Joe inspected three homes for us. he is very professional friendly and complete is doing his work. I recommend him to anyone.
- S.N., December 2018
Very good at what he does I?d recommend him to everyone
- L.P., November 2018
Joe was on time and very friendly. He was easy to ask questions to and very good at explaining the answers. He was thorough in his inspection. His report was very detailed and easy to understand. He was honest in his findings and in his opinions. Joe seemed like a very genuine guy who I will use again in the future if given the opportunity.
- C.C., November 2018
Anything higher than a 10? Efficient, thorough and very easy to understand report. Bravo!
- M.C., October 2018
Everything was completed quickly and thoroughly. We were very satisfied with the experience.
- J.A., September 2018
Very pleased with the report. Thank you.
- D.S., August 2018
Very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions and provided recommendations for items not 100% in compliance. Proud veteran supporter and I would recommend to anyone!
- D.G., August 2018
Don't change anything you do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.
- H.H., August 2018
Thank you Joe for taking the time to answer all my questions! The report was very thorough and from our conversation I know you have our best interests in mind. I enjoyed hearing your words of wisdom and I will keep them as they pertain to both my personal and professional life. Thank you again for such an awesome experience!
- J.H., August 2018
Joe was very helpful with my new home inspection. Very informative! Home inspection cost is very reasonable. Extremely pleased!
- T.P., August 2018
The only reason I gave a 9 and not a 10 is because we had a lot of trouble vewing our report. We tried serveral times on different devices including a computer and it took several attempts to veiw the report. (Like 10 times or more! ) but Joe was great and very friendly. He explaned everything well and answered all our questions.
- J.O., August 2018
We were very impressed with how Joe conducted business and we will most definitely recommend others to him thank you for being so pleasant to talk with about any questions on the house Thank You Joe.
- E.G., July 2018
Thanks for doing a thorough inspection of the house and explaining how everything worked.
- T.G., July 2018
Joe is informative, thorough, and is willing to answer every question! This is my third time using his inspection service and I am never disappointed!
- K.G., July 2018
You did a wonderful job. Very professional while still being very interactive with my family talking to us letting us know what was going on every step of the way.
- S.T., July 2018
Joe was prompt and professional. Joe answered all my questions and he also made repair recommendations. Joe provided a detailed report with color pictures. I would highly recommend Joe Ray hill to my family and friends.
- H.H., June 2018
Very professional and thorough job! I recommend Joe Rayhill for everyone.
- K.W., June 2018
Joe was absolutely wonderful. He provided friendly and efficient service while answering any questions I had. Very pleased. Thanks for your help!
- A.L., June 2018
I beleive our inspector was George. He was very thorough and honest.
- E.T., May 2018
We appreciate the great job you did. You are very thorough. The report was great, the pictures made everything easy to see and understand. We would definitely recommend you!!
- M.H., May 2018
Great and friendly service! Upfront and honest with quality work!
- A.M., May 2018
Very thorough! Very personable!
- M.G., May 2018
Joe is by far one of the most honest and helpful inspectors we have ever experienced. He made sure we knew exactly what was wrong and saved us from making a huge mistake with a house that was perfect on the inside and structurally falling apart underground! I appreciate the knowledge and the guidance we received and will definitely be using him for our next house that we need inspected. I highly recommend Joe Rayhill and will continue to send business his way!
- M.A., May 2018
Would highly recommend. Very thorough.
- T.B., April 2018
Very thorough. Very efficient. Much appreciated!
- C.R., April 2018
I was very satisfied, will definitely use Joe for next inspection. Very thorough.
- T.B., April 2018
Joe did an awesome job inspecting my soon to be home. He was very professional and explained everything in detail. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Joe
- A.W., April 2018
Inspection report was very thorough and professional. Called back and asked to have the inspector contact me I'm regard to some questions i had. 5 days later I'm still waiting. Very hard to recommend when you can't get information...would have been a 10 if I had been contacted back.
- B.H., April 2018
Excellent service. Thorough inspection of all areas. Report was delivered promptly and website was easy to access. Thanks! I will use you again if I need your help.
- B.F., March 2018
Joe did a great job! Was kind and knowledgeable, will use and recommend in the future!
- K.D., March 2018
Joe and his crew did an awesome job in my opinion
- B.W., March 2018
We are very pleased with Joe's report. The pictures were helpful and the report was very thorough.
- S.M., Louisville KY, March 2018
Joe was awesome, very friendly, answered all of our questions completely & throughly. He was very professional & we highly recommend him again. Thanks Joe
- K.A., March 2018
Joe is amazing both as an inspector and as a person. I will always, always, always recommend!!!
- P.T., March 2018
Joe is the nicest guy and he did the most thorough and honest inspection. He was willing to explain everything to me in layman's terms and answered all the questions I had!
- J.W., March 2018
Great job, honest assessment. A big help for anyone purchasing or selling a home to get an accurate assessment.
- T.R., March 2018
Joe's inspected two homes for me now, he is always professional and thorough. I feel at ease when he gives his opinion on something and I'll continue to use his services in the future. Something like Joe inspecting your home gives you piece of mind on your purchase. I value the information he gives me and have confidence that he's doing things exactly the way they should be done.
- L.C., March 2018
Joe did a fantastic job looking at the property we wanted to buy. With it being a foreclosure, it was important that we had a trustworthy inspector to work with us. Joe did a phenomenal job with the inspection, as well as the walk through of the documentation afterwards. Would highly recommend him as an experienced and helpful inspector to work with!
- C.R., February 2018
Joe has a great work ethic and does outstanding work. I am hard to please and when i read the home inspection report for my house i was happy to see someone so competent in this field. I would recommend Joe Rayhill to anyone if they want the job done right. Thanks Joe!
- B.S., SIMPSONVILLE KY, February 2018
Joe is very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection and report! He took the time to walk us through the home and show us any areas of concern and answer any questions we had about the property. The report had detailed pictures that corresponded with everything listed and was very easy to follow along with. We were very impressed and happy with our inspector Joe Rayhill, and it was a great experience all around!
- M.C., February 2018
Thank you for taking the time out to explain the inspection and the importance of the fixes needed. I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism.
- C.Z., January 2018
It was great to work with you. I appreciate your knowledge and you taking the time to explain things that youre looking at on a level that I could understand. Youve made my first home buying experience much more comfortable!
- S.H., January 2018
Joe does an amazing job and really knows his stuff. I am a first time home buyer and he explained things extremely well, never making me feel stupid or inadequate. I have already recommended him to several of my friends for their future home purchases. Can't wait to use you guys again on my next home purchase!
- D.D., January 2018
Joe was very thorough and straightforward about what needed to be done. He clearly knew what he was doing and was a super nice guy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a job well done.
- A.P., January 2018
- J.K., January 2018
Joe seemed to do a thorough inspection and covered all areas of the property. I feel secure that I won't find any "surprises" upon moving into a property that Joe inspects. Thanks again
- W.D., January 2018
Joe, Thanks for taking time to address all our questions and concerns during the home inspection. We would highly recommend your services to anyone needing a home inspection. Buddy Flowers
- A.F., January 2018
Previous owners had 11 piers installed in 2014, and the warranty is transferable. Thanks Joe!
- M.S., December 2017
Joe was an absolute professional and knows his craft well. He was very detailed during the inspection and provided a report with excellent details, which include pictures and descriptions to help the buyer understand the issues and make sound decisions. In our experience during the home buying process, Rayhill Home Inspections is a quality company, providing a quality service and output for the buyer to feel comfortable about their home selection.
- D.G., December 2017
Thank you for your continued, excellent customer service.
- J.B., December 2017
Joe was excellent! Building expertise and very professional .
- D.A., December 2017
Keep up the solid reputation and pleasant communications! Pleasure working with you.
- B.K., December 2017
Joe, my name is Randy Schaftlein, not sethline. I wanted to let you know that I had to replace two light switches because fixtures did not work. The hot water heater did not work. I had to replace both elements and thermostat. The water valve connecting the washer leaked so bad I had to to shutoff water and replace. All else is as you stated.
- R.S., November 2017
Thank you, Joe! I was very impressed with the thoroughness of your inspection. It was great to meet you and definitely plan to hire you again as we progress through our real estate investing career.
- J.W., November 2017
Can't say enough about Joe. He is extremely thorough and know what he is talking about. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or recommend him to a friend. I wanted to be there for the inspection, but I didn't know what he thought about me "looking over his shoulder." First thing he said was, "Great, glad your here, four eyes are better than two, tell me everything you see." Then he pointed out everything he found and we talked about it. He didn't rush me at all and wanted to make sure I didn't leave with any questions.
- T.H., November 2017
Great job!!!
- C.S., November 2017
Mr. Rayhill was very prompt, thorough and we recd our report immediately. A great experience!
- B.T., November 2017
Joe did an excellent job explaining everything in detail. He also talked to my homeowners insurance representative. I would highly recommend Joe! Thank you!
- J.B., October 2017
Excellent rapport with customer, easy going attitude and thorough inspection methods. Well worth the cost.
- E.M., October 2017
Already recommended to Joe Grom, whom my husband works for and has multiple rental properties. Very detailed report and gave great recommendations! Thanks so much.
- J.K., October 2017
Joe is great! He is honest, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable! I will always call Joe for any of my home inspections!
- E.L., October 2017
GREAT experience with Joe. A very down to earth guy, that knows his stuff! He got started early and answered any question we had. He was very knowledgeable and a super friendly guy.
- A.E., October 2017
Prompt service, friendly, and explained the details of my inspection clearly. Joe is very thorough and I like the detailed electronic report on my home.
- J.R., October 2017
Joe is always very thorough. He's very informative to my clients with his background in construction but also doesn't alarm them too much with items that may need attention. He has good suggestions on what may need to be done.
- J.R., September 2017
Thank you so much for our inspection. Great job
- L.P., September 2017
Thank you for taking your time to explain everything to me and explaining it so that I could understand! You are awesome!!
- A.S., September 2017
We were incredibly impressed with the quality and professionalism of Joe's inspection. He took the time to check everything and didn't mind my husband and I asking questions as he completed his work. His report was quite thorough and submitted to us promptly. We would definitely hire Joe again.
- R.O., September 2017
Joe Rayhill was extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to provide a quality service. He took the time to explain the report in detail to us upon completion of the home inspection and answered any and all questions we had. We feel comfortable making critical decisions during the home buying process based on his insight in his field. Thank you for a job well done, your work is appreciated!
- J.C., September 2017
A very thorough report. Thank you.
- C.C., August 2017
Great attitude, advice, and caring- all done with professionalism and efficiency. Really,a very nicely done report with options. Could not have been a better experience! Praying for Joe & family! Bill & Deanna
- W.A., August 2017
Joe was very respectable, seemed very knowledgeable and was very through. Thanks again Joe! Job well done!
- D.G., August 2017
Once again, the inspection and advice were detailed and extremely helpful. I would recommend Joe Rayhill to anyone!
- E.M., July 2017
Joe did a fantastic job on our home inspection. He was very thorough and I appreciate the time he spent explaining the results. Would definitely use him again.
- K.L., July 2017
Very thorough and professional job. Thank you!
- J.C., June 2017
Joe did a great job on the inspection and explained what were the biggest areas of concerns in a simple way. He took time to answer any questions I had about the process and provided great guidance.
- M.K., June 2017
Joe did a great job with the home inspection. He is professional and easy to get along with. He was very thorough and precise. I highly recommend him. I enjoyed meeting him.
- R.M., June 2017
Joe made this a great experience, was very knowledgable and great at explaining the process of what he was looking for and showing me the things I needed to know about how to operate the things in the home that I didn't know how to do and give me ideas about the best way to go about fixing something that needed to be fixed and just over all information about this house and how it was built and so much more. I would reccomend him to everyone. By the time we were done I felt like I had known him for a long time though I had only met him that day.
- R.S., June 2017
Joe inspected the first home that I was going buy and found multiple things that was wrong with the home. He saved me money by me knowing this home had issues that would cost me thousands down the road. He did such a great inspection with the first home I had to have him come out and inspect the next home. He did a great job on the 2nd inspection which I knew he would from the prior home inspection. I feel he is worth every penny and he is good at what he do. I highly recommend him. Easy to work with and he works with your schedule. Great person and just awesome. Thank you Joe and Beth.
- K.B., June 2017
Straight forward and looked at every nook and cranny and gave plenty of information when a question arised
- F.V., June 2017
Joe did a great job...the home i am buying is only 3 years old and i did not expect to see much wrong but i wanted it inspected for piece of mind on a large investment. As expected there wasn't much wrong but the experience and education that Joe shared with me about the home was awesome...would definitely recommend
- T.H., June 2017
He did a great job! I am not to familiar with anything about homes being a first time home buyer and I really appreciated that he took his time explaining everything to me so that I could understand!
- P.G., May 2017
Joe, I cannot thank you enough! It went smoothly and you put me completely at ease. I felt comfortable asking questions and was amazed at how thorough you were. Whether the house works out or not, the inspection was a pleasant process and I have no complaints. I would gladly recommend you to others, or use your inspection services again!
- E.M., May 2017
Mr. Rayhill did an excellent job on the home inspection. He was thorough and explained everything in detail to us and answered all of our questions. I left the inspection feeling like I had a solid report to take back to the seller and ask for the appropriate fixes. I would highly recommend Mr. Rayhill to anyone looking for a quality home inspection.
- E.H., May 2017
very polite and thorough.
- b.C., April 2017
very polite and thorough.
- b.C., April 2017
Joe, thank you for your help in advising us on this property, It's obvious that you care about those you serve. I look forward to working with you again!
- D.G., April 2017
Although we never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rayhill in person, he was very thorough in the inspection to which we hired him for. He came highly recommended by our agent. We could not have picked out a better person for the job! He is courteous, professional, efficient and I would definitely hire Joe again should a need arise without any hesitation!
- J.M., April 2017
Joe, did a great job, and found things that I didn't even see. I would recommend Joe Rayhill to anyone. Awesome!
- J.S., April 2017
Thank you . We appreciate your help and we will recommend you in the future.
- A.W., April 2017
Joe was professional and thorough. His report was easy to understand and allowed me to effectively communicate our needs with the seller. He's a nice guy too!
- M.C., April 2017
Joe was great! He was very professional and thorough!
- K.C., April 2017
One of the nicest guys you'll ever have work for you. Will explain everything he sees and more, so that your 100% comfortable with the house your buying and the problems that are there or may arise. The only inspector I'd ever recommend, no offense to any others, but guy is second to none. 30 years of construction and house building on top of his inspection experience makes him one of the most knowledgable men I've met.
- D.K., April 2017
Joe did a Great job and provided a very thorough inspection report. Thank you so much!
- D.K., April 2017
Joe was patient, thorough and friendly when communicating the inspection. Considering this was my first purchase of a home that was MORE than appreciated. I would recommend him to ANYONE! Thanks!
- K.T., March 2017
Joe was very thorough with his inspection and provided my wife and I with great feedback regarding the condition of the home. He took the time to go over any questions we had and overall was a pleasure to work with- we would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a home inspector. Thanks, Joe!
- C.S., March 2017
Joe is knowledgeable, thorough, and honest. We highly recommend him.
- P.K., March 2017
Joe was great! He was very thorough and had the inspection report sent to me the minute he was done. Definitely would recommend!!!
- L.F., March 2017
Joe Rayhill is an AMAZING inspector!!! He is knowledgeable, thorough, pleasant, cost efficient and prompt. Hire him and you won't be disappointed.
- A.L., March 2017
Joe did a wonderful job and was very personable. He was very efficient yet took the time to answer all of my questions and then some! I would highly recommend Joe.
- D.M., March 2017
Joe did a great job and was very thorough.
- S.M., February 2017