Our experience was outstanding. Mr Kenney's report was professional, factual, detailed, very thorough but no trivia. Reasonably priced, great website. We have been through this several times and Mark is by far the best home inspector we have dealt with.
- S.L., February 2019
We have used Mark Kenney Inspections three times now. We find that he is very pleasant, but most importantly is timely, thorough and efficient. His prices are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend Mark whether you require an inspection for a new build or pre-owned home.
- L.S., February 2019
Very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions.
- C.K., Scottsdale AZ, February 2019
We thought the inspection went well, very professional, pleased with the results. This is a major expense so your input made the decision much easier for us. Thanks Mark
- R.O., February 2019
Mark was very thorough in his inspection. He explained each area and what his recommendations were, backed up with both video and still photos. He was eager to answer all questions and took us to each point of reference, both inside and out to ensure that we understood what he was referring to. Mark was available via phone for a quick answer to a question that we had the next day too. We were very, pleased with this entire process and we will most assuredly be recommending Mark to anyone in need of his services.
- F.T., February 2019
Having read the comments on Mark?s performance, I totally agree that thoroughness, quality of inspection, the review process are all part of what buyers want to have with the inspection. Used Mark twice, would use him again.
- B.W., January 2019
Mark gave a detailed inspection and summary. Video and pictures provided. He then walked me thru the report. Terrific job! Will recommend to friends.
- J.L., January 2019
Mark was professional, kind, and thorough. We were really happy with all his work. Would recommend to my friends and family.
- E.I., January 2019
From a customer service standpoint Mark Kenney fulfilled all expectations. He was slightly early for an on-time inspection, Professional, courteous, thorough, efficient and provided a comprehensive report. Impressive to say the least.
- S.L., January 2019
The home inspection Mark did was the best one, by far, we have EVER experienced. He was thorough, precise, well-prepared and had excellent communication skills as to condition of and issues in the home. What more can we say? If you want the best home inspection, call Mark! Ron and Sue Mobley
- R.M., January 2019
Mark did a wonderful job on our inspection! I would definitely refer Mark! Thanks for all your help! Carin H.
- B.H., January 2019
The video and report are an excellent tool for me to make a decision on this home. Very detailed, thorough and professional. I wish I could have been there to discuss this process with you.
- W.P., January 2019
Well written report and video to better show some areas. Would recommend Mark to all my friends.
- S.T., January 2019
You did a great job!
- M.Z., January 2019
Mark did a great job! Above and beyond! Made a video to explain where shut offs were located and of things to check yearly for general maintenance so appreciated his professionalism and caring expertise!
- S.C., January 2019
Comprehensive and professional/helpful
- B.H., January 2019
I loved the video!! For a first time homebuyer it?s good to know where all the little GFI?s, fuses and extra things are that might be forgotten down the road. It was also nice to have the helpful hints about the water. Mark was reliable and actually got our home inspection done before the expected date. Thank you again for your time.
- A.F., January 2019
Mark was excellent at our inspection. He went beyond what he had to do and we really appreciated that. He explained everything very well!!! I would definitely recommend for any inspection!!!!
- B.W., January 2019
Mark is knowledgeable, focused, and a good communicator. He gets the report out immediately. Thanks Mark!
- L.G., January 2019
Mark was fantastic - detailed, thorough, and willing to take the time necessary to explain his report. We were grateful to have him as our home inspector, and will definitely recommend him in the future! Thanks
- P.D., January 2019
Very thorough and helpful recommendations.
- L.H., January 2019
Thank you. You did a professional job
- R.H., January 2019
Very thorough, took his time and reviewed the report with me. Ensured I had no additional questions or concerns. He did my inspection on short notice even though it was during the holidays. Would definitely recommend him.
- L.B., December 2018
have used Mark twice and would not hesitate to use him again and again. I would refer all my friends to him without a doubt.
- S.T., December 2018
Thanks for your thoroughness.
- B.T., December 2018
Mark has completed 2 inspections for our family. He is the ultimate professional. Takes him time to explain everything, and has great technology. I highly recommend his company. He is very easy to work with.
- D.M., December 2018
You do a good job and it seems to be very complete. When I received Leolinda's email I thought I was supposed to be there for the inspection so I miss understood. I like the video since it was helpful since I wasn't there for the inspection. You certainly point out items I never would have noticed so it is helpful.
- J.W., December 2018
Thank you for a great job
- B.W., December 2018
Best inspector in the Valley!!!
- B.K., December 2018
Mark was very helpful and provided detailed photos and video that made it easy to see where work need to be done.
- J.W., November 2018
Very Friendly, answered my many questions. Very thorough job. I was very happy with his work. I would recommend him to everyone.
- R.H., November 2018
Mark was prompt, friendly, thorough, and professional throughout the entire inspection. As a former Realtor, I've been apart of many, many inspections. Mark is as good as any other inspector I've ever dealt with. I would highly recommend him.
- L.G., November 2018
Mark: I found you to be very thorough in the inspection process and quite knowledgeable. I appreciated the time you took to go over your findings, explaining every detail and answering all my questions.
- S.W., November 2018
I thought you explained things well and seemed knowledgeable about what you were doing. Thank you.
- J.D., November 2018
Thank you for your work. We especially appreciated the videos which added a nice, personal touch while being very informative and easy to understand.
- E.T., Shasta CA, November 2018
Mark Kenney did an excellent job of inspecting the house. He provided good advice and insight into items that need immediate and future attention. Mark was very professional throughout the inspection and was very attentive to details. Art and Sandra Loendorf
- S.L., November 2018
Hi. Mark was very professional and very thorough. But he was also nice and friendly and answered all our questions and listened to our concerns. We felt very confident with his results. We were pleased.
- D.C., November 2018
Excellent in all aspects.
- J.H., November 2018
Mark, and his report were vary thorough with the inspection of the property and the report was easy to understand. Would definitely retain his services again.
- R.D., November 2018
Mark is always on time, very precise , and super helpful and pleasant to my clients.
- a.d., Surprise Ari, November 2018
Mark is very thorough from start to finish. We have had several home inspectors throughout the years and Mark is the best we have worked with.
- S.K., Kennewick WA, November 2018
Mark was awesome very thorough! Explained the report to us and provided it right away.
- M.S., November 2018
We highly recommend Mark Kenney for your home inspection. He provided the report immediately and gave us concise answers to all of our questions. He is also a very nice guy. Jack and Joyce Willey
- J.W., October 2018
Mark is exceptional! Very thorough with all of inspections, goes above and beyond. Provides buyers with report immediately, and is patient with all questions. Gives concise answers and is personable too! VG
- V.G., October 2018
Mark was not only extremely thorough and professional, he politely explained in detail all aspects of his report. It made me feel confident knowing the condition of the house I am purchasing. I would highly recommend Mark Kenney.
- D.B., October 2018
Did a very good job at explaining everything, in a way that I could remember later! And answered all my questions! 100% recommend!!
- A.M., October 2018
Mark was very thorough and explained all his findings in a very clear manner. We would definitely use him again. Thank you for helping us protect our investment.
- J.F., October 2018
Mark was very thorough and explained all his findings in a very clear manner. We would definitely use him again. Thank you for helping us protect our investment.
- J.F., October 2018
Excellent professional service. Able to fully explain the results of the inspection. It is obvious the Mark has a passion for his work.
- J.S., October 2018
Great job! Thorough and complete inspection. Very professional.
- C.H., October 2018
Very impressed by Mark. He is highly recommended, We added the IR inspection and it was well worth it - like having x-ray vision into the walls. Do yourself a favor and hire Mark for your next home inspection.
- J.C., October 2018
Great service! The best out there!!!
- M.J., October 2018
Mark was very thorough with my home inspection. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was able to answer all my questions with great detail. Glad I ordered the thermal camera scans. I would recommend any homeowner to do this. While in my case it did not spot anything I have the peace of mind knowing there's no leaks in the walls, no hot spots in the breaker box, ect. Definitely worth the extra $$.
- D.V., October 2018
Very professional and thorough. Would highly recommend Mark Kenney.
- D.R., October 2018
Great job.Really appreciated the video, and photos pointing out in plain english the issues to be addressed. Probably saved me some MAJOR HEADACHES , and expence. The only inspector I would ever concider using. Thanks again Mark Randy Benson
- R.B., Rock Island WA, September 2018
Very professional- impressed by your entire process and complete inspection.
- K.J., September 2018
Thank you for all your help.
- L.C., September 2018
A great experience! Mark is thorough, his report is detailed, and he patiently reviewed them with me, answering all my questions. Very professional service!
- C.M., September 2018
Thank you very much for you service and presentation of house repairs, i would recommend you to future buyers. Hector and Jeanette Flores.
- H.F., September 2018
Definitely appreciated the additional info at the end... great job!!!
- C.A., September 2018
This is our second condo that Mark inspected. We would recomend!
- B.A., September 2018
Thanks very much for the Labor Day appointments, Mark. We appreciate your willingness to work on our schedule. Your professional demeanor and presentation of the report exceeded our expectations. We also appreciate that fact that this was a "1 and done" appointment, from introductions, to payment, to finalized report in our hands.
- B.M., September 2018
Outstanding inspection. Very detailed report and recommendations. Appreciate the effort put in to ensure that our home buying décision was the right one. Thank you
- W.C., September 2018
Mark did an excellent job and was extremely thorough. His report was detailed and, since we had the opportunity to be there during the inspection, he took the time to explain the details. We would highly recommend his services. He is professional and also very personable.
- L.M., September 2018
Mark did a excellent job in his inspection. We were not able to see the house physically before starting the process of purchasing it so when we received the detailed report we were very impressed. Very satisfied and highly recommend.
- R.R., September 2018
Thanks so much for your professional and informative report!
- C.M., September 2018
Personable, extremely thorough. went about his routine and provided an excellent report with photos and comments which he reviewed with me with suggestions on specific repair how-to's. His final report is extensive and gives specific detail for those who will do repairs (some I could even do!) I'm very impressed with his professionalism and communication style with clients. Not intimidating in the least and I felt confident in his services.
- J.M., Surprise AZ, September 2018
Mark did an excellent job in his inspection and presentation of his findings. He took the time to make sure we understood each item in his report and gave us the confidence in making decisions in the purchase process.
- D.L., September 2018
Mark was great to work with. His work was thorough and professional. Mark was also very good at explaining what the different findings mean during every stage of the inspection.
- R.C., Surprise AZ, August 2018
Mark was very informative and thorough with the inspection and review. I felt very comfortable with the process using Mark Kenny.
- C.R., August 2018
Very thorough. Couldn't have asked for more detail.
- R.S., August 2018
Mark was very detailed, explained everything to us in terms we could understand. We loved the video of the roof, and were able to see what he was talking about. As new homeowners, we feel we know our home well. Thanks Mark!
- R.R., August 2018
This is the second home I have had Mark inspect for me. I couldn't be more pleased. This was a sale by owner and I shared the report with the seller. He was equally impressed with the report and has "inspector envy." The inspection he had on his new house did not compare with Mark's observations and explanations. I would highly recommend Mark to any purchaser and have. Lynn Lionhardt
- l.l., Aurora CO, August 2018
Mark was very thorough and prompt in the home inspection process. Also, RE follow up questions, he is very accessible.
- D.M., July 2018
Thank you Mark for a thorough inspection-we feel we have a good idea now what we would like to request the seller to fix! You we're very quick to get us scheduled for the inspection! Thanks, Joan and Ed
- E.D., July 2018
Thank you for a very quick and accessible response!
- P.M., July 2018
Great Inspection...
- M.V., July 2018
This is the second inspection that Mark has done for me, and I am extremely impressed with his attention to detail in examining the property and his willingness to spend the extra time it takes to explain to me all of the thing's he found and how the home works. His verbal explanations and recommendations are as, if not more, valuable to me than the report itself.
- G.H., July 2018
Very knowledgeable, professional...great inspector.
- J.J., Phoenix AZ, July 2018
This home inspection was very comprehensive and helpful. Thank you for being absolutely thorough. You provided valuable insight.
- S.C., July 2018
Thank you for your thorough inspections, explanations and helpful remedies.
- K.M., June 2018
Mark is extremely professional, very friendly, detail oriented and efficient. It was a great experience.
- S.R., June 2018
Thank you Mark for your quick response for an inspection and your professional report
- S.H., June 2018
Very through, timely well written report.
- P.B., June 2018
Nice job. Thank you!
- R.W., June 2018
It was nice to have the slide show for repairs that are needed from the inspection.
- R.W., June 2018
Thanks Mark, for a complete and detailed inspection, very well done. Thank you for your comments and explainations. Highly recommended.
- T.W., June 2018
Thank you Mark for your thorough Inspection and report along with explaining and answering my questions. Your expertise makes it much easier for me to make a final decision on my home purchases.
- N.N., June 2018
You were professional in your attitude, attention to details and clean pressed attire. You arrived and immediately got to work. It was obvious you are experienced and well trained! Your efficency was amazing, it gave us great confidence in your thouroughness and findings. We were also impressed with how you presented your findings. Video of roof, still photos of all problem areas and a thorough written report in a professional manner to us (the buyer) as well as the seller and both Real Estate representives simultaneously. No one felt uncomfortable as you had images to back up your findings and presented the findings in a matter of fact yet calm way. You even reveiwed what items may need service in the next 3-5 years. We were impressed that you physically walked the two of us around the house to show us what you were talking about in your report. In addition you showed us the location of various water and electical controls. Demonstrated how to use the water shut-off valves and electrical box as well as provided suggestions for extending the life of the water feature pump. Thank You.
- T.B., June 2018
As always --Mark is detailed and takes time with client to review the details!
- T.S., June 2018
I was so impressed with my home inspection. I am a customer for life. I have never had a home inspection experience like this one. I highly recommend Mark Kenney Inspections.
- C.B., June 2018
Very detailed and thorough. Took the time to add a quick video that explained a few tips. Nice additional touch.
- N.B., May 2018
Very complete and detailed inspection, very professional, well done. Highly recommended. Thank You, George.
- G.P., May 2018
Mark I thank you for your detailed report and your thorough examination of the property I do wish I knew how deep the pool was but not having a diving board I'm going to assume it's 5 feet and under but thank you very much I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends or family thanks again We
- J.G., May 2018
Mark was great!! Professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family!!
- D.E., Osseo MN, May 2018
He was very through and explained everything to me. I never before had an inspector take me on a tour of the out and inside showing me how everything works. He was GREAT. A+++
- M.A., May 2018
Seemed very thorough and easy to understand.
- B.S., May 2018
I have had a number of home inspections over the years and this one was the most informative and professional of them all.Mark explained everything in an easy to understand way, prepared an excellently written and video report and provided me good advice and readily answered all my questions. Just as important he has a very pleasing personality and inspires confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.
- J.T., May 2018
Thank you!
- M.A., May 2018
We were so impressed by your efficiency and attention to every possible detail and then producing the report with a video and photographs for us to completely understand while we were still in attendance. We would have no problem in highly recommending your services.Thank you
- J.H., Sun City West AZ, May 2018