The inspection was much more detailed than I expected, and Mark went over his findings with me in great detail. I would recommend him without hesitation.
- B.Z., November 2022
The report was very thorough and fast. I appreciate that adter the report it gave me the option of making a list of things that need to be addressed. That was a very helpful option!
- M.M., November 2022
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, though. Explained everything. Patiently answered all my questions. Great job Mark! Will recommend to others.
- R.P., November 2022
Mark, thank you for all your help. The inspection went smoothly with detailed information both verbally and with his print out. All questions answered with thorough explanations. Mark even made himself available if there were followup questions. We highly recommend Mark Kenney and were extremely please with his services. Sun City resident
- J.M., November 2022
I would highly recommend Mark ! He does a great job and goes thru the results with you. Very nice and kind person.
- J.B., November 2022
Very professional. In depth, complete and thorough inspection, with an understandable explanation of the results.
- T.G., November 2022
Mr. Kenney was professional and thorough. Took the time to explain, in detail, issues identified and features of our new home.
- H.E., November 2022
Mark's inspection was very thorough, and he took time to explain and show me everything he found. He also offered suggestions for regular maintenance, and demonstrated how to turn off water to the house and drain the pipes when leaving the home for more than a couple of days. Mark was very personable and a pleasure to deal with. :)
- L.G., November 2022
Extremely professional and knowledgeable.
- T.K., November 2022
You've been amazing Mark in helping give us piece of mind in purchasing our vacation home. There should be more people like you in the world. 100% top notch Thank you The Shopin & Gega family
- T.S., November 2022
Mark was patient and efficient. Went over everything and explained as he went. Highly recommend him.
- Z.N., November 2022
Complete and understandable review of the inspection findings. Made the purchase process much more comfortable for me.
- N.T., DEWEY AZ, October 2022
He was thorough & took time to explain his process. He walked the property & showed me important things, like where water shut off valve & fuse box were. I highly recommend Mark Kenney for your home inspection needs.
- C.R., October 2022
Prompt service and very thorough.
- M.G., October 2022
I thought Mark did a fabulous inspection and I would recommend him to anyone who asked for a referral. Mark, I have found a handyman that fixes almost everything!!!! Thanks for your professionalism Sheldon Peterson
- S.P., Sun City West AZ, October 2022
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Buying home as a single woman and he was very patient to explain everything going on in this home and showed me how to turn the water off if needed and how to prepare my home if I went out of town. He prepared a very complete report and went over every detail. I have used him before and so happy he was available again.
- M.R., Glendale AZ, October 2022
Mark is very professional, knowledgeable and provided us with a very detailed inspection for our new home. He wrote detailed descriptions for every item he called out and even include a video to talk through and show areas of the roof that needed to be maintained. When we showed up at the end of the inspection to receive the overview and final report, Mark had everything organized and well put together for us. He is a great communicator and took the time to explained everything right to the point answering all our questions. What we most appreciated in addition to the inspection was how much we learned from Mark about maintaining the house... all the "how to" to take care of our home so it stays in the best possible condition. After meeting with Mark we feel very confident that we know everything we need to know about our new home - no surprises. We highly recommend Mark for your next home inspection. Thank you again Mark!
- W.K., September 2022
We were impressed with the professionalism, thoroughness and the technology used in this inspection. We were also very pleased with his willingness to answer questions after the inspection. We have bought numerous properties over the years, and Mark is the best inspector that we have encountered. We will absolutely ask for him on any future real estate deals.
- T.B., September 2022
Excellent inspection! Very happy!
- N.D., September 2022
This has been the 2nd time using Mark Kenney for home inspections and I couldn't ask for a more thorough inspection. I would recommend Mark Kenny to anyone that needs a home inspection.
- C.A., SWANSEA MA, September 2022
I Would highly recommend Mark Kenny. Very efficient, and knowledgeable about his job. He took me step by step on what he found. The video and pics, were truly a plus.
- K.T., August 2022
Mark was very good at inspection. Explained everything too me and nice person.
- C.P., August 2022
Mark was very knowledgeable about the house and answered my questions quickly and in an understandable manner. Although I did not end up purchasing the house, I would definitely use Mark on the next home!
- T.G., August 2022
I would highly recommend Mark for a home inspection. He explained all issues that needed repairs and the inspection was very thorough. He is professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the home inspection process.
- D.B., August 2022
I really appreciated the prompt work and report - the link Mark gives to easily send the repairs we requested to our realtor was wonderful!
- C.S., August 2022
We were blown away by the thoroughness and details in the report. Once the inspection was complete, Mark reviewed all the findings with us, gave us a hardcopy of the report and answered all our questions. Mark also walked us through the home, reviewing some of the findings as well as showing us some details regarding the home - such as how to turn off the water to the home, sprinkler system details and override, etc. We have never has someone give us so much details about a home before and it was very appreciated! We also appreciated that notes included in the finding indicating the seriousness and/or urgency of each issue so that we know where to focus our energies first. Lastly, we found Mark's website to be very helpful for payments and accessing the full report for download. We strongly recommend Mark Kenney and his team for home inspections. Job well done! Thank you!
- P.W., August 2022
Mark and his team did a great job, and answered all questions and the property and exactly what he was looking at, thank you so much
- M.S., Bismarck ND, August 2022
My wife and I are both quite compulsive. Mark's performance exceeded our expectations. Totally organized, efficient, and thorough. He came very highly recommended by our realtors for a good reason.
- M.G., August 2022
Mark was great. Very professional, did the inspection in a very hot day and patiently explained everything he noted as needing repair. We are very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend him.
- B.S., July 2022
Mark was very through and provided a great review of findings to include an on-site walk around to see/discuss items first hand.
- B.S., July 2022
Absolutely. Mark was very informative and knowledgeable. We are very impressed with Mark as a person and businessman. Definitely would recommend him to anyone. We feel very comfortable with his report. Thanks, Mark Joseph and Mary Bilski
- J.B., July 2022
Completely satisfied with the service.
- S.H., July 2022
I am a realtor in California. I have had many home inspections done over the years! NEVER EVER has an inspector taken the time to go over the reports with their clients or the agents! And while going over the reports I was able to ask questions and get answers! This guy Mark, he blew my mind. When I get settled in my home in Arizona you can bet I will recommend him to everyone! I want to also thank my realtor Ron LaCombe because without him I wouldn't have had Mark. Mark, you are truly top notch...thank you!!! M.S.B.
- S.B., July 2022
I have had many inspections in my lifetime, and I think Mark's was the best. His report and debriefing were very thorough and helpful. His willingness to explain his findings and answer questions inspired confidence and understanding. Great job!
- N.R., Oregon City OR, June 2022
Mark was over-the-top thorough, easy to work with, personable, and friendly! He explained all his findings in great detail so we knew exactly what needed repair, and gave recommendations of how to repair the issues. He answered all our questions, and was extremely knowledgeable with all his answers. Mark is very professional, and we would highly recommend him. I even asked him to do our inspection on our house in Colorado when we get ready to sale it! I trust his expertise that much!
- B.B., June 2022
As a Realtor, Mark Kenney Inspections is always my "go to first" for client referrals with home inspections! His website is outstanding, very convenient to use and shows just how comprehensive his licensing and skills are in his industry. Some inspectors won't go on the roof or in the attic, and that just falls short of doing the complete job in my opinion, however, Mark is always found on the roof and attic when he does an inspection. Very professional, and easily communicates with clients in a friendly and helpful manner. I think he's the "best in the Valley of the Sun!"
- B.K., June 2022
Mark, no bad marks here. We both were very pleased with your thorough and professional inspection. Larry Brewer
- L.T., June 2022
Mark was easy to work with. Professional, at the same time spoke in terms I could understand. He clarified and answered all my questions. He made sure I understood the issues of the home. Mark was thorough in reviewing the inspection report. I recommend Mark to anyone looking for a Home Inspector.
- J.A., June 2022
We felt that Mark gave of a clear vision of the home we were purchasing. The report was available quickly so that we could meet our deadlines and we felt that we had a better understanding of the home.
- J.Y., May 2022
This is the fourth inspection Mark has done for me, friends, or family. He is thorough, knowledgeable and explains his findings. I will continue to recommend him to everyone!
- B.H., May 2022
Very through I thought he would never finish. Found issues that I would not have even thought about. Videos were great
- B.E., May 2022
Mark was GREAT!!! He did a very thorough job inspecting our soon to be home. This was SO important to us with the lengthy age of the home. The thermal imaging is SO worth it, for a few extra dollars it is amazing! He also inspected for termites at the home inspection, what a great idea to save time on inspections! I highly recommend Mark Kenney for all your inspection, he's the BEST!!!!!!!
- B.S., May 2022
Mark is ALWAYS reliable, readily available & his communication is on point! I have used him multiple times.... as well as he has also done inspections on a few of my sellers properties as well. I would highly recommend him. His reports are always very informative & the roof videos are always so very helpful! He is my #1 Inspector!
- E.P., May 2022
Mark is my #1 Go-To for Home Inspections. He's extremely thorough, ethical, professional, and has a high level of integrity. He takes time to answer the Buyers' questions during the Inspection review and encourages them to contact him with any questions down the road. I never hesitate to utilze Mark's Inspection services and highly recommend others to contact him for any or all of their home inspection needs.
- M.L., May 2022
Very thorough and concise. I would highly recommend Mark to do your home inspection
- J.A., May 2022
Very very thorough and professional. He caught things I wouldn’t know to look for and gave great recommendations for future maintenance as well as what was found with this report. I would certainly recommend Mark to anyone have an inspection done. I was very impressed
- B.H., May 2022
Mark is competent, efficient, professional, well prepared, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. By far, he is the best inspector I have ever worked with.
- K.G., May 2022
Mark completed both my home and termite inspection promptly and professionally. I was not able to attend during the inpection and he called me to ask if I had any questions, answered all my questions and reviewed his findings with me. Well done!
- J.R., May 2022
Great job and quick turnaround time! Thanks!
- C.D., May 2022
He was very thorough and prompt with his service. Also, he ensured we understood all parts of the inspection report. Thank you Mark!!
- M.T., May 2022
Only thing is i have not got my termite paper work. Greg Transue
- G.T., April 2022
Mark was very thorough. When finished with the report, he spent considerable time with me going through the house and explaining what I needed to know as a new home owner.
- J.H., April 2022
I'm very satisfied with the inspection Mark have the house. He very thorough, goes above and beyond. I feel confident in the integrity of this home.
- C.C., April 2022
Mark is a very thorough inspector. He looks a everything and explains it all in great detail, emphasizing items which may be problematic now and in the future.
- L.P., April 2022
Mark was great. Explained everything well.
- D.L., April 2022
Wow! Mark knows his business and did an excellent job for us and presented us with a very concise report complete with photos and video. Have never had such a thorough report before. He was referred to us by our real estate agent and even though we had to wait a few extra days to get Mark, it was worth the wait. You can’t go wrong in hiring Mark.
- T.D., April 2022
Great, thorough, competent. Can’t recommend him highly enough!
- L.M., March 2022
Mark was the best part of our home buying experience . He was so personable and profession-able and detailed which put our minds at ease in proceeding with the purchase . And a shout out to Andy also .Thanks
- L.S., March 2022
Mark performed a very thorough inspection. At the end, Mark provided a detailed report with video. We would highly recommend Mark as an inspector.
- B.H., March 2022
Mark was meticulous and knowledgeable, took the time to answer our questions and explain the findings to ensure we were satisfied.
- Z.B., March 2022
Mark and Andy were very thorough and professional. I felt very confident on their detailed and complete inspection that made me feel that my new property has no major issues for my investment. I would recommend them to anyone who are looking for the best inspectors for their properties.
- M.T., March 2022
Mark was really thourough and professional. He answered our questions and made it easy for us to understand the details of his inspection. I would highly recommend him to any homebuyers anywhere. Michael and Becky A.
- M.A., March 2022
Excellent attention to detail, excellent communication of any issues found. Highly recommended. I have confidence that I know exactly what I am buying. Thank you Mark.
- S.W., March 2022
Absolutely ! Very satisfied with details of the inspection and photos. Very professional.
- M.L., March 2022
I was so very impressed by Mark Kenney’s inspection of the property I’m purchasing. He was extremely thorough and professional. His follow up with me detailing what he observed and it’s likely impact on the house’s integrity was excellent. Without reservation, I can honestly highly recommend Mark!
- P.G., March 2022
Mark did a wonderful job and provided us with a very thorough report of the condition of our new home. We would highly recommend him to anybody in need of a home inspection.
- T.R., February 2022
we loved the video on the roof. it was detailed and appreciated. everything else seemed very thorough.
- S.N., February 2022
You are our number one inspector to go to first when scheduling appointments.
- K.P., Sun City West AZ, February 2022
Very thorough and detailed inspection provided for our property.
- P.H., February 2022
Mark Kenney was able to schedule an inspection for us quickly. He gave us a nice, detailed report and included a video on one of his findings. We had the report within an hour of the inspection. Once we reviewed the report, we had questions and called Mr. Kenny. He answered promptly went over items on the report with us. I would highly recommend Mr. Kenny for home inspections. Thank you.
- J.W., February 2022
Mark did a great job and was very thorough. He was willing to answer all questions that we had.
- M.G., February 2022
Mark was great and took the time to explain his entire report and walk us through any questions we had. I would definitely hire him again for future home inspections.
- C.V., January 2022
I feel he did a thorough job. Hopefully all issues were identified. I can tell you more in a couple years
- R.R., January 2022
Very thorough and knowledgeable about important information needed. Thanks Mark ??
- W.L., January 2022
Great job. Very complete and thorough. Prepared and printed a report on-site so there was no waiting. Discussed all aspects of the report so that I understood what he had called out and why, and the potential fixes, and possible problems if not fixed.
- D.L., January 2022
We are extremely satisfied with Mark Kenney’s work. He is very professional, informative and thorough. We would highly recommend hiring him as your home inspector!
- J.K., December 2021
A very through and comprehensive inspection, discovered safety issues and a list of concerns I would have missed.
- D.R., December 2021
Mark always does a great job. He's thorough and has a very tactful way about him as he makes his presentation to the buyers. Thanks Mark!
- K.W., Sun City West AZ, December 2021
Mark was terrific; very thorough and even took a video of the roof which is very helpful. He answered all of my questions and gave good suggestion. I highly recommend him!
- S.W., December 2021
Great Inspector, good attention to detail, and a wealth of knowledge. Used several times, just can't go wrong with Mark Kenny. "The Jack Group / Brokered By EXP Realty "
- J.J., Goodyear AZ, December 2021
Mark was great to work with. Quick and very thorough. His report was easy to understand and he made sure we were clear on all the items in the report. We would definitely use his services again!
- S.M., December 2021
Mark did a fantastic and thorough inspection. He clearly explained his findings and walked us around the house to highlight things about the house. He also went back up on the roof to temporarily repair slipped tiles before it rained that evening which we truly appreciate. The thermal scan he offers was well worth the additional expense because it can find things hidden behind walls like missing insulation and water leaks. I would absolutely use Mark again and highly recommend him! He's the best inspector we've ever hired.
- B.B., December 2021
Answered all questions and took time to review. I was very comfortable with the inspector and am confident that I know the condition of the house. I got more than I thought that I would get. This is service.
- P.F., December 2021
I would absolutely recommend. He was very very thorough.
- P.L., December 2021
Thank you Mark for helping get this inspection done so quickly. We appreciate how thorough you are, and that you answered all of our questions. I know we were not able to be on site for this inspection, but we appreciated having the videos to help with process. Thank you for making it a good experience during a stressful time. Laura & James
- L.A., December 2021
Very detail oriented inspection, more then I expected, especially the video explaining the condition of the roof and what he would suggest doing.
- A.O., December 2021
Professional and timely inspection. Report was detailed/thorough, with easy to understand explanations, pictures and videos. Mark was very responsive to emails and phone calls. Provided sound guidance and peace of mind. Thank you.
- C.H., November 2021
Mark is very detailed and thorough, and explains everything he finds. I would hire him again in the future.
- T.M., November 2021
It would be an honor to recommend Mark Kenney for a home inspection. He was professional, thorough, provided pictures/video in his report so that everything made sense. I was given a brief hard copy upon leaving the home prior to the entire detailed inspection being provided online. He took time to explain his work, answer my questions, and even suggested maintenance recommendations for me to keep in mind. His report is detailed and easy to follow. He is courteous, and his many years of experience reveals the integrity of his work.
- B.H., November 2021
Very nice to talk to and was very thorough. Talked on my level so I could understand all the details.
- E.C., November 2021
Mark was fantastic. Fast, thorough, and professional. He pointed out several things that I would not have known to look for, and it was evident he was very competent. We are very pleased with our inspection report, and the time Mark took to ensure we understood all aspects of it so we could make an educated decision on our home offer. Thank you for helping our closing go quickly and seamlessly!
- J.S., November 2021
Mark was highly recommended to us and we found him to be professional, courteous, and pleasant. He provided us with a very detailed report on our home and I especially like his use of thermal imaging technology. We would definitely use him again.
- H.C., November 2021
Mark was awesome! He is timely, efficient, friendly, very knowledgeable and thorough. We just couldn’t be happier with his service. He even allowed my husband to be his shadow, explaining everything along the way. This is a big ticket item for us and it was so important to add on the thermal camera images as well. Very pleased customer!!!
- F.J., October 2021
This was so easy for me, and I was out of state at the time of inspection. The website is easy to use and Mark followed up with me immediately. The inspection was completed timely and I loved getting the report online. All of this allowed me to respond quickly. I also really appreciated the 2 videos included in the report. I would definitely use Mark again and highly recommend him.
- J.M., October 2021
Super efficient and thorough. Explainations and video were very helpful. Siper friendly.not intimidating as others. Would HIGHLY recommend Mark
- G.S., October 2021
Mark was very professional and thorough with our inspection. Was amazed at the areas he covered and how effectively he communicated with us.
- D.D., Surprise AZ, October 2021
Very accommodating and thorough! Thanks again for moving my appointment earlier!
- K.K., October 2021
Most definitely.
- M.C., October 2021
Best inspector I know of.
- L.O., October 2021
You did super. I just wish we could have had more time to go over things. But Tamara & I went over & reviewed what was important to have you required be done. Thank you so much Donna
- D.J., Peoria AZ, September 2021