Denny -- thanks for providing us with our pre-inspection! It gave us peace of mind knowing that we could address any issues prior to listing our home. Thanks!
- E.I., October 2019
Very helpful and useful inspection.
- M.S., September 2019
You did a fantastic job Denny, thank you!
- J.A., Fort wayne IN, August 2019
High quality reports, high quality results. Denny is great at what he does. He takes his time to explain the things that come up during an inspection and walks you through the steps to make sure it gets done. I have used Denny for both of my home inspections and have always been impressed with his work. If I am ever in need of another home inspection, Denny is my guy. I would highly recommend him for your home inspector.
- K.B., Bluffton IN, July 2019
Denny was excellent in our home inspection. He was thorough and detailed. Will use him for future inspection needs and recommend to anyone we know.
- L.B., July 2019
Thank you so much for the thorough and detailed inspection report! Very helpful comments and references to available resources. :)
- M.C., July 2019
The actual inspection was very comprehensive and the report was well written and organized. I appreciated the explanations especially when it involved an issue that may be a potential repair item. The pictures and videos were great and added to the explanations. I recommend Denny Squires and would use him again myself.
- A.C., July 2019
Denny is very thorough at his job and goes above and beyond in the report.
- K.M., June 2019
Denny was very patient and informative. This is the first inspection I've been present for and I learned a lot from him. I'll be able to use his report to fully understand what expense I will be facing in the coming few years with this property.
- V.H., June 2019
- P.R., June 2019
very explanatory, understanding, and easy to talk with. very thorough high tech equipment great price!!
- H.S., May 2019
Did a thorough inspection.
- B.S., May 2019
Denny was prompt and knowledgable. He also was very affordable. We will definitely use his services again.
- B.C., February 2019
Denny did an absolutely fantastic job. I am relocating from Texas to Indiana so I had to make arrangements from afar and was not able to personally meet with Denny prior to or following the inspection. He was very easy to communicate with and quite responsive to my needs. His report was the most thorough inspection I've had completed. The 360 views were awesome and the videos were a tremendous asset when asking for critical items to be repaired.
- S.S., January 2019
Excellent service and great information. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat. Helped so much to get my new home ready..
- M.T., December 2018
Denny did a very thorough job on inspecting our home. He was very frank with us on everything that he inspected in the house. He also gave us some very good advice on what he would do if he were in our situation, as first time buyers, which we appreciate greatly. I would recommend Denny to anyone who is looking to have a home or personal property inspected.
- K.M., November 2018
Denny was great! All the years in the industry are a real asset when it comes to home inspections. I would recommend Mr. Squires to anyone buying a home.
- C.L., November 2018
Denny thank you for getting my inspection done so quickly I really appreciate it. You took your time explaining everything to me and showing me what needs fixed. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs an inspection. Once again thank you.
- P.H., November 2018
By far this is the most helpful home inspection we have ever received. There is not only a very comprehensive site inspection with videoed defects and 360 room photography but helpful information about the house that will save us time and money going forward.
- K.L., October 2018
Thank you for getting out inspection done quickly & thoroughly! We also appreciate all your feedback & suggestions during the inspection meet!! Would defiantly use you again if needed in the future!
- K.E., September 2018
Denney is very thorough and if he is unable to inspect something or has any concerns on the amount of access he was allowed to a certain area he explains it very well. He takes his job very seriously and truly has Great working relationship with his clients. He will always be honest and fair. I appreciate the suggestions for things to keep a look out for that may need attention in the future too! Even though they are serviceable now it is a good reminder that things do have a ?lifespan?! Thanks for a great job Denney!
- S.S., July 2018
Awesome experience and very helpful
- D.M., July 2018
Danny took the time to go over everything he found with me and give me and idea of how long appliances will work. He also took the time to not only check for the things he?s required to, but also the things that may not pass when being appraised for a USDA home loan.
- A.C., July 2018
Denny was a pleasure to work with throughout the home inspection process. It is always reassuring knowing you are getting the most thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful inspection report possible being a first time home buyer and that is exactly what Denny provided to my wife and I. I know we can go into our home with the highest confidence that any issues were already identified by Denny's meticulous inspection process and we could be fully prepared during our move in process. I would highly recommend his services, as you would be hard pressed to find a better person or business to work with.
- T.H., July 2018
You did an amazing! Thank you so much for all your help! I will recommend you to others in the future.
- M.L., June 2018
You did an awesome job! Loved how you took the time to thoroughly explain things and answered all questions.
- R.S., May 2018
Very professionally and promptly done inspection. I will not hesitate at all on who I am going to call when I need another inspection done. It will be Denny Squires Jr.
- T.M., Bluffton IN, April 2018
Denny did a great job on the inspection. He took the time to explain things to me and made sure I understood how things would show up on the report. I would highly recommend Denny to anyone I know looking to get a home inspection. Very could customer service and great guy to work with.
- J.C., April 2018
Thanks for being so informative and up front about things! I truly appreciate it.
- K.C., March 2018
Thanks for being so informative and up front about things! I truly appreciate it.
- K.C., March 2018
WOW ! The detail of this inspection was beyond and over the top of anything I was expecting! Denny gets a 5 star rating in my book! JH, Bluffton
- J.H., January 2018
Denny did an Awesome Job! The Report was very thorough and brought to light possible issues in the near future. Denny was very professional, courteous and explained the entire report clearly. Expect the Best - Get the Best!
- S.A., December 2017
Denny does a very good job explains everything very well knows what he is doing denny is the best R>T>M>
- R.M., Bluffton IN, October 2017
Denny went above and beyond for us! He explains everything clearly, answered all of our questions, and is a very caring inspector. Not only did he write us a very detailed report he also left us with a safe piece of mind. He is punctual and got our report back right away. I would use him 100 times over.
- D.S., October 2017
Denny did an excellent job inspecting my home. He explains everything in his report and how it should be fixed. Very professional, highly recommend!
- S.S., Zanesville IN, October 2017
Thank Red, another job well done. I'll keep spreading the word!
- T.T., Fort Wayne IN, August 2017
Great job Well pleased Glad I had a inspection. Denny was great thank you
- R.S., August 2017
Denny did an amazing job with my home inspection. His detailed pictures help to really understand what needs to be fixed or replaced,along with knowledge of what to maintain or look for in the future. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to do a home inspection.
- J.D., July 2017
Denny did an awesome job on my home inspection. He is very detailed and goes over everything. He gives suggestions and helps you understand the importance of why something should be fixed. I would highly recommend him for any home inspection whether it be buying or selling a home.
- D.R., July 2017
Denny performed an 11 month inspection for our newly built home. We are preparing for the 1 year inspection/fix for Granite Ridge Builders. Denny spent the quality time and thoroughly inspected every detail. The report he provided was extensive and there are actually things the builder did incorrectly that we will now be getting fixed. I would HIGHLY recommend an 11 month inspection. I wish I would of had Denny inspect my home while it was being built. Thanks Red!
- T.T., Fort Wayne IN, July 2017
Denny does an awesome job inspecting! I would highly recommend him for any home inspection. He's extremely thorough and points out any and all flaws he sees. It's money well spent!
- D.R., July 2017
Denny was thorough and explained the process. He made sure I knew what to watch out for in the future and provided great tips for maintenance and upkeep.. He definitely made sure that I knew he was working for me and had my interests foremost on his mind.... Thank you Denny for a job well don....
- C.F., June 2017
Denny did a very thorough job! He explained things I had no idea about which were very helpful. I'd highly recommend him for any home inspection. He's very knowledgeable and knows what he's doing.
- D.R., June 2017
Best inspections I have ever had done. Easy use of site. Awesome work friend!
- S.D., May 2017
I was very impressed with Denny and the job he did. I would recommend him
- B.T., May 2017
Would definitely recommend! Does a great job!
- L.G., May 2017
Denny was able to clearly explain his inspection process and provided timely updates prior to and post inspection. Walking through his findings was actually quite enjoyable as he shared background detail and indications of where our priorities could be. I am exceptionally pleased with the entire experience and Denny's terrific service. We will be recommending him in the future to those who have similar needs. Thank you Denny
- B.V., April 2017
I can't thank Denny enough for taking the time to be so thorough with his examination and report concerning our new home. We didn't really think it was necessary at first to get a home inspection but we are sure glad we did. We went back to seller and got some issues resolved that they didn't know they had and we would not have known to look for. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.
- J.S., April 2017
Very, Very impressed! Denny was very personable and actually walked through and did the inspection and when he was done we met with him. He walked us through the picture and the report and offered insights on what we could do to fix them. Great, Great experience
- A.M., April 2017
The report is very well detailed! There is no question what you are pointing out! Denny was very polite and courteous when speaking on the phone. Very professional as well! I would definitely recommend Denny to future clients. Thanks!
- T.S., April 2017
Denny was very knowledgeable. I had visited the home a few times before we put an offer on the home. He was there for just a few hours and noticed some structural issues that only a trained eye would see. The roof framing system was under designed and was sagging on a home that was less than 20 years old. We got a substantial deduction from the seller which allowed us to have the issue repaired. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a new home.
- F.F., March 2017
Denny always does an outstanding job. I like the format of his report, timeliness of getting them back, and his honesty and thoroughness.
- J.L., March 2017
Denny was very thorough in his inspection. He pointed out things that we need to repair now and others that could wait until our finances would allow. The report was very educational with several tips on how we should maintain our home. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a home inspection. We were a little apprehensive about having an inspection done. We didn't want to spend the money. We are so glad we did because it probably saved us 10 times what we paid him for our inspection.
- F.F., March 2017
Thorough and informative. Really seems to know what he is doing.
- B.S., January 2017
He did a great job of explaining the things he saw. He let us know what could be done to fix some of the problems. When I asked questions about things he was very knowledgeable about it. His honest and professional opinion was given as well when questions were asked. I really liked the report when he marked the pictures with arrows to show concerns he found in the house. Below each picture was a description of what he saw and advice was also given along with the pictures. I would definitely hire Denny Squires again if I ever need an inspection done.
- J.M., November 2016
Denny did and excellent job for us in a very timely manner!
- W.M., November 2016
Denny Squires did a fantastic job with the inspection. He is knowledgeable and observant, and took the time to go through the report face to face. His report was very thorough and clear. I would definitely refer Mr. Squires to friends and family!
- J.B., October 2016
Denny Squires did a fantastic job with the inspection. He is knowledgeable and observant, and took the time to go through the report face to face. His report was very thorough and clear. I would definitely refer Mr. Squires to friends and family!
- , October 2016
Very professional and thorough, great to work with! Final report was very detailed and offered tips to keep home in great condition for years to come. Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a professional home inspection!
- J.S., August 2016
Denny Squires is very personable and knowledgeable. He goes out of his way to accommodate all parties involved and does a thorough inspection.
- K.S., Wabash IN, August 2016
Denny did a great job inspecting my future home and was very helpful with information I would not think to ask about. Absolutely reliable and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend. MH
- M.H., July 2016
Denny did a great, and thorough job and was sure to ask me if I had any questions at all. He took the time to explain things in detail and never made me feel like any question was a dumb one. He even provided suggestions for companies that he trusts for repair work. I would gladly recommend him!
- '.G., June 2016
Denny ,,,was in fact a VERY knowledgable person in every aspect of total inspection,,,he described every issue clearly and explained how what and why on questions and problems. Denny also commented on what should be done ,,how it should be done,,,and info as to where and who can help,,including names and phone numbers to assist me,,I very highly recommend his company and will continue to keep them involved in my home repairs and issues ,,mychel coratti
- M.C., June 2016
Excellent communication. Very careful with inspection to do not only a thorough job of the whole property but to leave it clean and undamaged :) Highly recommend him to others and will!
- M.S., Bluffton IN, May 2016
So helpful and informative! Highly recommend to new and experienced home buyers. Website is very helpful too.
- L.M., April 2016
Denny was great and very nice! Definitely exceeded our expectations with our inspection. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing his services.
- P.K., March 2016
Denny was very thorough and explained a lot of things I would have no idea of what would be important and what wasn't. His report helped me get things fixed in my house that I wouldn't have known to ask for, and gave good advise as well on things my house would need and offered help on who to use if needed. I would use again. Very nice and professional.
- S.H., March 2016
Denny was very complete and forthcoming in his inspection. He spent a lot of time with the house and with me for any questions and concerns. His report had everyting we had talked about and some very helpful tips/contacts. I was amaazed that the report was 65 pages and he had it ready the next day. I took the report to my local credit union and they were very impressed as well. Thanks
- J.C., Liberty Center IN, February 2016
Prompt service; reasonably priced; thorough report; quick feedback; professional
- T.C., Fort Wayne IN, February 2016
Quick response, very kind & honest!
- J.B., February 2016
Very thorough! Thank you!
- B.G., February 2016
Denny is very professional and timely with his reports. He walks through his report with you and makes sure you fully understand all of his findings. He was great to work with and I would recommend him on your home inspection.
- B.S., Lafayette IN, February 2016
I was extremely pleased with the high quality inspection and report provided by Mr. Squires. I am an out of state buyer, and given the timing of when the home I intend to purchase came onto the market (the day after I returned home from my househunting trip), I have to rely on the wisdom of my realtor, Jodi Holloway, and Mr.Squires, my inspector. Please have a look at the sample report on his website. I believe the report I received was more extensive than that one. It was 111 pages, with pictures! In addition, Mr.Squires was able to collaborate with my realtor to get access to the property, and to help clarify issues as I approach my seller with repair requests. He is very knowledgeable, and after reviewing his report and talking with him on the phone, I feel confident buying this property, and feel I have a good understanding of the issues...and the strengths...of this property, even though I have not yet been inside. He is able to also provide estimates regarding what one might expect to pay, to address issues I dont wish to take back to the seller. Not only that, he has access to some connections with workmen in the local area to assist me, as a newcomer to the area, with projects I will want to complete after I arrive. I will not hesitate to call on him for advice in the future. I heartily recommend Mr. Squires. He does a wonderful job!
- D.H., Hazel Green AL, January 2016
Very thorough. Very professional. Very quick response.
- R.G., January 2016
Denny did a great job for us. He adjusted his schedule to work with ours. He met with us in the evening and spent quite a bit of time with us explaining his findings. He pointed out the current and potential issues with the property. His report was also very informative and gave us several home maintenance suggestions. He also had links to other websites that helped explain, in great detail, the issues that were found in our home and how we should deal with them. It was a great learning experience for us and he had a way of making it painless. Thanks, Denny!!
- S.R., Bluffton IN, December 2015
Denny was very thorough and easy to work with. He answered all of our questions. We would recommend him for sure!
- M.S., Ossian IN, December 2015
Denny was very prompt in answering my call and questions. We are out of state and Denny went through the inspection with family member representatives and then called and explained his findings to us. The report was very thorough and the summary and pictures were great! Appreciated the maintenance tips included with the report.
- D.S., September 2015
Denny has done a great job. The report came back the next day which is really important. One other think I liked is the Summary of the report.
- B.S., September 2015
Denny did an awesome job inspecting and reporting on our future home. Described in detail what needed to be repaired immediately for our health and safety. He also gave us several maintenance tips on his report for our future reference. I would highly recommend Denny for a home inspection prior to making a purchase.
- S.R., Bluffton IN, August 2015
We were pleased with the professionalism Mr. Squires used in completion of our home inspection. He pointed out each area that needed attention and explained the importance of each. We felt secure that he did a thorough job and would recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- D.R., August 2015
Very good inspection! Told me everything that he seen, even some things that are not as important. Looked over the house very well. Glad I called him for my first home inspection. Will be telling friends and family about him!
- K.F., Warren IN, August 2015
denny did a very good job very promt ansered all of our questions would use him anytime
- R.M., Bluffton IN, August 2015
Denny was very prompt with everything, from getting here quickly, doing a thorough inspection, and getting the report back to me. I would absolutely use Denny again!
- T.A., July 2015
Thank you for a job well done.
- T.F., July 2015
Denny did a very thorough inspection and pointed out every detail that was cause for concern. He took the time to explain his report in great detail. Thanks so much Denny!
- J.A., Logansport IN, July 2015
Thank you!! We really appreciated your inspection and your thorough report!! Ben and Tanya
- B.G., July 2015
Thank you for doing inspection in such short notice. Also I thought your inspection was very detailed. Jodi Holloway was right by saying you would do a great job. I will keep your name in mind if I ever buy another house or any other person needs a inspection. Thank you once again.
- C.J., July 2015
I believe that you did a great job explaining in and everything that needs attention and fixed and what looked to be fine. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a inspection done as well. Thanks Garrison Friggle
- K.F., July 2015
Thank you for a thorough inspection!
- C.H., June 2015
Denny was very helpful, honest, and pragmatic about the condition of the house and the issues that needed to be fixed. He was also helpful in offering recommendations for qualified tradesmen in the area for any repairs that may have been needed. As a first time homebuyer, he made this a very easy and understandable process. I would recommend him to anyone!
- S.J., June 2015
Denny was fantastic! He took his time with us and explained a lot. He helped us decided what really needed addressed first and what we could do later. He answered all of our questions and the inspection was very extensive. Denny is your go to guy for inspections and will help you find local contractors to help fix any problems. Thank You Denny!
- D.D., June 2015
Mr. Squires is a very reliable and thorough home inspector. He takes many pictures of all discrepancies which is extremely helpful. We have used him for both homes that we have purchased and have been very pleased with his help. He would be my first recommendation.
- J.M., Bluffton IN, June 2015
Great information and pictures of issues needing to be done now plus items to correct in the future. Thanks
- M.K., Portage IN, June 2015
Did a great job! Very thorough inspection. Explained issues big and small. Even potential issues and what could arise from them. Would definitely recommend again. Certainly helped in final decision of purchase.
- A.S., May 2015
Denny is easy to work with, clients find him friendly and knowledgeable. His schedule is flexible and his turn around time for reports is quick.
- T.M., Berne IN, April 2015
Denny was professional, courteous, and thorough in his report. Some things could not be checked due to lack of power on the property, but he was able to go in a day earlier than anticipated, spend all day taking detailed photographs identifying the property concerns, and provided an integrated email report detailing problems, potential problems, and suggested areas for improvement. I am very pleased with the effort put into this project and the price was very competitive. I would highly recommend Denny's company to others and would utilize his services again in the future, if needed.
- T.G., Colorado Springs CO, April 2015
Denny was very professional. At the time of inspection he went over all issues with the house. Because of his report on the house I was able to make the decision not to purchase the property.
- K.C., Bluffton IN, April 2015
Denny was personable, professional and thorough. He was easy to get ahold of for scheduling, punctual and very quick on the turn around of his report. We were very pleased with everything.
- J.S., Bluffton IN, April 2015
Thank you very much Denny, I feel that you were very thorough in your inspection, and gave me a lot of information. I found your report very informing as well. If we need another inspection done, we will definitely contact you.
- K.H., Bluffton IN, April 2015
Very helpful during the inspection and gave a very detailed visual report. Took the time to answer the multitude of questions we had as first time potential homebuyers. Ensured we understood the practicality of issues with the house, not just throwing out terminology we didn't understand.
- B.G., April 2015