Thank you, Ray, for helping us again! sorry that not all areas of the house was ready for inspection s. We really appreciate your help again!! Thank you, Ray!! Really appreciate it!
- L.X., August 2019
Mr. Foster is thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He explained things to us verbally in addition to the written report. We are grateful for the information about our home.
- P.&., August 2019
Ray was thorough and explained things during the inspection, provided an informative report and answered my follow-up questions via email after the inspection.
- K.T., July 2019
Very thorough and professional and took the time to explain everything.
- L.R., May 2019
I have bought and sold over 12 homes in the last 50 years and Ray was the most pleasant person I have worked with. He was very competent and thorough with his inspection. I feel confident about the condition of the condo I am purchasing. I would highly recommend him to others.
- C.W., May 2019
Ray was friendly, professional, and thorough. I would recommend him to anyone.
- N.C., May 2019
Very thorough. Took the time to explain everything and made sure we understood what he was doing and looking for. He went out of his way to point out things we should know about the house, and why various things were constructed the way they were.
- G.H., April 2019
Extremely thorough and a very kind person.
- E.C., April 2019
This is the 2nd time we have worked with Ray. He is very experienced, explains things well throughout the process and very thorough. Thank you, Ray. - Garrett Kinsley
- S.K., March 2019
Hi Ray! We appreciate you being very thorough with the inspection of our new home. It is very important for us get the feedback we did from you! We also appreciated your promptness in sending the report to us and the receipt I requested. Thank you!
- L.S., February 2019
We so appreciate Ray's very thorough and professional inspection, along with the easy to read, organized report that also provides a road map for prioritizing repairs for the problems that were discovered. We have used Ray Foster's services previously and will happily do so again in the future.
- S.K., February 2019
We so appreciate Ray's very thorough and professional inspection, along with the easy to read, organized report that also provides a road map for prioritizing repairs for the problems that were discovered. We have used Ray Foster's services previously and will happily do so again in the future.
- S.K., February 2019
Ray was awesome! He was very thorough and answered all of our questions and we received his report the same day. I would absolutely recommend him.
- K.K., September 2018
Ray was prompt and thorough. We are purchasing our home from across the country and felt good knowing Ray was on the job to find any potential issues with the house. His report was really detailed and now we know exactly what needs to be fixed. Thanks, Ray!
- M.S., July 2018
Ray was very personable, very detailed. He really seemed like he had passion for the trade and made sure we understood everything he was going over. It is a lot of info and Ray makes it easy and fun for everyone. Thank you, Ray. Pleasure working with you!
- G.K., July 2018
Very detailed and thorough report. We are pleased with Ray's service and attention to detail.
- T.C., Woodinville WA, June 2018
Ray did an excellent and thorough job. He was pleasant, informative, engaging, and performed the inspection faster than expected.
- D.J., May 2018
Ray is the best. I wouldn't want anyone else to do my home inspection.
- G.B., April 2018
Ray was great. He was thorough and likable. Absolutely would recommend to others.
- R.S., March 2018
Ray was very thorough and he did a great job with making the paperwork easy to read and understand.
- T.P., March 2018
Ray was recommended to us by our realtor. He was quick and efficient and we would certainly use his services again.
- P.H., February 2018
Ray was extremely thorough and helpful. We really felt like he had our best needs in mind and didn't spare any effort in making sure we were aware of every little bit of our new home. This whole process was a new one for us, but having Ray was extremely comforting. Wouldn't go with anyone else.
- T.B., January 2018
Very thorough, professional and friendly.
- J.B., November 2017
Saved us from purchasing a lemon and the details provided helped us with the one we purchased. Thanks Ray
- R.S., November 2017
Ray was very thorough and even explained to us some ways to keep the house maintained to prevent future problems.
- H.D., October 2017
Ray is very knowledgeable and thorough but just a little too expensive. I chose him primarily because of his stated specialties on - exterior systems and structural - and because he was available on very short notice, when my usual home inspector wasn't. I would recommend him to my friends - but as a more expensive alternative to the inspector I've used in previous home purchases.
- J.M., October 2017
We found Ray thanks to a pre-inspection he had done previously on another house we were interested in. His thorough report with photos, arrows, and explanations immediately convinced us he'd be our go-to guy when we needed an inspection. Ray didn't disappoint; in fact, he exceeded expectations with his attention to detail, expertise, and experience. He also gave us very clear tips and advice that made the whole process less stressful. We are happy we stumbled across him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector. Absolutely worth every penny.
- K.C., September 2017
Very thorough and great job explaining things that need to be fixed
- M.P., September 2017
Ray did a great job. Very impressed with the level of detail around each item and grateful for the pictures and videos provided.
- C.M., Everett WA, September 2017
Ray did a great job and was a wealth of information. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a house inspection.
- N.G., June 2017
Ray thank you for the great work with attention to detail. Your knowledge and experience certainly have helped me address the key parts of what's important with a purchase of a subject property I was targeting. Your pictures and recommendations tied to the subjects in question have also help me create a budget of what I feel i need to a lot for potential negotiations from Seller prior to close. Great reporting completed and no doubt I'll be recommending your services.
- H.N., June 2017
Thankx Ray. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know.
- C.P., May 2017
Easily the most thorough, competent person we worked with in the process of buying and selling a home. I'd give him my highest possible recommendation.
- G.B., May 2017
I really appreciate the thorough and detailed report you provide, and the time you take to explain and show things that a homeowner can do themselves. Also when and why you should get a professional to do the job.
- S.B., April 2017
Thank you Ray! I really appreciated all the input you gave and the detailed photos and explanations in your report. I also liked the tour of the buildings you gave me once you had collected all your data. You took the time to answer all my questions!!! Thanks again, Sandy
- S.B., March 2017
Ray you were absolutely fabulous! I can't tell you how much we appreciate how incredibly detailed oriented, thorough and knowledge you were. We ended up making an offer on the house and got it :) Thank you again for everything, Adrienne and Jesse
- A.S., March 2017
Super helpful and able to answer all of our questions. Will absolutely recommend to friends.
- J.R., March 2017
Terrific service from a very knowledgeable and professional inspector.
- R.H., February 2017
Ray did a very thorough job and offered a lot of great pointers. Very knowledgeable on all aspects of the home and I would definitely recommend him!
- C.W., December 2016
Fantastic service!! Very happy with the way Ray was realistic in explaining all of the problems with the property, helping us to understand the real costs involved. I'll ask him to help again next time I buy.
- M.F., November 2016
Ray is a true expert and professional. He is personable, reasonable cost and customer service focused. The report was above and beyond what we expected, and sets a bar that others new to the field should try to achieve. I would recommend him to everyone! I also "yelp"-ed a review to give him 5 stars (out of 5) . We hope he is still available when we purchase our next home...even if we have to fly him to Arizona or California! Top Notch!
- V.E., Bothell WA, October 2016
Ray, you did a very good job with the inspection. You went over the whole house inch by inch, taking pictures and videos. I really appreciate your suggestions about how to maintain and keep the house in a good shape in the future. I have been in the construction business for more than 40 years and seen many "punch lists " over the years, but never seen a more detailed, extensive and easy to read report with pictures before. You did a very good job, Ray!
- K.K., October 2016
Ray is extremely thorough. Everything is looked into in great detail. We have been very appreciative of his work for us!
- J.K., October 2016
Ray did an excellent job. He was very professional and thorough. I walked through the entire inspection with him and he took the time to discuss in detail each issue. He even let me use an extra protective suit that he had when I went into the crawl space. I would highly recommend him as a home inspector. David Ballard
- D.B., October 2016
Ray was very friendly and courteous while we did the inspection, I chose to shadow him for the full inspection so that I could get an idea of what the condition of the house was. His inspection is very clearly outlined and thorough. He uses the methodology that he is inspecting a house as if it was for his own family and is not afraid to show you the houses secrets no matter how minor they are. I enjoyed going through the inspection with him and learning more about the house. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an honest inspector for your prospective house.
- S.H., October 2016
Mr. Foster is the absolutely best in class. His reports are the most thorough, and he explains in detail every aspect of the property. His report is even more in depth than his explanations, and even included video of hard to see areas, as well as helpful tips (such as how to replace air filters, etc.). I could not recommend Mr. Foster any more highly.
- J.P., September 2016
Ray was great and very thorough!
- M.W., September 2016
I don't think I can think of any suggestions when it comes improving your inspection. Your inspection report was excellent. Easy to read, lots of pictures, easy to understand and tips what to look for , to solve the eventuell problem! I have been in the construction business for 40+ years, as a HVAC mechanic and I have not seen a "punch list" this easy to work with as far as correcting existing issues. I love it! Good job Ray!
- K.K., August 2016
We wholeheartedly recommend Ray and will use him again for any inspections in the future. He blends a perfect mix of completing a thorough inspection whilst taking the time to speak and engage with clients regarding what he's doing, offering advice and specific explanations for findings. His final report arrived promptly and was very comprehensive. Ray's professionalism coupled with his humor will put you at ease for what can be a daunting process for anyone.
- A.K., August 2016
Ray was thorough, helpful, knowledgeable and a genuine joy to deal with. Home buying can be a stressful process and Ray's insights were helpful in educating me on the condition of the home, how it compares to others of the same era and setting me at ease by clearly outlining the type of things that could be done to repair them for all types of budgets.
- K.W., July 2016
Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise! You did an exceptional job and we are very happy with what you were able to teach us about our new home!
- C.K., July 2016
Ray, you are an absolute gem! Thank you for being so thorough and especially for walking us through potential remediation scenarios. Your expertise and patience made an otherwise stressful situation much more manageable. We will always recommend you to anyone else needing an inspector!
- , July 2016
Ray was very helpful and provided us with a great deal of information. He helped us see areas that may have been overlooked otherwise! Thank you Ray! LeRoy & Sandy
- L.M., July 2016
Ray, Home buying being an exciting but scary endeavor, the inspection is the scariest part hoping there is nothing wrong with the house. You made this experience an excellent one for me. You are so professional and amazingly thorough it was fun to watch you work. You missed absolutely nothing even down to opening and closing every drawer. I really appreciated the time you took after each stage of the inspection to FULLY explain every detail and answer EVERY question big or small. I sit here now knowing every part of my house from top to bottom has been inspected and explained to me so I will have no big surprises after closing. The report summary and website is awesome. Thank you for your excellent service.
- D.C., June 2016
Ray was incredibly thorough and very knowledgeable. He did not hesitate to explain his notes, inspection process and any flaws that he encountered. Furthermore, he was more than willing to answer any additional questions I had. I would absolutely rely on him and recommend his services in the future.
- L.Y., June 2016
Thank you so much for your expertise! Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. I appreciate it greatly!
- A.R., June 2016
Incredibly helpful and honest opinions about the condition of the house. Clear explanations of all issues without being an alarmist. Ray will be my first call for any upcoming inspections!
- N.M., June 2016
Thanks Ray for explaining your discoveries and the consequences of fixing or putting off. As a first time condo buyer, your inspection was very helpful. I would certainly recommend your services to another buyer.
- B.R., June 2016
We were lucky enough to have Ray do a pre-inspection for us and I could tell he was very thorough and professional. When we found a new home to purchase, I was thrilled to have him do our inspection again. Again he was very thorough during his inspection, but then he did a great job of explaining everything he found, including the small stuff not just the big stuff. We are hoping we won't need an inspection for another home anytime soon, but I would absolutely recommend Ray to all of my friends and family and if we did need some sort of inspection he would be the first choice!
- S.M., June 2016
Ray was very detailed and thorough. He took the time to make sure I understood the report and answered all questions I had.
- E.L., June 2016
Ray was wonderful! Very thorough report with pictures and additional information given on maintenance and upkeep. He was available for questions and was incredibly knowledgeable. Due to scheduling mishaps, he did our inspection on Memorial Day with no complaints. Thanks Ray!
- S.W., June 2016
Very happy with Ray's attention to details.
- R.K., May 2016
Thorough, detailed and professional... Just what you want in a home inspector. Thank you Ray!
- T.T., May 2016
Very professional, kind, thorough, and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Ray and would use him again in a heart beat!
- M.W., April 2016
I didn't know what to expect from Ray. He is completely different from what I expected after watching the video clip on his website. I was worried about hiring an inspector that was only good at one aspect of this type of work. My worries were quickly gone after spending 3 hours with him onsite during the inspection. After tagging along with him into the attic, into the crawlspace, on the roof, and into the garage to inspect the utilities I was impressed with his professional and thourogh review of the systems that are at the heart of the home. Ray is a professional that takes his work seriously. It was clear he stays updated on current and new trends in the field and he has decades of experience. Ray's knowledge of and interest in building science was obvious. I would not hesitate to hire him for another inspection.
- T.H., March 2016
Ray is very professional and knowledgable. He was easy to contact and very prompt with followup questions. He really wanted to ensure that we understood each point and the potential ramifications. He also took the time to educate us on general home maintenance and things to watch out for in the future. I could not recommend him more highly.
- H.J., March 2016
Appreciate the offer to answer questions down the road. That is the type of service that makes me recommend to others.
- R.A., February 2016
Very good report. It was convenient to have the report prioritized by level of severity to help us decide which items need to be taken care of right away and which may not be quite as urgent. We also appreciated the thoroughness and detail and the kind of tradesman needed for each task. I will definitely recommend Ray Foster to anyone I know who needs an inspection.
- C.K., February 2016
I've purchased a number of homes over the years and dealt with numerous inspectors along the way. Ray Foster is a breath of fresh air in this time of degrading customer relationships. He is very knowledgeable yet takes the time to answer any questions and explain things in a no nonsense manner. I highly recommend Mr. Foster and his quite capable home inspection talents.
- P.B., February 2016
Ray was strait forward and took the time to let me know what was wrong, how it got wrong, and an estimate on how to fix it on my own because we had talked about me wanting to do the work myself. I kinda want to go on home inspections with Ray on the weekends, it was fun and informative.
- S.N., February 2016
Ray's reports are thorough, well documented, and professional. His reports were key in preventing unnecessary liability to me, the future homeowner. I appreciate his use of PPE (safety equipment) and his high regard for cleanliness in preventing cross-contamination between the various locations in the home.
- C.D., February 2016
Seems very thorough and quick, even for a large house!
- B.W., January 2016
I really appreciated the pictures, videos, and the summary. Ray seemed very thorough as he inspected the house. Thank you!
- L.W., January 2016
I highly recommend Ray Foster for your home inspections! My husband and I are out-of-state investors who were thus not able to attend the actual inspection. He met with our real estate agent to conduct the walk-through and provided us with the most thorough inspection we've ever had! He even phoned me after the inspection and took his time to discuss his findings and recommendations in layman's terms. In the report he sent us, he categorized his findings as "minor", "major", and "future work", which I found very useful in terms of determining what items we felt we should ask the current owner to perform or provide credit for. Anyway, keep up the great work, Ray! You're clearly an expert in your field.
- A.B., January 2016
Ray was a patient, thorough, knowledgeable, and altogether superb inspector and guide to our new home. His balanced, practical advice gave us a lot of confidence about our purchase and the punch list items we decided to request.
- S.S., January 2016
Ray was very detailed with the home inspection and offered to assist us with any questions with all of the items that was listed on the report. We enjoyed meeting with him and surely would recommend him to others and will work with him again in the future if we ever have any inspection needs!
- S.M., December 2015
Professional and thorough, just as a home inspector should be!
- H.S., December 2015
The inspection was very thorough and detailed. We will be referring him to all. We are so grateful to Ray for giving us such a great blueprint to ensure that our new home will be brought up to the standard we so desire.
- B.B., November 2015
I found Ray's competency to be readily apparent form the first moment. HIs down-to-earth demeanor made it easy to listen and work with him.
- E.M., November 2015
He seemed to be very thorough and explained things clearly. Very pleasant and courteous
- R.C., October 2015
Ray did a great job explaining in layman's terms areas that needed to be fixed and how to fix them. He took his time while I asked questioned and encouraged me to follow up with future questions. I will recommend him to friends!
- M.C., September 2015
Very thorough inspection, with detailed documentation on what was found during the inspection. Highly recommended.
- S.W., August 2015
Ray was prompt and thorough.
- G.H., August 2015
I especially appreciated Ray's taking the time to explain why each of the small problems matters - it provides me with a maintenance list for the future.
- M.S., August 2015
Ray was great and very knowledgeable. His thorough inspection and the following report ended up saving us a couple thousand dollars off the seller's asking price.
- A.Y., August 2015
Best home inspector I have ever worked with. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Will always refer and recommend.
- R.G., July 2015
Professional, well organized and very helpful. Report was excellent and very prompt.
- R.S., July 2015
Ray was right on time and did a thorough inspection. He was very helpful in helping me to understand his report and how to best address any problem areas. He also reassured me that I could call on him anytime to explain his findings to my insurance company.
- V.S., July 2015
-Remarkably organized and meticulous. -knowledgeable way beyond basic building code -approachable, honest and professional Ray provided the information and awareness I needed to make my home buying decision with confidence.
- F.P., July 2015
Very thorough, professional and personable
- R.L., July 2015
Thank you, Ray for your thorough job! This was very educational for me and I learned a lot. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and co-workers who are looking for an inspector!
- M.N., June 2015
It was nice that you talked about what you saw as you found it and were able to give suggestions for how to fix problem areas. Overall I thought you did good work, were thorough, and pleasant to work with.
- D.R., June 2015
Thank you Ray for the detailed report. My wife and I know exactly what we are getting into and what will be required over the next year to keep our home clean and safe for our daughter. Your knowledge of the home building, electrical and mechanical reassure us that we have been given a realistic understanding of where our new home is today. Thanks again Ray
- S.R., June 2015
Ray did a thorough job inspecting in, out, and around our new home. His pictures and report helped us learn about our home and property. Nice guy and does a great job too.
- R.H., June 2015
Ray is very personable and professional. He was thorough in his inspection and allowed me to follow him through each step. Ray also took the time to explain things to me throughout the inspection. Ray is also very detailed in his inspection and this is reflected in his inspection report. As a new homeowner, I received an education on my home as well as an inspection on my home from Ray Foster.
- D.O., May 2015
Answered all questions with professional knowledge during inspection. Provided valuable information about the property that would have been unknown to me and advised on lots of preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs. Very professional, very thorough, very friendly, nice person. Thanks Ray.
- J.M., May 2015
Ray, I truly appreciate your honesty and direct approach to performing our inspection. As someone who does not consider himself very handy around the house, you truly made this a very easy process to understand and has allowed me to prepare for upcoming repairs. Thank you again for everything. Mike and Fatima
- M.F., May 2015
Thanks, again, Ray, for another home inspection. I am fortunate that we were able to set this up on the desired day to accommodate a tight closing deadline with just a few days notice. I still have one of your older reports from 5 years ago and my first home purchase (when you printed it out in a bound, spiral notebook), but the newer digital format incl. photos is nice!
- J.K., April 2015
Exceptional job at the inspection. Very professional, thorough and detailed. If we have the occasion to need an inspector in the future or can recommend one, Ray will be the inspector. Thank you!
- J.D., March 2015
found the report to be informative Harold Kent
- H.K., Kirkland WA, March 2015