He was very professional and knowledgeable.
- E.B., November 2018
John was friendly, thorough, and professional. We are much more confident about our purchase after his inspection.
- B.A., November 2018
Thank you John for providing a thorough inspection my husband and I are extremely satisfied with your performance.
- S.H., November 2018
John did an AWESOME job. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. We were very impressed with how thorough John’s inspection was. He was very professional and gladly answered every question we had in detail. Our inspection was completed in timely manner and at a reasonable price. We received the report in less than 24 hrs. The report featured pictures and observations of the main systems (HVAC, roof, plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc) in the house and recommendations for repairs where needed.
- S.W., October 2018
John?s report was received the very next day after his in speection. John?s report was very informative and helpful with our home purchase.
- J.G., Las Vegas NV, October 2018
Responses rapidly to request. Worked well with my Realitor on scheduling. Found report through and helpful about needed repairs
- K.B., Culloden WV, October 2018
John did a wonderful job! He went above and beyond to make sure I was educated on all the aspects of the house. I would recommend him to anyone.
- D.S., October 2018
John showed up on time, did a fantastic job on our inspection. We had a report in under 24 hours. We are very pleased with his findings that we definitely over looked. I will be recommending his services to anyone I know looking to have their home inspected!
- B.S., September 2018
Thanks John for a great job, everything was very detail and easy to read and explain.
- K.T., Southaven MS, September 2018
He did a fantastic job! Very thorough!
- B.B., August 2018
Hi John we did the walk threw at 1296 Creek Valley DR today with Stacey Berry everything we ask them to repaired was repaired . I thank you for the service you provided us ,and we will be in touch in the future for a yearly inspection .
- R.C., August 2018
You guys did a fabulous job and were extremely patient with all of our questions as well as our children. THANK YOU!
- C.B., August 2018
John did an incredibly thorough and well documented inspection. Working with him could not be any easier and I would recommend him to anyone.
- R.S., August 2018
They were real nice and very thorough. I would highly recommend them.
- D.B., July 2018
Every report is very accurate, couldn?t ask for more professional report
- R.C., July 2018
so thorough
- R.C., July 2018
John did an excellent job. I have used him for my inspections on two different houses. Very knowledgeable about the systems in the homes and what/where to look. Gives his honest opinion about his findings along with recommendations. Pictures are always great quality along with his explanations of any issues. Will definitely recommend him again and again.
- R.N., July 2018
more thorough than i could have wished for--thank you
- R.C., July 2018
I loved you were extremely thorough and so detailed! Thank you for everything!!
- C.A., July 2018
He was very nice. Did a great job explaining everything.
- R.B., June 2018
John was very friendly, professional, and thorough. He also took his time to explain his observations and impact of each finding at the end of the inspection. He uses technology to take the guess work out of some of his inspection. We also love the 360 view of the home that we could share with friends.
- C.S., June 2018
Good Job!!!!!!!
- M.M., June 2018
Your inspection was very thorough and professional. The pictures really helped in educating a person who is not familiar with certain equipment like myself. Great job!
- E.N., May 2018
I was very please with the thorough job you and your company did. Highly recommended!!!!!!!
- M.M., May 2018
Mr. Harpole Thank you for providing us professional detailed , and timely information regarding our home inspection. We will definitely refer your business to our friends and business acquaintances .
- H.J., May 2018
Mr. Harpole was very friendly and informative!! I felt like he had my best interest and safety in mind!!!
- E.G., April 2018
Enjoyed meeting you and going through the inspection with you.
- W.L., April 2018
John does an amazing job, always great with customers and helps them understand the process. Love that he now a NEW construction person as well...
- A.J., Hernando MS, April 2018
Stop! Look no further, John is the man! He's professional, precise, and consistent! He takes his time doing inspections and is very thorough. John has done many inspections for me and I highly recommend him!
- T.B., April 2018
Thank you for taking so much time to explain each little about the house! We appreciate all your knowledge!
- B.B., March 2018
I was told by my family. " I had better get some I one I knew that builds home, to check this home out. The problem was I didn't know any one that builds homes. So I hired my own home inspector professional. John Harpole, thank you for your fair and professional look at my soon to be new home! After the repairs are made we will talk again for a follow up! Thank you, Gary Wayne Key
- G.K., March 2018
John was prompt and very thorough.
- D.B., February 2018
Mr. Harpole was very professional with his inspection. He gave great advice which it came to operation of equipment in the home which I wasn't accustom to. He made me feel like he was looking out for my safety and well being through out the whole process. I would highly recommend him
- J.S., February 2018
John was our eyes when we were unable to be there. Good job..
- B.S., February 2018
John was extremely thorough and very professional and down to earth at the same time. I felt like he had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend him for your house inspection!
- J.C., February 2018
You did a very thorough job of inspecting the house we are buying. I will recommend you to anyone who needs an inspector. I also to plan to use you every year to inspect to make sure everything is okay and to catch anything that may be a potential problem. Thanks again.
- J.K., January 2018
Mr John was on time and friendly. He answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable in what he was doing. He is very detailed oriented and stayed on task even when I asked questions.
- P.C., December 2017
Thank you for your hard work! You were so thorough and went over the top for us!! Great job! Thanks again! Definitely recommended!
- B.C., December 2017
Thanks John for being so thorough! A pleasure working with you!
- S.H., December 2017
Very Thourough ... and we appreciate all the explanations ...thanks again
- B.L., December 2017
John is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and serious about his work, which is something you'll absolutely need in an inspector before purchasing a home. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for his professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend him.
- T.B., December 2017
Awesome Job!!!
- A.D., December 2017
John took his time and performed a thorough inspection on my home and took the time to explain his findings to me. In addition, he was extremely polite. Thank you.
- T.J., November 2017
John was very thorough and explained major concerns as well as cosmetic issues. He was very professional and took his time going through the home.
- A.F., October 2017
John did an excellent job! He was very knowledgeable, detailed and professional. His report was easy to navigate along with explaining all items of concern. Very friendly and easy to work with. Thanks for a job well done!
- L.C., October 2017
John is a professional all around.
- Q.F., October 2017
John did an excellent job on the recent inspection for us. Very thorough and very explanatory. We will definitely recommend him and use him again if needed.
- L.N., September 2017
John did a great job with the inspection! He was very thorough and spent time explaining everything he found. We would use him again.
- T.W., September 2017
Great job!!!
- K.K., September 2017
Thank you for doing a fantastic job!
- P.M., August 2017
John was on time, did a thorough job and was communicative in explaining what he did as well as offering follow up if needed. The report was detailed and done in a timely manner.
- R.H., August 2017
John was on time for the inspection. He showed me everything he was doing/checking. He was very thorough and professional in all that he did. His written report was exceptional. I would recommend him to all. I appreciate him.
- F.G., August 2017
Thanks for letting me walk with you and showing me everything! Really appreciate all the help and knowledge.
- L.S., Virginia Beach VA, August 2017
John was very thorough in his inspection. Would definitely recommend in the future!
- C.R., August 2017
John was a very good home inspector. All around good guy, very informative and helpful.
- L.H., August 2017
We were extremely impressed with his knowledge and eye for details.
- W.G., July 2017
The report was very thorough! John did an excellent job!
- K.L., July 2017
John, Just wanted to say Thank you for the services you provided and the info you gave. You did a great job. Thanks,
- F.H., July 2017
John was very thorough and covered parts of the house that we would not have thought of. We were very impressed.
- S.H., July 2017
John was thorough and reviewed the report with me. He offered suggestions and explained how different systems worked in the house. He was courteous and professional.
- S.H., July 2017
Very thorough. Extremely nice guy. Thanks for your hard work!
- M.B., June 2017
John was very professional and friendly. He explained everything very thoroughly. He answered any of my questions, even the ones that wasn't part of his inspection. This is our 1st time buying a home, and i will use John for all of my annual inspections.... He is excellent..
- J.B., May 2017
John made us feel totally taken care of. From the ease of the first contact with him till the end of receiving his reports on the inspection of our potential home. John was very professional and thorough in finding any and all necessary concerns. His reports are so easy to understand and our feedback to the seller was quick and easy. I highly recommend this man and his integrity and care of making sure we knew all concerns before offering to purchase the home that he inspected for us.
- J.D., May 2017
John was very thorough and gave us a great report. I appreciate his efficiency and all of the detail he provided.
- R.R., May 2017
John's thorough inspection is helping me save hundreds before even purchasing my home. I appreciated his honesty and willingness to explain things to my fiancee and I. I will use John whenever I need annual inspections too.
- A.B., May 2017
Did an amazing job! Thank you so much.
- D.G., May 2017
Very thorough! Thank you for going through all the things you found that needed correction before purchase.
- M.J., April 2017
Very Nice Job!
- J.D., April 2017
We appreciate you being so thorough with the inspection and going over everything so clearly with us .
- Z.S., March 2017
John was awesome, very efficient and detailed. I feel very confident that my future home was very well inspected and he made the experience much more special for us!
- A.O., March 2017
John was prompt in setting up the appointment and arrived on time. The thorough inspection took approx. 3.5 hrs and we received the report in less than 24 hrs. The report featured pictures and observations of the main systems (HVAC, roof, plumbing, elec, appliances, etc) in the house and recommendations for repairs where needed. We highly recommend his work.
- E.T., January 2017
He is excellent on detail when he inspected the house. Good recomment
- V.B., December 2016
Mr Harpole was very thorough and professional during his inspection. After the inspection, the seller said that he thought Mr Harpole was very fair and offered good advice for correcting the problems found. We really appreciate his good work.
- A.H., November 2016
Very thorough inspection, and only listed legitimate issues with the home, as to not unnecessarily scare the buyers. Great job, and great follow up with Realtor and buyers.
- T.C., Hernando MS, November 2016
Great job!
- A.H., October 2016
Very prompt in setting up an appointment. Very thorough in inspection with report and pictures.
- M.M., October 2016
I wouldn't recommend no one but John. Great customer service, very thorough, and he took his time. Very pleased!!!!!
- S.G., October 2016
We would highly recommend John for your home inspection needs. We are relocating to the Olive Branch area and John made everything easy. The reports were excellent and he was very quick to respond to us. I appreciate dealing with a person who backs up what they claim. Thank you John! Rodney and Teresa Berkley
- T.B., September 2016
John arrived on time, was very courteous and efficient. He had state of the art equipment that allowed him to basically 'see thru the walls'. He found items that had been overlooked and so small that we had missed them. His report was received promptly and in great detail. Having John as a home inspector, saved us money on items that only he discovered because he was so thorough. Would request his services again!
- V.B., September 2016
John was able to inspect our new home very quickly and efficiently. I was very satisfied with his work.
- T.G., September 2016
John got back to me in record timing and had my home inspected within three days of me asking! He was extremely thorough and walked me through the report. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an inspection!
- J.M., September 2016
Thanks for being thorough and to the point.
- T.S., September 2016
Again, I want to thank You for your help with our inspection. Your knowledge and explanations helped us learn a lot. Our request for an inspection was responded to quickly. Wish everyone delivered such great, professional service.
- P.W., August 2016
We really appreciate the help you have given us in such a timely manner. Thank You very much.
- P.W., August 2016
John did an awesome job letting us know the things we needed to know before we bought the house. He was very detailed with his report. I would recommend him to others. Thanks John
- M.G., August 2016
Fast service at last minute. Thank You
- T.R., August 2016
Thank you John for your quick response time to our needs! Your professionalism and your timely report was much appreciated. Thank you again, Mike and Mindy
- M.R., August 2016
We appreciate the helpful way you explained everything that we had questions about.Also how quickly you were able to schedule our inspection.
- P.W., July 2016
John made this such an easy process for our family. As we are out of state, it was extremely helpful that we could pay the invoice using PayPal.
- K.B., July 2016
John was great! Worked with my schedule and was super professional. Out of all the quotes I received, he is the only person who offered warranties on his work. I would definitely recommend him.
- S.T., July 2016
Very thorough and professional the entire time conducting inspection, he accommodated buyers and answered all questions. We are very pleased with his approach to his work and attitude toward customers. Will recommend without reservations. Great Job.
- M.J., July 2016
Great job! Very thorough!
- W.C., July 2016
The home inspection was excellent. Mr. Harpole was a pleasure to work with, very pleasant , very thorough, and explained everything very well, answered all questions to our satisfaction and understanding.
- P.D., June 2016
I would definitely recommend John Harpole, He is very thorough, friendly and communicates well.
- L.M., June 2016
We were very impressed with how thorough Mr. Harpole's inspection was. He was very professional and gladly answered every question we had in detail. Our inspection was completed in timely manner and at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Mr. John Harpole to anyone looking for a trustworthy inspector.
- C.N., June 2016
John was very thorough and professional. We also appreciated his flexibility in scheduling our inspection during a holiday weekend.
- B.F., June 2016
John did a great job. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.B., May 2016
- D.S., May 2016
Very thorough and easy to work with. Highly recommend. Lays out all information in easy format, includes all information needed just being the new home owner, example water cut off. As well as, if needed repairs, defects, etc. found in home. Does great job and we have used twice.
- R.B., May 2016
If you are search for a knowledgeable home inspector, call John. The detailed report he provides includes everything you need to know about your present home or the home you plan to purchase. If you have any questions about the report he will be happy to take the time and review with you. Thank you!
- S.F., May 2016