I highly recommend Don, he was professional, very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me throughout the inspection.
- S.C., December 2023
Provided great information to the buyer.
- S.M., November 2023
Don is very knowledgeable on he does. I got to the place almost at the end of the inspection, but he took the time to explain the findings and gave me possible solutions. Also, In the inspection cost it include an insurance protection for 100 days. I absolutely recommend Don company for house inspection.
- A.F., September 2023
I highly recommend don for all your home inspection needs this man is great highly intelligent very thorough and knowledgeable walks you through the entire process and keeps you informed all along this was a all around great experience thank you again Don
- K.S., September 2023
Don came out and helped us inspect our could be future home and potentially helped us save thousands if we didn’t catch an issue before we signed for it. And price point was totally worth it. Don’t skimp out and sign for no inspection on your property unless you are a professional!
- P.K., September 2023
You are wonderful! We left a google review as well, but you need to know how much you changed our minds about how great an inspection can be! Thank you so utterly much! We appreciate your time, thoroughness, and for answering all our questions!
- M.B., June 2023
Don was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He guided us through the house, pointing out important information about all the systems. The best thing Don did was explain along the way, the need for either replacement or concern with all items. He would let us know the "why" behind everything which I found very useful. I would recommend Don and House Doctor Home Inspection to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- M.K., May 2023
Don was very thorough and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend his expertise!
- J.R., February 2023
Don. Did a very thorough inspection. The inspection lasted almost 3 hours. Don explained everything in detail and explained it so I could understand everything. I Truely recommend Don to anyone in need of a Home inspection. Don was very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. Don, Great Job Thank You Antone Alfonso
- A.A., January 2023
Thank you Don! Shuman Hsia
- S.H., January 2023
I would highly recommend Don for your home inspection. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions.
- K.M., Hope RI, January 2023
Daon was very professional. He explained everything he was doing and did it in mostly layperson terms. He explained when something was critical, and when something could be taken care of at a later time. He asked questions making sure I understood. I had my adult daughters with me and he was totally ok with them asking questions also. He explained the invoice and next steps. Explained the report and how it can be used. Don did an excellent job! Michael
- M.B., December 2022
I am a former small business owner and the service Don provided is second to none. He took the time to completely explain the inspection offering tips on preventive maintenance. Don is clearly passionate about his work and very knowledgeable in his craft. He was easy to talk to and brought a pleasant attitude. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member!!
- K.L., August 2022
I've worked with Don on different properties and have always found him to be thorough, informative, professional, and an all-around nice guy. He provides a great deal of information to my clients, educating them throughout the inspection, without being an alarmist. I'm always happy when I see the House Doctor truck pull up to one of my inspections, whether I represent the Seller or the Buyer, as I know that I'm going to learn something new!
- M.C., Warwick RI, July 2022
Very thorough and explained all the steps necessary for a complete and informed inspection. I would highly recommend to my family friends and clients . Thank you for a great job! Michele page
- M.P., July 2022
- D.G., July 2022
My home inspection through House Doctors was great. I’ve purchased four properties before and used four different home inspectors but Don and Mike were definitely the best ever. Knowledgeable, patient, and clear in explaining what was being inspected, I felt confident in going forward with my home purchase knowing I was getting reliable information. I would HIGHLY recommend this company. Extremely professional. Thanks Don!
- L.F., July 2022
Don was amazing. He professionally went through the entire house explaining the reasoning to all aspects. During my inspection Don was placed in some less than ideal environments and did not slack on the inspection of those areas, instead he got dirty, covered in spider webs, covered in dirt, dust, and who knows what else. Greatly appreciative of his willingness to go above and beyond even when it was not ideal for him.
- D.C., July 2022
Great job. Thorough. Attention to detail
- C.A., July 2022
The service with House Doctor Home Inspection INC. was amazing. Don went through every inch of the house during the home inspection and was very thorough. This is a large property and Don took the time to go through the home with a fine tooth comb. We received the inspection report the same day the inspection was conducted. Don is very professional, knowledgeable, punctual, reliable, and great to work with. He has a nice portal online where you can view the report which included tons of photos of the issues. You can easily create “request list” and email it directly. Would highly recommend House Doctor. A++
- C.R., Johnston RI, June 2022
Don is always on time for his inspections and does a great job! He is very thorough! Will always answer any questions the Buyer has even after the inspection is done. I highly recommend Don!
- E.R., June 2022
Excellent & Professional Service
- D.L., May 2022
I would 100% recommend Don to anyone for a home inspection. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things in an easy to understand manner. His team is very thorough making sure they touch on every piece of the property. I am very satisfied with the inspection process and the detailed report with pictures and full explanation points is great to refer to later.
- A.D., May 2022
10 stars Professional, thorough, personable. We will ask him to do an inspection for our own house.
- J.B., January 2022
Thank you so much Don for making my inspection smooth and comfortable. Buying a condo by myself is intimidating at times but Don went over everything and explained all. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
- C.D., December 2021
Don was a pleasure to work with. He is thorough and very knowledgeable. It was pouring rain and extremely windy weather and that did not stop him from doing the outside inspection, taking his time and continued being thorough. Don explained everything he was doing, what the expectations are of each item is and how to maintain the items that need maintain. I was very happy with him as he just took his time, answered all my questions, and very professional. I highly recommend Don for any future inspections you may have.
- S.C., November 2021
Very professional. Answered all my questions. I had my report within hours of my inspection. Very well worth having this done. He found issues that I did not know existed. Very pleased with his service.
- K.A., Warwick RI, November 2021
Don and his team were very professional and informative. I would definitely recommend him.
- P.J., November 2021
I would recommend Don's services to family or friends.
- K.P., Coventry RI, November 2021
Don was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and helpful.
- M.J., October 2021
We have worked with Don Lariviere from House Doctor twice over the past five years and always find him to responsive, courteous, and professional. On our most recent inspection in September 2021, Don took the time to walk me though all of his finding in real time. We have never owned an older home (1945) and he was instrumental in explaining the potential issues to me. We would not hesitate to call on Don and House Doctor again. Thank you Don!
- B.N., September 2021
Don was excellent, thorough, and took the time to explain everything and answer our questions. Great for a first time home buyer!
- F.C., August 2021
Im glad my Agent referred me to your company, like seeing local companies work together. Don was wonderful to work with, was on time and ready to go. He walked through every step of the house in and out, explaining and showing everything that was in good condition and what was found that needed to be repaired. Very thorough and knowledgeable, made it easy for ne to understand things. The report was just as detailed with everything explained and with pictures. I would highly recommend Don, and this company. The price supported the worth of time spent and place they have to crawl into for investigation. I appreciate what you did for me, Don. Thank you.
- L.L., July 2021
Don was excellent. He was knowledgeable and took the time to explain aspects of the mechanical systems that were new to me. His inspection turned up a few things that I would not have found on my own. He came fully equipped, arrived on time, worked efficiently and was very thorough. I would recommend him to my best friend.
- C.S., May 2021
Don was polite, thorough, and was thorough in explaining our questions,we had several. We will ask once again for his professionalism,as our son is looking to move in his future. Thank you, hope to see you soon, Gary and Gail Pomfret
- G.P., March 2021
Don Lariviere is professional and thorough. During the inspection he was honest and explained in detail every single item that was part of the inspection. Thank you very much Don! Peter.
- P.G., March 2021
Don was super professional (on time, objective assessment of rooms and exterior, really nice) and encouraged questions throughout the inspection. House inspections are a new process for me and I felt very informed.
- A.J., February 2021
Chris inspected a condominium for me. He was thorough in his inspection, expertly checked all of the systems, and relayed pertinent information I would need to know as the potential new owner of the condo. I would recommend him without reservation.
- M.Z., November 2020
Very informative on all aspects of the property. He took extra time explaining things I did not understand
- L.M., Warwick RI, October 2020
Don is extremely friendly, informative, thorough, and a true professional. The inspections he has done for me have been meticulous and gave me the information I needed as a home buyer to have the peace of mind to help make an informed decision on what Is most certainly the biggest Financial decision of my life. I cannot stress how important it is to get the best home inspection service possible when purchasing a property. I believe that Don and his company provide that caliber of service and I highly recommend them for all your home inspection needs.
- M.P., September 2020
Absolute superstar. He crawled in multiple crawl spaces and was extremely thorough. Definitely will use every time I needed an inspection.
- M.J., June 2020
Everything you actually expect from an inspection! Don is as in time, thorough, professional and more important knowledgeable. The areas of attention were explained to me with clarity and step by step. Would recommend with confidence to anyone. Report was provided fast and easy to read. Thank you for an awesome job. !!!! Jaime... March 2020
- J.P., March 2020
Don was so thorough and professional. He took the time to explain each issue he found to me. More importantly, as a first time homebuyer, I really appreciated that he wanted to make sure I knew how to operate all of the utilities and he showed me where all of the shut off valves were. I really felt like he was there for me. Thank you Don!
- L.E., February 2020
As a Realtor, I see many home inspectors at work. I am confident that by recommending Don to my clients, each will be comfortable with his ability to inspect a home completely. Don is knowledgeable and diligent in the scope of his work. Equally as important, he thoroughly and clearly explains what he discovers to my clients. This allows each client to be comfortable as we continue with the home buying process or move on from it.
- A.P., December 2019
I have been wondering who a specific inspector was from a specific deal wanting to use him again; it was Donald Lariviere (lookin through old reports, i was able to confirm). Now that im sure, i will use him whenever im able !!! non alarmist style but, thorough and willing to walk my first time buyer through every issue (or, NON issue)
- N.D., Cranston RI, December 2019
As always, your inspection was thorough and very helpful. Buyers are very pleased and will be moving forward with the house. Thank you so much Don and take care!!
- A.S., Providence RI, November 2019
Don is always very thorough and is willing to explain everything to the buyer. Helpful information for first time buyers. I recommend his business to all my buyers
- S.E., Seekonk MA, August 2019
Donald was the absolute best. Inspected everything.. Told me the problems with my house and also gave me an idea of what I have to do to fix the problem. He also told me what repairs needed the most immediate attention because of safety reasons and which repairs don't need immediate repair. Before he inspected my house I just knew my house needed some work.. After he inspected my house I knew exactly what I needed to do have my house with no issues.
- R.J., Providence RI, July 2019
Great and thorough job. Completely satisfied! Polite, very nice and efficient!
- D.P., July 2019
Thank You Don for your knowledge, professionalism and wonderful ability to educate our clients, answering all their questions and ensuring they are comfortable throughout the home inspection!
- L.D., Woonsocket RI, July 2019
Don was professional & thorough & helped make the entire home buying process easier.
- J.A., June 2019
Don was delightful to work with. He took extra time to explain things that I'll need to know in my new home, e.g., water heater and furnace/air conditioning functioning. He was patient while I took notes, very professional and fun, too.
- C.R., June 2019
The repair report is excellent and very easy to use. Thank you, Glenda Pagan-Gonzalez
- G.P., Rumford RI, June 2019
Very respectful and provided a lot of information. He was also very knowledgeable of what he needed to look for in the property.
- D.S., June 2019
Don was very professional and thorough. He went through everything and explained to me as we went along. Don was very detailed and knowledgeable in what he was doing. Any questions I had he answered right on the spot. He expressed concern when needed but not overly dramatic. I would highly recommend Don to anyone including myself on the next purchase.
- C.P., May 2019
Don was very thorough and explained everything clearly. He saved me a big potential headache by pointing out all the issues in the house. Very friendly and I?ll definitely be using him again. Highly Recommended!
- J.B., North Kingstown RI, May 2019
Thank you for being so thorough and for the explanations! Anne-Marie
- A.T., May 2019
Hi Don, Thanks for your inspection today at 28 Kenilworth Way. Good to see you again! Rebecca
- R.M., April 2019
Chris was very thorough and did a great job inspection and was very helpful in explaining the areas of concern and recommendations.
- K.H., April 2019
Very personable, knowledgeable and thorough. Very pleased with the whole level of service.
- S.M., April 2019
Great inspector, knowledgeable and thorough!
- R.C., March 2019
Don did a very thorough job. He took the time and effort to explain a lot of things to me and got down and dirty in the crawl space to inspect everything under the house. I would recommend him & HouseDoctorri.com to anyone!
- J.F., March 2019
Great guy, very knowledgeable! Would highly recommend!
- B.V., North Providence RI, March 2019
For a first time home owner I must say it was a great,and knowledgeable experience. Hands down I will recommend your services to everyone I know. Thank you once again
- D.O., March 2019
Always a great job! Thanks Don!
- S.H., Cranston RI, March 2019
Awesome job!
- A.P., Providence RI, April 2018