Thanks again for sharing your amazing expertise and bedside manner. You have a rare combination of both and I can always trust you with my clients best interest!
- K.H., December 2015
It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Have a great canoe trip with your son!!
- F.D., June 2015
Thanks so much Earl, for your attention to detail, kind demeanor, thorough inspection and patience with my Buyers! You're the best in the business!
- M.C., December 2014
Really felt comfortable with your inspection process. The report was very thorough, and an extremely helpful guide for repairs to be made. Thanks so much. Check is going out today! Lynda
- L.C., December 2014
Earl does a fantastic job! He is very knowledgeable, does a thorough job and explains things well to the home buyer. Earl doesn't cause alarm over things that are often found in houses of similar age, yet he points out things that should be of concern. I appreciate his timely delivery of the inspection report, complete with photos and detail. With Earl's experience & great personality, he's my "go to" inspector I recommend to all of my clients. Thanks, Earl!
- L.H., March 2014
Very informative and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Earl to others.
- T.W., March 2013