You were great Tim- thanks for your insight and inspection at 31 Vanderbilt
- J.F., August 2019
Great guy, very thorough. On time, polite and professional. Reasonable fees. I use him every time.
- N.C., August 2019
Tim Gill was absolutely amazing. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. He is extremely thorough and leaves no rock unturned. Tim is honest and will walk you through everything he is doing.
- E.J., August 2019
Tim Gill was incredible! Extremely thorough and reliable !
- E.J., August 2019
Tim was professional and knowledgeable. It's clear he has expertise in his field, and he is also certified. Tim took some time to explain any findings to me and set expectations about what comes next. He got me my inspection report quickly and, since I'm not from the area, he was able to refer me to some contractors. Overall the experience was positive and I appreciate having a certified, knowledgeable inspector!
- K.L., July 2019
Tim is smart and well informed. He is a great guy that knows his stuff. Definitely would recommend him.
- D.C., June 2019
Tim Gill came highly recommended and exceeded expectations. He gave detailed answers to all of my questions and truly helped me SEE the home.
- B.C., May 2019
Tim did a great job. He went through the entire house; shows me thing and explained what needed to be done to fix some of the issues with the house. His report also explained everything. Thanks Tim
- A.G., May 2019
Very knowledgeable! Thorough! Professional! Friendly!
- N.M., May 2019
- N.K., May 2019
Tim provided a very thorough report. Tim was punctual, professional and efficient. He took his time with the inspection and documented it well. As a first time home buyer, I am thankful I chose Tim as our inspector. Thank you!
- C.W., April 2019
Very detailed and thorough!
- B.K., March 2019
Tim was extremely professional and thorough.
- B.T., March 2019
I was extremely pleased with Tim from House Detectives of New York. He was very thorough when conducting the inspection. He produced a detailed report of findings in prompt fashion. I would not hesitate to use House Detectives again.
- J.L., March 2019
It was a great choice to hire Tim Gill. He was extremely knowledgeable and extremely diligent . He took the time to inform us on everything he observed and delivered his completely report very timely. I highly recommend Tim for your home inspection.
- J.C., February 2019
Fast turnaround time. Very thorough inspection. Report output is professional and descriptive. I would absolutely use Tim again for my next inspection.
- E.H., February 2019
I highly recommend Tim for any home inspection. He was prompt, thorough, efficient and informative. I felt confident in Tim's knowledge and experience as he touched on all issues in every area of my potential new home. He prepared his report quickly as well, which was very helpful in allowing me to negotiate in a timely manner. In addition, he made himself available for discussions on multiple occasions following his inspection.
- M.S., January 2019
Tim was great checked out the whole house inside and out even in the small crawl spaces very detailed report.
- J.F., January 2019
Tim was amazing! The inspection he performed was so thorough made me confident in my decision to purchase the home. There wasn?t one thing left unturned in his inspection. Great Job would recommend him to anyone I know looking for a home inspection! Thanks again Tim great job
- S.W., January 2019
Very detailed and got the report back to us quickly
- T.G., October 2018
He was very thorough about the inspection. Thank you again .
- M.E., October 2018
Tim Gill is a top notch inspector who is personable and extremely knowledgeable. He is reliable and was able to provide an appointment the next day. He is exceptionally thorough and willing to take the time to explain concerns and answer questions. The process can be overwhelming for first time home buyers and there is a lot of information to absorb. Tim was very patient, courteous and a pleasure to work with. His reports are upstanding and highly detailed. They are easy to read and reference. I highly recommend Tim Gill!
- M.B., October 2018
Tim was very thorough in his home inspection of my new house. He gave me well educated suggestions to improve my new house from the pitch of the dirt to the color of my roof! I would highly recommend him to anybody that needed a home inspector!!
- C.S., September 2018
Tim was EXTREMELY helpful, and went beyond the call of duty. I was running late and he even offered to meet me at the train. He answered every question in detail and was very knowledgeable and compassionate. I even called him after I spoke with him and he addressed my concerns again and did not lose patience with me. He did a thorough job, not leaving any stone unturned. He is well trained in his profession and courteous! It was a blessing to have someone inspect the home who was truly concerned with the living conditions and not just getting paid. I would recommend him to everyone! He is great.
- S.G., September 2018
As a Licensed Broker Associate for 17 years, I proudly and confidently refer Tim Gill to my buyers. He is an expert in his field. He communicates well with his clients and takes the time needed to make sure they understand his findings. His reports are easily laid out and he is always available to answer any questions concerning his inspection report! Thanks Tim for being a true Professional!
- D.M., Massapequa Park NY, September 2018
Tim is extremely thorough compared to other inspectors I've used. He is always available when I need his services and is flexible when it comes to scheduling. I feel confident referring him because I know my clients are going to be completely satisfied with his work. Tim is friendly and informative during the inspection and prepares the full report in a timely manner. I highly recommend Tim to all my clients and encourage others to do the same. Thank you, Tim! You are awesome at what you do!
- E.C., August 2018
Tim inspected two houses for us this year and did an outstanding job. He's a pleasure to work with, totally reliable and knows his business inside and out. You can rest assure with Tim as your inspector !
- L.S., August 2018
He is absolutely wonderful! Thorough, knowledgeable and courteous, he is to be commended on doing a great job!
- C.M., August 2018
Tim, Thank you for being so thorough and patient with having to come back a second time. You were also very accommodating with your scheduling so quickly. Let?s keep our fingers crossed. I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing an inspection in the future.
- S.H., July 2018
He was thorough and made great recommendations. He's friendly and knowledgeable and I greatly appreciated his help and insight.
- J.F., July 2018
Tim was very professional and thorough. He was personable and explained everything to us. I am confident that he recommended all the proper job requests.
- T.F., June 2018
Tim thank you very much
- V.M., June 2018
Tim is great. I wouldn't use anyone else.
- K.M., June 2018
Tim was EXCELLENT. The info he shared with us verbally during the inspection and within the detailed report he provided has already proven to be very useful, and will continue to be should the purchase be completed. Thanks Tim!
- D.P., June 2018
Tim was very professional very nice guy very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of good ideas on what we should fix ourselves. He was very thorough during inspection of the house.
- J.S., May 2018
you guys are very good with everything thanks again new home owners Dennis @Amy
- D.B., May 2018
thank you tim for everthing i looked at the report very good.
- D.B., May 2018
It was pleasure working with Tim. He explained what he was inspecting as he went throughout the house and gave us recommendations as if to what needed to be done in the house.
- E.K., May 2018
Thank you for coming on short notice..
- J.G., March 2018
Tim thank you for your amazing work, you have helped us greatly and because of you we are better buyers.
- A.M., March 2018
Tim did a great job on my exspection I deffently recommend him to do yours ??.
- V.T., March 2018
Best inspector out there. Answered all my questions and made knowledgeable suggestions.
- S.T., February 2018
Thorough, honest, professional, punctual
- T.K., January 2018
Thorough, honest, professional, punctual
- T.K., January 2018
Tim Gill was referred to me as " The Man " and certainly lived up to the expectation! His thoroughness ,politeness , and being able to perform the inspection sooner than anticipated. Turned out Tim was a friend of my family , my Dad and Mom , who always surround themselves with quality people !!!!Beautiful concise report. Thank you Tim
- T.B., December 2017
Tim Gill was absolutely amazing! he was very thorough, and taught me a lot about house inspections. He is extremely nice, and easy to work with. he answered all questions plus more that my family and i had. i would recommend him to anyone as well as continue to use him.
- S.L., December 2017
I was very impressed with Tim's inspection. He is very knowledgeable and very thorough with his inspection and report. I would definitely recommend him to all.
- R.L., December 2017
Tim was very friendly, informative and professional. When we first met he asked me if I had any concerns and he did address those items. He pointed many things out to me and provided recommendations. The report received was detailed and more information than I had expected.
- S.G., November 2017
Great Job
- G.R., November 2017
Tim is a very friendly and professional individual. It is my first time purchasing a home and he was extremely thorough and addressed possible issues immediately. I would definitely recommend him in the future to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.T., October 2017
Tim Gill is a kind and genuinely caring person. He is a perfectionist when it comes to inspecting your property. I trust his opinion and recommendations completly. I thank him so much for all his help when purchasing my home!
- E.M., October 2017
A completely thorough and detailed report. The comments and narrative were easy to understand and follow. We definitely got great value in choosing you for the house inspection. Trish and I would totally recommend you to anyone buying a new house !Thanks for everything, Lou.
- L.S., October 2017
Tim Gill was super professional: nice, patient, informative and clearly gave the inspection his undivided attention.
- A.D., October 2017
Tim Gill was very professional and informative. He took the time to go to the roof of the house and observed everything from top to bottom. He pointed out some easy ways to 'quick fix' a few things to make it our house. We really recommend his services. Thank you Tim!
- E.B., October 2017
Thank you Tim, for always being there for myself and my clients.
- E.R., Babylon NY, August 2017
Tim is an absolute pleasure to do with business with. Professional, thorough, friendly and cheerfully willing to answer any and all questions. I will recommend to anyone that can use his services.
- G.H., August 2017
Knowledgeable and Thorough.. Great Inspector!
- M.G., August 2017
Excellent work! Bar none, the most thorough and knowledgeable home inspection I have ever received.
- K.R., July 2017
Tim was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He was efficient and got the job done. I would highly recommend him.
- C.P., July 2017
Tim is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable, helpful and detailed! Would definitely recommend him to anyone buying a home.
- J.M., July 2017
Tim did a very complete and thorough inspection! He was extremely professional and took the time to educate us about our home and property as he inspected. I We would 100% recommend Tim to anyone looking for a great home inspector.
- C.W., July 2017
Much appreciated
- E.L., July 2017
Hands down one of the best inspectors you can ask for. Very thorough and insightful. Will leave no stone unturned, will voice any and all concerns clearly. Thanks for everything Tim
- R.M., June 2017
Great job as usual. Talk to you again in a few months.
- L.M., June 2017
Tim was awesome! He was prompt, efficient, and took the time to explain everything he saw. He promptly completed his report, too. I'm really glad we were able to work with him on this inspection. 10/10 would recommend!
- C.F., June 2017
Thank you for your fast and professional service even in the confusion of our schedule and directions to the work site. It was a pleasure doing business with you. See you again soon, Larry.
- L.M., June 2017
Thanks to Tim Gill, I became aware of great deficiencies inside a house I made an accepted offer to buy. I reread his very detailed inspection report several times and learned that my investment into this house would be an expensive proposition to repair or replace required items in the immediate future, including electrical. It would have cost me thousands of dollars. He is very detailed and professional. I definitely will use him again.
- R.A., May 2017
Extremely knowledgable and professional
- B.A., May 2017
Tim was very responsive, even after I telephoned him on a Saturday Night. Tim's home inspection was very thorough and he took the time to explain his findings and answer our questions. We are new to Long Island, and New York, and Tim walked us through the nuances of the inspection process. Tim's report was well-written in language a layperson can understand. Tim has also let us know he is available for follow-up questions. I would use Tim again and will recommend him to others.
- J.S., May 2017
Tim just inspected a home that my boyfriend & I are purchasing and I would definitely use Tim again. He's very personable and precise. I will recommend him to friends & family!
- P.D., May 2017
Tim came to my house to do a home inspection. He is very thorough, professional and friendly. He answered all of our questions and explained any recommendations he made. I would absolutely recommend him to all of my friends and family!
- A.C., May 2017
Tim Gill is a good guy. Very professional, friendly and thorough, and takes his work very seriously. He seems to reallly enjoy what he does. He takes his time explaining everything to you and is very detailed in his explanations. He won't give you a one or two liner response to a question, but more like a 5 minute response. Very receptive to your questions. Would definitely recommend, no BS.
- P.P., April 2017
-TIM, I don't have any suggestions for you, although i do want to thank you for your service. Everything you did was not only quick and professional, but also educational. Thanks again, Chris Fiorenzo
- C.F., April 2017
It was such a pleasure meeting Tim yesterday. He was so patient with all of our questions and answered each one in terms that we could understand. A truly great inspector and would recommend him to anyone needing an inspection. Thanks so much, Tim!!!!!
- R.P., April 2017
Tim did an amazingly thorough job checking out our potential new home. So many items I would never have even thought to check and documented everything. The report was created and presented in such a professional manner. Tim even spent the time to make recommendations on improving items in the house that were not issues but would make the house more efficient or useable. I only wish all other contractors could be as capable and easy to work with. I will recommend Tim to anyone who needs an inspector.
- P.G., March 2017
Tim was great help at the inspection and gave great advice.
- D.M., March 2017
Tim did a thorough inspection and explained what he found in terms I could understand. I would definitely recommend Tim.
- M.B., Amityville NY, March 2017
Thank you taking time out of your hectic weekend to inspect the house for me. Truly appreciate the timely manner in which you arrived, started right away and sent me the report.
- T.M., March 2017
Tim was very detailed and communicated to me clearly about the areas of concern.
- T.D., February 2017
Tim was professional, personable and very helpful. Would recommend your services to everyone.
- J.B., February 2017
Tim did a great and very thorough job. Highly recommend his inspections
- J.B., February 2017
From the minute I first spoke to Tim he was very professional and helpful. He gave me an accurate quote rite over the phone and we scheduled a next day appointment. Despite the snow and bad weather tim was there on time and got straight to work. I stayed with him for most of the inspection and he went over everything as he inspected the house. Gave amazing tips and professional opinions. I will most definitely be recommending him to anyone looking for a home inspector. Ace Mazhar
- A.M., January 2017
Thanks for the great job Tim.
- Y.Q., December 2016
Tim-- Thank you for doing such a thorough job on our inspection. It was a pleasure to work with you!
- D.H., November 2016
Tim was great, super thorough! This was the 2nd time I've used him, would recommend him to anybody needing a home inspection.
- M.C., October 2016
Tim Gill was fantastic!!! His attention to detail was amazing. I also received his report in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- M.A., October 2016
Great inspector and very knowledgeable.
- W.G., October 2016
Tim is very diligent and detailed oriented. We admire his work ethic and efficiency! Highly recommended!
- A.L., October 2016
Tim was very through and explained everything to us! This is our first house that my husband and I are buying, so as you can imagine I was a little nervous, but Tim took the time out to walk us around and explain everything to us so that we understood everything, and we really appreciated that!
- J.D., October 2016
Tim thank you so much,you are the best inspector on Long Island,very professional,good price and very responsible...
- M.G., October 2016
Thank you Tim
- A.G., September 2016
Tim was exactly what i was looking for in a home inspector. I already have recommended him to friends and other family members I found his report to be very professional and detailed he obviously put a lot of time and effort into making sure I had all the details. I found him to be extremely thorough in his inspection.
- D.B., September 2016
Thank You for being a professional. I thought the inspection was transparent and the report was very detailed. I would recommend you highly. The Best of Luck to you.
- L.B., Babylon NY, September 2016
Tim was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. Report was emailed very quickly with detailed instruction. He was able to explain information in a way we would be able to understand while the inspection was going on. Would definitely recommend.
- K.B., September 2016
Very personable, informative, and humorous. Made the stressful duration of buying a house enjoyable, and allowed questions to be asked.
- B.S., September 2016
Tim, Trust, honesty and respect are the fundamental layer of any relationship. You brought it all with you and made us feel like our home purchase was #1 on your priority list. That is rare. We feel blessed to have you on our side and wish you nothing but success in your business. Thank you for everything you did for us. Gary and Carolyn Waskovich
- G.W., September 2016
I do not have any suggestions for Tim. My suggestion is for everyone else: don't trust anyone other than Tim with such an important part of the home buying process. I cannot say enough about Tim and his caliber of work.
- M.R., September 2016
Tim was a very thorough professional who performed our home inspection. He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home inspection process. He gave a comprehensive report that was detailed but very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Tim Gill for anyone needing a home inspection professional.
- G.N., September 2016
Tim was extremely through with his inspection and report. We appreciate the time he took since it was our first time buying a house.
- M.M., August 2016
Tim was amazing! I was able to reach him on a weekend to schedule an appointment the following business day. He arrived early for the appointment. For my first home inspection, he let me shadow him and made it a pleasure to learn what he was looking for, as well as tips & tricks. Besides being a great home inspector, he was a really nice guy! I would absolutely use Tim again in the future, or would recommend him to anyone in the area for their home inspection.
- J.K., August 2016