Jeff was great! He was very knowledgeable and professional. His report was very thorough and well documented and written. Jeff even gave personal opinions when asked and it showed from his experience that he knew what he was doing and talking about.
- J.N., April 2024
It was such a pleasure to work with Jeff. He was a great communicator, provided a very thorough inspection of the property and was very detailed in his report with lots of photos and detailed descriptions. We have purchased a lot of real-estate and dealt with many inspectors over the years and Jeff's service stood out above all the inspectors we've worked with before. Thank you Jeff for your outstanding service!!
- C.P., April 2024
Very professional and thorough!
- B.P., April 2024
I would always recommend Jeff. He has performed many inspections for my buyer clients and he is very thorough. I chose Jeff for my pre home inspection because I knew that he would do an awesome job and he wouldn't miss anything. You can hire him with confidence and no worries!
- J.L., March 2024
Very thorough home inspector. Didn't sugar coat on the issues. Definitely recommend.
- R.K., March 2024
We were very pleased with Jeff Thornton professionalism during our Home Inspection. The report that was provided was very detailed, documenting all areas of the home. My wife and I learned so much. Most importantly you answered all the questions we had in a very informative way. Will definitely recommend you to friends and family.
- K.K., March 2024
Recap with inspector was very thorough and time was taken to explain things in layman terms for us. Not rushed at any point during the conversation at all. Overall a very pleasant experience and definitely recommend these guys.
- R.G., February 2024
I would absolutely recommend Jeff Thornton for an inspection. He was professional, friendly, and provided very detailed information, and answered any questions that we had.
- T.A., February 2024
Very thorough and accurate and certainly helpful.
- T.B., February 2024
Jeff was great and the report was incredibly thorough and visually clear. I was very satisfied with Jeff and the report. I would absolutely recommend Jeff to a friend.
- S.M., February 2024
Did a great job!!!
- K.T., February 2024
I’m very happy with the service we received. Jeff was very thorough and took pictures of every single thing. I’ve already recommended him to friends.
- B.H., January 2024
Jeff was extremely thorough and gave great recommendations on what needed to be done. He got me on his schedule quickly and I had the report right away which was so helpful. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone.
- M.D., January 2024
Jeff is extremely thorough! It gives my husband and I great comfort knowing he took his time and reviewed everything that would be a major or possibly cause concern if purchasing this home so we could make the most informed decision. We will never forget his name or the name, Assurance when it comes to a home inspection.
- G.T., December 2023
Jeff conducted an exceptionally thorough and professional home inspection for the property we're considering. His attention to detail was remarkable, ensuring that every aspect of the house was meticulously examined. His expertise not only provided us with invaluable insights, but also peace of mind in our decision-making process. We highly recommend Jeff for anyone needing a comprehensive and trustworthy home inspection!
- T.T., December 2023
We are incredibly impressed with the home inspection services we received from Jeff. We were thoroughly impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, and detailed reports. Jeff performed a pre-dry wall inspection, final inspection, and radon testing of our new home. Jeff was incredibly thorough in his inspection of our home. We were very pleased with the quality of the inspection reports. The reports were comprehensive and easy to read. As a structural engineer who has read many home inspection reports, I found his reports easy to follow, yet detailed with clear descriptions and sufficient photographs to locate and understand each of his concerns. His turnaround time in issuing his reports was incredibly fast. We would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a thorough and professional home inspector. Based on my professional experience working with dozens of home inspectors, I found Jeff to be a step above the rest.
- G.M., November 2023
It appears a comprehensive inspection was performed. A verbal report was made immediately after inspection and a written report was presented the next day. Items of concern were explained.
- D.K., November 2023
Jeff is a very thorough inspector and extremely detailed. He gets into every area of your home and finds possible issues as well as concerns that need addressing soon. I would recommend him and his team to anyone. I am very pleased and will use them again in the future if the need arises. Feel comfortable with them when you need an inspection completed. Doug Fournier
- C.F., October 2023
Jeff was very thorough in completing the inspection. He found things that us starry eyed buyers would have never noticed. I highly recommend him for your home inspection needs.
- C.C., September 2023
I have been using Jeff Thornton for several years and he never disappoints. He is always available for any questions from me or my clients. 100% recommend Jeff!
- C.D., Weddington NC, September 2023
Jeff was thorough in all aspects. He detected some structural problems which could have resulted in a great cost to me going forward . I appreciate his communication with my realtor, which aided me in assessing my next steps. He repost was extremely timely.
- M.G., September 2023
Jeff was extremely thorough and provided easy-to-understand descriptions with pictures. He made each item easy to reference requesting repairs and was very nice. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him for any home inspection.
- A.M., September 2023
Exceeded our expectations all around! Very thorough, quick, professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
- M.F., August 2023
Great job!!! Thanks for your inspection at 7335 morris pond drive, i absolutely give you a 5 star
- G.S., July 2023
Mr. Thornton was clear and concise with his explanations of details. He was prompt with his report. His suggestions were very helpful and he answered my questions and gave excellent advice.
- S.W., June 2023
On top of their game when it comes to inspections. Noone does it better.
- V.B., June 2023
He checked everything and explained details to me. He even detailed the little things. He was very good!
- D.L., May 2023
Jeff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Walked me through the whole inspection process and gave me a sense of calm over this very stressful process of buying a home.
- T.C., April 2023
Very detailed report. I feel like I know all of the issues associated with our new house. I definitely would use him again.
- W.A., April 2023
You found things I never saw. The age of the heater/air conditioner, the shape of the "garage", and the condition of rh pump to remove water if there was flooding. You saw what my wife suspected, the porch was not plumb, as were the stairs to the porch, and the railings were not secure on the stairs leading into the house. You saw the support for the porch was weak. The refrigerator was not working. The electric outlets missing, and the leaking of the drains throughout the house. My guess is the seller is not going to come down in her price to pay for any repairs so we may need to try again. Sorry for the extra work but plan on seeing us again.
- C.R., Rural Hall NC, April 2023
You found things I never saw. The age of the heater/air conditioner, the shape of the "garage", and the condition of rh pump to remove water if there was flooding. You saw what my wife suspected, the porch was not plumb, as were the stairs to the porch, and the railings were not secure on the stairs leading into the house. You saw the support for the porch was weak. The refrigerator was not working. The electric outlets missing, and the leaking of the drains throughout the house. My guess is the seller is not going to come down in her price to pay for any repairs so we may need to try again. Sorry for the extra work but plan on seeing us again.
- C.R., Rural Hall NC, April 2023
Highly recommend, communication was amazing and more than willing to allow me to come out to the property after the inspection was over for an overview.
- M.C., March 2023
He was meticulous spotlighting all the details that we needed. He supplemented the reports with numerous photos to indicate where home improvements could be made. We would definitely use him again!
- D.R., March 2023
Very professional and polite, he absolutely saw all small details.
- W.D., Indian trail NC, March 2023
Jeff Thornton did an excellent job, lots of details that helped us to have a real idea of ??how much money we would spend on renovating the house. I would like to congratulate the company and you Jeff, thank you very much you are the best I highly recommend.
- I.B., February 2023
The home inspection report was thorough and very clear with excellent photos illustrating the poor condition of the home. It is exactly what I needed to know so I could cancel the purchase contract and avoid tying myself to a home that would need endless attention and would just keep eating money.
- C.H., January 2023
Jeff was amazing! My realtor recommended him, and i’m so thankful he did. He is very thorough, and makes sure to give us the full detail of everything about the house. I will definitely recommend everyone to him, and also will definitely be calling him again if we need another one!
- A.C., January 2023
I needed an inspection around the holidays. Jeff and his company were quick to respond, and the report was amazing! Many colored pictures with easy-to-follow descriptions and details informed me of exactly what I was investing. Suggestions and recommendations are a bonus and provide a simple roadmap to remediation. The cost was well worth the detailed report and ease of access to the report information. Thanks Jeff! Merry Christmas!
- R.G., December 2022
Jeff, you are the best! Thanks for assisting us so quickly. Our team appreciates you very much!
- L.D., null nul, December 2022
He was great - will invite him back for routine maintenance inspections.
- O.B., December 2022
Jeff is very professional and knows his job very well. My experience with home inspections of a 30year old property is very good. The inspection report prepared is very detailed and simple to understand. There are some areas that can be improved like informing an hour before the inspection ends. Importantly some advice like a mentor for things that are unavoidable in the upcoming 3 years. Considering nothing can be predicted with 100% accuracy but an expert's opinion always counts. Jeff did his duties and helped me understand the pros and cons. I am happy about the service I received from Assurance Home Service, LLC, and definitely recommend it if needed.
- S.C., Concord NC, December 2022
I would highly recommend Jeff for home inspection. Great service, honest and reliable. Reasonable priced for the whole inspection and will get it done professionally.
- G.B., November 2022
Jeff did an excellent job with the inspection and explaining his findings.
- T.H., November 2022
I would highly recommend Jeff and Brian for your home inspection. The entire process from scheduling, the inspection itself, paying my invoice and receiving my report was so smooth. It was nice meeting them both at our new residence and being able to go over any important details they wanted to show us in person. The report was also extremely detailed with videos and photos which help you as the buyer but also help show the listing agent/seller concerns you may have in the home you are buying. Super pleased and will use this team in the future!
- K.O., October 2022
Jeff has been great to work with. Very honest and thorough. I have been appreciative of his input through this process. Would highly recommend.
- E.O., September 2022
Jeff was extremely thorough, as well as friendly and helpful. He summarized any areas of possible concern upon completing the inspection, and explained the implications of each item. He answered any questions I had on the spot, and followed up with extensive detail in the full inspection report.
- E.H., September 2022
Excellent service. Very thorough and complete inspection. Thanks.
- E.L., September 2022
Good job Congratulations!
- J.D., August 2022
in todays business environment, it is a pleasure to work with an honest, professional and fair individual who looks out for his client without trying to manufacture phantom issues to justify his fee. A true breath of fresh air in a easily tainted industry.
- j.g., July 2022
Jeff was very thorough with his report. However during the initial recap at the property there was no mention of the roof not being properly installed with the correct materials. We were surprised to see this in the report. Otherwise he was very professional and did a good job.
- D.H., June 2022
Jeff did an amazing job and was very quick to get the inspection done.
- J.M., June 2022
Awesome job! He covers every inch of the home.
- C.L., June 2022
Very knowledge and willing to break things down in layman's terms for the in experienced home buyer. Would highly recommend!
- F.G., May 2022
Jeff is a great asset to the process of buying a new house. He is good, thorough and accurate. Very assertive and reliable.
- O.E., May 2022
Jeff was very thorough and accurate and help me to get the best of my new home. Thank you, Jeff
- N.E., May 2022
Very thorough, detailed and professional. Asked if I could help make the company better...give him x-ray eyes! Great job!
- S.C., May 2022
Fantastic experience, great service!
- K.M., May 2022
Jeff was very thorough. He identified several issues of concern to me as a buyer, and included suggestions for how to remedy. Great job all around!
- A.L., March 2022
He was very friendly and he gave us the information we needed. I would recommend him to my friends and coworkers. Thank you again.
- H.M., March 2022
Very informative and knowledgeable.
- M.L., March 2022
He was very through. I appreciated his methods. I highly recommend!
- K.S., February 2022
Jeff has inspected two properties for us and both inspections were extremely thorough. Would highly recommend for any prospective home buyer or existing homeowner with an older home.
- R.B., February 2022
Jeff was extremely professional and knowledgeable, performing the inspection with great care and in careful detail. He went far beyond expectations, offering several useful tips and opinions that really made me feel that he was genuinely concerned with my knowledge and awareness of the house. His intial and final inspection reports provided great details and ease of reading. Thank you, Jeff!
- L.I., Lake Wylie SC, February 2022
Jeff was very thorough and explained everything that he found, including the priority of what to get fixed immediately. I would definitely recommend him and use him again.
- S.W., January 2022
This was an easy process from beginning to end. The report was great. Very thorough, easy to follow, and easy to understand. Just enough information was given to help you understand but not enough to make it overwhelming. The pictures were greatly beneficial. I can't think of anything I would ask the inspector to work on.
- J.R., Lancaster SC, January 2022
Jeff provided us with exactly the information we needed to make an informed decision on our home purchase. The reports he provided are really great; easy to read, cites code, extensive inspection notes, shows pictures and videos, etc. We will be using Jeff on our re-inspection as well as future ones. We'll definitely be recommending him to friends and family.
- D.J., December 2021
Jeff did a great job on my house inspection. He was professional and very thorough which lead to items that needed to be corrected by the seller. I highly recommend using him for your next home inspection
- J.S., December 2021
He did great work. He sent the details of report so good. We like the way he did. I thank you so much.and he is so nice to help me anything that I don’t know about the house. We are so happy
- H.N., December 2021
Jeff is very knowledgeable and thorough. He was prompt and took the time to explain what he found. I also appreciated that he highlighted the maintenance items that needed to be taken care of. I would recommend him in a heart beat.
- B.G., Charlotte NC, December 2021
My husband and I are trying to find the perfect home, We called Jeff because he is very thorough and reliable, I let him know up front my husband nor myself were not any good with doing home maintenance, unless it's very simple his final inspection was so in depth I mean it had every little detail down to the smallest to the biggest I was afraid to even think about going forward but it may work out so that everything gets fixed ??. If you need a inspection done don't hesitate Call Jeff at Assurance Home Inspection he is honest and very very good at pointing out the things that could lead to a money pit. Jeff my husband and I want to say Thank you so much. Willie and Marquita Berry
- W.B., December 2021
Jeff Thornton is a highly skilled, hardworking, and honest home inspector invested in his craft. I recently purchased a home and Jeff took the time to thoroughly inspect and fairly advise on any recommended home repairs. Every single detail was meticulously documented and provided after the inspection in a comprehensive report. In today’s market you can have the complete peace of mind to fully entrust Jeff with your home inspection. Thank you so much for taking care of my future home as if it were your own and treating me with the utmost respect throughout the entire process.
- Y.L., December 2021
Jeff is thorough and helpful in his reports. I appreciate the help!
- R.N., December 2021
Jeff was very thorough and his report was clear and understandable to a layperson.
- N.A., HONOLULU HI, December 2021
Thanks this was very Informative
- A.H., November 2021
Jeff was very thorough and provided many details in his report. The pictures alongside his report were very helpful and included arrows and drawings to help me understand what he meant. Additionally, he was willing to measure the appliance areas in the home for me, which will help me order appliances in time for move-in! I would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone looking for an inspector.
- A.F., November 2021
Very friendly and knowledgeable. He made us feel very comfortable. He answered all questions and made great suggestions. Highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection .
- J.L., October 2021
Jeff is kind, thorough, knowledgeable and reasonably priced!! I will continue to use Jeff for any future needs!
- C.R., Charlotte NC, September 2021
We are very pleased with Jeff. He found things we never would have thought to check. Thank you, Jeff for doing our inspection. Scott & Susan McDaniel
- S.M., August 2021
Jeff was on time, that starts the inspection off right from the beginning for us. A friend recommended Jeff to us after we had some issues with our new home purchase. We wanted our home checked out before the one-year warranty expired. Well worth the price. He gave us peace of mind. Would recommend Jeff and this company again. JW DW Lancaster
- J.W., July 2021
Our inspection was incredibly thorough and Jeff Thornton was so knowledgeable and patient with all of our questions! He discovered a serious HVAC issue that we had not detected and because of his attention to detail we were able to avoid a costly disaster before it happened. He arrived promptly at our scheduled appointment and brought all of the necessary tools to thoroughly inspect our home and even climbed up on our very high roof for a closer look. Our report was highly detailed with clear pictures of all issues and was ready within just a few hours of the inspection. We have used him twice already and plan on continuing to have him inspect our home regularly to make sure we catch any issues before they become big problems.
- M.S., July 2021
Very knowledgeable and efficient. Pleasant to deal with.
- A.F., July 2021
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- R.B., Rocky Mount VA, July 2021
Very pleased with the inspection and the attention to detail that was done. Will recommend your services to friends.
- M.E., July 2021
Jeff does an excellent home inspection. He goes over everything to make sure you have a safe and efficient home. I recommend him to all my customers and clients!! Thank you Jeff!!!
- J.T., Clover SC, June 2021
Jeff was awesome. He explained areas of concern, and was very knowledgeable about what we needed to do to fix issues. We would absolutely recommend him.
- C.C., MONROE NC, June 2021
Jeff performed a very thorough inspection of my purchase property. He was able to hire a great pool inspector as well, and Jeff oversaw all of the scheduling. I would highly recommend Jeff for your home inspection. Did I mention he did the inspection and had the report ready the same day ?!?! Terrific Company !!
- A.H., June 2021
Great service and communication on time.
- E.R., May 2021
Very through..excellent pictures and videos.. would definitely recommend!!
- S.H., May 2021
We couldn’t have had “The Best experience using Jeff Thornton as our guy!!! It’s been a blessing having him in our corner.. we would highly recommend Him. He is very detailed in his explanation. He takes his time and extremely thorough !!! Thank you!! R&LL
- L.L., May 2021
Jeff was very friendly and very knowledgeable with my inspection. He took his time and went over things I didn't understand and gave me his honest opinion about his findings. I would definitely recommend him and his services!
- J.B., May 2021
Jeff was thorough, patient, and willing to answer questions knowledgably and professionally. As a first time home buyer he was sure to go through everything and explain anything in depth for me. I would recommend him to anyone and would use his services again in the future!
- E.M., May 2021
Extremely satisfied with our experience with Assurance Home Services! The inspections were very thorough and the report was in great detail.
- E.H., May 2021
Jeff was great! He filled us in on all the details we were looking for. He is very thorough and informative. I wound definitely use him again.
- J.G., April 2021
Highly recommend Jeff! He’s very thorough and was able to answer all our questions and make suggestions. Super fast turn around time to get the report also. Will definitely use him again in the future.
- K.T., April 2021
Great report. Detailed. Professional.
- T.C., March 2021
Jeff was fantastic! Extremely thorough. Helped us decide against what would have been a terrible decision initially and found multiple things that needed attention on a NEW CONSTRUCTION home. Worth every penny. Thanks Jeff!!
- R.C., March 2021
- C.S., February 2021
- C.S., February 2021
Worth every penny. Jeff did a great job. He did check all the details, even the small things hard to see it. A++++++++
- M.P., February 2021
Jeff did a great job!! He was thorough in his inspection and took the time to explain everything to me very clearly. He is very knowledgeable and experienced which was very helpful when answering my questions. He even shared some misc info about the home that was just very interesting to know! He was willing to go far out of his area for my inspection and his rates were very reasonable despite this. Overall excellent experience!!
- J.S., January 2021