Jeff was very thorough on his inspection. The report was very easy to understand. Jeff was pleasant and professional. I would use him again and would highly recommend him.
- M.D., June 2019
Jeff is awesome!! He is a true professional, and his reports are detailed.
- E.W., Lancaster SC, May 2019
Surprisingly thorough- great for buyers!
- C.R., May 2019
Jeff was very professional very thorough would highly recommend him
- J.S., May 2019
Mr. Thornton was on-time, responsive, thorough, and courteous!
- D.S., May 2019
Jeff is our go to guy. We have used Jeff for Two inspections and find him to be very thorough. He explaines all of his finding in an easy to understand way. You don?t go wrong, using Jeff.
- C.B., May 2019
Jeff, We appreciate your kindness, helpfulness, and professionalism. You made us feel confident and you were very thorough in your work. Payment options were easy as well as reviewing the report w pictures and explanations. Thank you for being a part of our forever home. God Bless you!
- M.R., May 2019
Great job! I am a very detailed person and only caught half of what you did. Thank you Sir.
- L.V., April 2019
Thanks for your thorough inspection of our new home. The builder started the next day to alleviate the problems you discovered. Would highly recommend Jeff for inspections of newly acquired homes. Plan to call him to inspect our home at the 11th month warranty period
- D.D., Inman SC, April 2019
Inspection was thorough and professional. Jeff clearly explained the issues we had and how to fix them.
- M.C., April 2019
Thanks for your hard work and feedback given to my husband. Your response time and communication is impeccable.
- S.B., Charlotte NC, March 2019
Thank you so much or being patient with the new agents from my office. They had so many questions and you were so thorough with them! They were so excited to learn about the process!
- J.B., March 2019
Very personable, took his time to explain everything he found. Was early to the job and stayed later to ensure the termite inspection was done. I would use his services again for a home inspection.
- W.S., February 2019
Seems like a very thorough report. Would recommend
- M.O., February 2019
Jeff was able to get in on short notice and turnaround the inspection report that day. Very thorough and detailed.
- E.L., February 2019
Jeff did a thorough inspection of our new construction and found issues that probably would not have been found on our walk through. Highly recommended!
- J.C., February 2019
Jeff was so great to work with. I felt so much better after he went through my inspection with me. He was friendly and efficient and made me feel he really cared about the work he does. I would highly recommend him for your next home inspection!
- J.W., February 2019
Jeff was amazing and very thorough. He explained everything and was very honest about the findings during my home inspection. I would highly recommend his services.
- E.L., February 2019
Jeff was very professional and did a fantastic job explaining all of the things he listed in the inspection report. His inspection was extremely thorough and I feel much more secure about my home purchase now that I have had a true expert check the home
- A.R., January 2019
This is the second time Mr. Thornton has conducted a home inspection for me. Each time impressed me with a high level of professionalism and thoroughness. Thank you.
- M.C., Charlotte NC, January 2019
My wife and I are grateful for Jeff he did a great job, any questions that we had on any of the issues with the home he answered honestly and explained on how they should be repaired I recommend Jeff Thornton for any home inspections needed.
- T.T., January 2019
I appreciate the attention to detail and thoroughness. Kept me from making a bad decision on one house, and gave me a bit of reassurance on another. Highly recommended.
- R.S., January 2019
Your thorough inspection was invaluable! Thank you!
- M.F., Charlotte NC, December 2018
Jeff did a great job! He is very Thorough. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!!! Could ask for a better inspector!
- D.W., December 2018
Jeff is my go to Inspector. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Always available for questions and does a great job explaining details to me!
- C.D., Weddington NC, December 2018
Very thorough, knowledgable, and helpful. Extremely professional and detailed inspection report. Highly recommended!
- A.R., December 2018
Jeff was very through and was quick to publish the report. Highly recommend.
- B.O., November 2018
Jeff performed a very thorough inspection and was great at explaining a few things to me even before the official report was written. A pleasure meeting you Jeff and I appreciate the outstanding work!
- S.R., November 2018
Thank you for going above and beyond. You took the initiative to find out if utilities were on at the property and are helpful and responsive to any questions we may have.
- S.B., November 2018
Thanks for your help great job
- M.M., November 2018
Jeff was very thorough in his inspection and offered immediate feedback on the more serious problems found as well as repair suggestions. I will be recommending him to friends and neighbors looking for inspection services.
- T.C., November 2018
Jeff, thank you for taking your job seriously and for keeping your clients best interest in mind. You did a very detailed inspection and exposed some very real and serious issues.
- J.A., November 2018
Thank you for your thoroughness on my inspection. Being in NY you gave me piece of mind my Townhouse was being inspected by a professional and all issue's you reported are now being addressed with my builder. Thank you again!
- C.J., October 2018
Jeff did a great job with our home inspection. He was very informative and willing to help any way he could.
- W.G., October 2018
Good job Jeff. Thanks for all your help!
- S.D., October 2018
Thank you Jeff for your thorough inspection and attention to details. We are very happy with the job you did and will absolutely recommend your services to friends in the future.
- G.R., September 2018
Was very professional, explained everything and showed us what needed to be done. Very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him..
- D.D., August 2018
Jeff did a thorough inspection of the home that we are purchasing. Jeff not only put in the report the places where he did inspect but also put places he couldn't such as the porch because there was no clearing underneath. He pointed out many things that my husband and I were not aware of with the house. He not only noted things that needed to be fixed but also aesthetic things of the house as well. Jeff is a great inspector!
- T.N., July 2018
Great work. Very thorough.
- H.N., July 2018
Most thorough and complete home inspection I think I've ever had. Jeff was extremely informative and honest about all of his findings. If ever needed in the future, we would definitely use again and will recommend to anyone and everyone.
- J.F., July 2018
Thought he did an extremely thorough and professional review. He was on time, courteous and made sure we understood his major concerns.
- R.S., St. Helena Island SC, July 2018
Very professional !!!
- M.N., July 2018
10/10 because Mr. Thornton was very helpful, respectful, informative & professional at all times. I was able to get in contact with him & speak to him in regards of some concerns I had with what he had found in the home i'm about to buy.
- M.A., June 2018
Jeff was very professional. He was very thorough and took the time to point out the items that needed attention and explain in terms I could understand what was needed at each area.
- W.P., June 2018
Thank you Jeff so much for a thourough home inspection. I cannot express enough how amazing he is.He went into great detail on his report along with pictures. I would highly recommend him for any of our future purchases.
- S.H., June 2018
Jeff is very professional,has noted all the points that need to be removed in the Inspection Report,in order to have a more comfortable and healthy place of living.Thank you so much Jeff!
- N.B., June 2018
I was truly amazed at the thoroughness of the inspection report. So glad that is always required, as I did not or could not see everything. I thought I had inspected the inside but you did a great job. I would highly recommend you and your company to everyone.
- L.M., June 2018
Did an Awesome job ver th thorough Thanks
- M.S., June 2018
Thank you so much you took a lot of time we appreciate that
- M.S., June 2018
Jeff did a thorough inspection. He is professional ,knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this company for any home Inspections. Jeff answered all of our questions and his report was on time and accurate to the finding in our home. Jeff is an exceptional person. We thank him for an outstanding job.
- D.W., May 2018
Jeff you were very through and professional. You were timely and caused minimal invasion. Great pics to show what you explained!
- K.V., May 2018
Absolutely an amazing home inspector and was completely honest about everything, didn?t sugar coat things and I believe that?s the way to go.
- E.L., May 2018
I think that you did an amazing job! You went into great details which will allow us to fix not only the bigger problems but the smaller ones as well.
- A.C., May 2018
Jeff was very thorough and patient. He explained the results of his inspection clearly. Thank you, Jeff !
- C.H., May 2018
Hi Jeff thanks
- J.S., April 2018
Jeff did a fantastic job. He was professional and thorough, and clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. I felt like I was in good hands.
- K.G., April 2018
I think you did a great job I couldn't be any happier
- K.C., April 2018
He was incredibly thorough and I really appreciate all his hard work. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to a friend. I get the impression that Jeff takes pride in his job and takes his responsibilities to his customers seriously.
- S.S., April 2018
He was very professional and explained things thoroughly, he did not rush through the process. I highly recommend him
- D.W., April 2018
Thorough and very professional. We had to have an inspection done on a second home after the deal in the first fell through because of a structural issue, that Jeff identified. When it was time for another inspection, there was no doubt we would contact Jeff again.
- J.B., April 2018
Prompt, thorough, friendly, reasonable in price. Jeff performed inspections on the house we are selling as well as the home we are purchasing. We are very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
- C.M., April 2018
Very professional, detailed and informative document! Thank you so much!
- S.E., March 2018
Professional. Outstanding reports
- M.D., March 2018
My husband and I were extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection performed by Jeff. We will definitely recommend his services in the future!
- A.P., March 2018
Jeff did a fantastic job with our home inspection. He was punctual, professional, and thorough. He explained issues with the house in a way that was easy to understand, which was very helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend using Jeff for your home inspection needs.
- T.M., March 2018
Fabulous and very thorough inspection finding several semi major repairs needed that I had no idea of. Will use Jeff always! Very happy with inspection.
- C.A., March 2018
Jeff gave a very thorough home inspection.
- J.F., March 2018
Jeff was very helpful and informative during the inspection process. He made me as a first time homeowner feel very comfortable. Thank you Jeff!
- T.F., January 2018
Very good and thorough inspection. I was impressed and so were other friends/homeowners that arein the trade skills of the areas inspected.
- K.E., January 2018
Jeff did a very great job for us, he found things that were overlooked by other inspectors. I gave out one of his card last week. Thanks Jeff for a Great Job
- C.B., January 2018
Jeff did an amazing job! He did a great job explaining everything that he inspected. I would recommend him to everyone!!!!
- T.R., January 2018
Got the job done correctly and was very honest.
- T.K., January 2018
The best inspection I have ever received, by far. He took the time to check all of the areas, and relayed the information in an easy to understand manner. I was impressed, which is hard to do.
- D.C., January 2018
Jeff did a great job on the inspection for us. Very informative, helpful and a friendly person. I would absolutely recommend Jeff to anyone that is in need of an inspector.
- E.W., January 2018
I feel that Jeff did a excellent job and extremely thorough, checking every minor detail that could cause a problem in the future and listing them and photographing them I would not hesitate to use him and his firm again.
- R.D., December 2017
Mr. Thornton was punctual and extremely thorough. I will be recommending him to everyone I know.
- M.W., December 2017
You did a great job and I'll definitely recommend you to others. Sincerely, Robert Jones
- R.J., December 2017
Very thorough inspection.
- M.W., December 2017
Very quick response time. Very affordable. Received report same day as inspection. Thank you
- N.T., December 2017
Very thorough, professional, and explained everything needed to be done.
- G.L., November 2017
Thank you for being so thorough. The pictures were nice. They really showed what was wrong. I like your attitude. Thanks for a great job and being Timely. Will definitely recommend you to others.
- M.T., November 2017
Jeff was great. Very thorough and took his time and explained finding in a clear concise manner. Timing was great report was completed that night with in depth analysis. Will definitely recommend Jeff.
- E.C., November 2017
Jeff did a pre-inspection on both the home that I was selling and the one that I was buying. He was very thorough, and the information provided was extremely helpful. He is also reasonably priced and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- M.S., October 2017
We had noticed 1) a bad odor coming from the carpeting from a pet which was not carpeting not part of the house? 2) We could not find an access gate to get into the back yard fenced in area for mowing purposes, etc. Were you able to identify that opening?
- B.P., October 2017
Very pleased with Jeff's knowledge, professionalism and inspection. He promptly returned phone calls/emails and took the time to explain inspection results. I highly recommend him.
- T.D., October 2017
I received a complete and thorough inspection and so much more!
- T.C., September 2017
Thank you for the personal and professional service. I appreciated getting quick responses from you and for your thorough inspection. Will definitely recommend your services to any and all who may need them.
- M.B., September 2017
Thank you Jeff for the personal service, honest assessment, and thorough explanations of the condition of the property. We appreciate it!
- D.A., August 2017
Jeff did a great job inspecting our future home. His attention to detail and knowledge is exceptional. My wife and I appreciate the time and effort you put into our inspection. Thank you
- S.A., August 2017
Thank you so much for the excellent report. It's exactly what I needed
- J.H., August 2017
Very meticulous. Very thorough.
- G.D., August 2017
Jeff was very polite and communicated very well. He's was very knowledgeable in all phase of the home building and got down into small dark spaces to include in his report. Very good turnaround time on inspection report (24hrs or less. He also can include a termite inspection as well. Thanks Jeff, very pleased with my choice to go with Assurance Home service.
- , August 2017
Jeff was very professional and thorough throughout the inspection. He made sure I understood what his findings meant. Highly recommended.
- C.J., July 2017
Mr Thornton was very helpful and informative. He was very pleasant and understanding. He answered (with explanations) all of my questions and we would recommend him to anyone needing a professional home inspector.
- J.F., July 2017
Jeff gave us the most thorough and exacting inspection report we have ever seen! He also included a variety of small details just for our information (such as the location of 'hidden' switches) that go above and beyond a mere inspection and add great value to his services. Thank you, Jeff! Highly recommended.
- G.F., June 2017
Jeff could not have done a better job. He responded to our timetable and scheduled a convenient time, showed up when he said, made a professional impression personally and with his equipment, was engaged, unhurried throughout the inspection, debriefed us thoroughly and provided the written report within hours. Further, he offered to respond to follow up questions (which he did) and said he was available if and when we closed on the house if we needed any information he might have. I have no suggestions for improvement, a rare thing for me and my wife and kids will attest.
- F.W., June 2017
He did thorough work and kept it simple in explaining it. He advised me what I could do myself and what probably needed a contractor. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who needed an inspection.
- E.W., June 2017
You did an awesome job. You saw things that I never saw that was wrong with the home I was interested in. Now I just hope the home owners fix them before I purchase this house.
- S.P., June 2017
Great job. Very thorough inspection.
- K.F., June 2017
Jeff was absolutely wonderful. He was on time, very professional and very thorough in his inspection of the home. I would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone for their home inspection needs. First class operation.
- J.J., June 2017