I Would definitely rate Mark a 5+. I was so amazed at how thorough and professional my inspection report was. My only regret is that I wasn't there in person to met Mark. He is top-notched. Hard to beat.
- M.F., February 2021
Mark is very thorough and professional. 5 Stars !
- C.S., February 2021
Mark did an amazing job for me. The inspection was thorough and top notch but the amazing part for me was the general overview of the house and all the mechanicals and systems in the house along with great tips for maintaining the house in tip top condition.
- P.H., February 2021
I would very highly recommend Mark. I have purchased several houses over the years and have never had an inspection close to the detail that Mark performed.
- C.A., February 2021
Mark was very thorough and took the time to explain the report us.
- J.G., February 2021
Very thorough and professional Thank you!
- F.W., Peoria AZ, February 2021
I was very pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of the inspection, the attention to detail, and the information included in the inspection report and accompanying videos. I've purchased several homes in Oregon and generally participated in the inspections as an opportunity to learn from them. I learned more from this inspection than from all of the previous inspections combined. The follow-up phone call that walked me through the inspection and roof video were extremely helpful. I would recommend you to anyone purchasing a home in AZ. Thank you very much.
- M.W., Silverton OR, February 2021
Mark is very thorough and gives a full run through of what he did. He also took us through and showed us what he found. We are confident he didn't miss a thing,
- A.M., February 2021
I was very happy with the report's detailed information. I highly recommend this inspector.
- C.B., February 2021
A Mark Kenny Home Inspection is a service that benefits both Buyer and Seller. The Report produced is filled with pictures of the items and conditions that are in need of attention. He took two excellent videos of the subject home which will be very useful in future. For example, one showed the various locations of all the Ground Fault Interrupter electrical outlets and what circuits they controlled. A handy tool on the website makes it easy to create a Sellers Punch List of repairs needed. Mark himself is very personable and professional. Highly recommended.
- D.M., January 2021
Extremely thorough and professional!
- H.A., January 2021
Mark did a thorough inspection. His write-up was clear, concise, and easily understandable. I appreciated how he added video with commentary. His use of technology and homegauge.com made the process so much easier. Thank you for the great service.
- A.F., Gearhart WA, January 2021
Mark Kenney did a great job with my inspection. He was thorough, courteous and professional. I feel like he found all my problem areas and addressed their repair. I was definitely in good hands with him. Thank you Mark!
- B.S., January 2021
Extremely thorough and professional.
- E.M., January 2021
Mark is an awesome inspector. I really appreciated the video of the entire roof. He is very detailed in his inspection reports and attaches plenty of pictures in color. He is very good at explaining the report, especially if there is an issue involved. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- G.T., January 2021
Mark was amazing. Mark was very thorough and did an amazing job. This is our first time purchasing a home. So glad that he was a part of it. I would highly recommend using Mark. Thanks again for all that you have done.
- J.J., January 2021
I appreciate your attention to detail and willingness to discuss your findings. You were calm and did not rush me as I asked questions. I have had a number of home inspections over the years. This inspection and your customer oriented approach to explaining results as refreshing.
- R.M., January 2021
Thank you, very thorough!
- A.H., January 2021
Very professional, knowledgeable, and informative. Would highly recommend.
- J.C., January 2021
- V.E., Surprise AZ, January 2021
Mark was very thorough and professional and he explained all concerns in detail. His report was explained in writing, verbally and by video detailing all deficiencies with clarity. I highly recommend his services.
- M.D., December 2020
Mark, thank you for being so thorough on this inspection. You put our minds at ease and made the process so easy. Your explanations are detailed and we appreciate your honesty.
- T.B., December 2020
I've owned many houses in my time and had a lot of inspections. By far Mark gave the most comprehensive report that was clear and concise. Not only was it a detailed report, but was done in such a way that could easily be understood by anyone. Mark is a very professional person and his interaction with you and the results of your inspection is one that you would have to experience yourself. I would highly recommend him to anyone having an inspection.
- J.F., Sun City West AZ, December 2020
Mark is an amazing inspector. Very thorough, detailed, informative and friendly. I can't thank him enough for the video he made me. If I forgot something he went over with me all I have to do is look back at the video!!! Thank you Mark:)
- L.S., December 2020
Explained items well, would recommended his service again
- J.S., December 2020
He was very friendly and thorough and explained each item. The report is very in-depth.
- K.N., December 2020
Very knowledgeable. Thorough and professional. Great detailed software and accessibility to reports & data. Very easy navigation through the report.
- M.S., December 2020
Great inspector! Highly recommended!
- J.L., December 2020
Rating Mark a 10. I would choose him again for any future inspection. Extremely thorough, patient and methodical. Goes over the inspection details point by point and answers any questions posed. Spends time with clients and goes into detail explaining his written observations from the report. Very professional, yet friendly and approachable. Finally punctual and delivers results as promised.
- W.S., December 2020
Mark has done an excellent job for us. He is accurate and detailed in his work.
- C.P., December 2020
Mark was wonderful to work with and his inspection report was very thorough. He provided services that went above & beyond what we have experienced with any inspector in the past. We would definitely recommend working with Mark!
- G.K., November 2020
Highly satisfied with the inspection report. It was very detailed with video as well as written comments along with written recommendations. My wife and I currently live in Maine and we’re not available during the inspection, but we’re very confident in Mark’s report. After his inspection we talked with him by phone as he reviewed all the items sent to us. We were fortunate that Mark was recommended to us by our Realtor and would not hesitate to use his services again.
- R.F., November 2020
I have worked 25 years with Naval Ship inspectors working/inspecting Conventional and Nuclear powered vessels. The report accomplished on the property we are considering buying not only met but exceeded the standards expected from the personnel I worked with at that time. I am extremely impressed with the degree of detail in the inspection process, his ability to anticipate the possible questions the customer may have in the area being inspected. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate his inspection and his report a “10”.
- D.W., November 2020
Mark was very thorough in his inspection and carried out this service in a very professional & timely manner. I would hire him again for sure.
- T.F., November 2020
Extremely thorough inspection and made sure to explain everything in great detail. Made sure I understood what he was communicating. Very efficient as well. Would highly recommend!
- L.W., November 2020
Courteous, professional, highly skilled and goes far beyond what most inspectors do! He is the best communicator in the industry. I always use him for my Real Estate inspections.
- B.K., November 2020
Mark was very informative on his report I would highly recommend him for any future home inspections.
- H.V., November 2020
Very thorough. We have used Mark for our home inspections for a long time and he always does a great job. Keep up the great work.
- J.M., November 2020
Absolutely only suggestion i would add that there is a more better way to print the report
- I.P., November 2020
Mark was very thorough and gave us piece of mind on a house bought sight unseen... Thank you!
- K.K., November 2020
Mark Kenney was very thorough with the home inspection and documented it all on his report which also included pictures. He also verbally went over the report to make sure I understand it all. Would definitely recommend Mark to anyone that needed home inspection! Vesna N.
- V.N., October 2020
Mark did a super job for us with his very detailed inspection. Love the photos to show what was wrong. We would certainly ask for Mark again if we needed an inspection. We will recommend him to all our family and friends. ??
- D.H., October 2020
Mark was Very Professional and Very Thorough and very Detailed, explained all he did and made sure we understood the few issues we had. Mark made us feel very confident that the home we are in the process of buying was in Great condition. 5 Star Service
- G.L., October 2020
Mark, It’s appears you were very thorough. Since we are not currently living in Arizona this is what we needed to know what repairs were needed to be done by the seller before we close escrow end of November. We are currently traveling back from Washington and we are in Oregon for a few more days before heading back to California. Our County RV park is in the Forrest / woods. There is no WiFi or cell service there. So in the early evening until morning time when we leave our RV and drive into town we cannot respond or see any messages. We signed paperwork with Sally Van Horn that lists the repairs you pointed out to have the sellers take care of them. Thank you again for a great job inspecting our new Arizona home. Teri & Danny Olson.
- T.O., October 2020
Very thorough!
- A.C., Sedona AZ, October 2020
Mark gave the most complete inspection I have ever seen. The pictures he included were wonderful and helped to explain exactly what he was saying.
- S.B., October 2020
Very thorough and represented our best interests.
- E.D., October 2020
Mark was awesome! Very thorough and detailed report complete with video and pictures. Was easy to set up appointment and report was delivered promptly for us to assess what we wanted the seller to correct. Mind you we were able to complete all of this while driving across country. Definitely will recommend to others.
- M.C., October 2020
I would absolutely recommend Mark Kenney. He checked everything out and explained what needed to be done. Very courteous. He knew what he was doing and made you feel he cared.
- M.S., October 2020
Mark was wonderful to work with. He was very thorough, and made sure we had a good understanding of his concerns. He was willing to take the time to answer our questions. We would absolutely recommend Mark!
- R.M., October 2020
Mark is punctual, very detailed and explains all aspects very clearly. We would highly recommend him.
- G.H., October 2020
Mark did a very though job and we did the inferred done, inspection that lets you see inside walls and power sources. he took the time to show us everything that looked good and things that needed repair. John and Brenda Lagerwey
- J.L., October 2020
Mark was fantastic to work with. I found him knowledgeable, very thorough in his explanations of the report specifics, and overall very engaging. He took extra time to explain nuanced areas he inspected along with providing very practical upkeep and maintenance tips. I would definitely engage Mark again, and would recommend him to other home buyers as well.
- D.C., October 2020
I would highly recommend Mark Kenney for home inspection. He did a very extensive inspection, and he took the time to explain the findings to me. He took me around the outside of the home to show me where everything was, and which items needed attention. He showed me the items inside the house that had concerns and answered all my questions thoroughly. He was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I am extremely satisfied with the level of effort he put into the inspection report.
- B.B., Sun City West AZ, October 2020
Mark Kenney is the best inspector we could have found! He is thorough, knowledgeable, and responsive. We are buying a house remotely during COVID, and we really trust Mark's findings. I had a few questions and he was quick to respond to my phone calls and explained things in language I could understand. We highly recommend him!
- L.F., October 2020
Mark Kenney was able to get the inspection complete led in record time and get the report to me quickly. I would recommend him for any home inspections. I have a few family members that may purchase and I would request Mark Kenney to perform for them.
- L.J., October 2020
Could not have asked for a better inspector than Mark Kinney. He was kind, professional, very through and explained everything to us after the inspection. I have already recommended his service to several people and will continue to do so.
- B.C., October 2020
Very thorough inspections. Clearly stated all issues found. Well presented and professional.
- C.C., September 2020
We were 2000 miles away from the home Mark inspected for us. Mark saw things that we would not have seen if we were there. We have used inspectors before and none were better than Mark. We felt like we had know him for a long time. Would Highly reccomend. RDR
- R.R., September 2020
Very professional. Just a great experience working with Mark. Highly recommend
- R.W., September 2020
WOW !!!!! Purchasing a home and navigating through the process that needs to happen before we get to the finish line can be very stressful to say the least. The home inspection portion of that process is probably the most critical element to getting us over the finish line. Our generation have learned many life lessons, one of them is to" Inspect what we expect." That's where Mark comes in to play, to be our eyes and reason, and use his expertise to guide us with recommendations and wisdom. This purchase for me in Sun City West is a new chapter in my life. I am a true veteran of the process with this being my #49th move and have built 27 homes and was a Realtor and General Contractor in my lifetime so I've done my fair share of selecting Home Inspectors. Seldom in life do we have an experience where we receive, " Value Added " but in my view Mark was that exception !!!. EVERY attention to detail, using a format that was so informative and user friendly was truly an incredible experience .
- P.F., September 2020
The most proffessional and thorough inspection I have ever seen on any home I've bought or sold!
- S.L., September 2020
Mark is the bet in the business!
- R.L., September 2020
Mark did a very professional inspection. He was helpful in explaining all of the details and what was needed to correct an issues
- J.W., September 2020
VERY thorough, polite and considerate; explains everything in the report. Great report with excellent photos and description of all issues. Would highly recommend and would not hesitate to use again!
- J.C., September 2020
Very helpful and knowledgeable person. Proffessional and courteous and reasonable.
- D.T., September 2020
Mark was very thorough and professional. He made a very comprehensive inspection report. Nothing missed.
- R.M., August 2020
Absolutely Will recommend Mark. He is amazing
- C.R., August 2020
Very thorough, explanations were easy to understand.
- L.G., August 2020
Excellent service. Mark is very friendly and did an excellent job of inspecting and explaining the results. I would. use him again if. I needed inspection services.
- D.H., August 2020
Very impressed with Mark’s expertise and professionalism. He went way above and beyond my expectation as a home inspector. In the future I’ll definitely be using him.
- J.C., August 2020
Mark was very thorough and professional. His reports gave us the opportunity to show the sellers what needed repair/replacement in a written and photographed report. I would recommend Mark to any buyer, but sellers beware. Mark finds everything.
- C.B., August 2020
Mark is a very conscientious worker. He is prompt courteous and honest Most importantly he has a good bedside manner with clients and does not unnecessarily freak them out
- T.G., August 2020
Mark was well organized and presented his audio & video inspection report professionally and with clarity. The inspection report video showed items of concern with evidence to support all his findings good or bad. In summary, I felt I received an excellent impression of what the condition of my home was. Thank you. Terry
- T.L., August 2020
Extremely thorough and professional presentation and report! You are definitely the best inspector in the valley, thank you for consistently providing excellent quality in your work.
- B.K., August 2020
Thanks Mark, First time I've actually enjoyed reading and watching an inspection! Thanks for all the information and helpful tips. It show that you take great time, energy, and pride in your work. Well done and thank you again!
- C.K., August 2020
Mark gave us confidence as we proceeded with the purchase of a new home. He provided us with an on the spot inspection report; and followed up with a clear, detailed written report with photos and video clips of areas that brought up concerns. We highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants an excellent home inspection, especially when relocation can be most stressful. :-)
- H.V., August 2020
Mark was very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He was patient with my questions and took the time to answer them. Our inspection report is very detailed and definitely worth the price.
- S.S., August 2020
Outstanding. Best inspector that I have used.
- G.A., August 2020
Thank you Mark for all your professionalism and the wonderful inspection. Even though we weren't able to be there during the actual inspection, the report was exceptional, thorough and easy to read and follow.
- R.A., August 2020
Very thorough, energetic (was constantly on the move checking things), clean and professionally attired, gave needed advice on routine maintenance of home and tips on living here (we were new to desert living), explained findings so that we could understand, pointed out findings that were in definite need of remedy and those that should be expected in a 28 y/o home, written and video report thorough and immediately available allowing us to submit remedy list to seller the same day, and finally when he said "you have a good home here" we felt reassured and confident in our purchase.
- R.K., Peoria AZ, July 2020
Very professional, went through everything, walked the property reviewing his notes. Made himself available with short notice. I would recommend him to anyone. Solid person!
- R.D., July 2020
Lori and I have purchased nine homes during our 40 years of marriage. Each of the homes we bought were inspected prior to the purchase. I can unequivocally state that we have NEVER had a home inspection that was as thorough as what Mr. Kenney provided. He was timely, energetic, considerate and took the time to explain what he was seeing and whether it posed a serious risk or just something to be aware of. His report flows well and is easy to understand and he went through it before leaving the property The videos he provided were a wonderful bonus. Most importantly, he answered our questions and made certain we understood the situations we asked about. We would recommend Mark without hesitation, and feel reasonably certain other customers looking for an inspector would feel the same way. Kudo's to you Mr. Kenney!
- R.C., July 2020
Very thorough, easy to work with. Followed up. Thank you Mark.
- D.H., July 2020
He provided a professional inspection, thorough information and care advice!
- A.T., July 2020
Would highly recommend
- R.I., July 2020
Mark submitted an excellent inspection report with clear visuals and explanations. I would highly recommend him.
- C.T., June 2020
Mark Kenny is very qualified And thorough And explains everything thoroughly. Will Recommend him to friends and family
- M.L., June 2020
Mark was simply awesome. The video detailing he did for us for the roof and the interior was complete and very helpful. He clearly articulated all findings and provided recommendations on how to resolve. His reports were submitted within an hour of inspection completion and he made himself available for any questions. By far the best inspection we have gone through.
- A.M., June 2020
We would definitely recommend Mark. He was very professional and very through. He pointed out issues that we would not have been aware of otherwise. Thank you very much Mark. Carol and Joe
- J.G., June 2020
Mark was excellent. Very thorough, detail oriented and gave us a complete and comprehensive health check on your potential new home. His report is easy to read with reference points to go back to when you have any questions.
- M.N., June 2020
We have purchased several homes through out our life and Mark Kenney is bar far the best inspector we have had. We highly respect his work and his ability to make us feel so comfortable about the job he did for us. Thanks you again the Hoyt's
- R.H., June 2020
Mark is a consummate professional, well organized, thorough and efficient. His knowledge and experience is extensive making the inspection review painless and effective. He answered all of our questions promptly and completely, with background explanation where appropriate. We would recommend Mark, without hesitation. Dan and Mary Kidd
- D.K., May 2020
Mark was extremely helpful for us in understanding maintenance for our new home. He took extra time to walk us around the property and show us his findings as well as helpful hints. We appreciated his kindness and how his report was so thorough. He did a great job.
- E.C., May 2020
Mark is very efficient and very detailed. Really nice guy. He walked us through the whole inspection report along with taking us around the house showing us where all the issues were along with showing where all the outside equipment locations. I would highly recommend him.
- M.H., May 2020
Marks inspection service was fantastic! As a out of town buyer I was very satisfied with the detailed report I received - it contained tons of photos for reference, he even had a video of the needed roof repairs. The report contained a nice recommendation recap that noted if the repair was routine maintenance need, or a safety issue that needs more immediate attention - I would definitely recommend MarkKenny inspections. Thank you, Brian & Lisa
- B.M., May 2020
Mark was timely, professional and thorough. He hit all the checkmarks. Mark, your website is fantastic. It shows how much you care about your business. We absolutely would recommend you.
- S.M., May 2020
Mark was very professional and completed the inspection timely. Everything was explained and report was presented for our review.
- T.H., May 2020
Mark did a great job and we were very pleased with his report and a very nice person but does a very thorough job.He pointed out some things we never would have noticed. Thank you Mark
- R.C., May 2020
Very thorough and done a great job . Yes we'd have him again.
- B.W., Sun city west AZ, May 2020