Best Inspection always!
- A.S., May 2021
Tim inspected a home which we are in process of buying. I have never seen anyone take the time and effort that he did on doing this home. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Alfred and Eileen Shiner
- F.S., April 2021
Tim was great!! Checked the roof to first floor. Took his time with all aspects of the inspection. I would definitely recommend him for your next home inspection.
- J.M., November 2019
Friendly and professional, giving honest accurate assessment on the house while making you feel a friendly hand have your back.
- J.R., November 2019
Thank you Tim for the pre home inspection. You are a true professional and very customer friendly. You may me feel at ease throughout the entire inspection and walk through and I appreciate the thorough job and value your feedback on the items in my home that need attention. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a Home Inspector.
- B.M., September 2019
Thank you Tim for a wonderful thorough inspection. It was a pleasure to work with you.
- C.J., July 2019
Tim is very knowledgeable and helpful, he is very interactive and of friendly nature. During our home inspection, he inspected all minor to major things thoroughly. The inspection report is also very detailed, having all photos and other required information. I would highly recommend Tim.
- F.J., February 2019
Tim did a great job! The inspection covered every detail of the house we hope to purchase - highlighting the good as well as things that need to be addressed. He was professional and easy to work with. We'd definitely recommend Tim!
- J.P., February 2019
I enjoyed working with Tim he was informative, friendly and thorough. the report he wrote will help me a lot. Besides the sale of the house, I was especially interested in seeing the things he found out the the Condo mangement were responsible for. The condo management company will receive a list of repairs repairs needed that are communicated clearly. thank you, Nancy Smith
- N.S., February 2019
Tim, thank you for the detailed report and the education. We would certainly recommend you without hesitation. Regards, Weedy and Jessie
- W.H., November 2018
Extremely thorough and friendly!!
- E.M., September 2018
Tim was thorough and professional. Very knowledgable and friendly.
- H.M., July 2018
I'm no expert on home inspections, but my observation of the process tells me that Tim couldn't have been more professional or efficient. He's knowledgable and did an excellent job of communicating his findings as he thoroughly inspected every aspect of the property I hope to be purchasing. It was money well spent to have someone with his expertise tell me everything I need to know in order to protect my investment. He came highly recommended to me and now I know why. Thanks Tim! Deborah Pickett
- D.P., December 2017
Thorough, smart, comprehensive, detailed, and a nice guy.
- T.M., November 2017
thank you Tim for a very excellent and thorough job 3rd time you have been our inspector, in 3 different circumstances. my wife and I value your honesty and hard work. your insight and knowledge will be of tremendous help in our decision. Fred Carter
- F.C., September 2017
Thank you! Tim did a great job going through everything at a high enough level to understand and detailed enough to know what potential action would be required. Fantastic to work with and timely turn around on all the details.
- S.G., April 2017
Like all the other reviews say, Tim was early, professional, personable, thorough, and an absolute pleasure to have inspecting for us. I absolutely can not recommend anybody higher than Tim, and I've told everybody I know about him. As he conducted his inspection, he took the time to point out items that could be a source of future issues, even if they are in a good state now. Having that kind of early warning can prevent what would be a small, quick fix from getting out of hand. Our inspection report was thorough, well formatted, and easy to read and understand. The level of detail in Tim's notes was perfect, and it let us know what kind of repairs we might be looking at immediately, short term, and long term. Anything that was a safety or health concern got a detailed mention, as well as a recommendation to have a more in-depth inspection and repair performed by a trained and licensed professional. The report showed up the evening of the inspection, which was very impressive given how comprehensive it was, and allowed me to make an informed decision about the largest purchase of my life. Having had Tim perform my inspection, I'm much more at ease with the prospect of buying a home, and that's worth double his prices to me! Just don't tell Tim.
- T.C., March 2017
Tim is a very thorough and knowledgeable inspector who is extremely helpful in ensuring people understand the various features of the house and of potential problems when areas of concern are noted. Best housing inspector I've ever hired.
- C.S., March 2017
Very thorough and knowledgeable inspector. Willing to take time to answer questions and explain system (such as heating/ plumbing) operations to customers.
- C.S., March 2017
Thank you for the very thorough inspection, expert advise and for the answers to the many questions we had. I recommend Tim to anyone purchasing a home. The best home inspector we've ever used.
- C.S., February 2017
Very thorough job. Tim took time to explain all system operations and concerns. Best inspector I have ever used compared to all of my other home purchase inspections.
- C.S., November 2016
Thanks for the very thorough job, Tim. I greatly appreciate your input and would not feel comfortable without it. Jon W
- J.W., Stratham NH, July 2016
Tim was great. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He takes his time and does the job right. He was recommended to us and we would highly recommend him!
- C.F., June 2016
If you want the truth about a house, this is a good option.
- J.C., December 2015
Very thorough!
- J.C., December 2015
Thank You , Tim you are very helpful!!!
- D.C., October 2015
Tim was very thorough and discussed every detail with me as he inspected our future home. It is immediately clear that Tim has deep experience in home design and construction, and he is very willing to teach and share with homebuyers. I strongly recommend Tim, and I'll use him again for my next home purchase. Thank you!
- K.F., September 2015
We have had the opportunity to have Tim inspect two homes we were interested in purchasing. He was the ultimate pro, prompt, extremely thorough, and provided a great report. He also walked us through the level of importance on repairs and provided guidance on the scope of each. Overall he was a great to work with and would highly recommend him to everyone.
- , August 2015
I hired Tim by word of mouth. Never even heard of him before. I had him look at a pc of property in Raymond NH. This guy is right on the ball. He showed up 1/2 hr early and was already on the roof poking around. He does not miss anything! He took his time and explained everything and answered all my questions. His full report was outstanding and very professional. This guy is not afraid to earn his money. And speaking of money, he was very reasonable in pricing. I wouldn't even think of hiring a different home inspector than Tim if I ever made another purchase. You owe yourself to hire this man. He is one of the best, and a classy guy. Brendan P. soon to be living in Raymond thanks to Tim
- B.P., July 2015
Thank you for your thoroughness and quick turnaround!!
- D.K., July 2015
smart, competent and very nice
- G.T., July 2015
Tim did a fantastic job, he was very thorough and explained every issue that he found. I would highly recommend Tim for any type of building inspection service.
- T.H., May 2015
Tim Rooney provides a very comprehensive and profession home inspection experience. I have used him on two occasions and found him to be extremely thorough and able to point out things that I had personally missed in my viewings of the properties. Roy Berger
- R.B., May 2015
Tim was very professional and incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend Tim's Services to anyone.
- B.W., April 2015
Hello ! See latest email...use if you like or if you wish a longer testimonial .. I can add comments (and may anyway, as I was so pleased with your work)
- J.P., April 2015
Thank you Tim for all your help and insight. My husband was impressed by it. Jane
- J.C., April 2015
Once again a super inspection leaving the buyer with a complete picture of what she needs to expect in the future. Thanks Tim
- D.C., March 2015
Thanks again Tim, nice job.
- K.K., February 2015
Mr Rooney has helped us three times on our search for a home. Nothing is too small for him to check. He explains everything. He was always there promptly. Not rushed in any way. That evening the completed report was available. I can't say enough about him. He helped us avoid quite a few pitfalls. Respectful professional knowledgable.
- S.M., November 2014
Thank you Mr Rooney for your thorough inspection. I appreciated how much time you spent, so carefully regarding all aspects of the house. You generously shared your knowledge and patiently offered helpful suggestions with every concern. Thank you for your careful guidance, sharp observations, and professional recommendations. I feel you have prepared a true and valuable inspection of my new home. Thanks!
- K.T., November 2014
Thank you for our first awesome home inspection experience. You explained everything wonderfully and were very friendly and funny. I will recommend you to everyone in need of a home inspection! Thanks Tim!
- C.R., October 2014
Tim did a fantastic job and is well worth the money. I couldn't have asked for a better home inspector. Not only was he incredibly thorough, but he took the time to answer all of my questions, provided names of other contractors who could address some of the issues, and made suggestions on what some of the most important items were that needed to be addressed. I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for an inspector.
- K.S., September 2014
Very impressive, both his expertise and his ability to convey his findings verbally so that they can be understood by a layman. His report was especially thorough.
- N.S., September 2014
We were very happy with Tim's inspection and timely report. He was wonderful to work with, we would highly recommend him to family and friends! Thanks Tim!
- S.G., June 2014
I asked the buyer, "Do you want a good inspector who will do a good job, or do you want the good inspector who will do a super thorough job?" He said he wanted the "super inspector," so I gave him Tim Rooney's number!
- N.K., May 2014
Thanks Tim. Thorough job - very informative as we walked through the process. Thanks for the quick turn around on the report!
- L.C., Exeter NH, May 2014
Great job. I would work with Tim Rooney again.
- D.H., May 2014
This is the second home Tim has inspected for us. He does an outstanding job.
- M.T., April 2014
Tim went though every little thing in the house. You ask anything about what he was doing Tim would stop and explain it . Tim I would recommend to anyone.
- N.H., February 2014
One of the most professional contractors I have ever dealt with. I deal with contractors on a weekly basis. Very thorough and fair priced.
- K.C., October 2013
Tim was very personable and detailed. He helped explain the systems on the house and also great feedback on maintenance. His report was through and offer great pictures to show what he is describing.
- B.S., August 2013
Tim was - professional but good-humored - thorough but quick - experienced but interested - by-the-book but reasonable Highly recommended and well worth his reasonable price. Thanks Tim!
- R.D., August 2013
Tim was extremely thorough spending over 3 hours at the property. His assessment was detailed and included close up pictures and suggested action steps. I would highly recommend Tim and would definitely use him again. Thanks Tim!
- M.G., August 2013
Thank you good job Tim.
- p.o., exeter NH, July 2013
Excellent care was given. Arrived early. Answered all of our questions and more. Covered everything in detail. Our agent was running late and Tim filled that time by working on our report, the exterior of the home and even on other reports he had to do. Tim didn't mind the delay to get inside. Once inside Tim again went above and beyond. His rates were very good for the service we got. I would recommend anyone hire Tim for an inspection. Thank you. Tom
- T.B., June 2013
Tim, It was great meeting you today. Thank you again for staying late due to Jason running late. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us but you helped us prioritize the importance of it all. Ty.Tom
- T.B., June 2013
Tim Rooney was very thorough and professional. He was also very nice and was very patient explaining things to me. He has a positive attitude that made the process very pleasant.
- J.L., May 2013
Great job, very nice, and took the time to explain all his findings
- R.F., May 2013
Outstanding. Very detailed and focused. Very pleased with the inspection
- C.S., March 2013
I found Tim to be very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.
- J.B., March 2013
You were awesome, and very thorough!
- D.S., March 2013
Thorough and fast - couldn't ask for a better job. Only wish Tim was a general contractor - I would hire him in a minute!
- S.A., February 2013
Tim was very thorough. Gave us a lot of great information and recommendations. I would definitely recommend.Thanks Tim!
- A.K., February 2013
very helpful! will recommend to friends
- E.C., February 2013
In 20011 I purchased my home in Eliot. Tim took the time to go through my entire home with me helping me to understand everything from the heating system, the generator, roof, windows, chimney, fireplace, foundation, electrical, appliances and insulation. I felt like Tim really understood my home as a single parent of two children was the biggest purchase I would ever make. He took time to explain things to me in a language that would help me move forward with confidence in buying my home.
- H.S., February 2013
He is thorough and helpful. He explains things in a way even a novice can understand.
- F.S., January 2013
Alway a great experiance to have Tim inspect our propertys.
- D.M., November 2012
Thorough, candid, and to the point. Highly recommend.
- L.M., November 2012
Tim did an outstanding job inspecting our vacation home. Didn't miss a thing, and very professional as well as personable. We definitely would recommend him! Ken & Bonnie Coombs
- K.C., August 2012
The Best
- P.M., July 2012
Tim did a great job and didn't miss a thing. He was great at explaining everything and taking his time at the house.
- T.P., June 2012
A great job, meticulous attention to detail, very knowledgable and thorough. Would highly recommend to anyone needing his services.
- C.B., June 2012
Tim Rooney is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and polite. He takes time to answer all questions and discuss possible solutions. We would certainly choose Tim for another inspection and highly recommend him without any reservation.
- W.U., May 2012
- C.C., March 2012
Thank you Tim. You are very thorough and a sincere person. Thanks for the tip to contact Mark Belanger. He fixed my problem in 20 minutes. Paul
- P.N., March 2012
Tim, You do an excellent inspection! You are at the top of my list! Joan
- J.P., February 2012
Tim seems to have left no stone unturned.
- C.M., January 2012
Thank you for your sense of humor and thorough inspection! You have made the process much easier to cope with.
- T.P., October 2011
Tim, I can't thank you enough for your time on Wednesday! Thank you for the care, professionalism, and patience you put into my home inspection! Thank you again!
- M.M., September 2011
I was very impressed with Tim Rooney's expertise, thoroughness, and his vast knowledge of problem areas that a house inspection invariably bring to light. I intend to recommend his services to my friends and acquaintances should they be in a position to require a detailed, knowledgeable and fairly priced home inspection.
- L.D., May 2011
Great job Tim. Thank you for this detailed report. You were very professional and thorough. We'll call you when we find another house to purchase!
- S.H., May 2011
Tim is a professional w/ a vast knowledge of homes and the best!
- T.F., May 2011
Thanks Tim for a great job. I appreciate the time you took to explain things in detail and in understandable terms.
- K.D., April 2011
Thanks Tim, you're the best!
- M.S., April 2011
It was great meeting you and seeing your work. thank you. Bob Loch
- R.L., April 2011
Tim was recommended to me. I would not hesitate to recommend him,,
- C.A., March 2011
Pleasure to meet you. Very thorough. Great job.
- H.F., March 2011
Thank you for doing a professional and thorough job. I will definately recommend HomeView to others in the future. -Tim C.
- T.C., March 2011
Thorough and patient with the non mechanically inclined.
- R.O., February 2011
Tim; You were very thorough, professional and knew what you were talking about. Great job, I can sleep now with the info you have given us. The money was better than two other inspectors and in the long run saved me thousands, if I actually went through with the purchase of the property. Thanks, again. Chris & Amy Alexopoulos
- C.A., February 2011
Tim is very dedicated to his profession and the Buyers who hire him. My buyers always praise his thoroughness, knowledge & professionalism. Heā??s got a great sense of humor too!
- M.W., February 2011
Tim is very thorough in his inspections. He takes the time to tell you what is needed. A top notch professional, I highly recommend Tim for any home inspections. Mark Boyer
- M.B., January 2011
Tim, I'm very pleased with your inspection work. You provide an excellent presentation while at the same time, making your clients feel comfortable with the process.
- M.S., Portsmouth NH, January 2011
Very professional and detailed service. I would recommend Tim in a heart beat
- E.B., January 2011
Tim: Thank you for your detail-oriented work, your patience and your thoroughness. As a first-time home buyer, this is a scary process and a learning process. The time you took to explain aspects of the house, what you were concerned with and why, and thoughts on how any trouble spots might be addressed all helped me to better understand the house I in which I was interested. I felt very comfortable with your recommendations and your review of the home. Thank you so very much!
- J.T., January 2011
The finest inspector we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He was a true professional in every aspect of the job. He took the time to explain everything he had seen during the inspection. I would have no problem recommending him to anyone who needs this type of service.
- L.P., December 2010
Tim, I enjoyed working with you. You made me feel very comfortable and I did not feel any question or concern was pushed aside or a waste of your time. The last place I was involved with purchasing was 12 years ago. At that time my husband did all of the work. I really had no idea what to expect. The experience working with you was very pleasant and professional. I will absolutely recommend you to everyone who is in need of home inspections. Thank you, Leann Russell
- L.R., December 2010
I was impressed with his over all knowledge of the house building industry and all of the Utilities that need to be looked at. Thank You for your attention to detail. Jim Maguire
- J.M., November 2010
You have met my expectations. Heather say's Hi. Thanks
- E.D., October 2010
Excellent coverage of the property. Will highly recommend to others!
- K.d., October 2010