., June 2018
Steve was a great inspector who didn?t miss a beat. He found things which my realtor and I overlooked potentially saving me thousands of dollars. Steve is knowledgeable, friendly, and has a great attitude. I will be using Steve for all my future inspections.
- J.D., Gibbsboro NJ, June 2018
Steve was extremely thorough with the inspection all while being very personable and kind. He didn't mind having our 2 year old daughter walk around, occasionally getting into his tool box. In fact, he was so nice that our usually shy daughter eventually came around to liking him. I have no doubt that Steve revealed every flaw on the property. He seems like a genuinely good person. We definitely recommend Steve for your future home inspection!
- J.G., Lindenwold NJ, June 2018
I appreciate the time you took to go over the house. Showing me features that I should know about and how to properly operate or handle items, for example, the main water shut off, where to change the furnace filters, and where the electrical boxes are and how much room I had if I wanted to add the bath room downstairs. I also enjoyed our conversation. Extremely polite and respectable. I look forward to recommending you to people I know in the future.
- R.S., Berlin NJ, June 2018
Steve was very thorough in his inspection and he even went above and beyond to explain to me some important ways to handle critical technical equipment in the home.
- A.S., Deptford Township NJ, June 2018
Steve was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. He took the time to explain and address all my issues and concerns. Extremely down to earth and professional manner. It was a pleasure doing business with him. I felt at ease during the whole inspection. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone!
- L.D., Riverside NJ, June 2018
This is my first time buying a home and I couldn't be happier with selecting Steve as my inspector. Steve has made this process a lot easier for me. He was very detailed with the inspection and he was able to answer any questions I had throughout the inspection process. He was able to explain things in terms that a first time homeowner would understand. The inspection was completed in the morning and the report was received by the night. Thanks again Steve for all of your help!
- N.K., Somerdale NJ, June 2018
Steve was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He was very patient and took the time to explain everything and answer any questions we had. He was recommended to me by a past repeat customer and I couldn?t be more satisfied.
- B.C., Blackwood NJ, June 2018
Steve, Thank you for your transparency, diligence, and professionalism.
- M.B., Downingtown PA, June 2018
Steve was excellent. He was beyond thorough and paid attention to every detail in every room. My family is not from the area where we were looking to buy a home, so working with Steve, who lived nearby, was a relief. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home!
- K.O., Clifton NJ, June 2018
Thank you so much for out home inspection. You took the time to be thorough and walk around with us and explain everything that was going on with the house. And why you were doing it. Would definitely recommend you
- M.R., Washington Township NJ, June 2018