Great experience. I would recommend Paul to anyone. He took his time and walked through everything and explained things in detail. He offered great advice and even ways to fix problems. Very kind and very patient.
- T.J., September 2020
Paul was very professional and knowledgeable. We received a very comprehensive inspection and a number of recommendations for upkeep and maintenance for our new property. Would gladly work with Paul again!
- C.F., August 2020
We had an exception experience with Paul at PT Home inspections! We used him for 2 home inspections. He was by far the best home inspector we have ever dealt with. His whole business model is about treating his customers like he would want to be treated. For example, he found a cheaper way for us to do one of the tests we needed with someone else and offered that info to us voluntarily (rather than just charging us a lot more for the same service). He is completely upfront with you, incredibly through, and extremely knowledgeable. Besides looking over every possible detail of the house, he also took the time to make sure we knew how to change the air filter, turn on the pilot light, and other basic home living things for the specific house. He also made sure to look up the serial numbers for the appliances to the house so we could have a full picture. We felt extremely confident in his report. He is a hardworking, honest person and we will definitely be using him again for any other home inspections in the future.
- B.F., August 2020
Was very knowledgeable and walked me through a lot of what he found and explained in very good detail. And he is very extensive and pays attention to every detail.
- B.L., August 2020
Paul was thorough and professional. Exceptional service. Thank you!
- S.H., stafford VA, July 2020
Absolutely, he was extremely thorough and gave helpful hints on future maintenance of my new home! I would highly recommend him.
- J.M., July 2020
Outstanding Service! Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, detailed, and professional. Looks after customer and has their best interest in mind. Highly recommend!
- R.M., June 2020
Paul was thorough and helpful in identifying issues that need to be addressed and how to fix them. Great experience!
- N.F., June 2020
The best! Wonderful personable way of relating to and educating the client. He has a warm sense of humor and a high level of experienced knowledge. Both are always much appreciated by all!
- M.W., Fredericksburg VA, June 2020
Paul exceeded all expectations and was a pleasure to interact with and learn from. I found him to be a very patient, well informed and articulate communicator that took the time to explain and address all questions. It was evident that the main priority for Paul was to look out for interest of his customers and took the time to walk thru all items noted in detail along with options to mitigate. We very very satisfied by inspection report and was money well spent. Much appreciated!
- A.A., May 2020
My 1st home inspection. Paul was thorough, detail and professional. He inspected the home as if it was his own. He was very good at explaining the potential issues/concerns about the house or just simple "wear & tear". Highly Recommended! Thank you!
- J.S., May 2020
There are many things that a potential buyer can not have access to when viewing a quick walk-through or open house. Paul's inspection was very complete. He found numerous minor cosmetic items and other current items that need to be addressed as major current issues. He also pointed out items that could be or will be major costly repairs/replacements in the near future. Inspection fee was minimal compared to the finances saved, that we had planned for other improvements to the property. I highly recommend Paul Tieche for his experience and service. I would like to add: He is very knowledgeable on code requirements and very easy to communicate with.
- D.S., March 2020
Thorough, instructive, friendly, and patient with all my questions. I recommend Paul over anyone else out here in Fauquier!
- T.C., March 2020
I am going through the process of buying my first home. Paul was amazing! He explained everything in great detail and gave great recommendations on how to fix things, he gave me the names of stores and the prices of things I would need. If you need an inspection Paul is the best person to use!
- M.P., March 2020
Paul is excellent! He is thorough, friendly, and talks through everything so you truly understand and answers all your questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying a home.
- A.A., February 2020
Paul was amazing! He was extremely thorough and walked us through every single thing that he found, both good and bad, with our home. We couldn't have asked for a better home inspection experience! I would enthusiastically encourage anyone who needs a home inspection to use Paul!
- M.O., February 2020
I have been through the home buying process three times now, and I have to say that Paul from PT Home Inspections was far and away the best inspection experience I have had to date. He treated us how we would want to be treated, and my wife and I both feel that he really went the extra mile in helping us. He was full of great advice that extended beyond the typical home inspection, and gave us direct and helpful answers to all of our questions. Not only will we be going through PT if we find ourselves purchasing in the area again, we will also be recommending him to all of our friends without hesitation!
- B.S., February 2020
Being the first time we buy a home my spouse and I were puzzled as to what a home inspection was let alone that it had to be done by a professional. So our realtor recommended Paul. I sincerely could not be happier with his work and how thorough he was. He made sure to tech us about our future home and how to take care of it. He pointed out every nick and cranny that needed fixing or adjusting. He had the patience of a saint with my uneasy toddler that morning. We are 100% happy with his service and will recommend to anyone!
- R.O., February 2020
Paul is very knowledgeable and shared a vast amount of information about this property with my client. His suggestions were most appreciated as was his timeliness and demeanor. Will definitely use again!
- J.K., February 2020
Paul delivered the most thorough and detail oriented inspection that I have every had. He explained everything to me in terms that I would understand. I really appreciate that he spent a long time in both the inspection itself and in explaining his findings. I would highly recommend Paul to all my friends and family.
- K.E., February 2020
I’ve used Paul to inspect my potential homes twice now! He is the absolute best to work with. He takes his time and goes into detail “problem areas” he has found and even notes on his report any recommendations for the future! Definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection done (:
- K.H., January 2020
Paul is always fun to work with and super informative of anything you could ask whether it's how to possibly solve a problem or If you just want to know more about a certain aspect of the inspection.
- K.O., January 2020
Paul has done 2 home inspections for me now, and I couldn't imagine using anyone else. He is extremely thorough and has an incredible attention to detail. Not only will he point out areas of concern, but he'll give recommendations on how to fix it, where to get the supplies for it, and what aisle number you can expect to find it on at your local hardware store. Paul will always be my first recommendation to friends and family looking for a home inspector.
- J.S., December 2019
As a first time home buyer and a lady it was very stressful not knowing what to look for . Paul was very thorough and explained things . And was very helpful .
- M.B., CULPEPER VA, December 2019
Paul is absolutely the best home inspector that we have used. He is very thorough and meticulous. Quick to respond, professional, and the report came back to us that evening. He is very educational and we appreciate the tips that he gives on home care and what to watch out for. He does go above and beyond other home inspectors that we have used. This is our third move, hopefully our last, but if we ever did, definitely would use Paul again.
- S.S., Stephens City VA, December 2019
My first house deal fell through because Paul told me the house was manufactured--the listing failed to mention that! So I found another house and again Paul's detailed inspection will help me navigate the many maintenance and watch items that I will need to address. I am so impressed with the detail and breadth of data provided by Paul in his inspection. This is the first house I've bought that was not brand new. So I am inexperienced in dealing with the issues of a previously owned home. Paul's inspection will be a guide for me in tracking countless details to have a safe, maintainable home. Paul has provided so much information, I feel I can do this! The only topic that really wasn't covered is the security system. The house has a system because it announced when doors were open, but I don't know where the panel is, nor any information about it. That is a tiny tweak against a huge amount of really valuable information!
- L.T., December 2019
Thorough, extremely knowledgeable and honest. Handled our property as if it was his own
- C.A., November 2019
Paul provided a very thorough and professional inspection service. His knowledge extends over a large range of housing and building issues, and he was very generous with his time. Thank you Paul!
- J.C., November 2019
Very thorough. Very informative. Offers solutions and instructions on how to prevent, care or fix a problem. He is professional & personable. Highly recommend.
- B.W., November 2019
I did not like how tall you are. Maybe you can cut part of the legs off.
- K.G., November 2019
Paul was a fantastic inspector. He explained things very well and gave me some great ideas for my home. He answered all my questions and made me feel really good about how to keep my soon to be home, well taken care of. Thank you Paul for all your help!! It was very much appreciated!
- A.M., October 2019
Paul was awesome! He was knowledgable, thorough and represented our interest as buyers first and foremost. We appreciated his willingness to spend hours walking us through the property and explaining his findings and helping us decide on our best course of action; this was particularly important as the property purchased is over a 100 years old!
- J.C., Falls Church VA, September 2019
Mr. Tieche is a very professional inspector taking time to explained and documents all the faults or deficiencies with the property in question. He was able to gather the data and help us to have an understanding what should also be priority or not to standard. Thank to him I’m able to prioritize my “honey do” lists or have fix before we move in to the new house.
- C.L., August 2019
He was really professional, put attention to every detail, and answer all our questions including recommendations. Fenomenal job in the inspection. Also the way the report was presented was fantastic and easy to read.
- R.L., August 2019
Paul did such a great job of inspecting everything thoroughly and then walking me through the house and explaining everything to me. He took his time and answered my questions and made sure I knew how to do some simple fixes around the house. He knows that no home is perfect and tells you the difference between a major issue and a minor one so that you are informed in your decision to buy the house.
- M.H., August 2019
- B.P., July 2019
I've asked Paul to inspect 2 different houses for me within a 3 month time period. My first contract fell through and when i found my 2nd house, i specifically asked my realtor to hire Paul to inspect that one also. He did such a thorough, excellent job the first time, that i wanted the same, high quality work on the 2nd house. He took his time, never rushing, took pictures and gave me a very good report in layman's words i could understand. He even went up on the roof to check it and the chimneys. When i needed a further explanation of different issues, I called him after the inspection was all done and got clear answers. I would always ask for Paul again for an inspection if needed and would definitely recommend him.
- L.M., July 2019
Paul is a master of his craft and worth every penny of the fee he charges. His on the spot walk through of his findings is invaluable and he backs it up with a super detailed written report with lots of pics and description that can be used as irrefutable evidence to negotiate necessary fixes with seller. In our case--looking to purchase a 300 year old home--can also say he knows old houses very well. M&V, July 2019
- M.C., July 2019
Paul was very thorough in his inspection. I feel comfortable with this home as a result. I know exactly what needs to be done and how it should be done to make sure that everything is as good as it can be. He was very patient with questions and comments. Thank you!
- E.C., July 2019
Paul was extremely helpful in not only finding but explaining discrepancies in the house we were looking to buy. Thanks Paul!
- J.B., July 2019
Amazing! I learned so much from Paul. He gave me tips on maintenance, tips on saving energy and so much more. The report he made was so detailed and easy to read. He added a sense of relief to the home buying experience.
- M.K., June 2019
Very knowledgeable, excellent recommendations, superior customer service! We will absolutely recommend Paul to everyone we can! Thank you!
- S.B., June 2019
Paul Tieche has deep knowledge of a house's construction and utilities. He's thorough, patient, personable and articulate. We were fully satisfied with his explanations during the inspection and his report.
- C.B., June 2019
He is awesome
- A.H., June 2019
Thank you for the in-depth report and making yourself available for follow-on questions!
- D.T., June 2019
Paul is to be commended for both his thoroughness and professionalism exhibited throughout the inspection process. He provides a balanced, knowledgeable perspective, and will explain findings in terms that are understandable for the client. His follow up report is very thorough, detailed and will incorporate helpful information for the client, in terms of incremental home tips for enhanced maintenance and home performance. I would utilize Paul for home inspections going forward when applicable.
- C.C., Chesterfield VA, June 2019
Excellent knowledge and great attention to detail.
- J.N., May 2019
Paul was extremely thorough with our inspection and report. He spent six hours at the property, took time to explain his findings to us in detail, and to answer our questions. His expertise was very valuable to us, and we would definitely recommend him to others.
- K.W., May 2019
Paul was extremely thorough with our inspection and report. He spent six hours at the property, took time to explain his findings to us in detail, and to answer our questions. His expertise was very valuable to us, and we would definitely recommend him to others.
- K.W., May 2019
Seriously blown away by the quality of inspection. Paul took the time to do an exceptionally thorough examination of the property Sherlock Holmes style and then took us on a personal tour retracing his steps and thinking process as he went. Consequently, we feel confident moving forward in our new home and have a solid working plan in regards to home improvement projects we want to undertake. I would give Paul an 11 if I could. My only regret is not having constructive criticism to provide. Will definitely recommend to anyone, friend, family or stranger.
- B.D., May 2019
The 2nd time hiring Paul was as good as the first. He again provided a detailed and thorough inspection of a house we are buying. As a result we have been able to request appropriate remediations from the seller, and are comfortable that the place we're buying is in good shape. Paul's knowledge and customer commitment combine to make his service outstanding.
- D.W., May 2019
It was indeed our pleasure to be able to work with a professional like Paul. He was very thorough in his inspection and took all the time we needed to explain everything. Thanks for making our experience a great one! We highly recommend Paul for anyone looking to have a future home inspection.
- S.D., May 2019
Amazing, personable, able to communicate concerns and educate potential buyers about the inspection. Makes everyone feel comfortable asking any questions!
- M.W., Stafford VA, April 2019
Paul was so knowledgeable and helpful with my home inspection. I was purchasing from out state, but his report included detailed pictures and he took the time to explain each one. Answered all my questions --extremely courteous and professional.
- D.H., April 2019
Very good job. He checks and explains everything thing.
- M.H., April 2019
Paul does not leave any corner or space unchecked. He will crawl into the attic, under the home and walk the roof to give you a great inspection.
- R.N., April 2019
Paul does a fantastic job of taking time with each and every buyer who hires him to explain how to care for their home. He is thorough and honest.
- K.J., Warrenton VA, April 2019
Very thorough inspection, well documented report with photos and videos, even personally took my spouse through the house after the inspection to point out the key issues. Money well spent. We highly recommend Paul for your next Home Inspection.
- K.A., April 2019
Fortunately, there wasn't too much bad news for Paul to deliver about our new-to-us home. The issues he did report were needed for negotiations with the seller and for our own check list of home repair projects. Really appreciated his attention to detail and his willingness to take time - a lot 0f time- to answer questions.
- R.P., March 2019
Paul provided an extensive, thorough and clear walkthrough of the home he inspected for me. He made clear which issues were only cosmetic concerns, and those requiring immediate repair for health and safety reasons. He explained how certain matters could be remediated easily and showed where someone with special skills would be needed. Paul's walkthrough and accompanying detailed report were critical in my decision about purchasing the house he inspected. As I continue searching for a house, I will certainly hire Paul again to make sure I'm fully aware of the condition of the place I buy. Paul is easy to work with, charges a competitive rate, and provides the key information buyer's need. I highly recommend him.
- D.W., March 2019
Very personable and elaborated on everything. Made sure we understood everything that was told to us, which was very appreciated.
- K.G., March 2019
Paul did an excellent job. He went above and beyond, even squeezing into a tiny attic entry hole and using a drone to inspect the roof and chimney. The photographs in the report were great quality, and the report was so thorough that it will be great to use as a comprehensive checklist of things to improve the house when we move in. He spent several hours after the inspection going through the entire house from top to bottom with us and telling us how to fix each problem and care for our 101 year old home. Paul's service combines expertise and friendliness, at a very affordable rate. I could not recommend him more highly.
- R.H., February 2019
Outstanding detailed professional.
- R.H., February 2019
Paul is simply amazing. I would use him everytime if I could.
- Z.B., January 2019
Paul is outstanding as a home inspector. He is very personable, and patient in his explanations of the issues he finds that need attention. I also appreciate how extremely detailed he is in his reports, complete with photos of the problem areas to be addressed. He also prioritizes what issues need to be addressed first, and what issues can be fixed at a later time. He takes a stressful situation and walks you through the steps to finding the best solutions.
- K.C., January 2019
Paul has gone above and beyond both times we've needed him. Takes extra time out to educate us on issues and offers advice. Very personable as well, highly recommend.
- T.E., January 2019
Very detailed inspection. Really opened my eyes to what areas I need to focus on in my new home. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home in our area.
- C.M., January 2019
A true thorough professional. See additional comments submitted on your website email. Thanks Paul!
- N.M., Bealeton VA, January 2019
Paul was the most detailed home inspector I have worked with. He gave maintenance tips and suggestions to do even after we moved in. I would definitely recommend Paul to my friends and family.
- H.K., December 2018
Super thorough with the process, would definitely recommend
- T.E., December 2018
Paul was very professional and very thorough. He went through every inch of the house with me and my wife showing us everything he found as well as suggestions for future routine maintenance. We would highly recommend Paul and PT Home Inspections to any home buyer !
- E.W., December 2018
My husband Aaron and I were extremely impressed by Paul, and the way in which he conducted our home inspection. I don't believe a single thing went unnoticed, which left us with the peace of mind as we entered into negotiations on our first home purchase. Paul was extremely professional and informative, instructing us on all the important maintenance items necessary to manage our new home. Going forward, we will use Paul on any home inspection we need in the future, and recommend him to anyone needing one as well.
- K.S., December 2018
Paul provided a pre dry wall inspection and a final walk through inspection and both services were worth it. He is very knowledgeable and his expertise is evident from the time you meet him. In addition to his professional service he also took time to provide other tangible home ownership advice that will help down this home owner journey. For future inspection requirements/requests, we will be contacting Paul to provide another outstanding service.
- S.H., November 2018
I cannot say enough about Paul. He was professional and very approachable. I asked for a home inspection on a property that I was aware needed ?some? repairs. He pointed out numerous items I hadn?t even thought of, or considered. He was extremely knowledgeable. During the walk through of the property he pointed out everything of concern and readily offered possible solutions to the problem when asked. I HIGHLY recommend Paul. He was amazing to work with.
- R.R., November 2018
Paul was great! He walked us through the house and explained everything to us. I would highly recommend Paul for your house inspection.
- M.C., October 2018
Thank you for your thorough explanation to a first time home owner! Your friendliness and expertise was greatly appreciated. I?d recommend you to anyone in need of your services.
- A.H., October 2018
You were helpful and very down to earth. Thank you!
- A.B., October 2018
Amazing person will defintly use him again
- J.P., September 2018
Very detailed and thorough report.
- J.T., September 2018
I would recommend Paul of PT Home Inspection to everyone who needs a home inspection done. He was very informative on all the parts of the inspection. He did an awesome job.
- J.M., August 2018
Paul did a very thorough job which was awesome! I was able to see another report from an inspector who had checked the house previously for another buyer. The other inspector missed some major items which Paul caught. These items made the difference and saved us from a Money Pit. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul and PT Home Inspections.
- R.B., August 2018
Paul was very thorough and also informative. After explaining the findings from the inspection, he actually took a lot of time educating me on a manufactured home and how to care for it. I appreciate his time and knowledge .
- V.F., August 2018
Paul was wonderful! He found things that I missed in my initial walk through.
- J.M., August 2018
Paul was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I very highly recommend Paul for home inspection service.
- T.L., August 2018
Extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Makes sure you are aware and understand all issues found no matter how big or small.
- N.F., July 2018
Very thorough with the inspection process and available for questions days after the inspection was completed. We highly recommend Paul!
- B.H., July 2018
Very professional, explains in detailed in a very easy way to understand. Very happy with his work.
- F.F., July 2018
Paul was very thorough in completing the inspection for our first home. He took the time to answer all of my questions and made sure I had a full understanding of what we were discussing during every step. I highly recommend Paul and would use him again in the future!
- D.C., June 2018
Paul takes the time to explain things and seems to have done a thorough job of reviewing the home, top to bottom. He worked with us on the scheduling on the home inspection, going above and beyond to accommodate changes in my availability.
- S.P., June 2018
Paul is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to home inspections. The information and all the lessons shared during our inspection will be vital in the caring of our new home. His attention to detail for preventive maintenance will definitely save a lot of money down the road. He knows what to look for and where to seek out problem areas that may cause issues later. Communicating in layman's terms helped us understand technical jargon. He makes himself available for questions even after the inspection has been completed.
- T.H., June 2018
Thank you so much for taking the time to thoroughly walk us through the house, give us great pointers, and even talk to us on the phone. My family and I appreciate the personal care and consideration you gave us. I am so glad that we used you and your company, and I wouldn't want anybody else to inspect my house!
- L.A., June 2018
Paul was very thorough with his whole inspection. He took the time to explain everything to us, in a way even I (who doesn't know anything about electrical, etc) could understand. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a top notch inspector!!
- S.J., June 2018
Thank you for your service. You did a great job.
- A.M., May 2018
You were so patient with us (and my million questions grandfather) and very thorough. Thankyou for your professionalism and great attitude!
- S.H., May 2018
I was provided with so much extra helpful information about my house!
- K.D., May 2018
Very detail oriented and knowledgeable
- B.G., April 2018
Paul! Thank you so much for coming out and showing me EVERYTHING that I need to know about my new home! I appreciate the amount of detail and precision that you put into my inspection, our walk-through, and the report. Future home buyers - use Paul!!!! I give him ALL the thumbs up and ALL the stars.
- R.H., April 2018
Paul did a great job! Very thorough and fair. He found a lot of things I missed when I was touring the home. If you need a home inspector make sure you get Paul!
- D.S., April 2018
After Paul's inspection I feel I know everything about our new home and what costs to expect in the future. Not only did he provide a detailed written report, but he walked us through the entire home, inside and out, pointing out each issue and what to expect. I’ve also learned a great deal about things which are new to us, like septic systems, wells and water treatment and the overall construction and maintenance condition of the home. It saved us a great deal of what could have been costly learning on our own. It also makes me confident in knowing the truth regarding the existing systems when dealing with future plumbers, HVAC technicians and appliance repairmen.
- C.L., April 2018
He was awesome!
- B.D., April 2018