Kyle was very thorough and easy to work with!
- B.R., December 2022
I looked at other reviews to decide on my inspector and I was not disappointed! Kyle is awesome, as others have said very thorough, explains why things are an issue and how to get them fixed in an easy way to understand, and very responsive!
- T.O., November 2022
Kyle was great to work with. VERY thorough and explained all the findings. We would’ve been in a tough position without him!
- C.K., November 2022
Great experience working with Kyle on our home inspection, he was very thorough and detail oriented and also went out of his way to give us maintenance tips while walking us around the property. Would highly recommend his services.
- S.B., October 2022
Kyle was a great communicator from the very beginning! He responded to our questions promptly and was so thorough. We were completely satisfied with his thoroughness and with the clarity of our report.
- L.A., September 2022
Kyle was knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. I appreciated his attention to detail. I felt confident moving into my home and knowing what needed to be done!
- B.L., September 2022
Kyle did an excellent job, very methodical in his work and patient to explain his findings.
- B.N., September 2022
Kyle's inspection was thorough and he did a great job walking me through the results as a first-time home buyer. The report was detailed and easy to understand, and he answered all of my questions. I would recommend Kyle and return to him for my next home inspection needs.
- V.P., August 2022
He was knowledgeable and took the time to show me what he found. Further, the way he precisely documented everything in my report made it easy to know how to handle.
- E.E., August 2022
Kyle was great! Very helpful, thorough, and walked us through step by step, both current issues and a lot of potential areas for issues. He took his time to explain even the smaller problems, remedies for fixing, and what to keep an eye out for. Definitely puts your mind at ease!
- A.K., July 2022
Very thorough and went over ask the small details to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Helpful and laid out everything that was wrong and how to possibly fix. Great experience. Would recommend!!
- M.M., Middleton WI, July 2022
Kyle is the best inspector I have ever seen. He is very responsible and careful with his work. You can totally rely on his work outcome. Strongly recommend!
- L.Q., July 2022
Kyle was very thorough and really took the time to explain things. He was friendly and patient with my many questions. The report is easy to understand and will be very valuable. I highly recommend Kyle’s services!
- R.S., July 2022
Kyle is wonderful to work with. As a realtor, he is my team's go-to inspector, and I have most recently used him as the inspector on a personal property. He is professional, thorough, and really helps you focus on the critical items. Inspection reports can be scary, so having an inspector's wisdom and guidance on the key items to focus on is a huge help for both my clients and me, personally. Kyle is a great person to have in your corner in what can often be a daunting process. Highly recommend!
- H.H., July 2022
Kyle was thorough & efficient. He explained everything to us in detail and answered all of our questions. He was wonderful to work with! We would highly recommend him.
- S.S., June 2022
Kyle was prompt, thorough, professional and friendly. Answered all of my questions. Very happy with our inspection.
- C.M., May 2022
Great experience to work with. Tons of great information and very thorough. Also got the inspection report within 12 hours which was amazing.
- J.R., May 2022
Kyle was everything I would ask for in an inspector. He was timely, detailed, friendly, and knowledgeable. Kyle not only provided extensive detail in the report but also included thoughts on how to remediate some of the items and took the time to explain everything in person as well. The report itself was easy to understand and visually appealing. He made himself available for any follow up questions I had. I would recommend Kyle to friends/family and will likely use his services again down the road.
- S.M., May 2022
Kyle does a great job of explaining electrical, plumbing, etc. so it's easy to understand, without being condescending. That's important to me! Thorough job, report was easy to read and arrived in email promptly.
- K.M., April 2022
Kyle was very thorough and explained everything in detail. He was professional and an excellent communicator. I would absolutely recommend him as an inspector. He did a great job.
- A.S., April 2022
Kyle did a fantastic job and going over all the details and recommended repairs. Very professional and took the job seriously.
- B.H., Madison WI, April 2022
Very thorough and professional.
- S.R., March 2022
Very helpful inspection, very detailed and easy to understand. The list was easy to comprehend and very detailed. The inspector knew what he was doing and didn’t just do the bare minimum. Would highly recommend him to anybody looking for an inspector.
- A.H., Madison WI, March 2022
Being a first time homebuyer I was anxious about the entire process. Kyle went above and beyond inspecting my first home. He answered any and all questions I had and addressed any concerns. He taught me multiple things about my house and spent hours looking over every detail. The report was just as detailed with thorough explanations and labeled pictures. Kyle also suggested simple improvements I could make to my home to make it safer and more energy efficient. I highly recommend this service and would be happy to recommend Kyle to any family or friends in need of his services.
- C.F., January 2022
Kyle came out on fairly short notice, did a great job and was very thorough. He took some extra time to answer some of my more general questions about my home, and I really appreciated that. I really like that while not strictly necessary, he did the small things like label my main water shut-off valve given there might have some confusion with my set-up. I will definitely use him again for my next inspection.
- D.F., January 2022
Kyle was recommended to us by our realtor, and it was worth every penny. Kyle was very courteous, professional, and detail-oriented. Even though our home is a new build, he was able to find a list of minor and major issues that needed to be addressed. I would strongly recommend Madison Home Inspection to anyone purchasing a home.
- A.O., January 2022
Extremely approachable and very thorough. Explains issues very well and makes suggestions and recommendations very clearly.
- M.A., Middleton WI, December 2021
Inspector did a good job of identifying potential trouble spots and provided very detailed explanations about the issues.
- A.H., December 2021
Detailed and thorough. Always on time. Reports easy to follow for us, for sellers, and for contractors hired to do the work.
- M.W., November 2021
We were extremely satisfied with Kyle's inspection of the house we are in the process of buying. He was quite thorough and his attention to detail was impeccable. The report itself was quite detailed and easy to understand. We would definitely use Kyle again and will highly recommend him to our friends and family.
- J.S., November 2021
I couldn't be more pleased with Kyle and Madison Home Inspection. We were lucky enough to have an inspection done in just a matter of days. Our report was returned sameday, and covered everything in detail, down to the tiniest dings in a door (literally). I highly recommend!
- J.R., glastonbury CT, September 2021
Kyle was great! Our inspection was timely, the report was very efficient and easy to understand, and Kyle was very easy to work with. If we ever need any kind of inspection in the future, he'll be the guy we call!
- R.P., Northglenn Den, September 2021
Kyle did a very thorough job walking through the property. He pointed out a number of things that should be addressed, and also places where it looked like problems had been addressed, as well as places we where problems could show up in the future. The report he provided was extensive and had clear pictures indicating the defects he found. I would recommend Kyle unreservedly for any future home inspections.
- C.J., Madison WI, September 2021
He was very thorough. I appreciated him going over everything he found in detail. I would deffinately use him again and recommend him to others.
- M.H., Evansville WI, September 2021
It was a pleasure to have this inspection done. Mr. Beckstrom was very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all our questions. The report was so very well organized and easy to understand. He did a first rate job. We will recommend him to anyone needing this great service.
- C.S., JANESVILLE WI, August 2021
Madison Home Inspection was detail-oriented without overexplaining things to become too complicated. Kyle took wonderful pictures with helpful arrows/lines to show exactly where things of note were located, and what direction they were, as needed. He tagged useful utility shutoff valves as well. Kyle is professional, on time, and efficient. He answers any questions you have after the inspection to make sure you're comfortable with everything as well. Thank you so much!
- S.H., Madison WI, August 2021
Very impressed with Kyle and the job he did for us. Prompt, professional and personable. Did a thorough job and took the time to explain the results. Received the detailed report within 24 hrs. Would highly recommend him.
- R.H., OREGON WI, August 2021
Kyle did a great job. Answered all our questions and his report was thorough (pictures included) and easy to understand. We would recommend Kyle and Madison Home Inspection and would use them again. -Sam
- S.S., August 2021
Kyle was very thorough and informative at our inspection! He caught a lot of serious concerns that I am not sure would have been caught by someone else (water contamination issues due to incorrect plumbing). We are so glad we got Kyle to inspect our new home purchase so we can bring this list to the sellers! Catching everything from small to large concerns!
- C.T., Madison WI, July 2021
Kyle was great! He was very thorough and informative. He was super patient with my many questions and made me feel confident in the home we are purchasing, and our ability to handle the things that need attention. The report was easy to use and understand, and it was all stuff that he went over with us at the time of the inspection. I found it helpful to hear everything while there, so we could ask questions, but also have it sent to my email so that I could reference it and not worry about note taking. Everything was well labeled and easy to understand. Lots of pictures! All of our questions were answered, even ones that were probably obvious to most (I am not from WI and didn't understand the process of adding salt to a water softener). I feel confident and excited about our future home and I am deeply appreciative of the care, attention, and detail that Kyle put into our home inspection. I would absolutely recommend Madison Home Inspection LLC!
- B.N., July 2021
We were extremely pleased with our inspection done by Kyle. He was very thorough with his inspection and pointed things out to us as he was seeing them and provided detailed recommendations on what would need to be done to repair things. The report provided afterward was fantastic! There were pictures of everything we talked about during the inspection and the problem areas were circled or clearly marked for us to refer to later on. It also reiterated recommended repairs for any issues no mater how little or large the issue was. Kyle was recommended by our realtor and I completely understand the glowing review after having used his services, we would not hesitate to call him again and would highly recommend him!
- S.T., July 2021
Kyle did a great job inspecting our home. He was very clear on his thoughts and thorough. I thought he was professional and curtious.
- M.H., SUN PRAIRIE WI, June 2021
Kyle took his time and provided us with a thorough report. He also walked the house with us to explain everything with patience and knowledge. He answered all the questions we had and even double-checked a few things for us. I highly recommend His services!
- P.A., Madison WI, June 2021
Do yourself a favor and use Madison Home Inspection LLC for your home inspection! Kyle was extremely knowledgeable. He's thorough and gladly answered all of our questions. The report he sent after the inspection was full of detailed descriptions and pictures. That was so helpful.
- H.P., Madison WI, June 2021
Kyle did a very thorough job inspecting our new construction home, including helping explain the proper preventative maintenance for the systems throughout. His report was very detailed - I would definitely hire him again for another inspection!
- J.V., May 2021
Kyle is a gifted, detail-oriented inspector and very knowledgeable on a wide variety of home maintenance topics. He gave us so much valuable, practical information and helped us form a solid plan for how to address some of the issues he identified. We'd definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone in/around Madison looking for a great house inspection!
- J.M., April 2021
I was very satisfied with the level of detail that Kyle went into with the inspection. The report was presented in a very helpful format--it was absolutely professional. Kyle was also very knowledgeable. As a first time home owner, Kyle went above and beyond by showing me the basics of systems throughout the house. I would absolutely recommend.
- M.C., New York NY, April 2021
Kyle was timely, responsive and diligent. The entire process was seemless. Contact Madison Property LLC when looking for the experience, insight and comfort sought when understanding, protecting or enhancing your property!
- D.O., Monona WI, March 2021
The inspection was done promptly, and the verbal review and inspection report were impressively thorough and well-documented with photographs, explanations, and recommendations. Interacting with Kyle in person was both professional and pleasant. Should I need another inspection, I would ask Kyle to do it.
- E.W., Madison WI, March 2021
Kyle is a hard worker and friendly guy. He is very detailed oriented. It's great to have a third person like Kyle to see things that me as the owner or the builder couldn't see. He goes above and beyond what's expected of him. Even though my home was a new construction with an established big builder, there were a few issues that stick out. The major ones were a nail still sticking out on the bottom of the stair rails and a cover for a garage attic that wasn't supposed to have passed code. It was a good thing we didn't move into the home yet, otherwise my family or friends could have gotten badly hurt or stitched up. These issues has been corrected now and my family and friends are now more safer. I'm so glad I hired Kyle for his experience.
- L.Y., March 2021
Took the time to go through everything with me, no matter how minor of an issue he thought it was.
- J.M., March 2021
I couldn't have said it better than L.R. from Cambridge, MA: "Kyle was very, *very*, thorough, very knowledgable, and very prompt. I would absolutely recommend him as a home inspector." Thanks Kyle. ET, Evanston, IL
- E.T., February 2021
The online scheduling system was super convenient. Communication overall was quick and responsive. The report was very detailed and helpful, with photos. Would absolutely use this inspection service again!
- J.N., Madison WI, February 2021
I would recommend Mr Beckstorm service to anyone looking to purchase a home. His inspection was so complete and thorough, he even let you know what is important and what could wait so that you can prioritize. This would be especially helpful for those buying their first home with limit knowledge of homes. All in All, would absolutely start here when looking for a home inspections.
- M.G., February 2021
Kyle was very, *very*, thorough, very knowledgable, and very prompt. I would absolutely recommend him as a home inspector.
- L.R., Cambridge MA, January 2021
1) Were you satisfied with the level of detail I went into with your inspection? - Yes, we were very impressed by the level of detail that was provided, and thought the inspection was very thorough 2) Was the report nice-looking? - Yes, it was very easy to follow 3) Did the arrows circles used in the report help explain my findings in an easy to understand manner? - Yes, this was very helpful with the arrows/circles pointing to the direct findings in each picture, and easier to follow this way 4) Did I answer all of your questions you had concerning your home? Yes 5) And perhaps most important, would you use my service again or recommend my service to your friends or family? - We would definitely go through Kyle again, and would definitely recommend him to our friends and families.
- B.A., December 2020
Kyle did a wonderful job with the inspection. He notices all the nitty gritty details (including things like the color of glue used on pipes), and his report is super detailed to boot! He also gave great advise on what was the most important items to address and what needs to be yearly maintenance items for when we're the homeowners. As new homeowners, we were pretty clueless, and he answered all of our questions patiently. We appreciate his thoroughness and knowledge of this area. Would 200% hire him again!
- P.W., December 2020
Madison Home Inspection LLC was included on my realtor's list of recommended home inspectors. Kyle did a great job, and I would definitely use Madison Home Inspection LLC again! It was convenient to book an appointment online, and I was easily able to email and reschedule into an earlier slot to meet my inspection deadline. Kyle communicated well to make sure I arrived at the right time to review the inspection results with him. He was very thorough in his inspection and report. He walked through the house and showed me his findings, making sure I understood the major items, and answered all of my questions. As a first-time homeowner, this was very important and appreciated. No question was too dumb! His write-up was delivered promptly, was easy to understand, and included lots of photos. His findings gave me confidence in the home I was purchasing. Thanks so much!
- A.M., November 2020
My new home inspection was great! The coverage and depth of the inspection was exceptional - confirming some things the seller already mentioned and discovering several new items that need attention (including one urgent gas leak safety issue). Both my brother (Civil Engineer) and good friend (HVAC engineer) who have extensive experience in buildings and construction, commented that the report was more in-depth than most building inspection reports they have seen.
- M.O., Durham NC, October 2020
Kyle was professional, thorough, and crystal clear both in the verbal summary and in the report for our home inspection. He was flexible with me having to be remote for the inspection summary. The report was on time and detailed with clear pictures. Also the website/portal is easy to use. Really I don't know what he could have done better in our case.
- C.M., October 2020
Kyle was thorough and took time to answer my questions. Offered helpful perspective on what to watch for after moving in; as well as clarifying defects vs. cosmetic fixes to help identify which points would be most important to focus on during discussions with the seller. Thanks for your work!
- B.P., MADISON, September 2020
Kyle did a thorough and detailed job and was able to clearly explain everything he found while inspecting the house.
- A.K., Middleton WI, September 2020
Kyle did a fantastic job. He's very thorough and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and gave valuable insight into the repair and maintenance of the home. Report is detailed and easy to follow.
- C.N., August 2020
Kyle did an amazing job of going into detail on his inspection. He explained everything very clearly and the report was presented professionally and contained all of the details he mentioned. In going through the inspection report a couple days later it was easy to see all of the specifics with arrows and other figures pointing out certain findings. All of my questions were answered fully and I would highly recommend Kyle and Madison Home Inspection LLC for your next home inspection.
- T.L., Monona WI, July 2020
I would recommend Kyle to anyone who is looking for a detailed, clear, and though report that will make negotiating with sellers to get repairs done as well as follow up maintenance and repairs post purchase of the house much easier. (Definitely check out the sample on his site. It is an accurate representation of what you will get and WAY more readable and detailed than most you will find from other inspectors!) To give a little background, I am a first time home buyer, but my father is a civil and structural engineer. I was very nervous because I knew that the house I was purchasing needed some repairs. Kyle spent almost 4 hours inspecting the house from top to bottom. He was great with my questions, and was comfortable when my father jumped in. He found a gas leak in the garage and contacted the seller directly to get it taken care of ASAP. He walked me through the radon testing numbers when they came back high, and explained his findings in a clear and not overwhelming way. He also gave me advice about what fixes were big and what items needed fixing but were not a big deal. (IE. I did not need to risk the sale falling though over, if I was ok with doing a little cheep maintenance myself. ^.^) During negotiations with the sellers, his report was very helpful when the sellers did not want to fix the garage. Because Kyle's report was so detained, we were able to highlight other areas that needed to be fixed from the report that we originally were not going to pursue, in order to get the sellers to still give us a credit. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you Kyle!
- C.S., MIDDLETON, June 2020
Kyle did a thorough job of inspecting our townhouse. He quickly followed up to the emails I sent him, he showed up on time, his final report was detailed and the report pictures helped show where his recommendations are located. He left the place as he found it and was very courteous. I would recommend Kyle to anyone needing a property inspection.
- D.S., May 2020
Kyle was excellent. We had our inspection during the “stay at home act” so we we’re not allowed to be present during inspection time, which I was a little worried about at first. Kyle, however gave a a wonderfully detailed report with pictures and explanations. This was our first time buying and having a home inspection and we were able to understand and read through everything in his review. I would recommended him to anyone.
- C.M., April 2020
Kyle was efficient effective and so very helpful and thorough. The appointment was easy to set up. He came on time and most of all communicated with us clearly and in the depth needed for us to proceed.
- S.K., Madison WI, April 2020
Kyle was awesome! We had a strange situation where we were not able to attend the inspection due to Corona Virus, so we were concerned that the inspection would not catch all of the things that were important to us. But Kyle called and walked us through his process and how thorough he is with taking pictures on all issues that he finds. Once we got the report, we were relieved with just how thorough Kyle was. We feel like we know the in's and out's of the house and we are very comfortable that we know everything that we need to know when e approach a new home! I would 100% recommend Kyle to anyone who is new to the house buying market! I can't say enough how awesome he was!
- J.S., March 2020
Kyle made the inspection process so easy! From scheduling to the final report he was professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend Kyle!
- A.R., Edgerton , March 2020
Thank you so much, Kyle. You were both very professional and thorough. Your report was very detailed and we really appreciated the photos for reference. Would definitely recommend you!
- R.L., Verona WI, March 2020
Kyle was very detailed and informative. He pointed out potential issues and explained everything as he went though the inside and outside of the house. He was very thorough and didn't rush. We would definitely recommend his services to others.
- E.S., McFarland WI, March 2020
Excellent work, very informative and willing to answer questions.
- M.A., March 2020
Kyle is an eagle-eyed inspector with lots of good advice. There were no major issues with my condo, but he spotted some things I would never think to check in a thousand years. I appreciated that he backed up his recommendations with evidence--exactly how often he had seen the issue--and with pictures from other homes showing common and worst-case scenarios. He didn't have to, but he gave me simple instructions to fix those issues and patiently answered my questions about some potential improvements. The report has lots of clear, sharp pictures (I saved the one inside the panel for future reference), and it's nice to have some specifics marked in red to help remember what to do after I move in. Thanks!
- B.S., Madison WI, February 2020
Kyle was very thorough and friendly throughout the inspection. As he noted things for the report, he discussed them as well and provided insight on issue resolution and maintenance which is a nice cherry on top of the thorough inspection. I would definitely recommend Kyle to new buyers like ourselves.
- R.S., February 2020
Kyle always does a great job. I would recommend him to anyone and trust him again and again with any property. Take my word for it, you won't regret hiring him. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and detailed.
- K.G., February 2020
Kyle was easy to work with and did a thorough inspection. He informed me of several things that need to be addressed for good maintenance of the home. I would recommend him to everyone that needs a home inspected.
- J.P., February 2020
Level of detail was very thorough and straight forward. Report was easy to understand and navigate. These made it easy to understand what was being explained. Kyle gave good explanations and answers that clarified anything we did not understand. His answers were short and straight to the point. Definitely recommend Kyle for anyone who is looking for an expert in his field.
- F.M., Madison WI, January 2020
This is the second home Kyle has inspected for us, each time he was very thorough and took the time to not only show us what issues he found but also tell us why he thought they were an issue. When we asked he gave some ideas of what it would take to correct an issue or make it compliant to code. He took the time to answer any questions we had and show us how a new to us appliance works. Thank you Kyle.
- B.H., Hartland WI, January 2020
Thanks for your thorough home inspection! We appreciate your expertise! The detailed report provided excellent descriptions and recommendations. The arrowed photos included in the report were SO helpful, and gave us piece of mind that we fully understood the report descriptions. We would highly recommend Kyle Beckstrom for your home inspection needs.
- A.D., January 2020
Kyle was extremely thorough in his inspection of our home. The inspection report was detailed, clear, easy to understand, and included pictures that were very helpful. Kyle even took the time to explain some of the basic maintenance and operation of different equipment and components of our home, which is invaluable to a first time home owner. I would highly recommend Kyle for anyone who is looking for a home inspection.
- M.G., January 2020
Kyle was great! He truly inspects your home as if he is the one purchasing it. He does a great job of looking over every detail and informing you on issues that could arise or fixes that could be made. As others say, he is great with explaining things in an honest and easy way to digest. I would highly recommend him to anyone buying a home. He helps take the worry out of the process and gives you the information you need to make informed decisions! Thanks Again! Ryan & Annie
- R.Q., January 2020
I really appreciate the service you provided and the friendly way it which you did it. I felt that you strove to provide a complete & full out-brief, the subsequent report was available within hours, and it was a high quality document. I appreciate that you took and showed me pictures on scene and then later, in the report, the added annotations were helpful and spot-on to what you initially highlighted. While I can't say I am in a circle that is likely to be needing to utilize your services, I most assuredly would recommend you I - and I will absolutely recommend you to all of the professionals involved in my own journey.
- J.O., December 2019
Thorough and knowledgeable. Showed up on time. Made sure I understood everything. No issues with him whatsoever.
- G.J., Madison WI, December 2019
Knowledgeable, professional, & personable … Thank You Kyle.
- J.O., December 2019
Kyle was very professional and easily communicated issues and potential problems clear and in an easy to understand way.
- J.R., Appleton WI, October 2019
Kyle was thorough, was good at explaining things, and very quick with sending the report. I'd highly recommend him.
- L.R., Madison WI, October 2019
Kyle did an amazing job! He was extremely thorough and patient with us as we are first time home owners. I would definitely recommend him to any of my family or friends.
- A.P., September 2019
Kyle was beyond thorough in his inspection as well as clear in explaining the details to us. As first-time home buyers we did not know what to expect, but Kyle made us feel so at ease with how he explained everything he saw. I would recommend him to anyone and will be using his services in the future.
- K.K., September 2019
Kyle was awesome to work with! Very professional and thorough! I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an inspector.
- C.T., Janesville WI, September 2019
Hi Kyle, thank you for doing a fantastic job inspecting the home I'm looking to buy. It's great to know what I can prioritize. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!! Kasey Gallagher
- K.G., August 2019
Thank you for being so thorough. I really like your willingness and patience in explaining your findings.
- E.W., August 2019
Kyle, it was great working with you during the inspection. You explained the process and findings in a clear customer centric fashion. Big thank you! -Gary
- G.J., Sun Prairie WI, August 2019
Kyle was very thorough very happy with his home inspection he did for me. Myself being in construction I feel like I know what I’m looking for but he goes way beyond just what you see on the surface the smallest things and things that are hidden he finds. Would recommend Kyle to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- J.H., August 2019
Kyle is excellent! He was friendly and explained everything to us clearly and understandably without talking down to us. We couldn't be more appreciative for his help and thorough inspection!
- C.S., Madison WI, August 2019
Thank you!
- T.N., August 2019
Kyle was on time and got down to business right away. Was very thorough checking every room and possible pain point. Saw things that an untrained eye might have missed. Walked through the possible issues before we left and provided a written report same day. Very friendly and professional. Would recommend.
- M.Z., July 2019
Kyle did a super complete inspection, explained all the details, and inspected even very minor things. The home has a chicken coop and he even was able to tell us about raising chickens (since they had some). I completely recommend him and the information and price was good!
- D.L., Madison WI, July 2019
I highly recommend Kyle. He was thorough and explained things as he went along. The report came quickly and was very easy to read.
- C.L., Baraboo WI, July 2019
I am very satisfied with Kyle's inspection. He was thorough and walked us through every issue he found with the house. Kyle answered questions we had and his report was very organized and easy to read. I would highly recommend Kyle to my friends and family.
- C.L., Madison WI, July 2019