Mr. Esham is very professional and he was very thorough. I was able to be present when he was doing the inspection and he calmly and thoroughly answered all my questions. He performed the inspection on Friday morning, and I had the full report with a multitude of pictures and explanations before noon on Sunday. I can only hope my builder and construction manager act as professionally as Mr. Esham when they receive the report. Thank you, Bud!
- R.D., June 2023
Extremely detailed and I couldn't be happier about it. As a first time home buyer, home repair/maintenance is what scares me and has kept me from buying. I feel like this single report has taught me so much about what to look for and how to stay alert. Definitely recommend using this man's services.
- K.L., May 2021
This was our first time using Bud, he was very informative, patient and detailed throughout his inspection. Inspected the whole home in a timely matter. Thank you Ashley Adtkins for the amazing recommendation.
- M.M., February 2021
Very thorough, as an absentee purchaser, the information that Mr. Esham has provided is invaluable.
- C.B., January 2021
Thank you for your through inspection. You saved us a tremendous amount of money. We will be calling you for our next prospective purchase.
- B.S., July 2019
Awesome Inspection. thank you!
- J.S., October 2018
Through and friendly. Would be hard pressed to find anyone better. We were extremely pleased both times we used Bud.
- G.M., May 2018
Mr. Esham performed a thorough Home Inspection on a Rancher style home that we are in the process of purchasing during periods of heavy rains. He inspected everything from the crawl space to the attic and help document some minor issues that were found. Mr. Esham also helped answer some questions about the home and also of some potential grading issues that may need to be taken care of. Mr. Esham provided a thorough Home Inspection Report that is easily saved off to a PDF type of file that makes it easier to read and if necessary, provide to the lender if needed. Mr. Esham does an overall outstanding job and I would highly recommend Mr. Esham for any Home Inpsections.
- R.R., Carvel Beach MD, May 2018
Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job. I am really glad Bill Price had you to do the inspection. It was also very nice meeting you too. Thanks Vicki Hook
- V.H., March 2018
Extremely thorough and professional inspection and report. Amazingly quick turnaround. Would highly recommend to anyone purchasing a home!
- D.D., February 2018
awesome work Bud! very thorough, thank you!
- B.S., November 2017
nice job - I appreciated the photos and comments
- G.A., Hanover PA, January 2017
Bud was very professional and thorough in his inspection. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest assessment of a property.
- S.W., October 2015
spoke to Bud over the phone prior to reading the report and he is very detailed with his inspections. Made good recommendations on points of interest.
- L.G., July 2015
Mr Esham acted professionally when conducting the inspection. He answered all my questions. He gave a brief breakdown of major concerns after inspection. He send the full report in a timely manner. The written report was thorough in its description of the subject items. I would recommend Mr Esham to anyone I know.
- S.L., August 2014
I wasn't sure what to expect for an inspection. Bud was extremely thorough with his process. I really appreciated the quick run down of possible issues at the end of the inspection. Extremely happy with his service.
- J.G., August 2014