We hired Bo to inspect a property we were interested in purchasing in Bethel, ME. Bo was simply outstanding from the very beginning. Very prompt and friendly communication, and was very accommodating with quickly arranging a time to have the property inspected. Bo did an extremely thorough inspection of the property, spending significant time to review every aspect of the home. The ultimate complement that I can give Bo is that I would absolutely hire him again if I have the need for another inspection. Sincerely - Paul M.
- P.M., Peabody NH, November 2021
Bo was very thorough and efficient. Great communication via email.
- R.C., Greenwood ME, November 2020
Just like most people when you need a service, it’s word of mouth or off to the internet and search reviews. Being from CT and trying to buy a home in ME, I had to trust the reviews. I called Bo from Accu-Pro Inspection, I could tell from the first few minute that I made the right decision, the way Bo went into detail about himself and the process he goes through to perform inspections. Now for the best part, this was basically a vacant Cabin, a lot of things needed to happen for Bo to perform my inspection, from getting the power and water turned on to arranging someone to open the Cabin. Bo understood my situation and immediately took charge making calls and within a day or so, had everything lined up so this inspection would go smooth, and boy did it, totally impressed by the work ethics from Bo for something that could be considered not really part of his job description…..Thank you Bo. Now for the actual inspection, just like most of the other reviews, Bo’s Inspection report was so detailed, professionally laid out and easy read with basically step by step pictures to match each finding. If you are out of state or for that matter anyone needing an inspector, Bo from ACCU-Pro Inspection is your guy, even if you might be outside of Bo’s service area. It would be worth paying an extra fee for travel. I can’t say it enough, Thank You Bo. J. R Colchester, CT Oct 2020
- J.R., Colchester CT, November 2020
Bo was incredibly thorough throughout the entire inspection process. From the initial discussion, to corresponding with the real estate agents for scheduling, to the inspection and subsequent walk through, to delivering a very detailed report complete with pictures for further explanation of each point. He went above and beyond, going back to the property two days after the inspection to review an additional feature that was uncovered on the property, which made a huge difference in our ability to negotiate with the seller. I would highly recommend Bo to friends and family.
- J.H., Bethel ME, October 2020
Bo, thanks very much for your thorough approach and responsiveness. We were quite pleased with your inspection and how quickly you were able to complete it and provide us with a detailed report that gave us a roadmap forward. - David McPherson
- D.M., Pocasset MA, July 2020
Bo did an exceptional job inspecting a home we are considering buying. I have had inspections in the past but Bo by far got every detail we need to know in order to make such a decision on buying a home. If you want an inspector to work for you and not the realtor he is the best. Thank you Bo for being so thorough
- M.S., Nashua NH, June 2020
Bo was a pleasure to work with. He was very accommodating especially with my super busy schedule and did a very thorough and complete inspection. The key details in his report helped me negotiate with the seller and got critical issues that may have been uncovered later immediately know and later resolved. I would recommend Bo to anyone in the area and will definitely use him in the future if I purchase another home.
- T.S., Naples ME, March 2020
Bo is both careful and thoughtful. We were doing just a radon test, which went smoothly and quickly. I recommend Bo an Accu Pro for any building inspection.
- P.S., Bethel ME, December 2019
Bo is a wonderful person to work with and did a very thorough job inspecting my future home! He was accommodating despite a challenging schedule that seemed to change minute-by-minute. I highly recommend Bo Boden!
- R.C., Ipswich, December 2019
Bo is the best inspector a person could want. He is very thorough and knowledgeable in every area of inspections. His highly competent understanding of electrical, plumbing and construction aspects of homes make him the perfect choice for answering nagging questions that buyers may have in regard to the value of a particular home. I highly recommend Bo for anyone's needs.
- G.M., Lakenheath Airforce Base, November 2019
We had Bo do a mold inspection for us on the purchase of a beautiful antique home. We hired a home inspector that was recommended by our realtor, but when we asked him for a mold test he recommended Bo. Bo told us that we should probably wait to have the mold tests done until after the primary inspection was done, allowing us to see if there was an indication of mold before we started spending $$$. That was the first indication that he was really the right guy. We were paranoid about mold, having lived through it before. When we told him about our history with mold he understood completely and vowed to help us find the right balance between watching our budget and getting a representative sampling of the air quality. It was clear that he knew what kind of impact living with mold can have and that he cared deeply about helping us to avoid that situation. That was before we actually met him. When we met him at the home he was really respectful of the boundaries of the contractor we hired for the main inspection. None the less Bo was obviously looking out for us as he walked around the house and he actually pointed out some things that would have gone unnoticed. You could just tell that he was there for us and that his mission was to help to make sure that we didn't get ourselves into unexpected trouble. Throughout the tests Bo explained the value of each additional sample location and clearly worked hard to keep our expenses down. Had we just gone on the visual inspection of the main inspector we would not have done a test as everything looked good. But Bo made sure to test some areas that could have problems that were not visible. And as fate would have it.......there were high levels of mold. If it were not for Bo we would have likely gone forward and owned the home with no knowledge that unacceptable levels of mold were present in some core areas of the home. The potential consequences of this far outweigh anything we spent. We owe him a serious debt of gratitude and cannot recommend him highly enough. Jack
- J.P., Groton MA, August 2019
Bo was a pleasure to work with -- easy to reach and thorough. Highly recommend!
- A.H., Hudson MA, August 2019
Hands down the best home inspector I have ever used and will always use and highly recommend tops in his field I've used many over the years of buying selling homes he really goes to bat for his clients in my opinion the best
- T.D., Saugus MA, May 2019
Hands down the best home inspector I have ever used and will always use and highly recommend tops in his field I've used many over the years of buying selling homes he really goes to bat for his clients in my opinion the best
- T.D., Saugus MA, May 2019
Good job, thanks!
- C.W., Bridgeton, May 2019
Bo communicated everything extremely well through the whole process. He went out of his way to be there on a cold winter day and even shoveled a path to the house for us. We were thoroughly impressed with the details in his reports and would definitely recommend him.
- D.P., Gilford, NH NH, February 2019
Super thorough, excellent customer service, and I definitely felt he was looking out for my young family as if we were part of his family. Thank you Bo! You are a super star!
- L.S., Houlton WI, August 2018
Bo is very professional and personable. He lived up to his commitments and agreed schedule for every aspect of the engagement. Knowledgeable and very easy to talk to and ask questions of. Answers were clear and on point. Highly recommended
- D.D., Cranford NJ, August 2018
Bo is amazing! Thorough, efficient and dedicated. He inspected a home for my parents in Sweden, Me. 5 years ago. So he was the only choice to inspect my future home. He pointed out things that we had not noticed and or been aware of as potential problems. He was happy to discuss the report several times to clarify items and help prioritize them. The property has outbuildings and he gave them as much attention as the main house. We are currently in negotiations with the owner to correct the major problems. DL South Paris, Maine
- , January 2018
Bo did an absolutely wonder job inspecting our new home! We always felt like we had an expert working for us......his attention to detail is very helpful when you are buying a new home. We received a very comprehensive report...and we able to use it to negotiate a $5000 reduction in the price of the home! Thank you!
- P.M., Plaistow NH, October 2017
Bo Boden was the epitome of professional, and he offered an enormous amount of very important information that I had not yet considered when buying our home in Greenwood, MA. I intend to look to Bo for guidance about our home in the future because 1) he is a wealth of knowledge, and 2) he's just a wonderful guy! Bram Lutton
- B.L., Beverly MA, October 2017
Bo, was very meticulous and thorough. Anything that could be inspected, was properly inspected. I received timely and detailed feedback. His report absolutely saved me time and lots of money. I highly recommend Bo Boden for inspections if you live in the area that he serves. He did much more and found much more than I would have ever expected. G. M. Columbia, property on Connecticut river.
- G.M., Lakenheath Airforce Base, August 2017
Bo was very thorough in his inspection. The communication was very clear. His fiduciary and his professionalism was at the highest standard. Above all, his report was full of details and evidences support by photos and descriptions. I strongly recommend him and would like to employ his service again in the future, when applicable.
- A.A., Boston MA, August 2017
Bo is the best.
- G.D., July 2017
I am an out of state buyer who did not see my home in person before I placed an offer on it. When I called to schedule the inspection, Bo explained his experience, certifications, and methodology which reassured me that someone very experienced and devoted to their industry was going to be performing my home inspection. He was incredibly thorough in his inspection of the home and sent me a detailed report loaded with photographs that really helped to accurately illustrate the condition. He performed extra tests that I requested and spent a generous amount of time on the phone with me, explaining everything he found in his report and walking me through the whole report point by point. He answered all of my questions very thoroughly and his expertise really helped to put my mind at ease. Bo, I hope you never retire because the next time I purchase a home in your area, you are going to be who I call for an inspection!
- K.H., Orono ME, May 2017
Although a deep snow pack made total inspection difficult and roof access impossible I felt at ease after Bo spent time walking me through the report.
- M.P., Newry ME, March 2017
Bo & his son did an excellent job for us. They were very thorough & informative. I would not hesitate to hire them again should the need arise. I have viewed many home inspections in my line of work and theirs was by far the best I have ever seen! Tom Siebert, West Paris , Me.
- T.S., March 2017
Gary and son, Brad, carried out a thorough inspection for the non-profit organization I work for. Their work is absolutely professional, and the resulting reports very detailed and highly informative. I would recommend them in a second. RB, Bethel, Maine
- R.B., Bethel ME, November 2016
You were very easy to work with - very responsive by phone or email. Also very professional and yet personable. You were very thorough in your inspection and your report was excellent - very easy to read and to navigate through. It was a pleasure to work with you and I would certainly recommend you to others!
- S.H., Quincy MA, September 2016
We were looking for a honest and dependable home inspector. After reading the testimonials on his website we made the call. Bo was exceptionally accommodating, thorough and insightful. He is a man that stands by his word and follows-up exactly when he says he will. Bo and his son Brad provided us with the information we needed to avoid a disastrous purchase. We would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Bo & Brad J.A. Bethlehem NH, September 2016
- J.K., Bethlehem NH, September 2016
Very professional and thorough.
- A.M., So Paris ME, June 2016
Bo was very thorough and honest. He inspects every tiny detail of a house. Bo does not buddy up with real estate agents or contractors - he works for the client and refuses to compromise his integrity. In this instance, Bo saved us from making a terrible mistake on a house that needed a LOT of work. We got out of the contract, and will absolutely call Bo to inspect the next house that we find!
- D.B., Winston Salem NC, June 2016
Very pleased with the attention to detail in the report. He broke down the report with me and answered all my questions. And he was very observant about safety concerns which is great since I have a 2 yr old.
- J.M., New Milford CT, May 2016
Gary and his son were excellent. They took there time and were very thorough. They answered all of our questions and provided a detailed report with photographs of everything and recommendations! I would use them again in a heartbeat!! I highly recommend Accu-Pro inspections! Thank you Bo! Jim Rattigan & Jennifer Desrosier
- J.R., Abington MA, May 2016
I was very happy with Bo's inspection. He and his son were very thorough. They inspected a house that on the surface appeared to be in perfect condition. It actually needed a lot of repairs though. As I write this review I am waiting for estimates from a general contractor. I also liked how they asked for the MLS information *before* the inspection, and that they were "wired" in, i.e., communications were made and reports could easily be viewed online. After reviewing the online report I had additional questions for Bo and we had a lengthy conversation. I never felt like he was rushing or cutting corners at any stage of the process. It you want to protect your real estate investment Bo is the guy to hire! R.P., Boston, MA
- B.P., Boston MA, May 2016
I would highly recommend Bo to conduct your home inspection. He and his son were both very thorough, attentive, and knowledgeable. They are very professional and instill a lot of confidence that the inspection was of a high quality. We are expecting a child soon and I feel good knowing we are under contract for a safe and reliable home to enjoy. Give him a call. Thanks Bo! Aaron, Lancaster, NH
- A.B., Lancaster NH, May 2016
Review of Bethel, ME property by SB: Bo and Brad performed the property/building inspection for a motel we were considering purchasing in Bethel, ME. The inspection was expected to last one day, but was diligently performed over a two day period instead. In addition to the extra time that was spent during those two (very long!) days, Bo and Brad spent additional time previewing the property and learning as much as they could via the sellers, etc. ahead of time. We were incredibly impressed with the knowledge and painstaking accuracy with which these two men performed the inspection. No stone was left unturned during this process. We were provided with two reports on each of the buildings that were inspected. This was especially useful, given that one report was a summary that we could provide to the sellers. The other report for each building was very complete and included an abundance of photos, and can act as a guide for any and all issues on the property, as well as a 'to do' list if the property is purchased. After the inspections were completed, we followed up numerous times with Bo on additional questions, which he consistently answered thoroughly and in a timely fashion. Bo and Brad truly acted as advocates for us, with no bias toward anything other than providing us with a complete and honest picture of the property. They were both very professional at all times, and we wouldn't hesitate to use their services again in the future.
- S.B., May 2016
Really appreciated that you were able to fit out inspection into your schedule on short notice. My wife and I were impressed with the thoroughness of the report. Definitely would recommend you to a friend. -AP in Westbrook
- A.P., Portland ME, April 2016
I would not have got the amazing deal I received on my house if it was not for Bo. He was very thorough and explained everything in laymen terms that I, someone who has never owned a home, could understand. I would recommend him to ANYONE that needs a home inspection. He is very honest, able to answer any questions, and well worth the money. Thank you, Bo!!
- M.S., April 2016
Thank you Bo for seeing us through 2 house inspections. You saved us from moving forward on the first home. Phew. You were there for us to answer all our questions, and we thank you. Which brought us back to you for the inspection of our second home. It's such a comforting feeling to find an inspector you know you can rely on. I would recommend you to anyone.
- , April 2016
I liked how thorough you and your son are at making sure everything is safe and up to code.
- T.H., Manchester NH, March 2016
They were very patient with us, never felt rushed. Let us ask questions and answered them with educated answers. Very impressed with his crews knowledge.
- G.M., Pepperell MA, October 2015
The home we are looking to purchase is in a rather remote area, and Bo was extremely fair in price for traveling a long distance to provide us with an inspection. From the first telephone conversation with Bo, we knew he was the right person for our home inspection ! Upon meeting Bo, he was professional and patient with our questions. His recommendation were on point, and we are very pleased with our report !
- R.A., Cotuit MA, October 2015
We extend our thanks to you, Bo, for your very thorough inspection of the home in Greenwood ME. Even prior to our actual meeting, I was impressed by your professionalism. As we waited and waited for the home to be de-winterized, your weekly check in call showed your commitment to your customer. That kind of customer service is something you don't see often, so thanks. I would certainly recommend your service to family and friends. - Thank you Beth and Mike Malloy - Hopkinton, MA
- M.M., Hopkinton MA, October 2015
As a resident from another state (Massachusetts) and needing a home (condo) inspection we relied on on-line review information. All of the reviews for Accu-Pro were positive and accurate! Bo did a great job not only on the inspection itself but also with followup, taking the time to answer any questions my wife and I had about the inspection. I would highly recommend Bo and Accu-Pro for any of your future home inspection needs. Dave - property inspected in Bethel
- D.W., Weymouth MA, August 2015
Very detailed inspection report
- L.F., Portsmouth NH, August 2015
Bo, thanks for a thorough and informative inspection of our house. all the photos are very helpful. Cliff
- C.K., Milton Twp ME, August 2015
Bo was very thorough, clear, friendly, and happy to discuss any part of his inspection in great detail when we had questions.
- C.S., New Hampton NH, August 2015
Many thanks again, Bo, for your professionalism, courtesy, and thorough inspection of our property. I'd be happy to recommend Accu-pro anytime!
- E.D., Southampton MA, July 2015
Mr. Boden was very meticulous in his inspection and explained things as he came across them. His service is well worth the investment if buying a home.
- J.C., South Paris ME, July 2015
Thanks so much for your prompt response to our request for the radon inspection as part of our home purchase.
- P.C., Otisfield ME, June 2015
Went above and beyond to help me get my inspection completed in a timely manor!
- L.S., Bryant Pond ME, May 2015
Thank you, Bo, for the fast turn around on our inspection and the thorough analysis of our new home. We really appreciate it!
- M.L., Windham ME, May 2015
I was very happy with my inspection. I appreciate how thorough you were. Thank you, Donna S.
- D.S., May 2015
You were absolutely amazing, there is not one spot that you didn't look at. Thank you so much.
- J.G., Abbot ME, May 2015
It has been a pleasure working with Mr Boden. His knowledge and experience shows greatly in his work. Honest and upfront about everything he found during our inspection. There were no surprises when we received our final report, and he was available and prompt with any questions regarding the report when we received it. Kyle Millett Oxford,Maine
- K.M., Mechanic Falls ME, April 2015
We are extremely happy with the service Bo provided including home inspection as well as air/water radon testing. Not only were the reports delivered promptly and extremely thorough. Bo went above and beyond by taking time out of his weekend to meet me at the property and go step-by-step through the issues identified. If you use Accu-Pro you won't be disappointed.
- J.S., Needham MA, April 2015
Bo did an excellent job with the radon testing. He was very patience and professional dealing tenants. Even though I could have done the testing myself, I felt having a professional do it, gave me piece of mind I would not have any issues with the state agencies. Excellent job, quick and easy. Ross
- R.S., Bethel ME, April 2015
I was very happy I chose Bo to be my inspector, he really went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything we were looking at and gave advice on how to mitigate small problems we ran into as we went through the home. Bo was extremely thorough and I feel very prepared to tackle the projects our new home came with, armed with the detailed and easy to understand report and Bo's helpful hints and suggestions. Service aside, Bo was just a very pleasant person to be around; he was professional but had a good sense of humor and made my father an I feel as though we'd known him for years. I would highly recommend Accu-Pro Inspections to anyone purchasing a new home, and especially to someone purchasing their first home. S.E. Lancaster, NH
- S.E., Norwich CT, November 2014
Bo completed one of the most lenghty and thourough home inspections that I have ever had. His knowlege in home inspections shows in his detailed reports. I highly recommend Mr. Boden for home inspections. He cares about what he is doing and what he places his name on for a report. If and when I do another home inspection I will definately use Mr. Boden again. Thank you Bo.
- J.P., Rindge NH, November 2014
At first I was unsure of the cost of the inspection was going to be justified - but was completely wrong, the return on this investment is potentially huge - I am currently revising my offer price by over $200,000 - that is a sizable return on investment! Bo & his team were professional & detailed from the get-go - everyone that has seen the report has been amazed at the detail provided. Bo Boden was a delight to communicate with & I would have no hesitation in using his services again.
- R.G., Jackson ME, October 2014
Great investment. "Bo knows" his stuff! No doubt. Further, Bo understands how systems are inter-related and what he knows what to look for. More importantly, Bo's report was thorough and well written. I found Bo to be very open and straightforward with addressing concerns or issues that I had. He understands his business and his customers. Not afraid to deal with conflict. He is they guy you want looking out for your interests. Definitely, attend the home inspection...you will learn a lot.
- E.K., Jamaica Plain MA, August 2014
Very well done. Exactly as described and delivered on time. Great job.
- R.F., Dixfield ME, July 2014
I am a first time home buyer and came across issues about having all the systems up and running due to bad communication from the other party. Bo showed up from Bethel to Mechanic falls. Found out that we couldn't do the inspection and didn't charge me for his time. Which showed me what kind of man Bo was. When we did finally had the inspection Bo was very thorough and made sure to take plenty of pictures for later reference. His finally report was outstanding hitting on every detail. Bo is very friendly and down to earth. I am going to use him as many times as I can. I recommend everyone do the same
- D.M., South Paris ME, June 2014
Great guy, extremely knowledgeable and informative. Very helpful advice in making purchase decision.
- B.F., Hull MA, May 2014
I found Bo to be a true professional. He was easy to talk to and explained items as he went about his work. I could not see a thing that he missed and I am very glad for his report. Thank you Bo.
- D.C., Buxton ME, May 2014
We would recommend any time. I having some knowledge in 90% of what you where explaining,I felt comfortable with you as if we where talking professional to professional, it was a pleasure. I would not hesitate to email you in the future to get your advise on anything to do with housing. Thank you for your knowledge, experience and professionalism. Bob E
- B.E., Lovell ME, May 2014
I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know getting a house. You are very thorough and extremely meticulous. And of course you're very down to earth, which makes the whole buying process so much easier. Thank you again Bo. Betty Fischer/ Westcott property in Berlin, NH
- B.F., May 2014
Thorough and professional. Can't ask for more.
- A.K., Berlin NH, April 2014
Mr Boden was very thorough and took the extra time to explain everything and answer any and all questions I had. Very happy with the inspection and the report.
- R.E., Oxford ME, February 2014
Bo did a great job with our home inspection. He was extremely thorough. Bo returned to the house on more than one occasion to document issues that arose after his initial inspection. He saved us thousands of dollars. Worth every penny. Jason Chase
- J.C., Bethel ME, January 2014
Great work, very thorough inspection would recommend to friends or family
- M.A., October 2013
Your first report lacked some important information but when it was pointed out to you, you did go back to the house and cover everything you didn't before. I thank you very much for redoing the inspection. The report turned out to be very thorough in the end!
- E.F., Landing NJ, September 2013
Bo was very detailed in identifying any possible issues and took a lot of time make sure nothing was missed. He gave very good information on steps to improve the home and walked me through everything he listed as needing to be addressed. Bo was a pleasure to speak with and I would recommend him to anyone who may need his services!
- L.R., South Paris ME, September 2013
Bo was a great help! He explained everything to me as he did the inspection and gave me advice on how to fix things. He continued to give advice after the inspection as well. He was humorous and made the long inspection more fun, never once complaining about anything. He seemed knowledgeable and treated me as though I were family. Thanks Bo!
- R.S., Bethel ME, August 2013
We are very pleased with your services. Ron & Marcella Kugell
- R.K., Oxford ME, August 2013
Bo took the time to understand our requirements and delivered an outstanding product allowing my family to make an educated decision. thanks Bo (and son)
- D.C., Mexico ME, August 2013
We contacted Bo with a request that needed to be done under very short timing. He was able to accommodate our requests and produce a very professional and thorough report. We were very pleased with his professionalism, results and communication. I would highly recommend Bo for future home inspections.
- J.P., Manchester MA, August 2013
Thank you for explaining things in detail when I had questions. Appreciated
- L.M., Voorhees NJ, August 2013
He was here as promised in a timely manner. Explained everything he was doing very well.
- M.A., Albany Township ME, July 2013
Great job, came on moments notice and explained the Radon testing process and results very well.
- H.T., Greenwood ME, July 2013
Very Thorough
- P.G., Manchester NH, July 2013
Very nice, Very complete. JP Woodstock.
- J.P., Woodstock ME, July 2013
Gary has been very thorough, conscientious and accommodating. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
- B.M., Auburn ME, June 2013
Thank you for pointing out what needs to be done on my new home...much advice, much appreciated!
- M.L., Woodstock ME, May 2013
I am very happy with Gary Bo Boden. He was very detailed in his report and got everything completed in a timely manner.
- C.B., Berlin NH, April 2013
I was very pleased with my inpection, Bo took the time to go over the opportunities, things he felt would need to fixed short term, and things I could fix over a longer period of time. I would always recommend his services.
- , April 2013
Bo was very through and professional. Easy-to-talk-to, he gave great explanations and gave me a good understanding of the project I was getting into. The building looked good on the outside but with his camera and knowledge I got to see and know the less obvious faults. Even if I don't purchase the building the money is well spent.
- L.L., Fryeburg ME, April 2013
I am very happy with the inspection you did for us. Thank you for being so flexible. I am especially pleased that you explained deficiencies as you went along and that there were no surprises when the official report was received. I would gladly recommend you should someone ask.
- W.C., Bethel ME, February 2013
I am a Realtor and have been working with clients who have used Bo's expert services for many years. Bo has the knowledge, experience, and also all the tools needed to perform top-notch inspections. Bo does a great job and is a pleasure to work with.
- M.D., February 2013