Kyle, thank you for everything during the inspection on Monday! I really appreciated you walking me through everything, especially the water heater, furnace and water softener. My husband and I are condo owners and this will be our first home where we will have to maintain those items and it was incredibly helpful to learn about them. I would highly recommend Kyle for an inspection and plan on using him in the future too! Thanks again!
- O.H., January 2019
We were very satisfied with Kyle. He was punctual, thorough, friendly, and patient. He didn't mind us following him around the house, and was excellent at pointing out and explaining the concerns and potential issues he found. He responded openly and patiently to all of our questions, which we truly appreciated. The report itself was clear, easy to understand, comprehensive, and well documented with photos. We would definitely recommend Kyle to friends and family, and use him again if we ever move.
- F.C., Middleton WI, January 2019
Kyle was professional and prompt. Took the time to be thorough and make sure we understood why issues were marked, and never rushed us. Would definitely call him again!
- D.E., Madison WI, December 2018
Kyle was great, he was thorough and very easy going. He explained things well, and we would highly recommend him!
- B.B., November 2018
Kyle explained his finding clearly and concisely. Kyle provided the relative importance of the issues and explained how minor issues could become major repairs if left untreated.
- S.M., Sleepy Hollow IL, November 2018
Kyle is very thorough, efficient, and detailed. This is our second time working with Kyle and would recommend him to anyone in need. He is also personable and professional. Thanks Kyle.
- E.C., Sun Prairie WI, November 2018
He was extremely thorough, made a few stops to give us an update on what he was seeing as he performed the inspection, he took his type and I am confident I was on his best interest. Very knowledgeable and approachable individual. We had a great experience.
- A.M., Verona WI, November 2018
We found Kyle?s business on Yelp, where he had many outstanding reviews and he did not disappoint. He is skilled, knowledgeable, thorough, and we truly believe he approached our inspection as if he were considering buying the home for himself. We especially appreciated the ease with which we could generate a request list for the seller to consider.
- L.H., October 2018
Kyle's inspection was very timely, detailed and complete. His report was well documented with pictures which made it much easier to visualize what he saw. The report was also well organized and flowed nicely. He is the most knowledgeable home inspector I have used and would recommend him to anyone looking for a property survey
- M.L., GAITHERSBURG MD, October 2018
Great inspection and detail. I appreciate the pictures in the report and tips for ongoing maintenance. All done very fast and professionally!
- J.B., Verona WI, October 2018
Kyle was very detailed and knowledgeable, worked quickly and most of all he was very kind to myself and my friend as we "watched him" do his job. If I have another home inspection, Kyle will be #1 on my list.
- m.W., Lakemoor IL, October 2018
Knowledgable, friendly, sat down and took the time to make sure we understood the finer points of the inspection. Would recommend!
- S.S., October 2018
Kyle was thorough, courteous, and respectful. He did an awesome job of explaining any issues that arose. I love the final report layout, it?s ease to read, and the arrows and squares around certain areas of the pictures. It makes the entire report easy to understand. I can not say enough positive things about Kyle, and his business!
- B.W., Stoughton, September 2018
Kyle was thorough, careful and complete in the level of detail of his inspection and being there in person to allow him to show me the findings was incredibly helpful for me in understanding what needed to be done and how significant each of the findings was. It was a very good experience and money well spent to know what the defects were and advice on how to correct them. Very valuable indeed! I definitely will use Kyle again for any future work I may need done.
- G.H., Fitchburg WI, September 2018
I have nothing negative to report about Kyle's inspection of my Condo. He arrived on time and was as thorough as I could have asked. He went through every point that is on the report with my agent and I and explained in depth how to address each issue. The report itself is exceptional in that every issue is documented with photos of each issue which makes it much easier to find and fix every problem. I would recommend Kyle to anyone looking for a thorough and professional inspection of their domicile.
- A.S., September 2018
Kyle took his time walked me through the basics of the house and identified essential things like where the main water shut off was and location of the power trippers for each section of the house. His report was thorough and focused on the important things. I would HIGHLY recommend Kyle to anyone looking to have their home or systems within their home inspected.
- M.P., Madison WI, September 2018
Very thorough job. Got us the report very quickly. Very professional. Highly recommend!
- R.E., September 2018
Mr Beckstrom was prompt and very professional. He took his time and pointed all defects as he found them and gave me ideas on how they could be remedied. His final report was the same day and very detailed with photo's and areas of concern circled. I would highly recommend Mr. Beckstrom to anyone in need of his services. Thank you so much, John & Barb Switzky
- J.S., DeForest WI, August 2018
Kyle was fantastic. He was incredibly thorough and careful. What was extra helpful was that he let me follow him around and pester him with questions about my house-to-be and didn't make me feel stupid for asking. Additionally, he seems to be truly driven by doing right by his customers. Taking responsibility for a house can be a scary thing, but Kyle gave me more confidence by helping me understand what to watch for. I would recommend him highly.
- M.B., August 2018
Kyle was thorough, honest, and very helpful throughout the process, answering my questions and sharing his knowledge. Also, just a really nice guy all around.
- H.W., August 2018
Thank you for saving us by pointing out the mold issue, and being so completely thorough in your inspection! Will highly recommend you!
- R.C., Waunakee WI, August 2018
You were very thorough and explained any issues that arose in an easy to understand manner.
- K.D., August 2018
We feel Kyle was very thorough and methodical and did not seem to harbor any biased or prejudice to any part of the property or process. We will definitely share our recommendation to use Kyle whenever our friend or family are in need in the Madison area.
- J.K., Stoughton WI, July 2018
Kyle, I think you did an incredible job on my home inspection! You were extremely thorough. You had the report available within a day of the inspection with an itemized list of what you found during your inspection. The report was very easy to follow along and the arrows, boxes or other indicators on the picture made it very easy to see what you were referring to. I let a friend see the report and she said that their inspector didn't do half the work you did, nor provided them with as much information. I also appreciate the fact I got to follow you around and ask questions about the inspection process. Thank you!!
- J.Y., Stoughton, July 2018
Phenomenal job with the inspection and does not miss anything! Kyle is very thorough and really gets to know the house in the short time he is there. His attention to detail really shows in the awesome report that is delivered that same day! Will definitely be recommending him to friends and family, and will definitely be getting my business on my next home inspection!
- J.H., July 2018
Kyle was prompt, through, and so easy to work with! As a nervous home-buyer I appreciated the time he took to show me things during the inspection and his report was detailed, and easy to read. He answered all of my questions and set us up not just for a successful home purchase, but to be successful homeowners. It is easy clear that he knows his stuff and enjoys the work he does!
- M.C., Stoughton WI, June 2018
Kyle, was timely, detailed and professional. I would highly recommend his services over the competition.
- P.S., June 2018
Kyle, Thank you for providing a seamless experience with regards to the inspection. I really appreciated the followup call to review the report and will not hesitate to refer you to others ~ Helena
- H.C., Saratoga CA, June 2018
Kyle has done two home inspections for us and he has gone above and beyond in addressing our concerns, answering all of our questions with thorough explanations, and offering direction and solutions to any potentially needed fixes. Kyle is very friendly, professional and diligent in his work and it has been a pleasure working with him in the two inspections we?ve had. We highly recommend working with him!
- J.A., June 2018
Kyle was personable and easy to talk to. He explained things thoroughly and answered all of my questions in a way that made sense to me. His report was organized, easy to understand, and complete. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- J.K., Verona WI, June 2018
Kyle was prompt, incredibly thorough, and his report was very clear. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
- S.A., June 2018
The best inspection we've ever had, worth every penny. Kyle was very courteous. He took the time to thoroughly inspect the home and answer any questions we had. The report was easy to read, included explanation as to what the issue was and included recommendations when warranted. The only inspector I would use in the future. Highly recommend his services.
- B.A., June 2018
Kyle did a great job communicating before and after the inspection. What was most impressive was his attention to detail. I've had home inspections before where the inspector simply rubber stamped the house. Kyle went through, by inch on the exterior, interior, systems, etc...and found a number of things most would have missed. And the cherry on top?! I scheduled fully online. Super easy. Highly recommend Kyle Beckstrom
- C.W., May 2018
Kyle was prompt, efficient, and pleasant throughout the process. He explained things thoroughly and the report was detailed and c!ear. The pictures were very helpful. We would definitely use Kyle again and will recommend him to friends and family when they are purchasing homes.
- R.A., Middleton WI, May 2018
Kyle was great! He did a good job explaining his findings in simple language. He was very clear with how serious and costly each problem would be. I would recommend him to anyone.
- J.L., May 2018
Very professional and detail oriented. I feel that the inspection was both thorough and efficient and everything was explained to me in a way that made sense and was also not condescending. Kyle was recommended to me and I would be happy to recommend him to someone else.
- T.R., Madison WI, May 2018
Kyle was extremely thorough. He was also very good natured, and clearly cared about the condition of our future home. He was prompt in starting and finishing up the inspection, and took all the time we needed to discuss and answer questions. The report was complete and well represented what he had verbally explained to us. I highly recommend his online booking system, as that means you can immediately schedule your inspection no matter what time or day of the week it is (if you are on a deadline--use this option!). We will definitely recommend Kyle!
- T.C., May 2018
Kyle: I would like to thank you for the inspection report prepared for the purchase of my condominium. It was very comprehensive and timely. I had the report the day the inspection was performed. The photographs were very clear and it was helpful having the request list to review the report with my realtor. Pete
- P.M., May 2018
What a great job Kyle! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions in an easy to understand manner. Really helped boost my confidence that owning a home is something I can handle on my own. You were very specific and diligent during the inspection. Thanks again!
- D.O., April 2018
Thank you for your detailed inspection and all of the paperwork (digital and hard copy). I will certainly refer you to others in need. Thanks again!
- B.R., Madison WI, April 2018
Kyle did an excellent job inspecting my home. He had no problem doing the inspection in some crappy weather, and still did not rush the inspection just to get out of the elements. He also took the time to walk me through everything, even the minor things and explain why they are incorrect. He gives you a very thorough and detailed report with pictures. I will recommend Kyle to everybody I know and will use him in the future if I every need a home inspection again. Thanks Kyle.
- J.R., April 2018
Thanks very much, Kyle. Excellent job and excellent and detailed report. Much appreciated and will certainly refer others and hire again in the future!
- D.S., April 2018
Kyle did a great job with our inspection. We even had the luxury of having the Seller's inspection report that they had done 8 months previous so we were able to "test" him to see if his findings were similar. Kyle found everything that was on their report and then some - he's very thorough. He did a great job of explaining things to us and giving us suggestions for how to fix certain things that came up. If the time comes, we'll definitely be contacting Kyle for our next inspection.
- D.C., April 2018
Kyle was very thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.
- G.K., Sun Prairie WI, March 2018
Kyle was incredibly detailed during my home inspection. He took the time to explain the things that were wrong while he was going through the house. My inspection took much longer than 3 hours and not once did Kyle seem rushed or annoyed at the extent of work that had to be done. The report was easy to read and the pictures were very helpful to remember exactly what he was detailing in the report. I would definitely recommend Kyle and will be using Kyle in the future for any other inspections I may need to do.
- B.N., March 2018
Very thorough inspection with a detailed report. Definitely will be calling Kyle again for my next inspection.
- M.B., Madison WI, March 2018
Kyle was very thorough and took his time for a complete evaluation of the property for inspection. Kyle also took his time in explaining why and how he determined his evaluation of the property. I highly recommend Kyle for his knowledge and diligence of completing his evaluation. Tom and Gina Brown
- T.B., February 2018
Kyle arrived promptly for the inspection and proceeded expeditiously and in an orderly fashion to document his observations with appropriate photographic illustrations. He initially established a rapport with the owner who had misunderstood the inspection date. This saved valuable time in allowing the procedure to continue as planned. Kyle provide congenial response to the buyer who was present for part of the inspection and a summary review. The inspection was comprehensive and covered physical conditions and systems to the level of detail to accepted standards. The formal written inspection report contained pertinent detail augmented by exceptionally clear photographs with arrows, highlights, and notes specifically describing those details. A summary at the front of the report provide a succinct reference with further recommendations and replace/repair suggestions. Overall, a high degree of professionalism throughout.
- P.P., February 2018
This was my first home inspection. Kyle was recommended by my realtor. I am so grateful for this recommendation. Kyle was thorough in the inspection and explaining his plan in looking over the house. He was very knowledgeable about building codes, standards of the repairs made to the home, offered for site into future repairs and was quick to address my questions and concerns. He showed me the in's and out's of proper maintenance of the furnace, water shutoff, gutter cleaning, dryer lint removal, garage door care and to my surprise operated appliances to make sure they functioned properly. I questioned the necessity of purchasing an inspection but now know that it is priceless. I feel confident in my purchase and appreciated Kyle's approval and enthusiasm for the condition of my new home!
- R.M., Madison WI, February 2018
Kyle was highly recommended to us by our realtor, and he did not disappoint! He was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. He took the time to point out areas of concern and explain the reasons behind anything that was a potential issue. As first-time homebuyers, we couldn't have been more thankful for his patience to walk-through each step and explain everything to us. We absolutely recommend him as a home inspector, and will enlist his services the next time we purchase a home in the area.
- S.H., February 2018
Kyle was very easy to talk to and patiently answered questions throughout the inspection process. The report was thorough and clearly detailed all defects and recommendations for the house, and was available on the same day as the inspection was undertaken.
- T.D., January 2018
There is a reason Kyle has 5 stars after more than 80 reviews on Google. He was thorough and appeared to enjoy explaining his findings to my wife and me. The report is easy to read. The pictures he included make sure we understand the problems discussed. I recommend Kyle to all of my co-workers are in the process of buying a house.
- C.C., Madison WI, January 2018
I am a first-time home buyer, and Mr. Beckstrom has set the bar awfully high for any and all home inspections I'll have from here on out. He was surgically thorough and fastidious across the entire property and proved to be extremely knowledgeable about solutions to common issues and code/regulations about pretty much every part of the property interior and exterior. His inspection report was very detailed yet cleanly separated into categories, with pictures highlighting the items he inspected, and these descriptions included recommended solutions for each item. I'm extremely happy with my experience with Mr. Beckstrom's inspection of my prospective home, and I would gladly recommend him and Madison Home Inspection LLC to anyone needing a home inspection.
- S.S., January 2018
Kyle was professional and thorough, a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable in his work and had a depth of understanding that went above and beyond normal home issues. I was present with him for the entire inspection and he took the time to address all of my questions and concerns, which made me feel comfortable as a first-time home buyer. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking his services.
- S.T., January 2018
Kyle inspected our brand new build condo. He found some important stuff, even though it was a brand new build. His attitude was professional and helpful. I recommend him to all my friends who are buying a house. Thanks!
- D.T., SUN PRAIRIE WI, November 2017
Kyle arrived promptly and was very thorough in his inspection. I appreciated his explanations of what he was doing and finding.
- M.S., MADISON WI, November 2017
Kyle was diligent and meticulous when he inspected our home. We can't thank him enough for his careful attention to detail and thorough inspection reports.
- R.K., McFarland WI, November 2017
Thank you very much, Kyle, for your prompt and professional inspection, and for getting the thorough report back to me so quickly. Very much appreciated! -Tami
- T.K., Hollywood FL, November 2017
Thanks for doing my inspection! It was very informational and helpful. The report was easy to understand and I especially appreciated the photos. I also liked that there were links in the table of contents that I could follow to look at specific sections. It was nice that Kyle didn't make anything sound particularly alarming and mentioned which things I could fix myself inexpensively.
- R.S., Middleton WI, November 2017
Kyle is extremely thorough with his work and explains what he has discovered or observed very clearly. Very professional in his appearance and how he conducts himself.
- B.P., October 2017
Excellent attention to detail. Catching the cracked roofing shingles wilikely save us a lot of money
- G.T., BROOKLYN WI, October 2017
Working with Kyle Beckstrom was great. Setting up an appointment on his website was really convenient and easy to do. He showed up right on time. He's friendly and easy to talk to. He did a very thorough inspection, and he patiently walked me through everything he found and all of his suggestions. He made everything very easy to understand. I got the final report back within just a few hours. The report was very professional looking and easy to follow. I would absolutely work with Kyle again, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.
- R.O., Sun Priarie WI, September 2017
Kyle was friendly and professional. He inspected the house in a slow, systematic manner that was reassuringly thorough. At times during the inspection and again at the end, he showed me issues with the house and explained his concerns; his interactions were comfortable and respectful. The report I received is well organized, well documented with pictures, and easily translates into a "to-do" list for negotiating the house or for tackling after purchase. I got my money's worth with Kyle and this home inspection.
- D.S., Madison WI, September 2017
Kyle was very thorough and detailed in the inspection and reporting. The option to create a request list was very useful. During the inspection Kyle took time to answer all of my questions and make suggestions. I had a follow-up question after the inspection and Kyle answered promptly and was very helpful. I would absolutely hire Kyle again for an inspection and have been recommending him to friends and family. Thank you very much for a job very well done!
- K.H., September 2017
You did an amazing job. Travis, my boyfriend, could tell you were very thorough just from reading over the report. You gave great advise about repairs and was personable. Thanks again!
- , September 2017
You did an amazing job. Travis, my boyfriend, could tell you were very thorough just from reading over the report. You gave great advise about repairs and was personable. Thanks again!
- C.M., Janesville WI, September 2017
Very informative and helpful. I especially appreciate the email responses to questions.
- V.P., Edgerton WI, August 2017
My wife and I are very pleased with your company. Your attention to detail is second to none ! We appreciated the manual and advice. We will most certainly use you for our next home inspection. Keep up the good work !
- T.J., Monona WI, August 2017
I am completely satisfied with the inspection that Kyle performed. He was very thorough in his inspection, very courteous throughout, and his report is amazing. The report he generated is concise, everything is clearly labeled and photos are included with concerns circled or pointed to with arrows, so we know exactly where the issues are that need attention. I would highly recommend his service to anyone needing an inspection report of any type.
- A.M., Madison WI, July 2017
Thank you very much Kyle for the thorough and professional job you performed during our inspection. We very much appreciate your willingness to answer all of our questions and point out areas of concern we would have missed otherwise!
- B.N., Madison WI, July 2017
Thank you Kyle for such a thorough job on our inspection. You were very professional and friendly. I will not hesitate to refer you in the future. Again thank you.
- D.S., June 2017
Kyle, My realtor suggested you because you were thorough and easy to work with regarding your website and scheduling. My experience proved that to be true. I really appreciated the time and effort you put into my home inspection. I truly felt that the service you provided was personable and done so with my best interest in mind. I walked away with a sense that I fully understood my new home and any potential concerns there might be. I also appreciated the effort to educate me on home care best practices and your willingness to answer any question I had. The home care booklet provided at the end was another touch that proved you were invested as much in my future benefit as you were in providing the immediate service requested. Thank you for your careful inspection of my new home, and for your all around professionalism throughout what can be a very stressful endeavor.
- D.D., June 2017
Kyle, My realtor Penny Jaskulske suggested you because you were thorough and easy to work with regarding your website and scheduling. My experience proved that to be true. I really appreciated the time and effort you put into my home inspection. I truly felt that the service you provided was personable and done so with my best interest in mind. I walked away with a sense that I fully understood my new home and any potential concerns there might be. I also appreciated the effort to educate me on home care best practices and your willingness to answer any question i had. The home care booklet provided at the end was another touch that proved you were invested as much in my future benefit as you were in providing the immediate service requested. Thank you for your careful inspection of my new home, and for your all around professionalism throughout what can be a very stressful endeavor. Best wishes to you and your business.
- , June 2017
Kyle was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. He communicated well and always responds in a very timely manner. We were very pleased with our inspection and the helpful feedback and recommendations. Not only did he go through it with us, but explained what he recommended for down the road repairs versus immediate concerns. This was helpful as we were first time home owners. He made us feel much more confident and reassured!
- A.E., June 2017
I appreciated his detailed feedback. It was nice to have any pictures of his findings which helped me see what he described in his findings. He was very professional and helpful by providing suggestions for any fixes we could do ourselves. Great inspector!
- A.S., June 2017
I loved the thoroughness of the inspection, as well as the maintenance suggestions for the future.
- C.A., Windsor WI, June 2017
Kyle is thorough, level-headed, and so great to work with. Scheduling my home inspection couldn't have been easier and I had my report within hours of the home inspection itself. I work for a real estate company and know LOTS of home inspectors, but Kyle was my go-to and I would recommend him to anyone.
- A.M., June 2017
Kyle does a great job of inspecting properties. His report with pictures is very easy to understand defects that may need fix and other items for which he gives excellent maintenance tips. I would strongly recommend the potential buyers to follow him as he walks through the property because buyers could learn a lot in his 3-hour inspection. Kyle is so professional and he even provides help after the inspection. Thanks Kyle; for helping us decide to buy our dream home.
- S.M., MADISON WI, June 2017
Kyle does a great job of inspecting properties. His report with pictures is very easy to understand defects that may need fix and other items for which he gives excellent maintenance tips. I would strongly recommend the potential buyers to follow him as he walks through the property because buyers could learn a lot in his 3-hour inspection. Kyle is so professional and he even provides help after inspection. Thanks Kyle; for helping us decide to buy our dream home.
- , June 2017
Kyle took time to explain findings as he did the inspection which was very thorough. He let us know what was essential to be corrected and what could be done later. He also gave some advice on how to make necessary changes. The report was neatly done with photos that included arrows and boxes highlighting the problems.
- M.L., May 2017
I felt that Kyle did a thorough job of inspecting the home I'm buying, and was good at explaining what he was looking for as he did the inspection. He's also very willing to answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend Kyle.
- A.O., May 2017
Kyle Beckstrom you are awesome!! You are VERY thorough/professional and that is really important! Thank you so much for your services. Someone give this man a raise and promote him. NOW.
- A.S., May 2017
Kyle is very professional, thorough and trustworthy. We greatly appreciated his willingness and ability to inspect our prospective home even though there were unusual circumstances. We felt that he gave us a very honest report and are very comfortable with his findings.
- S.A., May 2017
Gives great value, easy to work with, thorough, knowledgeable. Have hired Kyle twice and been very satisfied with his reviews.
- P.M., Madison WI, April 2017
Kyle was friendly and professional. He was incredibly easy to work with. Many people who looked at our report, including the seller, commented on how thorough our inspector was. Thanks so much!
- A.B., Madison WI, April 2017
Copied from my Yelp review: As first time home buyers, we could not have had a more simple and informative experience for our inspection than with Kyle. The website design is easy to use to find out pricing information and making appointments. His response time is fast and will immediately provide advice on the most proper services for the inspection area. In our case, he explained the benefits of a radon test and we are happy to have that peace of mind. On the day of the inspection, Kyle had no problem letting me tail behind him and he would explain to me the issue and how best to resolve it. He would also explain how many of the home's major appliances worked and the repair schedules. This was exceedingly helpful to someone with little knowledge of these items, so I feel much more confident in being able to take care of the home. Finally, his detailed inspection report is beyond exceptional as he provides pictures and explanations of all the issues in an easy to read format that we will be able to reference in the future to take care of the home. I don't know if it is possible to have a better experience, and I would recommend Kyle to anyone for a home inspection whether they are first time or seasoned buyers.
- R.W., April 2017
thought you did a very thorough job! Thank You
- J.R., April 2017
We were very pleased with Kyle's inspection and report for our new home. Kyle was very methodical and thorough, checking large and small details, and documenting all findings with clear photographs of issues. Near the end, Kyle went through all of his findings in the report, explaining severity and noting which defects were most in need of remediation. Essentially, he went through what would be in the report, giving us a chance for questions. The report came via email within hours. Photos clearly indicated issues, while each was described along with what was required to remediate or come within code. Kyle was pleasant and straightforward while talking about the house and issues. We have no hesitation recommending him.
- S.T., Middleton WI, April 2017
Kyle, Thank You again for working us into your busy schedule, and braving the terrible rain & wind to provide a thorough inspection of the home we intend to purchase. If the house didn't develop leaks on that inspection day, I'd say "we're confident it will not have any issues for a good long while".
- R.M., Monona WI, April 2017
Kyle was incredibly thorough and impartial in his inspection of my home and did an excellent job of explaining his report to me. The depth of his knowledge was astounding. He provided so many photos with specific issues circled, so the necessary repairs were clear as day. These will be an invaluable resource as I go about making the small repairs that any average homeowner should be able to handle. Kyle's services came highly recommended and he didn't disappoint. He gave me the peace of mind I needed heading into the biggest investment I'll ever make. Thanks, Kyle!
- J.N., Madison WI, April 2017
Kyle was great to work with. He took us around to look at his findings and explained any issues and solutions for everything. He was very friendly and easy to understand. I really enjoyed being able to understand the final report as well. The pictures and descriptions were very easy to read and understand and again listed solutions to any findings. Would recommend to anyone looking for an inspector!
- L.M., Madison WI, March 2017
Efficient, reasonable, informative. Will likely use his services again. Yes, recommend him freely.
- P.M., Madison WI, March 2017
Kyle did a great job with my home inspection. He worked methodically and thoroughly through each area and explained what he was looking for as he inspected. He pointed out small and big things, and indicated approximately how much of a problem they would be in the future. The inspection report was also laid out nicely with pictures and text to point out exactly where each issue occurred. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone I know who is looking for a high quality home inspection.
- S.L., Verona WI, March 2017
Great Inspection from a great guy! I will choose Kyle for any future inspections.
- L.O., March 2017
Kyle was very helpful and mindful to take extra time in explaining what he was seeing during the inspection. I appreciated his patience with my questions and made me feel very comfortable during the entire inspection.
- M.G., February 2017
Easy going, thoughtful, efficient and knowledgeable. Kyle walked me through his inspection and flagged key items. Thank you!
- S.O., Fitchburg WI, February 2017
Kyle was great! Explained things so that I could understand. As a first time home buyer this was incredibly important to me. Would highly recommend his services!
- J.M., Madison WI, February 2017
Kyle of Madison Home Inspection was very professional and thorough in his inspection of the property I was buying. He pointed out many plumbing, heating, and electrical issues which helped to ensure the safety of the property, as well as pointing out smaller window and cabinetry cracks and wear. He helped me understand the problems through his on-site tour, as well as photos and clear descriptions provided in his report, along with recommendations for repair. He comes highly recommended from this customer.
- J.M., Madison WI, February 2017
Kyle did a great job. He is very professional and personable.
- E.R., February 2017
Thank you for performing such a detailed inspection. I appreciated the detailed report and thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! I will certainly recommend you to anyone that I know.
- A.M., Madison, February 2017