Jacob was very thorough, personable, and knowledgeable. His remarks and analysis made us feel all the more positive about our home purchase.
- D.G., March 2018
Jacob is very knowledgeable. He was able to explain the report and answer the home buyer's questions. He is very professional.
- L.B., February 2018
You always do a very thorough inspection, which is much appreciated by my clients. Your interaction with buyers is also always superb. Thank you! I hope to see you next week at one more house before the New Year!
- D.O., December 2017
Great service, timely, honest, thorough and very educational for this first time buyer.
- D.K., November 2017
Jacob: Thank you again for a professional job well done and taking the time to explain your inspection to my first time home buyers.
- D.C., Tempe AZ, October 2017
Jacob, Thank you for always being such a professional. I will continue to refer you to my clients.... Their loss if they don't wait! ps. Jennifer is very fortunate to be training with the best! Good luck to Jennifer!
- R.P., June 2017
Very personable and informative. Great suggestions for improvements to the home.
- A.C., June 2017
This year I've had a lot of listings selling and not many buyers. So I've had the opportunity to view many other inspectors. I really appreciate the way you present the inspection results to the buyer! Thank you!
- V.S., June 2017
Jacob Babin was extremely thorough and professional. He responded to my request for inspection right away, and delivered the report in a timely manner, given the size and scope of my home. He also helped me understand the findings and decide which items to request repairs from the sellers. I would highly recommend Jacob and Liberty Inspections.
- K.M., June 2017
Incredibly helpful & thorough.
- L.K., June 2017
Jacob was very informative and professional when explaining to us the results of our recent home inspection.
- T.H., June 2017
Jacob is always very thorough with his inspections and is quick to respond with any questions!
- C.C., Tempe AZ, May 2017
Jacob was very explained everything that was in need of work. He also explained what was good and showed me where to find everything. He also showed me how to use all of the items in the new home. That was really nice because I would have had no idea, like with the gas fireplace. I would recommend Jacob for any inspection. He was very knowledgeable.
- B.B., May 2017
Very thorough and factual. Very Quick turnaround! I've never seen one that fast! Lots of detail and great summary to help assess the overall condition of the property. Thanks Jacob!
- D.B., April 2017
Jacob was EXTREMELY detailed and pointed out areas that were more of a concern and in need of immediate attention as well as the standard concerns when purchasing an older home. I appreciated his insight and attention to my concerns. I would definitely recommend Jacob to evaluate your next home purchase.
- J.F., April 2017
Outstanding communication and inspection. My Buyers were not here for the inspection but Jacob went over everything with me and also gave my Buyers a call to go over the inspection report. A very knowledgeable and professional inspector, I will recommend and request Jacob for future inspections.
- K.N., March 2017
Very thorough and professional, a great guy too.
- B.J., March 2017
It was a pleasure to meet you Jacob. In reviewing the report and doing the walk through, it was very apparent that you knew what you were doing which gave us a lot of confidence in knowing that the report was solid. It's a large purchase and meeting with you has made us feel much better about it! Thank you for your professionalism. Larry & Erica
- L.C., February 2017
Thank you so much. You were great
- K.P., February 2017
Jacob was very thorough, and took the time to explain his findings to us. I felt confident that he had done a thorough job, and knew what he was talking about.
- L.M., February 2017
Jacob came highly recommended and I can see why. He was very thorough with the inspection and going over all of his findings. I recommend him to anyone looking for a quality inspection.
- K.H., February 2017
Jason Babin is my "Go To" Home Inspector. Over the last 10+ years I have hired an assortment of Home Inspectors - and they were all OK. Then I met Jason Babin - he was hired by another Realtor to do the Home Inspection on my Sellers Home. I expected Jason to be OK. Well, Jason is not OK - he is FANTASTIC! The Home Inspection report was thorough, honest and complete. It was the most complete Inspection Report I had ever viewed. Since that time, I have hired Jason to complete pre-listing inspections and Buyers Home Inspections on condos, medium size homes and 6000+ square foot luxury homes. Jason shows-up on time and his work is complete - he is also very personable and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Jason for any Home Inspection needs and I look forward to working with him again!
- J.V., January 2017
Jason is the most thorough and complete inspector I have worked with in over 10+ years.
- J.V., January 2017
Amazing home inspection! They were super thorough and concise. They were able to find the extreme details Im sure other home inspectors would have over looked. I would recommend them to anyone serious about buying a house.
- N.S., January 2017
Jacob went out of his way for my buyer. As always very professional and really takes the time to educate buyers and answers questions. Thank you Jacob!
- J.B., December 2016
Very professional and thorough. Addressed all questions and provided excellent explanations. Report concise and organized.
- D.M., December 2016
Jacob took his time and reviewed EVERYTHING! He then asked us through explaining everything, and showing us what we should have repaired that shouldn't wait and/or what we could do on our own. He was extremely thorough! I definitely would recommend Jacob. I told him afterwards that I have never had a home inspector be so clear and go through everything, as he did, and I have bought many homes. I would not hesitate to recommend Jacob.
- R.N., December 2016
Jacob was AWESOME, he looked at everything and was very detailed about what he saw. I feel great about this home and its condition.
- M.T., December 2016
Jacob was very personable and explained everything he did in the inspection in great detail. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.
- J.M., October 2016
Our Realtor recommended Liberty Inspections and we had the pleasure of working with Jacob. His inspection of our new home was extremely thorough and we were equally happy to have him re-inspect the home after the buyer had time to correct the issues in his report. I would definitely recommend Liberty Inspections to anyone buying a home, having Liberty inspecting your new home is one step closer to knowing that your new home doesn't hold any surprises for you! Highly Recommended! Thank you Jacob.
- M.K., October 2016
Jacob was great! The best I have seen!
- B.T., October 2016
We would like to thank you for the very professional work that you did on our home inspection. We greatly appreciate it.
- J.E., October 2016
Jacob did a great job we are very happy with his work.
- C.G., September 2016
Keep up the good work :)
- M.S., September 2016
Jacob THANK YOU for being so organized, thorough, and patient. You've done a very important job and I appreciate all you taught me when reviewing your findings. I'll definitely recommend you!
- J.M., September 2016
Very thorough! Extremely Professional.
- M.O., September 2016
In depth and thorough. Well put together. Thank you!
- N.C., September 2016
Jacob was great! He did a wonderful job explaining the minor issues on this property to the buyer and validated her thoughts of "This is a really good house!" Good job, Jacob!
- J.B., August 2016
Another great job by the Liberty team!
- C.H., August 2016
Jacob is great. He is very pleasant and knowledgeable and he answers any questions you have very thoughtfully. I would recommend him at any time.
- B.P., July 2016
Jacob is extremely professional. He thoroughly explained his findings to my buyers! I will definitely call him in the future for any inspection!
- C.W., July 2016
Jacob was very friendly and very thorough. He was happy to answer any questions that we had. He stressed the more important issues that were found without scaring us. Although there were issues to address with the sellers, Jacob made us feel comfortable with our purchase.
- S.S., July 2016
They were very fast, thorough, and professional. They knew what they were talking about and found things that we didn't even think needed work. They saved our butts and helped us avoid buying a money pit for a home.
- T.C., June 2016
I recommend Liberty Inspections to my clients whenever they ask for a good inspector. Jacob is consistently great at doing a thorough inspection and explaining the findings to my client in a thoughtful and patient manner.
- K.B., Phoenix AZ, June 2016
Thank you Jacob! You are the best, as always!
- K.R., June 2016
Jacob Babin was great explaining and answering questions.
- P.T., June 2016
Jacob Babin, Liberty Inspection Service, did a great job on our home inspection. His technical knowledge of the home and regulations, as well as his professionalism, were greatly appreciated. Jacob's final report even included recommended contractors who were qualified to repair the few items found during the inspection. This was a tremendous help since my wife and I are new to the area. Jacob gets my highest recommendation. Dave Upchurch Chandler, AZ
- D.U., June 2016
Jacob and his team were wonderful! Very thorough. They went above and beyond. Jacob has a great way of explaining what he inspected.
- L.B., June 2016
Very knowledgeable & thorough. Great attention to detail. I was delighted with both gentlemen. Will definitely refer to others.
- C.B., May 2016
Jacob did an amazing job walking me through his comprehensive home inspection. As a first time home buyer I was nervous of the process but Jacob was very patient and explained everything in a manner that was easy for me to understand and grasp the significance of each finding from the inspection. I would, and will, recommend his services to any of my contacts purchasing a home. Overall, I could not have asked for a better experience.
- B.L., May 2016
Testimonial: As a real estate agent, I've worked with Jacob Babin many times, and he is always the first home inspector I recommend to any client. Jacob is thorough and straightforward, and always takes the time to make sure homebuyers understand every nuance regarding the home they are purchasing.
- D.W., May 2016
Very professional and thorough. Willing to answer questions. A very good experience.
- A.K., May 2016
EXCELLENT and thorough work! I enjoy and respect the enthusiasm that Jacob displays for his job; he is professional, patient with the clients, and extremely knowledgeable about what he does and how a house works. He educates me, as well! Great work, Jacob!
- P.C., May 2016
Quality, consistency and service!
- S.S., Scottsdale AZ, May 2016
Jacob is very thorough: explaining what's working well, urgent problems, and issues that could be a problem in the near term such as noting the roof underlayment has exceeded its expected life. As a Realtor hoping to see the deal go through, I appreciated his "big picture comments" stated several times; for example, before discussing the problems noted, he clarified that it's a very good home in fine overall condition.
- L.M., May 2016
Jacob is great! He is professional, patient, and thorough, I would highly recommend his service!
- K.M., Tucson AZ, February 2016
Jacob did a very thorough inspection and explained all concerns to everyone understanding and satisfaction.
- D.K., February 2016
Wonderful work! Thank you Jacob!!!!
- T.M., Litchfield Park AZ, February 2016
Good interaction.
- M.F., Chandler AZ, October 2015
Very informative. Took the time to answer my questions and gave me his advice and recommendations. Walked me through every thing he reviewed and provided me with accurate notes and photos. I will definitely recommend. -Thank you!!
- I.M., September 2015
Top notch reporting and service. From the initial contact that Jacob made to finalizing the report, the process was professional and accurate.
- J.B., July 2015
Jacob is the consummate professional and extremely thorough and responsive. His customer service is above and beyond and he makes himself available for any questions even after the inspection. I highly recommend Jacob!
- K.G., June 2015
Very friendly and explained things well.
- S.H., May 2015
Excellent job, very thorough and patient to explain in person areas of concern for the report.
- C.B., May 2015
Jacob was very thorough in his report and very professional with the clients
- C.T., Peoria AZ, March 2015
Very thorough and explained everything he found to me. Was very patient.
- M.R., March 2015
Jacob, You did an amazing job on my home inspection! I truly appreciate your attention to detail. I feel confident that you've covered it all. Thank you for your professional and friendly service. Sincerely, Tiffany Reed
- T.R., March 2015
Jacob did a great job walking Mrs. Shannon through her new home purchase. He answered all her questions and made her feel great about the home.
- J.C., Goodyear AZ, February 2015
Very professional and thorough. Clearly answered any questions I had, no matter how trivial.
- S.B., February 2015
I was very happy the professionalism of Jaob's work and attitude. He explained the issues in terms I could understand and most importantly he was accessable for follow up questions and evan dropped by to make sure the repairs were done correctly. Mark from California
- M.M., December 2014
Jacob was great, very patient, thorough and explained things well. I am very grateful for the inspection.
- N.F., August 2014
Very professional and responsive.
- J.A., July 2014
Hey Jacob, Nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for the detailed inspection you performed and the professional manner in which you presented it to me, answering all my questions and then some. Amazing that you got the complete report to me within hours considering the challenge you had with this 1935 English cottage. Couldn't give you the big "10" because that would be perfect, and we all know no one is. Thanks again for your expertise. Ron
- R.C., April 2014
Thank you for set up and doing our inspection.
- S.P., March 2014
Thank Jacob, You were really very helpful. You took your time and were very responsive to my client in answering all of his questions. Barb
- B.R., Scottsdale AZ, March 2014
Great Job! Covered more than expected.
- S.T., Tempe AZ, February 2014
Very thorough and professional
- J.C., Scottsdale AZ, July 2013
Answered all my question before I asked. Explained things very clear and easy to understand.
- K.S., July 2013