Tom really investigated every detail concerning our house during his inspection. Everything that was discovered was for the benefit of his customer. He did a great job and i would highly recommend him for future inspections.
- S.C., June 2021
Tom did an excellent job. He was thorough and produced a very well written professional document upon completion. We made several calls to home inspectors prior to contacting him. Nobody else returned our calls or emails. Tom answered the phone, placed us on his schedule, and got the job done within our option period allowing us to make a good decision about the property we were purchasing. He contacted us immediately after the inspection and gave us a verbal account of his findings along with an approximate time frame to receive the report. His report was very detailed with pictures and was received in an exactly the time frame he stated. We highly recommend him! His customer service is great!
- R.C., May 2021
Mr. Nichols was very professional, thorough, educated, efficient, and patient. He provided me with a verbal and written report. He was willing to answer any questions that I had. He did it all with a smile.
- W.T., March 2021
Tom was very polite and patient with us. He was able to answer all our questions and direct us with good suggestions to take care of any problems. He was very thorough and careful.
- C.S., February 2021
Very thorough inspection. Good feedback and very timely with the report. Would definitely recommend to others!
- G.W., January 2021
This was such a good, thorough job and the explanations were so in depth and easy to understand. I was especially happy to hear the recommendation put into plain language with a personal touch. Excellent!!!
- A.M., Dallas TX, December 2020
Very punctual and thorough digital report. Highly recommend for the Waco area.
- K.E., Valley Mills TX, November 2020
- C.S., October 2020
Very thorough report, photos were helpful and he went over everything with us. Very professional pleasant experience. Thanks you!
- D.A., August 2020
Tom exceeded my expectations! All the pictures allowed me to make sure decisions regarding my purchase since I was out of the state at that time. Easy to talk to and very informative. If you have any questions about a house purchase, just ask him, he will tell you what he thinks from his years of experience.
- C.F., Sun City CA, August 2020
I Absolutely will recomend him didn't miss a think and he explained the deficiencies at the end of the inspection,and what actions should be taken to correct them.very happy and glad that he did the home inspection.
- j.d., FORT WORTH TX, July 2020
Tom is very through. The report is detailed with pictures to make sure the report is easy to understand. He answered all our questions with a phone call follow-up. Highly recommend Mr. Nichols to anyone needing a home inspection done right.
- D.H., July 2020
Looks at and checks everything. Tom takes pictures and actually marks on the picture what he is showing you and telling you about. I would recommend him to anyone!
- E.W., Iredell TX, June 2020
The inspection was thorough, accurate and detailed. The inspection met its goal of establishing the issues with the property. Also, the inspector gave me a verbal report, which allowed me to ask follow up questions, and followed the verbal with a written report with images of outstanding concerns documenting details.
- R.M., May 2020
You were very professional and seemed to cover everything that we were interested in hearing about the home. Thank you for your service Jim and Kippi Wigington
- J.W., May 2020
great great full report plenty if pictures with issues circled, followed up by solutions All good, no problems. Went over everything during walk through.
- J.S., May 2020
We had an incredible experience with Tom and would highly recommend his services to anyone. He was punctual, even arriving a bit early to get started on the exterior inspection. He took the time to walk us through the house and point out and explain anything that was of concern. His detailed report with accompanying photos was sent to us SAME day! On top of the excellent service, his price was fair! We highly recommend Tom Nichols.
- C.P., April 2020
Tom provided the most professional in-depth home inspection report I ever had. He provided insight to issues we missed during our walk through of the house. Tom also exhibited his knowledge of home construction, fixtures and most importantly health and safety needs and requirements. If your looking for an inspector that will provide you an extremely through report with a verbal explanation Tom Nichols is the inspector you need!!
- R.M., December 2019
Thorough and explained concerns well. Extremely thorough report with lots of pictures.
- D.L., Dallas TX, November 2019
You did a very good Job no complaints or comments
- M.G., November 2019
Tom did and excellent and thorough job inspecting the property. There were no costly surprises after move in. Additionally, he is a really nice person who made inspection day pleasant.
- S.W., October 2019
Appreciated the quick response and how well the inspection was done. Liked the way the report showed the items needing repair. The videos were also helpful also. If the repairs noted on this home are not compensated for, then the home will not be purchased. If another home is found, then Home Gauge will be called again. The only thing that I can think of that would make the report better would be a approximate cost placed next to the repair item so that the customer could make an intelligent decision as to what has to be done. We have approximated the costs for each of our items after talking and getting with various A/C, Plumbing and Electrical companies. In our case for this home, that cost will be close to $12000. Again, great job.
- T.B., September 2019
Have worked with Tom several times and every time has been a smooth process. Very thorough inspection process and report. Highly recommended.
- R.C., September 2019
I sure appreciated your help, I plan on using your findings to make my home safer. You did an outstanding job sir. Thank you.
- R.B., July 2019
I appreciate the detailed report as well as discussing it with me on the phone. Unfortunately, due to the amount of necessary work to be done, I am not able to proceed with the purchase. Thank you for the information you provided and your expertise. I will call you again if I should find another house in the Clifton area as I like the town very much.
- B.F., July 2019
Highly satisfied with Mr. Nichols inspection. He really took his time to thoroughly inspect all the areas of the house, explained the findings in depth and recommended solutions as well.
- K.L., July 2019
Good report. The pictures made it much more user friendly than a report that was just the written word. Thanks so much! David Keith
- D.K., LEXINGTON TX, June 2019
Mr. Tom Nichols is very professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He conducted a very thorough inspection on house I am purchasing. I was grateful on how he explained the inspection and how detailed the report was (including pictures). My Realtor also complimented him and his work. The deficiencies listed on report will be corrected by Seller. I have already contacted Mr. Nichols to conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure known deficiencies were corrected upon our their completion. This professional inspector has my utmost respect.
- J.S., June 2019
Tom was professional, but easy to work with. His report was concise and well documented with explanations and photos to clarify the issues. He was readily available to answer questions. Would definitely use again should the need arise. Best money we ever spent!
- J.A., June 2019
He was great and very thorough! Would recommend him to any new home buyer!
- A.R., April 2019
Tom, Thanks for your prompt and professional inspection of the two houses you looked at for us today...and your very thorough report. Unfortunately, all is not as it appears on the surface in many cases when we see properties that we have an interest in purchasing, and you identify the problems and pittfalls. We are able to make informed decisions on whether to go through with the purchase. We appreciate and value your information.
- J.C., April 2019
Tom did a very good job with addressing the issues to the buyer without freaking them out. Most inspections are 30+ pages. This report was 94 pages so you know there were some serious issues! Highly recommend him.
- V.C., March 2019
Very professional and did a very thorough inspection of the property and discussed his findings with us
- P.S., December 2018
Great working with Tom! Very thorough and detailed! Explained everything in person and then in the report so that I could understand each part of the inspection - good and bad. Easy to work with and very flexible on scheduling. Will recommend him to anyone!
- K.h., CLIFTON TX, November 2018
Thank you for doing such a complete report. Great job.
- J.S., October 2018
Tom was great, he took a big load of worries off in checking every part of my home I will be purchasing. He explained every detail he found as to were I could understand. I recommend you giving him a try.
- M.V., September 2018
We are very appreciative of Mr. Nichols appraisal. His report is thorough and comprehensive. He even extended his report to a follow-up phone call which allowed us to discuss his findings in depth.
- L.P., August 2018
It was a true pleasure to have Tom Nichols provide us his time and services for our potential property. He was very professional and detailed oriented . I will be passing his information on to my friends and family, and will obtain his services for any additional needs we have in the future! Our experience was Awesome.
- P.S., Midlothian TX, August 2018
Easy to communicate with and a pleasant experience
- B.W., July 2018
Great, professional service. Very thorough and took the time to explain what he saw around the house that needed to be addressed so we, as buyers, could better understand the issues and implications.
- M.H., July 2018
Tom was amazingly thorough in his inspection. I was very impressed with the level of detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.C., May 2018
Tom was incredibley thorough. He took his time to make sure he went over everything very carefully. When he finished he explained and showed us the positives and negatives in this home. He explained what needed repaired ASAP to ensure our safety and the integrity of the home. He was great. After the inspection we felt confident in the knowledge we had gained.
- L.L., April 2018
Very thorough. Performed inspection with exceptional detail. Great communication, called immediately after inspection and had detailed report on same day.
- D.P., April 2018
We appreciate the detail of your report. It definitely helped us to decide rather to buy or not!
- D.S., March 2018
tom was very thorough on the inspection. he also made sure we knew everything he saw by pointing it out, going over it all, and was timely with emailing the inspection to us.
- C.W., February 2018
Thanks Tom!!! We enjoyed meeting you and reading your extensive report. Your report has helped us to decide how to proceed on the purchase of this home. There are so many things needing repair or upgrading and we are currently negotiating with the seller about a reduction in price so we can have all the items addressed before we finalize the purchase.
- J.C., November 2017
Tom was very thorough, professional, and explained in detail what areas of the house were major issues and how to go about getting them corrected. He went over issues that could come up and some cost effective suggestions to help us once we moved in. I have heard some bad stories about other inspector in the past and I am happy to say I don't have any complaints about Tom, it was great having him inspect our future home for my Family and I.
- G.A., September 2017
Appreciate the detail and the recommendations. I have had several home inspections over the years and this one is by far the most detailed and complete that I have seen. Tom identified several things that I can correct once I move into the house, he also identified a couple that I am asking the current owners to correct. Very satisfied with the timeliness of scheduling and of receiving the report.
- C.N., September 2017
Tom was extremely through and kept me from purchasing something that I would not have been happy with, especially since I was out of state and didn't know anything about the home. Thank You Tom for all of your help !!
- L.D., May 2017
Tom gave an accurate view of the condition of the home I was considering purchasing. It was sobering to see all the problems that the home had. Many problems stemmed from the original construction. Getting a true picture of the home's condition, not from the seller, was heartening. I felt Tom was giving me a true picture of the home that no one else did.
- B.B., February 2017
Thank you so much for the excellent report and pictures of the home I am buying. You helped tremendously with the problems I didn't know existed, and what needed to be repaired immediately, and those that were just cosmetic/minor problems, that I could take care of in my time. You did an excellent job, and I would recommend you to everyone looking to buy a home. J. Kite
- J.K., January 2017
Can you recommend to me an individual who can make the necessary repairs and improvements to 1100 Brice St. Meridian, TX? Please email me at
- F.S., November 2016
Thanks, Tom, for a thorough job. You've been a great help in spotting potential problems and recommending easy fixes.
- J.D., October 2016
Thanks Tom, you did a great job for us. My wife and I really appreciate it.
- B.M., October 2016
Mr. Nichols did a wonderful job, very professional and it was an educational experience.
- M.I., July 2016
Tom did a very thorough inspection. His inspection report was comprehensive, detailed, and easy to understand. I had a few questions about items that needed repair or correction, and Tom was very helpful and informative. I will gladly recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection. Thanks, Tom, for a great job.
- D.C., June 2016
Mr. Nichols was very thorough with his inspection. He was always courteous and was clear and professional while discussing his findings with me.
- B.D., May 2016
Very thorough job. Expalined things in laymens terms.
- M.B., May 2016
Tom was thorough and informative. I will definitely use Tom for future home inspections.
- A.F., April 2016
Thank you for your thorough inspection.
- B.M., Wichita Falls TX, April 2016
I really liked beig able to get the report back the same day of the inspection. The suggestions for fixing certain items were very helpful as well.
- D.B., Fulshear TX, March 2016
Thank you so much! I found your report to be very easy to read and seems very thorough
- T.A., March 2016
I feel like you provided all the information necessary to determine why my home electric bill is so high
- K.J., February 2016
Mr. Nichols did a very thorough Job during his inspection of a home I was buying,and his report came back in a timely manner. I would recommend his services to anyone. Steve B.
- S.B., December 2015
We were very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. You conducted a thorough inspection for a reasonable price. We would definitely recommend your services.
- K.M., November 2015
Tom was very thorough and was patient to answer all of my questions concerning the inspection. The pictures he took helped greatly. We would use him again for sure.
- J.K., October 2015
i am extremely pleased with your work, your web site, your comprehensive report... You are the buyers friend. My very resent experience with another inspector was very disappointing with the lack of an accurate or comprehensive report. a previous contract and inspection on this property that had fallen through compared with your report left the sellers speechless with the faults and problems brought to light. i highly recommend you to anyone looking for a prepurchase inspecction.
- J.P., July 2015
I was completely satisfied with the inspection Tom did for me. He was awesome!!!!
- L.R., June 2015
I highly recommend Tom Nichols for home inspections. I feel that the inspections he has done for me have been very thorough and fair to all parties involved. He does a great job of explaining what he found through his photos and his summary in terms that I found easy to understand.Thanks again Tom!
- D.M., May 2015
Everything looks great! Thank you for the great job and the detailed list. It is very helpful! Michelle
- C.S., May 2015
Tom, I was very pleased with your knowledge of the inspection you did on the home I am purchasing. Not only were you there when you said you would be, you also pointed out the items I was concerned about and gave me a straight forward answer. And thanks for the report, for it was very easy to understand with the drawings, explanations, and pictures. Thanks again! Jimmy
- J.L., February 2015
A great job inspecting our property.
- R.D., January 2015
We hired Tom to thoroughly inspect our property prior the expiration of our first year home warranty. The cost was very reasonable and affordable, his service was professional in every aspect, and he has proven his expertise to be very valuable. Having uncovered multiple issues and important problems that the builder will now have to address at no cost to us has made our choice to hire him a huge relief. We would never have recognized the deficiencies, perhaps may have even suffered some devastating situations in the future even, had it not been for his vast knowledge and experience through this inspection process to detect and report on them for us. If you are investing in a home, this is the man to request before your warranty ends, so that you as a home owner will be protected!!!
- J.K., January 2015
I thought Tom was very thorough and did a great job explaining my inspection to me. I loved that he included pictures in the report to help clarify things. Thanks for a great job!
- K.S., January 2015
Doing a great job, keep up the good work. Thanks, Micki
- M.P., Meridian TX, October 2014
He was quite thorough and very professional, easy to work with.
- P.L., July 2014
Absolutely the best home inspector we've ever worked with! He is extremely thorough, documents everything with clear photos, and explains his report in detail--even suggesting repair methods and basic ways to stay within a budget without sacrificing quality. After the HVAC inspector left, he even pointed out an issue that the AC guy had overlooked at the power box which is a fire hazard and absolutely must be repaired. In addition to being grateful to Tom for his sharp eye and ethical practice, we highly recommend this gentleman and will use him again. In fact, we look forward to it. Thanks, Tom.
- W.A., July 2014
I was very pleased with my inspection. I thought the pictures that Tom provided along with his detailed explanations were extremely helpful. I was on vacation when my inspection was done and was able to see exactly what I needed to tell the realtor from his report. I would highly recommend Tom!
- M.T., June 2014
Very thorough & extremely knowledgeable. Went through items with us and explained them in terms we could understand. He gets an A++++++++++++ Thank you so so so much!
- M.B., June 2014
Tom did an awesome job. He was very very thorough. He found things that I would have not noticed until months later. I highly recommend him, and his reasonable pricing.
- K.M., May 2014
I have sold several homes and never had a inspection so detailed. I really appreciate his time and effect to ensure I was buying a home knowing what I was buying and needs attention
- B.H., May 2014
We are very pleased with our home energy audit. It's good to have a handle on what to do about our heating problems. Tom Nichols was very thorough and professional. We got our report back very quickly and it was very helpful in letting us know what to do.
- K.J., Waco TX, February 2014
We are very pleased with our energy audit. Tom Nichols did an outstanding job of inspecting and explaining to us what was causing a lot of our problems.
- K.J., Waco TX, January 2014
Thank you so much for the good inspection. Tom is very professional and if I need another house to be inspected I would definitely call him again.
- N.R., January 2014
The report was very thorough and very understandable. It is allowing us to make financial decisions based on good data. Thank you!
- S.O., January 2014
I'm very satisfied with the work he did on the inspection. Tom I really appreciate your hard work.
- N.R., January 2014
Tom locates problem areas and things that could be future issues,that the average person wouldn't notice or know to look for. I was very pleased with his attention to detail. Ed
- E.P., January 2014
You did a great job. I would highly recommend you to everyone that needs your service. Thanks for terrific job. Jack Christensen
- J.C., November 2013
Tom Nichols did a very thorough inspection of the house we are buying.He explained everything he showed on his report so that I could understand what he was referring to. I was very pleased with his report.
- D.M., November 2013
Tom did a great job on our inspection, he made the tense situation a lot easier. . Very professional and friendly. . Thank you for being a great professional. .
- B.W., September 2013
This is my second home inspection by Tom Nichols and as always he does a fabulous job and if there is anything wrong it will be found. I appreciate the fine and oustanding job done once again and I would recommend Tom to anyone wanting to purchase a new home.
- L.N., July 2013
Tom stuck around to do a thorough inspection despite the realtor showing up over 30 minutes late. Covered all the major items over the phone before sending a complete report via email. Would definitely hire Tom again/recommend to a friend.
- S.K., June 2013
Tom was very friendly, and he knew what he was talking about. Tom explained everything so that I could understand how things work.
- A.H., June 2013
Very thorough
- W.S., June 2013
Thank you so much for the through inspection. Your explaination combined with the pictures were easy for me to understand. Your honest and professional manner was very much appreciated. I wouldn't think of using anyone else for a home inspection. Thank you again, Best regards, Charles Herring Barbarella Windham
- B.W., June 2013
The performance and care you took on providing me a home inspection not only answered a lot of questions, but revealed a lot of things about the home that were not disclosed oon the sellers agreement of the description of the property. As a result of this you have saved me thousands of dollars that I would have spent on a home that is not worth it. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is purchasing a home.
- L.N., May 2013
Excellent service, on time very thorough, great service! Well worth the $250 fee!
- J.Q., April 2013
Tom was great. Good communication, on time, thorough inspection.
- R.V., March 2013
Another excellent job! I appreciate the time you took to explain your findings and the large number of photographs used in the report. I will look to send others in your direction. Thanks. Eric
- E.U., Belton TX, March 2013
I have never had a home inspection as thorougher than the inspection by Tom Nichols. He went over the entire house with a "fine tooth comb". Every appliance was throughly checked and notes made if any deficiencies were found. He also checked the structure from roof to concrete slab and noted all deficiencies with very clear pictures and explanations. All in all Tom was the best inspector I have ever had and I have had home inspectors check out several homes over the years. The very best!
- J.D., March 2013