I always enjoy doing business with Roger. He is such a pleasure to work with and he is very competent and knowledgeable. He takes the time to go over his findings with the buyers and explain everything in great detail. I have done business with Roger for over 10 years and will continue doing business with him when ever I am working in his service area.
- J.P., Fort Myers FL, June 2020
- C.D., September 2019
He was very professional and take his time to answer all my questions. I will use him again.
- E.D., June 2019
Thorough and honest, very easy to work with and responsive to questions. Kept us from making a horrible financial mistake. Roger is worth every penny!
- R.R., June 2019
Working with Roger and his co-worker has been a pleasure.
- J.M., May 2019

solid guy, very helpful -

- B.T., April 2019
He was very good
- J.C., November 2018
- L.G., October 2018
Very professional, fast to get reports done, answers all questions, very polite. A pleasure to work with.
- T.G., May 2018
Roger is the best Home Inspector I have had the pleasure of hiring! He is thorough and detailed & explains things on a lay person?s level.
- W.G., Boynton Beach FL, May 2018
Roger?s inspection was very efficient and professional, he showed up on the time I was scheduled for, I find that very important because there is nothing worse than waiting around for an appointment you are scheduled for and no one shows up. Thank you for your time and professionalism. Theresa Liguori
- T.L., Boynton Beach FL, March 2018
This is the second time I have used Roger for a home inspection. Both times he was prompt, professional and thorough. He does an EXTREMELY detailed evaluation of your home's situation, thoroughly documenting each item with photos, and explains what needs to be done in plain English. Besides the inspection report, he provides a detailed report for your insurance company, helping to maximize discounts off of their rates. Roger is everything you could ask for in a home inspector. Highly recommended!
- B.P., September 2017
Professional, friendly, polite, comprehensive, responsive, prompt. Very pleased with our interaction.
- S.H., September 2017
Amazing at what he does. He is thorough and precise on inspecting everything. He explains everything at the end in a way that is easy to understand. He is polite and professional. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to purchase a home.
- N.G., July 2017
Roger is great! My buyers love him.
- A.H., Jupiter FL, January 2017
Rodger was on time friendly and professional. It's my first time buying a home and no question was too small or too big. He took his time and no stone was unturned. And he even checked for lizards and bees lol. Very kind and I'm grateful for the tips to making sure I get the best use of big appliances in the home. Absolutely satisfied
- K.R., July 2016
Thank you very much for all your help. You did an excellent job.
- R.S., June 2016
Very detailed and clear on findings. Wonderful. Thanks
- A.V., March 2016
I would totally recommend Roger. I have been using him for years. He does an excellent job pointing out defects without scaring people about the work/ cost involved. He is always on time and always available for questions.
- K.P., October 2015
Roger was extremely thorough in his expection. I walked with him and asked a lot of questions and he answered them ALL. Roger was very professional in his inspection. I am very pleased that he was selected for this assignment, and will use him in future projects. I will strongly recommend Roger's services to others.
- K.D., September 2015
Roger was great to work with from our first phone conversation. He was very professional and friendly and explaind everything in a clean manor and showed me exactly where anything that needed attention was and explaind why. I revived the report the same day as the inspection. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone and will defiantly use him again in the future.
- H.A., July 2015
always professional, on time, and a pleasure to work with.
- A.T., June 2015
Robert was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and professional.
- T.T., June 2015
Roger, Thanks again for a thorough, professional inspection. My clients were very satisfied and now know how to budget for repairs with confidence.
- E.H., April 2015
Roger is very knowledgeable and possesses both strong ethics and integrity which is a rare trait nowadays!
- C., March 2015
Roger, you were a pleasure!
- J., February 2015
Keep the same.
- A.B., January 2015
Very professional with excellent service. Highly recommend.
- M.S., January 2015
I am truly impressed by your professional attention to details and the speed at which you are able to inspect the home, gather data and pctures and assemble it all in a concise format. Well done Roger!
- G.S., Boynton Beach FL, December 2014
very good and thorough thank you very much bye
- G.G., October 2014
Thanks for the quick turnaround!
- C.D., September 2014
Did a great job.
- F.S., August 2014
Very Professional and detailed! Thank You
- P., July 2014
Thanks Roger for not only explaining you inspection procedures but offering solutions for minor fixes by me the owner.
- H., June 2014
great and really thorough.
- G., June 2014
Thanks Roger for inspecting the unit that I would like to buy. You did a great job in details for the unit inspection. I also like the report very much; it is very clear.
- L.L., May 2014
Very thorough and he explained everything and answered all our questions
- M.B., April 2014
Best Inspector I Ever Had
- S.P., September 2013
- D.K., Delray Beach FL, June 2013
Great inspection experience
- C., May 2013
Roger was absolutely the best!
- P.R., April 2013
Roger is a very good inspector. He do not mind pointing things out to you. He really know his stuff and don't mind answer any questions you may have.
- M., April 2013
Excellent, efficient, knowledgeable and most thorough inspector with very timely turnaround of report. Would highly recommend.
- J.I., April 2013
Found that Mr. Robichaud was very professional and informative. Greatly appreciated his services.
- S., March 2013
I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Roger. He is the best. Friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonable are the best words used to describe Roger. I have been using him for years and his reports are easy for clients to understand and perfect for clients who may not be able to be present at the actual inspection.
- J.P., Boca Raton FL, January 2013
I have been a real estate broker for almost 15 years and have been using Roger for all of my home inspections for years. My clients love him! He's thorough, honest and great at explaining his findings to us. He is by far, the BEST home inspector I have found!
- M.Z., December 2012
- G., December 2012
Roger was on time, explained everything in detail, to what he was doing. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thank you
- H., August 2012
You are the best. Thank you!
- M.H., Tequesta FL, August 2012
Roger is a thorough inspector and his reports are always clear and concise. Roger knows his business and willingly answers all of my questions and more importantly, all of the buyers' questions. I always recommend Roger because he always goes above and beyond for me and my customers.
- J.R., Lake Worth US, July 2012
Roger is a very easy going guy who is very thorough with his inspections. He responds quickly once called. I will use his services again if required.
- M.D., April 2012
Roger was informative, and very insightful to me as a first time homebuyer. I'd recommend his services to anyone looking for an inspector who is knowledgeable and easy to work with.
- S., August 2011
Thank you Roger for such a fantastic job! You made me feel a lot more confident about purchasing my home. C&D R, June 2011
- R., June 2011
Roger has been absolutely top-notch. We have used him twice, and he will be our "go-to" guy the next time we may need inspection services. He was quickly reachable by phone and made himself available for inspections on a very timely basis. He arrived on-time (actually, he was early both times) and was very thorough, both in his surveys and in his reports. Having worked in a home construction-related field for many years, it was apparent to me that Roger has a very deep knowledge about all things related to assessing a home's condition, whether it's construction, maintenance, repair, whatever. Additionally, Roger was also very friendly and pleasant, which just helps make what can sometimes be a difficult and stressful process that much easier. I highly recommend Roger to anyone needing a home inspection.
- T., June 2011
very profesional.best inspection i ever had.
- D.K., May 2011
Roger, You are remarkable! You do the best Inspection I have ever witnessed. I have been an active Florida licensed agent for over 25 years. You are on schedule, thorough and precise in the inspection as well as the presenting the findings in a low key manner. The report and the photos are thorough, legible and accurate. Thank you! Mary Ann Hankey Tequesta Realty, Inc.
- M.H., Tequesta FL, May 2011
Roger was very thorough, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. I would definitely use his services again.
- M.R., April 2011
Very thorough. Thanks!
- L., April 2011
Very professional, courteous and thorough. I would recommend him to anyone in need of inspection services.
- D., April 2011
Excellent responsiveness
- H.S., April 2011
Roger was very informative and thorough in explaining his findings to me. Very polite and professional. Pleased to have been recommended to him and will certainly recommend him to others!
- R., March 2011
Thank you for the great job. I really appreciate your professional work. Marcelle Reboh
- R., March 2011
Hey Roger, your the best. Thanks again for great service at a great price!
- J.P., Boca Raton FL, March 2011
He ie very good.I learned a lot about the home.
- C.S., February 2011
Roger, great, thanks. everyone should be like you. nothing like working with a real professional,can't wait to get there and settle in, again thanks...... ALLAN AND ANDREA ALBERT.............
- A., February 2011
Did a good job and was knowledgable and informative
- q.C., January 2011
Roger was outstanding, he was on time, very thorough, honest, and dowm to earth. I would recommend him to anyone.
- J.Z., January 2011
Roger was very thorogh and helped us get our inspection done quickly. Thanks
- M., January 2011
We really Like Roger's presentation and will use his services many times over.
- M.P., Delray Beach FL, January 2011
very thorough, always on time, very professional, sends report in a timely fashion.
- S.H., December 2010
It's only done one way by Roger! The best that can be done! Highly recommend Roger and Suburban Home Inspection.
- B.C., December 2010
Roger was a pleasure to work with. He demonstrated professionalism and is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- M.A., December 2010
thanks for your honesty, candor and thoroughness.
- J..., December 2010
Very professional and freindly. I am a retired Electrical Engineer and he knows what he is doing.
- S., November 2010
Roger is incredible!! The man knows his stuff and would never want anybody, but him telling me what's wrong in my home.
- P., November 2010
We thank you so much for being extremely thorough in your inspection of our new home. We loved your no nonsense attitude and would recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you again, The DiNuzzo's
- D., November 2010
Very thorough, honest and professional! Second time we use his services!
- V., October 2010
Roger- You continue to do the BEST work! Thank you for being the utmost professional!
- E.B., July 2010
Roger is professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable in his field of work! My clients are always pleased with his work and expertise.
- L.E., May 2010
I found Roger to be polite, on time and I like the way he took the time to show the home's issues as well as the typical ways to make the necessary repairs.
- Q., May 2010
Roger is the best, I wouldn't recommend anyone else. He is extremely knowledgable and professional.
- J.P., Boca Raton FL, April 2010
great professional !
- E.m., March 2010
He is the best.. Been using him for about 9 years now and he is the best and always on time(early even) very smart and very personable and professoinal...
- T.W., Jupiter FL, March 2010
Very good communicator,presents problem and remedy clearly.Not in a rush to finish and answers all questions. Great Job
- O., March 2010
I think Roger is a true professional and was very through on inspecting my condo !
- A.R., March 2010
Roger was very thorough and did a very good inspection. I was able to view and discuss any issues he founf right on site from his computer and we were abel to discuss the issues and corrections needed. Would Highly recommend Roger to others and would/will use him again for future inspections !
- S., January 2010
Hello Roger, Thank you so much for the thorough house inspection and for your willingness to allow me to observe the process. The experience has made me a more educated buyer. And I will certainly be calling you again in the future if (and when) I need another inspection done. Thanks again. Mike
- M.M., December 2009
He was fantastic and explained everything to us thoroughly. Thank you, Roger!
- F., December 2009
A most professional job. I would recommend him highly.
- L., October 2009
Thank you for being so wonderful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You saved me a lot of grief in the future! You are the best!
- C.L., October 2009
Thank you for being so wonderful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You saved me a lot of grief in the future! You are the best!
- C.L., October 2009
Thank you for being so wonderful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You saved me a lot of grief in the future! You are the best!
- C.L., October 2009
Roger was extremely thorough with his inspection. He took his time to explain and show me all about my future purchase. Excellent people skills and a truly superb inspector. Highly recommended. Thanks again Rog. Charles Furment
- C.F., October 2009
VERY thorough and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone looking to get their home inspected.
- J.D., September 2009
- S.G., August 2009