Joe did a great job explaining the issues to us. Appreciated the time he spent explaining potential causes and solutions.
- J.H., October 2023
I greatly appreciated having Joe has my inspector on my home purchase. His inspection was comprehensive, thorough and informative. I also appreciated his explanations, patience with my questions and overall demeanor throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone given his knowledgeable and helpful approach.
- R.C., October 2023
Extremely thorough and did a great job going over every part of the house to explain what he saw
- S.M., September 2023
Joe was great with explaining his findings and then providing recommendations for addressing the problems both verbally and in his report! Highly recommend his company for your home inspection needs!
- C.K., September 2023
Joe did an excellent job. He was thorough and clearly outlined and documented each issue. Most issues had recommendations to remedy. He spent time talking with us and was clear about what needed to be done. He was great
- D.J., August 2023
Joe is very knowledgable and has the ability to articulate his findings in ways that make it understandable to the average person. He's very through and I know that he's as committed to providing a comprehensive review. Using Joe gives us a lot of peace of mind going into a purchase as significant as buying a home. Thank you Joe!
- B.M., August 2023
Joe was absolutely amazing! This is our first time buying a house and he was very kind. Joe was very thorough, and also very easy to talk to. He did not make me feel stupid for asking a million questions, as I know nothing about anything house related. Joe explained everything to me very well and was very professional. The report he gave was great and I will keep him in mind for all future friends, family, or even the possibility to have him look at the next house I buy! Very happy with his service!!
- J.S., May 2023
Joe Stetor is extremely thorough and helpful. He provided a lot of additional information related to my specific home inspection, which are documented well and detailed in the report. I would not hesitate to utilize his services in the future.
- R.C., April 2023
Great inspector. Attentive to details.
- M.K., March 2023
Joe was very thorough and informative! He arrived at the location before we did, introduced himself when we did arrive and explained what he had already seen, continued his inspection and then went over everything again more in-depth once he was finished. He made sure to let us know of even the smallest things that could become big things if not fixed properly!
- M.S., March 2023
Joe's inspection report was not only comprehensive - it was educational. Learning about what causes the problems identified and ways to address them was incredibly helpful and reassuring. Joe himself was friendly, personal, detailed, and highly professional. I highly recommend him for any home inspection.
- A.E., November 2022
We had a wonderful experience with Joe! He was thorough but did a great job of tempering the anxiety that can come with a home inspection (especially for our first-ever). He explained everything he observed well, and helped contextualize everything so we could understand what were the most pressing concerns, and what we could potentially wait on or handle ourselves. We received our report promptly in less than 24 hours and it had the perfect amount of detail and visuals that helped us feel confident with how to proceed. If we are ever in need of another inspector, we will certainly be return customers!
- K.C., August 2022
Joe was very thorough and took his time to answer all of our questions. He also provided helpful guidance on how to do some of the smaller DIY items and even talked through potential renovation options to discuss with our contractor. He was a pleasure to work with and we would definitely use his services again.
- J.H., July 2022
Joe was amazing, he was so educational and inspected all the little things. He checked code and explained how to fix any of the problems we encountered. We would recommend Joe to anyone needing an inspection, and will use him in the future!
- J.W., June 2022
Absolutely would recommend Joe. He is thorough, knowledgeable, professional, timely, took time to explain everything, and offered to follow up if I had additional questions after reviewing his report. Nice guy who is great at what he does.
- N.H., May 2022
Discussed all items needing attention and answered all questions. Very helpful recommendations on making improvements to home we are purchasing.
- K.K., April 2022
Joe was very professional and detail oriented. He was upfront and clear in his description. I felt confident in his assessment. Would definitely recommend his services. Thank you! Raghad
- R.H., April 2022
Thank you for such a thorough inspection, and for making the process so easy.
- L.M., March 2022
I’m a first time home buyer and Joe came highly recommended by my agent because of the detailed reports he provides which come with clear photos and detailed explanations. I’ve now had Joe inspect two houses and, each time, his work was thorough and he was able to answer my questions in a way that was easy to understand. I’ll definitely ask for Joe first for any other inspections I need.
- B.G., March 2022
Joe was excellent in his capacity as an inspector. He was thorough and took the time to explain what he saw in a way we could understand. He was always willing to answer our questions and made sure we felt comfortable with everything. I would recommend him to anyone else without question.
- N.P., March 2022
Joe was thorough and took the time to explain the various issues/conditions of the home. I would certainly hire Joe again!
- K.G., January 2022
Joe did a fantastic job showing and explaining all the potential areas of concern. He likely saved me tens of thousands of dollars and I will definitely contact him for the next review I get.
- B.G., November 2021
We love Joe! Over the years he has saved us twice from getting into money pit homes! He is thorough and meticulous in all he does. Will hire and recommend him over and over and over again!
- D.M., August 2021
Overall great experience. Joe was very knowledgable and extremely thorough. He explained everything in detail , and I’m confident that his report is accurate.
- T.S., June 2021
Joe is an excellent inspector. He is very thorough and takes time to explain all his findings to the customer. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs an inspection.
- K.F., June 2021
He did an awesome job, explaining and showing all the issues and possible fixes. He was always nice and open to any questions. I highly recommend him for any inspection in your home. He has a big knowledge and experience
- C.J., June 2021
Very thorough and informative. Gave good FYIs. Nice personality.
- S.D., May 2021
Joe was incredibly knowledgeable and patient as I bombarded him with questions. He was thorough and detail oriented. I would highly recommend him without any reservations.
- L.C., May 2021
Joe did an outstanding job on the inspection of our future home! He took lots of time to walk us through all the rooms and explain everything in detail. We are extremely happy with the report, which does not only tell us about things in need of maintenance but also serves as a kind of user's manual to our new house.
- T.R., May 2021
Joe was great! He was super helpful as a first time homebuyer and answered any question I had, including hypotheticals. He was very knowledgable about the components of the house, as well as the local market and comparable homes. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for an inspection and piece of mind when buying a home!
- M.H., May 2021
Joe was very thorough and went over everything with me right on sight. I appreciate his report that included pictures on what to improve or change. What a joy to work with!!!
- M.L., May 2021
Extremely thorough! Walked through all details with me and clearly explained problems and potential problems. The report was clearly laid out with pictures and then there was a summary that clearly defined problem areas.
- K.F., March 2021
Joe was extremely professional and very detail oriented. We had a very positive experience and would highly recommend his services!
- R.D., March 2021
Fantastic! Thanks Joe for such a thorough inspection. We appreciate your quick and easy communication, and your personal attention to our requests and concerns. Your specific suggestions, based on your experience with past situations, ie.) quality and pricing range for sump pumps and your suggestion to request a warranty from professional mold remediation, was extremely helpful. And your suggestion of quality companies for service was very helpful for us, coming from out of state. We especially appreciated your on-line report, and the streamlined Request for Repairs option for responding to our realtor. Additionally, your acceptance of PayPal was super quick and convenient. Thanks again! We will be requesting you again the next time we purchase property in Michigan.
- I.M., February 2021
Joe was excellent! He was extremely thorough, took pictures, and spent time explaining items to us and answering all of our questions. Best inspector we have ever used! Highly recommend!
- S.D., January 2021
This was great work. Very careful and detailed. I felt every issue was addressed by the inspection.
- J.C., December 2020
Joe was very thorough and explained everything in great detail!
- A.G., December 2020
Joe was extremely thorough in his inspection of the home. He took the time to stop and explain any of the concerns he had about the home and if I had additional technical questions he would also answer those. He took pictures of the items of concern and posted them and circled the item if necessary so I and the homeowner could see them. He provided detailed explanations in each of these area's of concern. Joe took his time and did not rush through the inspection and that made me appreciate and value his opinion of the items he was addressing even more. I would highly recommend him for anyone that has a home inspection to do.
- R.H., November 2020
I am new to the area and did not know anyone in the area that could do inspections. I went off a referral from my relator and she recommended Joe. Joe did an amazing job. He was very thorough in walking me through the whole inspection. He took me through the whole house room by room and showed me everything that he looked for, why he was looking there, and what he found. He answered all my questions and was very honest in his opinions on what he found. Joe's whole process is very professional, and I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. Thanks Joe!!!
- B.C., October 2020
Joe is very professional and knowledgeable. He was patient with my many questions and was happy to explain things in great detail. Will definitely use his services again.
- D.W., October 2020
Joe did an excellent job! He was very thorough and took his time with us. He spent over two hours on the property inspecting and then walking through the entire property with us. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We received his official report via email less then six hours after the inspection. The report was also very thorough and included photos and recommendations. We highly recommend Joe Stetor for your home inspection.
- J.S., September 2020
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, give suggestions and show me what you were looking for. I really appreciate your attention to detail and will recommend you to everyone I know!
- S.V., August 2020
Report is very clear and his follow up phone call was helpful. Would highly recommend him.
- L.M., April 2020
I really appreciated Joe coming out to inspect the house. He was very knowledgeable and I was impressed at his sharp eye. He was able to give a lot of information about the house that I would not have thought to ask. Joe checked out some issues that I was concerned about and because of his inspection I was able to move forward with full confidence! Thank you Joe.
- S.B., March 2020
Joe was extremely thorough and detailed both in person and in his reporting. He was educational throughout the inspection. Joe's responsiveness to emails has been outstanding, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
- H.S., Dewitt MI, March 2020
I would recommend Joe without hesitation. He was thorough and took the time to answer questions I had about our new home. Joe provided a inspection report with pictures that will be very useful for future improvements and work on the house. He's very professional and I had confidence that he didn't miss anything.
- R.T., Okemos MI, February 2020
Joe did a really thorough job of examining every part of the house I wanted to buy and then walked me through his conclusions in detailed, but completely understandable language. I would recommend him highly.
- M.J., February 2020
Excellent service, comprehensive report, and great advice for new homeowners - definitely recommend!
- S.F., Holt MI, February 2020
I would absolutely recommend Joe for a home inspection. I'm a first time home buyer and he was very thorough and explained things very well. The report he provided was fantastic and very clear. It will be used as a reference for improvements I can make now and in the future. I would encourage any home buyer to get a home inspection. It's a priceless resource and gives you the opportunity to know your new home and give it the care it needs. Thanks, Joe!!
- K., December 2019
Joe was amazingly helpful during the entire inspection process. In addition to a detailed report, he took the time to speak with us the night before with any initial concerns that we had and walked us through every issue that he noticed giving us advice on who to call and how to best deal with the issue. Highly, highly recommended.
- C.R., December 2019
Joe was very detailed and thorough in his inspection. He was very professional, answered all questions and gave a comprehensive analysis of each room. I can highly recommend him! Thank you!
- A.B., Williamston MI, October 2019
Great Job! Really thorough and professional!
- C.B., East Lansing MI, October 2019
Joe was extremely thorough and explained everything very well along the way. He was professional friendly and helpful with all of our inquiries. We are appreciative of his expertise and attention to detail.
- C.W., Laingsburg MI, September 2019
Joe is very thorough and knowledgeable will definitely be recommending him. He did an excellent job and I will only use them in the future.
- A.S., September 2019
Super informative and makes realistic suggestions to any situations. Very personable!
- M.G., Lansing MI, September 2019
Great Experience. Would definitely recommend Joe to any home buyer. Very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient.
- F.L., Okemos MI, August 2019
Thank you for providing such a thorough inspection and comprehensive review of the home we are purchasing. Given the age, you pointed out so many issues that we could not see on walk through AND your recommendations to repair/replace. This assisted us in negotiating a lower price for the home given the amount of fixes needed. You were so easy to work with, especially since we are out of town, and provided a very prompt response to all our inquiries/calls as well as quick turn around on the report. I?ve purchased multiple homes in my life and have never experienced this level of service. Impressive!
- P.C., Traverse City MI, August 2019
Great job. Thanks Joe!
- J. ., DeWitt MI, August 2019
Joe is very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient.
- S.P., Newberry MI, July 2019
Joseph was not only through and professional, he took heaps of time to show me everything. His explanations regarding issues were easily understood. THEN - the actual report he sent - was REALLY helpful. I would not hesitate to use him in any and all home inspections. A really great individual.
- D.M., June 2019
Joe was incredibly thorough, reliable and knowledgable. We felt confident in his expertise and ability to accurately communicate his findings to support our home purchase. We would highly recommend Joe to others!
- D.P., May 2019
Joe was terrific. He checked everything as I went along with him. He was able to point out any problems and explain what caused the problems. I would recommend him to anyone. I am really glad that he inspected the condo that my wife and myself are purchasing. Thank you Joe!!!!!
- R.T., March 2019
We really enjoyed the room-to-room walk-through at the end. Our knowledge of homes/structures/appliances isn't great so all of the knowledge transfer opportunities were very helpful, as well as everything in the report.
- R.G., March 2019
Outstanding. Joseph took his time time to evaluate the home. Afterwards, he explained everything that I needed to know while taking his time until I understood.
- L.P., March 2019
Joe was the perfect mix of professional and friendly. We felt very confident in his report and would certainly use him again. Very glad our realtor recommended him. A+++
- R.G., Livonia MI, March 2019
I was very happy with the inspection, it was comprehensive, top to bottom, and thorough, very detailed. And the explanations were knowledgeable and to the point.
- R.L., March 2019
Thank you Joe for your in-depth inspection. We trusted your information and declined to buy the property based on pictures and discussion with you. The issues were things we hadn?t even seen when going through the home. Thank you, job well done.
- B.G., Dewitt MI, February 2019
excellent communication of findings
- J.B., February 2019
Very happy to be working with you on another inspection. Always appreciate your care to walk through things and offer ideas and approaches for sensible remediation. Used your list on our last house as a starting point for good things to fix. Thanks!
- B.I., East Lansing MI, January 2019
Joe took a tremendous amount of time walking us through the house with very clear and thorough explanations. He not only showed us current issues but told us about things that may come up in the future. He also provided tips for easy repairs to fix little problems. It is obvious that Joe is talented and passionate about what he does. Thanks Joe!
- M.P., January 2019
Kind, patient, meticulous, and communicated in a way I could understand. A great experience!
- D.C., January 2019
Joe does a great jog arriving early and doing what needs to be done prior to th customer arriving. Very detailed report which makes it easy to use to ask for things. Pictures are great they tell exactly what needs to be done. Another thing joe gets on the roof that a lot of inspectors are not doing now. The best.
- T.B., December 2018
Joe inspected a 1940s house (a property with a lot of issues) for me. He did a very thorough and professional job - we spent 4 hours walking though the property; the time flew. He was helpful and straightforward in discussing all the issues in a clear way and he took time to answer all my dumb questions. He sent me the written inspection report early the next day which reflected everything we had discussed and also lots of issues that I had forgotten about. Joe has decades of experience, he is easy to talk to, very straightforward, and helpful. I recommend him most highly.
- D.R., Brookings SD, November 2018
I?m a first time homebuyer and Joe made sure I understand everything we went over. I asked many questions and he continued to reassure me that the only stupid question, is the question that?s not asked. He did a great job and I?d definitely recommended him.
- R.F., November 2018
Joe was professional, experienced, and extremely helpful in explaining the home inspection process to us.
- T.B., Lansing MI, November 2018
I would HIGHLY recommend Joe Stetor! He was patient, thorough and extremely informative.
- E.E., October 2018
Appreciate the detailed assessment you provided on every aspect of the property and issues that needed to be addressed. Of the 12+ home inspectors with whom I have dealt in the past (both purchase and sale), you rank in the top two. I also appreciate the time you took to go over the most important items that needed attention. Many thanks
- A.D., September 2018
We so appreciated your time. It was refreshing to have someone who was knowledgeable, through and did a wonderful job of explaining the findings. very satisfied with the service provided.
- B.G., September 2018
Joe did a great job. His explanations were very detailed, but in terms we could easily understand. He carefully inspected every nook and cranny, and reported every issue that we needed to be aware of.
- O.S., Mason MI, September 2018
Joe did a great job explaining things and making sure I understood everything he observed. I felt he conducted a thorough inspection.
- H.N., August 2018
Joe was amazing! From the initial phone call to get the process started all the way thru to the end. He made me feel like an actual human and taught me things instead of just speaking at me. This is my husband and I's first home and we are very nervous and excited about everything going on and Joe really took his time to make sure we knew every little crack and crevasse of our new home. We were referred to him from my in-laws and have already referred him to our best friends for their first home as well.
- J.C., August 2018
Joe did a wonderful job inspecting our home. He took the time to go over everything with us and made sure we understood what the details were. He also gave us some great tips about some maintenance on the house.
- A.K., August 2018
Joe was very thorough and knew his information very well.
- H.W., Cincinnati OH, August 2018
Dear Joseph Stetor Your genuine dedication to providing relevant assessment is awesome Keep up with this great assets I was so pleased with your service and won't hesitate to recommend your service to my friends Best regards
- M.D., August 2018
Joe went above and beyond what our expectations were for this inspection. He demonstrated great attention to detail throughout the entire process and provided my wife and I with useful tips and how to remedy common fixes around the house. Joe was extremely professional and let us know that if we had any questions after we moved in about anything, that he would be more than happy to answer them. The report is very detailed and left us feeling very confident and reassured with the home prior to moving in. Thanks for all your help and expertise Joe! -Dave and Jenn
- D.K., July 2018
Thank you for inspecting the house for me. I appreciated how thorough you are. It's nice to have someone with years of practice and who has seen many different scenarios.
- S.C., July 2018
Joe was very thorough with the inspection from the beginning to end. He provided us with suggestions on how to resolve minor issues with our house. Thank you Joe you were amazing!
- R.M., Holland MI, June 2018
Joe was thorough, informative and did a great job of communicating in every day English instead of using trade jargon. He showed me how his findings would impact daily life.
- M.W., May 2018
Joe was amazing, he thoroughly inspected the home, and then did a great job presenting and explaining current (and potential) issues he found throughout the house. I was very pleasantly surprised by the detail and content of his report, the images that he included were excellent. Working with Joe made me feel like a much better educated buyer and now I really know what I'm buying, I can't thank him enough.
- T.W., April 2018
Very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection. Joe took time to point out any problem areas and things to do in the future that would help any new or potential problems. His report is a great tool to remind me of any corrections that need to be made. Thanks Joe for the professional service.
- D.S., March 2018
As a first time home buyer Joe walked me through everything and explained things in a way I could understand and was never demeaning to me for not understanding something. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who needs an inspection done!
- M.G., March 2018
You were a great help to us in fact so much so that we backed out of purchasing the house. Thanks.
- C.M., March 2018
Thank you Joe. I was very impressed with your professionalism and thoroughness. You have a very nice way about you and you made the experience easy.
- T.B., March 2018
Joe was very patient and thorough. Arrived early and inspected the home then walked us through each room and explained findings whether good or bad. Also answered all of our questions.
- R.J., March 2018
Hi Joe, it was great meeting you and having you perform the home inspection. Everything was explained in great detail and easy for me to understand! As a first time, Single, buyer, I feel like you definitely had my best interests first and foremost! I would highly recommend you for anyone in need of a nice, good, and honest home inspector! Thank you! Jackie
- J.S., March 2018
I am in Florida and was not able to be present for inspection. That being said, Joe completely put my mind at ease with his thoroughness and attention to detail and answered all my questions by phone. Very knowledgeable and would recommend him to my friends.
- J.A., February 2018
Thanks so much for a detailed inspection. All my questions were answered and it was obvious Joe knew his stuff. I learned a lot about the future care and upkeep of my (hopefully) new home as well!
- D.A., February 2018
Joe did a great job inspecting our home. He was not only very thorough and knowledgeable, he was prompt and professional. He inspected the home at noon, and a detailed inspection report was emailed to us that evening. I would highly recommended Joe for your home inspection!
- N.S., February 2018
Joe was incredibly detailed and thorough in his inspection. He also went out of his way to make sure all our questions were answered. We recommend his services anytime! Thanks, Joe!
- S.G., January 2018
Joe spent as much time as I wanted (which was several hours) to ensure all of my questions and concerns were answered. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone.
- E.W., December 2017