The salt of the earth kind of man. This will be our 4th inspection with Torry. Wouldn?t ever consider anyone else to do our inspections. Knowledgeable, and trustworthy doesn?t get any better than that. A great guy with a big heart.
- A.B., January 2019
Torry really knows his stuff. He covered everything (almost to the point that we were nervous) but very thankful he's so thorough. He answered all my calls and even made a trip back to check out another part of the home we couldn't originally find access too. I would highly recommend him for a home inspection.
- A.K., August 2017
United Home Inspection came highly recommended from several sources. It started with Torry already being at the residence upon our arrival. He performed a thorough inspection and ended with walking us through the home pointing out his findings. We found the written report concise and informative. Torry reached back to us on several occasions afterward asking if he could answer any questions or be of further assistance. This brought our opinion of his services to an even higher level. I'd recommend anyone needing home inspection services to reach out to United Home Inspection for their needs.
- , July 2017
Very detailed Home Inspection.
- R.W., March 2017
We highly recommend Torry to everyone. The inspection that he did for us was excellent in every way. In addition, Torry took the time to explain in detail all of our concerns. Would we ask Torry to inspect a property for us in the future? Absolutely!
- M.S., Pennsacola FL, October 2016
Torry inspected quite thoroughly, showed up promptly and was very pleasant to deal with. He also was helpful with referral options when asked coming form out of state. I highly recommend his service.
- S.S., September 2016
Torry Pinter has performed two inspections for us and we have already referred him to family. His reports are thorough and the photography and illustrations he provides are above and beyond. After an inspection is completed he takes the time to call and make sure there are no questions or clarifications needed. An excellent professional that provides first-class customer service. Thank you Torry!
- P.C., August 2016
Torry is very professional, responsive and thorough. I highly recommend him for inspections or radon tests.
- C.W., July 2016
Torry Pinter did an amazing job appraising the cabin I plan to purchase. He was thorough, prompt, and explained everything on the inspection report for me over the phone. Buying a home is a huge investment and he made me feel good about my purchase. I will use him for all purchases going forward and recommend him to all of my family and friends. Using him enabled me to have ALL issues fixed before I went go with my purchase!!! Elizabeth
- E.H., June 2016
We have used Torry's services twice in the past and he is absolutely wonderful. Torry is very responsive -- was able to do our home inspection virtually immediately upon request. He had the inspection report back to us in less than 24 hours. The inspection report was incredibly thorough with many pictures, descriptions, and explanations. We would not hesitate for a second to recommend Torry's services to others.
- P.F., June 2016
Torry is thorough and communicates well. He takes time to explain things and always responds to phone calls quickly. We enthusiastically recommend him and his service. Charles and Jane Kirby
- C.K., January 2016
We have used Mr. Pinter twice now, once for a home inspection and once for a commercial building inspection. Both times Mr. Pinter acted very professionally and his services were outstanding. I highly recommend Mr. Pinter.
- R.K., January 2016
Torry Pinter Sr. from United Home Inspection LLC did a great job. The written report was comprehensive and Tony's discussion of the report with me was very informative. This is the 4th home I've had inspected over the past 30 years that I've been buying houses and Tony's work is by far the best. I highly recommend him.
- P.D., December 2015
We recently contracted for a 1940s home in the Bakerville, NC area. Torry was highly recommended by our Realtor for our home inspection. We have purchased a number of older homes over the years and recognize that understanding and reporting on the mechanical systems, etc. can often be challenging. The report we received from Torry was the best, most comprehensive report we have received. It was well notated with supporting pictures in layman's terms that were easy for us to understand. He clearly had the breadth of knowledge to accurately evaluate a home with age and character. In addition to the report, Torry called us to insure our comfort with all that was documented and to help us prioritize any needed repairs. He also made himself available to us as a future resource for the local area, which was extremely helpful as we live out of state. He was professional, helpful and extremely pleasant to work with. We would highly recommend and use Torry again.
- P.C., November 2015
Torry performed an inspection for us on an old, pre-1940 home just outside Bakersville, NC. We have purchased quite a few older properties over the years and have seen a lot of inspection reports. The report provided by Torry was definitely one of the best. It was very thorough and very detailed. It was well written and easy to understand. The photos were very well taken to show the associated narrative and detail. In addition to sending the report, he spent time with us reviewing each report notation to insure we were comfortable with his findings and knew which repairs to prioritize. We would highly recommend Torry!
- , November 2015
I would highly recommend Torry Pinter for a home inspection. We have used Torry on two projects. I am an architect with my own firm and frankly Torry's inspections are much more thorough than we would have done. He has uncovered things that I never would have known. His reports are extremely detailed and address even minor flaws so that a home buyer gets the full picture of what they are buying. The value of his service by far exceeds his fee and this is cheap insurance for you to have a good understanding of what you are investing in. I give Torry a five star rating or in this case a 10 for such fine work.
- S.S., October 2015
Torry, you do an excellent job. We will not hesitate to recommend you highly. Charles and Jane Kirby
- C.K., July 2015
At first we thought the inspection quote was a little steep, but the results of the inspection exceeded even our highest expectations. The report was highly detailed, extremely thorough, with photos to support all the areas of concern, or those that were in question. With each of the items or systems in need of repair, Torry made suggestions on specific repairs. He also recommended the particular type of contractor to perform each fix. Torry kept in close contact with me, 650 miles away, keeping me updated on the progress of the home inspection. The information he provided was critical in determining how I would proceed in the process of making an offer on the house. Torry Pinter performed a superior home inspection for us. Fred Bartleson
- F.B., March 2015
This is an extraordinarily detailed and professional report. Thank you, Torry!
- A.B., March 2015
We were so pleased with Torry's work. We interviewed several potential inspectors and selected Torry as the one we felt would best deliver on our need for a fair but VERY thorough inspector. He did. He provided not only a clear statement for us to consider in buying the property, but also a road map for planning our future repairs after closing. And Torry was diligent in making his promised deadlines. He deserves the "10" rating we have given him.
- W.H., November 2014
Torry showed up early and ready to go for our inspection. While there, he inspected independently unless he needed to show us the location of something important to the homeowner. And on top of all the excellent professionalism he showed, we received our inspection report the very next day. I would recommend Torry every day of the week and twice on Sunday!!!
- K.F., October 2014
Torry was very informative during the inspection. Showed me everything that was wrong with the house, wether it was something small or very large. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
- N.M., October 2014
Was an amazing experience for me to see how thorough he was. Thank you very much.
- D.H., September 2014
Torry did an excellent job of going over the entire interior and exterior of the home. I will recommend him to everyone I I know that is looking for an inspector.
- S.C., July 2014
Torry did a very thorough inspection. My real estate agent made the comment that it was the best she had ever seen.
- M.S., October 2013
Thanks for taking to time to prepare such a detailed report. You have noticed several small problems that I would not have the experience to notice. You have been really quick and easy to work with. I would have to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!
- B.F., August 2013
Being new to the area we didnâ??t know who to call. We chose Torry and are glad that we did. He did a thorough job. He explained all of his findings, answered questions we had not only on the house but the area.
- G.C., August 2013
Torry did a thorough inspection of my house on a rainy day, including full inspection of my roof which was my biggest concern. And a wet crawl space. Torry takes a lot of pictures which are put into the final report. My sister who is an experienced realtor was also very impressed with his detail. After his inspectIon he took the time to talk to me about his findings. My money was well spent.
- P.C., July 2013
Torry is the best home inspector we never have. We bought a lot of houses in the past and a lot of home inspectors to deal with and Torry is the only one that i will recommend to everybody. Thank you Torry!!!PP
- P.P., July 2013
Torry Pinter Sr. did a great, thorough inspection on my future home! I particularly appreciated how nice and patient he was, even though he had to explain quite a bit to me, being a first-time home buyer. I was nervous about getting the inspection but he made it an easy, pleasant process. I definitely recommend him to anyone wanting prompt, personal service along with attention to detail in the inspection process!
- R.B., May 2013
Torry's report was exceptionally accurate and incredibly detailed. Additionally, I had a full report within one of his inspection. I wil definitely use Torry again.
- D.F., May 2013
We are extremely impressed with the inspection you performed on our prospective new home. Your attention to detail reflects in the report we received. Your dilligence to cover every aspect of the property has given us great peace of mind in making our new home purhase. It is rare in this day and time to find someone as reputable and commited to doing the best job possible as you do. It is oour pleasure to reccomend your services to anyone in the future.
- C.T., May 2013
Torry was excellent! Available at the last minute. Very thorough and professional. Report was to us the next day with descriptive pictures and detailed analysis. We would highly recommend Torry to anyone who needs a great home inspector.
- A.D., May 2013
Very complete written report, lots of pictures and will be a valuable guide to making current and future repairs.
- B.D., March 2013
Torry is a professional. Professional results, reports with detailed explanations, with great photo quality with red arrow to help identify where the issues are. Great interpersonal skills, definitely got my moneys worth!
- D.R., February 2013
done a great job!!!
- D.M., MAGGIE VALLEY NC, February 2013
Torry did a great job, went over the report with me carefully, and took the time to revise the report when we found a couple of things together on a second visit.
- C.H., January 2013
This is the second inspection Torry has done for me. In my position as National Production Manager for a large mortgage lender I have been exposed to many inspections. Torry is hands down the best, most thorough I have seen.
- R.B., January 2013
The Best of the Best. I have seen inspectors before but nothing as detailed, and through as Torry. He was generous with his time and explained all findings and answered all my questions. We have hired him to do the re inspection.
- D.R., January 2013
This is my third home purchase and Torry is by far the best home inspector I have worked with. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. He takes time to answer any questions about the inspection results or anything about the house. A people person that understands his responsibility to his customer. I highly recommend Torry and will use him again if needed.
- R.L., December 2012
Because I have moved a lot in the past 10 years, I have had the good, the bad, and the terrible home inspections performed. Torry Pinterâ??s inspection was the best one that I have ever had. His professionalism, overall knowledge, thoroughness, attention to detail, and concern that I understood all aspects of the inspection, soared him to the head of the class. I would certainly use him again if the need would arise, and of course highly recommend his services to anyone purchasing a home. Kim Evans
- K.E., November 2012
Extemely detailed and professional. highly recommend him
- R.M., November 2012
We were really impressed with how timely Torry visited the property, his thorough report provided so quickly. We are buying a B&B. We have been on an international assignment in China so we are on a completely different time zone while trying to close this deal. It was wonderful to work with someone that could work effectively and efficiently over the internet and email. I would recommend Torry highly. Kari from Waynesville, NC
- K.B., October 2012
Torry was extremely professional and paid close attention to detail during the inspection. He also took the time to explain his findings and was willing to answer any and all questions. I would highly recommend Torry Pinter to anyone looking for an exceptional inspector.
- K.Z., October 2012
We have never seen a more detailed report from any inspector in the past and we have had to have a few inspections in the past. Torry will spend many hours at the property inspecting every nook and cranny. We would definitely use him again and would recommend to anyone.
- S.F., August 2012
Excellent job. Totally professional report. Would recommend this firm to anyone. Steve and Diane Toney
- J.P., June 2012
Very thorough inspection. Professional. Answered questions personally over the phone and was quite knowledgeable.
- K.R., May 2012
Torry Sr. was fast and efficient. Inspection report was easy to understand and all questions answered in people terms. Would definitely use again for my next home purchase. Thanks Torry!!
- A.T., April 2012
Dear Mr Pintor, I would like to thank you so very much for the time and detail you put into my hopefully home purchase in Maggie Valley on Bradley St. I have bought and sold 2 homes in my lifetime and I have to say not only was your inspection detailed and extensive you took the time to go over section by section and explained it in a way that a lay person like myself could understand. I am so very impressed with your profesionalism and your upbeat attitude and pure honesty which is such a relief in this day of who can scratch who's back. I am looking so forward to meeting you and your wife in the near future. Warmest Regards, Diane Webster
- D.W., March 2012
It was a pleasure meeting and working with Torry. He is very professional and thorough in his inspections. I liked his attention to detail plus his documentation with extensive number of pictures to display his findings. I would use him again and certainly recommend him to friends for their home inspection needs.
- D.S., March 2012
Torry was communicative, thorough, clear and very easy to understand.
- D.P., March 2012
What an impressive report Torry did for us. His report seemed like he covered every inch of the house and gave not only a description of any problems but excellent pictures. His report was organized and easy to follow which helped us tremendously since we were out of state at the time of inspection. Torry then had a lengthy phone conference with us to go over his report. Thank you for all the time and work involved in doing such an excellent report.
- D.G., March 2012
Thank you for the very detailed and informative report. Good quality pictures make easier to undestand the conditions of the building. I appreciate your work. Thank you again.
- I.P., December 2011
Extremely thorough and detailed report, worth every penny. It would take me weeks to discover and observe all the issues in your report. Some of which will be discussed with the present owner before closing.
- S.R., November 2011
I have bought and sold a lot of real estate and most I have come in contact with were very professional and competent, but Torry Pinter is by far the best I've ever seen. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I have had a wonderful experience with him and your company and would gladly recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the positive experience. Sincerely, Sherri Love Love Chevrolet Company Columbia, SC
- S.L., November 2011
He was professional and very thorough and comprehensive. Very well done inspection. Would highly recommend him.
- D.P., June 2011
Great job Torry. The entire inspection report is well done and the pictures are excellent! I will certainly recommend you to others! Thank you. Sincerely, Gary Hattan
- G.H., November 2010
Great job. Very comprehensive and professional.
- C.P., Maggie Valley NC, January 2010
Thank you for doing a great job, and for being so quick to do an inspection on short notice.
- L.M., Maggie Valley NC, November 2009
Thank you for doing a great job, and for being so quick to do an inspection on short notice.
- L.M., Maggie Valley NC, November 2009