Well worth the cost! Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Were willing to take time in order to provide clear explanations during the inspection.
- M.R., July 2022
Jimmy at Tabor Hill is an excellent general inspector! He is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and patient. Jimmy does an amazing job with his inspections and takes the time to speak with me as a Realtor as well as clients who have questions. He is very communicative. My clients and I are in great hands with Jimmy! I highly recommend Tabor Hill for your general inspection needs!
- S.B., July 2022
James was the experienced professional we were looking for who was more than thorough with the inspection and did a fantastic job communicating with us.
- R.S., March 2022
Jimmy was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and professional. Super through. Nice to work with.
- L.W., March 2022
James has a tremendous experience. I have peace of mind to know that my inspection was detailed and thorough.
- R.R., March 2022
This is an amazing company!! Professional and friendly. Easy to talk to and does a fantastic job. James Cox helps make this process go smoothly. I will highly recommend him!
- L.Z., February 2022
James Cox has done a great job during the entire process. Not only he made himself available to come after Christmas vacation and on last day of the year (12/31), but he also did an excellent job with the report and took the time to answer my questions. We had a great conversation on the phone which helped me tremendously to make decisions. Probably the best inspector I have seen in the business since I have been buying homes. Thank you sir
- V.P., January 2022
James is very knowledgeable and professional! He is an expert in his field and is also very friendly. His reports are thorough and easy to understand. Not only have I used his services personally, but as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, I also recommend him to my clients. I highly recommend Tabor Hill Inspections!
- S.B., January 2022
Very pleased.
- D.B., August 2021
Outstanding Inspector! Mr. Cox was so thorough. After the inspection was completed Mr. Cox went over every issue in detail about what would need to be fixed and why also which items that didn't require immediate attention that could be fixed later. He's very pleasant, personable, friendly and Loves his job! I would recommend him in a heart beat!
- N.C., July 2021
I appreciate how thorough he is and all the pictures. He also takes time to talk to my customers and help them understand how urgent each repair is or isn't.
- T.R., Jacksonville FL, November 2020
This is our first home purchase - Jimmy was so informative, quick and helpful. My father has bought and redone about 8 homes in his life and said he has NEVER met a more thorough Inspector. We COULD NOT RECOMMEND him anymore. Thank you!
- E.S., September 2020
Jimmy exceeded our expectations with an extremely thorough inspection, a clear and concise written report, backed by quality photos, making it easy to submit to subcontractors for repairs. Jimmy also took the time to explain each area of concern and provided additional tips for safeguarding the house. We highly recommend Jimmy for his attention to detail and broad range of home building and repair knowledge.
- L.W., April 2020
Great inspection, would highly recommend!
- M.H., February 2020
Jimmy is incredibly thorough and professional. When talking about the report on our home, he took plenty of time to explain each step of the process to us. Regarding any items of concern, he answered our questions patiently and knowledgeably. We felt confident that he was working hard for us. We would definitely recommend Jimmy as an inspector.
- S.F., January 2020
James was very knowledgeable and explained all questions i asked answered. He gave me ways of fixing or replacing.
- M.L., November 2019
He is very thorough and detailed with all of his inspections. He guides the buyer and takes his time explaining everything to everyone, and will do his best to accommodate, the agent, buyer and seller. I highly recommend Jimmy for all inspections.
- J.A., November 2019
Thank you James, you did a very good job, I would certainly recommend your service to my friends.
- K.P., October 2019
The most honest professional inspection! James is reliable, punctual, extremely experienced in this field of work. He is friendly and I must add, please don't hesitate to have him come back out to reinspect the property. He makes sure the job was done and correctly! Thank you James!!!
- C.B., October 2019
Thank you for paying attention to details on a job thoroughly done.
- M.V., October 2019
Very professional and thorough, I highly recommend Mr. Cox.
- C.S., Atlantic Beach FL, September 2019
Jimmy does an excellent job! He is thorough and detailed. He explains the findings to the customer in a way they will understand.
- W.H., September 2019
Very helpful and professional!
- E.B., September 2019
Thank you for your attention to detail and responsiveness to my questions!
- M.P., September 2019
James was extremely professional & knowledgeable about the home inspection process. He was engaged and thoroughly demonstrated any areas of concerns throughout the process. Additionally, James has an uptempo positive attitude and clearly showcases enjoyment for his job. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a trusted inspector to provide honest & quality feedback during their home inspection. Ratings: 10 STARS!!
- C.G., Fleming Island FL, August 2019
Very professional. Full of knowledge in order of how to make things better in the home. If I had to do another home inspection I would call him first.
- D.L., August 2019
Mr. Cox was a true professional. His report is very detailed and I would highly recommend him.
- L.A., August 2019
Not being able to be present, I was relying on Mr. Cox to be thorough and to have my best interests in mind, and I was not disappointed. The inspection was very thorough to include all aspects of the home and pool, working condition, and life expectancy of certain items. The report is well written, easily understood, with normal and IR pictures to supplement, and even underwater pictures highlighting the condition of the pool. He then spent over an hour with me on the phone, going over the report top to bottom, answering all my questions, and even explaining things like operation of the pool pump, advantages/disadvantages of the foam insulation with regards to the roof, and what discrepancies meant to overall condition of the home. I was extremely satisfied with the inspection Mr. Cox provided. In fact, I have purchased many homes in the past, and this is the most professional, thorough inspection I have had. Many thanks to James!
- C.B., July 2019
Very professional and extremely meticulous. Rest assured that nothing is going to get missed when you hire James Cox to inspect your home. Highly recommended and as for me; I'm a customer for life.
- T.R., July 2019
James is a thorough and knowledgable home inspector. He took his time and inspected every area of the home. His knowledge and thoroughness helped us make an educated decision about purchasing our home which is a really nice feeling when making such a big decision. He is friendly and explained things to us and answered a variety of questions. We recommend James and will use his services again without hesitation.
- A.C., July 2019
Very well written report with supporting documentation. The time to face time during the inspection was above and beyond expectations. Thank you.
- J.H., July 2019
matthew Haack was my inspector and he was great. Very friendly, knowledgeable and provided all details about what needed to be repaired and replaced.
- L.C., June 2019
Very personable, knowledgeable and patient when I needed further detail regarding issues that were detected. I would definitely use James as an Inspector moving forward on future projects.
- J.S., Spotsylvania VA, June 2019
Jimmy is the best!
- W.V., Orange Park FL, June 2019
Very thorough inspection. Took the time to explain everything and answered any questions I had. James was considerate and friendly. I?m very happy with his service.
- R.K., June 2019
Great job James. They agreed to almost all the repairs, at the least the ones that involve heavy lifting. Cosmetic stuff I will fix. Appreciate the thorough inspection and comprehensive reports.
- E.K., June 2019
Great job! Thank you for your thorough examination of the property.
- J.G., May 2019
Thank you
- M.T., April 2019
Dianne and I were very impressed in how thorough and professional James Cox was the first time we used his services on a purchase back in 2016 This is why we used his services again on our new home purchase. His knowledge and expertise are top notch in the inspection field and the tools and program he uses to generate the report are seamless Highly recommend his company and services you won?t be disappointed Thanks again James!!
- C.S., April 2019
James thanks for the thorough review of the inspection findings and recommendations. This meant a lot to me and my family since we were in town for the purpose of viewing the home in person and attending the inspection. Thanks again the Escalet?s!
- B.E., March 2019
Very detailed and explanatory. Both us and our agent were more than satisfied with the process and how you did your report!
- M.C., March 2019
James was professional and thorough. Gave us such peace of mind with our home purchase knowing that every inch of the house had been inspected and a report done.
- K.H., March 2019
Great Job! Appreciate the pictures too. Very detailed and professional job! Thank You!
- P.H., March 2019
Jimmy was awesome! He went through the whole inspection with us, explained everything, helped prioritize different problems and explained what we would be able to do ourselves. We would highly recommend him.
- D.M., March 2019
Jimmy was thorough and professional. He took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. I?d highly recommend him!
- J.L., February 2019
Very thorough and was flexible enough to walk through the report item by item via FaceTime! Highly recommended!! Thanks Jimmy!!
- Z.T., Greenville SC, February 2019
Great job, and was even available several days later when I had questions!
- M.F., February 2019
Jimmy was excellent, educational and professional. By far the best home inspector on any of my 6 home purchases.
- M.R., February 2019
Worth the recommendation! Very thorough and has a great attention to detail. Professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend to friends and family
- A.S., February 2019
Fabulous and thorough job. Gives confidence in purchasing property.
- C.B., February 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Thank you for the education.
- C.G., January 2019
James was very thorough and professional. He took the time to explain everything and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend him.
- G.G., January 2019
Jimmy Cox was very professional and thorough not only in his inspection, but the way he went through EVERYTHING with my wife and I. He not only gave us the condition of the house, he gave us maintenance suggestions and items to watch out for based on his experience in inspecting houses over the years. I would and will recommend Jimmy to anyone who asks about our home buying experience.
- J.F., January 2019
James was very thorough in his report and had photos for every item inspected. James spoke with me about the inspection report and went over each and every item of concern in detail. I felt very informed and more comfortable with the process of baying a new home. Thank you James, for a job well done!
- D.D., December 2018
I have had 5 inspections done, and nobody, nobody was as thorough as James!
- R.D., December 2018
You can trust James with your home inspection. Very thorough, shows you everything he found and provides recommendations to correct the issue. Very personable, and most importantly, has the experience to get the job done right.
- K.B., December 2018
James did a wonderful job and was very thorough. After the inspection, he took time to review his findings with me to ensure I didn?t have any questions. We have used Tabor Hill on several properties and they always do a great job. Thanks
- D.H., December 2018
James did a very thorough inspection and I appreciate all the time and detail that he put into it- he was a very nice and personable person as well! Thank you.
- K.C., November 2018
Chris did Outstanding Job! From Drone pics of roof, crawling under the house and the cool infrared heat pics to show appliances worked and at what temps. Absolutely Great Job! Will use him again if need to and would Highly Recommend.
- J.H., November 2018
James was incredibly thorough, we didn't see any of the things he pointed out upon viewing the home. He has made us feel very comfortable that we know what we're getting in to and have been made aware of all possible issues. The report was very detailed, pictures were great, recommendations and information he added for each item were incredibly helpful. Very pleased with his service!!! Also, the home gauge website is awesome! I love that i can create a request list from his report, our realtor asked us to put together a list and that made it incredibly quick and easy! Will be spreading the word about your great company and James' awesome service!
- K.B., October 2018
Extremely pleased! This was our second inspection with James and both times have been a wonderful experience. He is thorough and take the time to walk you through everything he finds. He explains what may be simply cosmetic vs. normal maintenance vs. structural--what can wait and what cannot. The report is organized and easy to follow and the pictures really help. Highly recommend.
- C.H., October 2018
James is the best!
- B.B., St. Johns FL, August 2018
Jimmy was incredibly thorough and took the time to explain what he saw. The report is terrific, but you receive way more than just the words on the page when you work with Jimmy.
- D.G., August 2018
The return time of the inspection was great. very detailed information provided and thorough inspection was performed. I think a few items on the website are misleading as the general inspection say the inspector will look for WDO but then once onsite i was informed i need to make an additional payment to include this information.
- S.B., August 2018
Jimmy was AWESOME! I'm so grateful for the time he took to inspect the first house we had hoped to purchase but thanks to his insight, he saved us a lot of heartache!! This allowed us to keep searching to find the perfect home. I was glad to have him on my side a second time. He is patient and very thorough!!! Highly recommend him!
- S.C., Jacksonville FL, August 2018
I think he did a really great job of getting really into the house. He tried really hard to inspect a crawlspace that was very hard to access. He also took some great video of some problems so it was easier for me to understand that issue. Thank you!
- B.L., August 2018
Jimmy did a very thorough and extremely professional job. I could not have asked for a more detailed and efficient inspector. I would definitely use Jimmy again for any home inspection that I may need.
- C.R., August 2018
Chris was such a pleasure to work with. He was not only very knowledgeable, very attentive and pleasant, but extremely thorough. Thank you so much for the huge tip on the schooling on the way the windows work.
- A.N., August 2018
Excellent at explaining what he?s inspecting and providing a photo of the issue. His comments Inspected, repair or replace is simple to understand and straight talk. This inspection or inspector is thorough, detailed and professional.
- P.F., July 2018
He did a great job. No major issues on the home, but took the time to explain the small things as well as preventative maintenance steps for us take and do as new home owners.
- M.M., July 2018
My wife accompanied James at his visit to our future home. He took the time to explain items to her and provided tips/advice on correcting and maintaining property. We have used your company several times and have been pleased each time.
- A.W., July 2018
Matt was our inspector and he showed us both great respect and explantation when we had questions. As a woman, this is important to me. I didn't leave feeling like I was less than, and I felt confident he did a great job with the photos he took. As a teacher, I appreciated Matt showing me concerns of the house, explaining what would be in the report, and staying courteous the entire time. Thank you!
- C.S., July 2018
Very thorough! It was apparent he took his time and did a good job for us.
- E.R., June 2018
We hired Jimmy to conduct two home inspections for us and would hire him again in a heartbeat. He's the single best and most thorough inspector we've ever used. We highly recommend him and if needed, will only use him on all future inspections.
- B.Z., June 2018
I was very pleased with the job James did on our inspection. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions. He went over the inspection with me and made sure all of it was clear. I highly recommend him for inspections.
- M.M., St AUGUSTINE FL, June 2018
Jimmy is a true professional in every sense of the word. He was very detailed in his report and in explaining things to us. His knowledge and thoroughness really put us at ease. We would definitely use him again and would also recommend him to others.
- J.L., May 2018
James did a wonderful job! Very through and helped us understand everything that he was doing and the issues that he found. We loved working with him.
- A.R., May 2018
Thank you!
- C.P., May 2018
he was great to work with
- J.G., May 2018
Mr Cox was amazing, he went through out home with care. He took his time to talk with us and our realtor to show and explain what he discovered and what we should do. His character is Awesome! He showed great interest in our questions and concerns and that made it so easy to for my husband and I. The website that was created for us to view our report was Very Good! I would recommend him to others. Thanks James ! The Lee Family
- Y.L., April 2018
Thank you for your time and thorough inspection. We appreciate your willingness to, when most others wouldn't, complete a pre drywall inspection. Tim
- T.D., April 2018
James was thorough, polite and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend him.
- K.K., March 2018
Jimmy did great job communicating to me the dynamics of the home and what the issues are in a format that was easy to understand. I would recommend Jimmy! Tom Reber
- T.R., March 2018
Great job and really took the time to explain everything.
- J.D., March 2018
Jimmy did a fantastic job! Very professional and thorough. I would absolutely use him again recommend him to others!
- C.B., March 2018
Jimmy did a great job for our home inspection, he was extremely thorough and patient explaining all the details to us. He was very efficient but did not rush through anything. I really appreciated having him as our home inspector, especially as first time home buyers, he made my fiance and I very comfortable and was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection.
- T.L., March 2018
Our inspector was very thorough. He was also very prompt. Thank you.
- S.H., March 2018
James was very thorough and walked us through the whole inspection of the house! We would definitely recommend!
- M.O., February 2018
For Chris
- A.P., February 2018
Great job and very descriptive in all aspects reviewed. Have bought many homes and most impressed with technology and thoroughness of the overall inspection, timing and final report. Thanks.
- D.R., Woodbury MN, February 2018
James did an amazing job walking us through our home inspection and explaining everything very thoroughly to us! We highly recommend him.
- M.O., February 2018
Excellent. Took a video since I could not be there. I was very pleased with his findings and recommendations of repairs. He really took the time needed to inspect the home entirely. He listed minor things to things that are of grave concern. He inspected top to bottom on the home and went that extra mile to assure us the home was great other than minor issues. His report gave recommendations of what exactly needed attention and why. Very easy to put together a list of repairs
- A.N., February 2018
Great job and very thorough. He also spent much time with me explaining how everything works in the Unit. I feel vey confident to move into this unit . Thanks so much Jimmy, Karen A. Jackson
- K.J., January 2018
Great job as always, That's why you do ALL my inspections.
- M.M., January 2018
James was very friendly and helpful. He stopped and explained anything I had additional questions about. James understood my fear being new to Florida and not understanding things like the water being hard. I would truly recommend him to my friends. Also, a shout out to the person who returned my call and scheduled the inspection. She was very friendly and worked with my traveling needs.
- T.H., December 2017
Very good people skill. Suggested various repair in house that would be very valuable. thak you
- O.M., December 2017
I learned a lot from James during the inspection, which was extremely thorough and well explained. I also found the homeowners book and the inspection report very informative. It is no wonder my realtor recommended James and Tabor Hill. Thank you very much.
- B.D., December 2017
Jimmy is Awesome! Very thorough and very knowledgeable. Took the time to explain everything and didn't seem bothered at all with me tagging along behind to see what he sees so that I could be an informed homebuyer. Thanks again!
- T.C., November 2017
Thank you
- C.H., Green cove springs FL, November 2017
Always wonderful when he does the inspections. Very thorough. We had him do both our inspections
- S.R., November 2017