Do the speech over the phone with the buyer and not in the house. LOL
- M.W., Ellicott City MD, July 2021
Mr.Moody was a very thorough inspector! I knew the house needed some repairs, but it was great to get his opinion because he pointed out things that I didn’t notice before. Although I knew I was most likely going to move forward with the house, he helped me to understand what I need to have at the top of my list for renovations. He explained to me everything he was checking and was able to give me several references on who to contact for repairs of different issues. I really appreciated his time and I recommend that everyone should get an inspection for a house they are going to buy. Mr. Moody was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to answer questions and discuss any concerns I had. Thanks!!!
- A.P., January 2021
Bob provided very detailed and exact information about every single aspect of the home inspection process. He explained what was going to happen in advance and gave me plenty of opportunity for questions. Although I am not very familiar with structural or mechanical or electrical systems, he provided an assessment to so that I could understand and make informed decisions about the house I wanted to purchase. He made distinctions to help me rate items that absolutely needed to be addressed immediately, versus other less urgent issues or cosmetic issues. I felt like he treated me like he was my Dad's best friend. Highly rated and recommended.
- V.L., Columbia MD, December 2020
Bob is a very thorough inspector who takes the necessary time to conduct a proper home inspection and the name of his company serves him well. Additionally, the 360deg photos are an added bonus.
- J.T., September 2020
Very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. At the completion of the inspection he provided an easy to understand review of the inspection for the client. Bob is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
- A.B., July 2020
- S.H., ELLICOTT CITY MD, May 2020
Bob, Thank You so very much for all your time, efforts, professionalism, thoroughness, and ability to explain various house related topics (exterior and interior) in a lay person language. I fully understand that what was noted and discussed today was obvious and visual at the time of the inspection. On a personal note I’d like to add that home buying process can be intimidating, but you made it easy to understand. I learned a lot from you today. Thank You for providing the report in a timely manner. I also appreciate the binder. I suspect I will be perusing it frequently in the near future. With appreciation, Yelena Sandler
- Y.S., January 2020
Full of Knowledge home inspection Professionalism I give trust what is done his work
- P.O., August 2019
Very professional and knowledgeable.
- B.M., Damascus MD, October 2018
Bob was very thorough with the inspection and answered all my questions. He was a real pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services.
- S.F., Westminster MD, March 2018
Hi Bob, It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm impressed with your thoroughness and mentoring technique! Love the HomeGauge tool, particularly the Request List. Will definitely recommend you to others and I look forward to working with you again soon, keep up the great work! Don Perrin RealtorŪ Licensed in DC, MD, VA Military Relocation Professional US Navy, Retired (703) 819-4655
- D.P., Alexandria VA, February 2018
We highly recommend Mr. Moody for general home inspections. He was extremely thorough and found things that one of our other inspectors missed. He gave us detailed information on how to maintain the home, as well as things that needed to be fixed. We appreciate your past service to this country and your continued service to the community through your work as a diligent and comprehensive home inspector.
- S.S., Baltimore MD, October 2017