Very thorough and done in a timely manner to meet our needs. Thank you!
- C.J., March 2021
Thanks again for doing such a great job Dave!
- J.S., March 2021
Dave was great! On-time, friendly, professional. and thorough. My experience definitely left me feeling like this inspection was money well-spent for my peace of mind.
- A.H., March 2021
Wonderful work! Very complete and clearly explained! Thank you.
- J.S., September 2020
Dave is always very personable, knowledgeable, and takes the time to explain questionable conditions that show up on an inspection. He is very patient and thorough.
- J.S., August 2020
Due to Covid-19 concerns, we did not attend the actual inspection. Dave was extremely thorough and all the photos he took helped explain his comments. We appreciate Dave working safely during this time.
- M.O., April 2020
Thank you for coming to my rescue in a pinch to fit my clients in. I always appreciate your attention to detail and ability to explain repair needs in relatable fashion.
- J.W., Bend OR, March 2020
Dave is a pro - he is always thorough & able to explain things clearly to all parties involved. Dave knows his stuff and is honest, fair & a pleasure to work with. Carol too!
- M.A., December 2019
Dave was very thorough inspecting our new house. He explained the process and showed us issues (big or small) that needed to be dealt with. I would recommend him to any of our friends or family needing a home inspector.
- J.R., November 2019
Nice job Dave, you and Jay did a very thorough inspection for my buyers. Highly recommend!
- E.W., Bend OR, August 2019
I was very pleased with the thorough inspection report. Extremely detailed and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the market for a home inspection
- K.H., August 2019
Very thorough inspection. Clear narrative. Very happy with the service provided.
- C.W., July 2019
Dave is an amazing professional and has very efficient office and electronic communication support! Very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection and report which was of help to buyer and seller with numerous photos to explain areas that need attention. I appreciate Dave's jumping through hoops to work our inspection into a tight schedule while being so patient with our questions and so prompt with our report. Thanks a million!
- P.B., July 2019
Dave and Scott? (I?m so sorry I?ve forgotten his name) were terrific...they spent time going over many things with me in person as well as re-answering some questions I had. I appreciate the quality and detail of the report!
- S.W., July 2019

Most of us look for homes and hope  we find the one we love.  Not having an understanding of the intricate workings of a healthy home, we hired Prime Home Inspections. This is where Dave and his support team came into play. His concise and detailed inspection provided us with a sense of security in our choice, helped us immensely as buyers and provided an honest negotiating tool that was without question. We can now budget our own improvements and maintainece schedule with confidence.   

- R.V., February 2019
Prime Home Inspection provided us with not only a thorough inspection report but also a road map for maintaining our new house over the years. Very nice!
- J.M., January 2019
I was very pleased. He spent nearly 4 hours doing a very thorough report. When he was unable to view something, he said so. The purpose of the inspection is to inform the buyer of key issues and allow discussion with the seller on their resolution. Mission accomplished. Well done
- T.T., January 2019
Dave and Carol Peterson operate their business with the utmost professionalism and go out of their way to provide exceptional service. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining any issues present in a home in a manner that the average buyer can understand. He is punctual and patient with anyone asking questions and is always friendly. I highly recommend him to my own clients and to anyone looking for a competent, thorough home inspector.
- S.K., January 2019
Excellent. As a first-time homebuyer, I especially appreciated how easy you made everything, from booking to receiving and understanding the report. Thank you for being so kind, friendly, and thorough!
- B.C., Gresham OR, December 2018
Totally through inspection. Very personable Dave. Thank you. Job well done
- L.L., September 2018
Great report. I highly recommend this inspection company. Specially Dave.
- B.J., September 2018
Very detailed, love the reports he sends! Dave is good at explaining items to the client and realtors so we understand what's wrong and how to fix.
- J.W., Bend OR, September 2018
Great job, very detailed inspection, prompt and courteous!
- M.C., August 2018
Dave was prompt and very professional and pleasant during the inspection. He was extremely thorough and took the time to show me some of the areas of concern he found. I appreciated the quick help with scheduling the inspection and very knowledgeable replies to my questions.
- B.H., August 2018
He was so kind, thorough, and wonderful to work with. The report is very detailed and explains everything. Thank you!
- K.S., July 2018
Appreciate the thorough inspection and ease to communicate and pay! Thanks!
- I.G., June 2018
Dave is very thorough with clean, easy to read reports. He goes above and beyond to help work through concerns with buyers and sellers. I highly recommend the Prime Team!
- S.O., June 2018
They are the best of the best! Professional, on-time and write a clean report.
- J.M., Bend OR, June 2018
Thank you Dave and David for your thorough inspection for my out-of-town clients last week. Like my clients, I am more than impressed with the way you do your inspections and I particularly love the ease of your reporting system. It makes my job so much easier and I look forward to working with you in the near future.
- K.J., May 2018
Dave, Thanks for allowing me to follow along during your inspection. It helped me understand the issues raised in your very thorough report. You did a nice job.
- R.E., April 2018
Dave was friendly, professional, extremely thorough and more than accommodating. Thank you!
- R.H., April 2018
Hi Dave, My wife, Laurie, and I have owned 4 houses over the years and have purchased a home inspection for each. We have to say that we were very pleased with how detailed your report was, and the pictures and videos were excellent.
- K.S., March 2018
Dave is reliable, efficient, articulate and extremely thorough. We appreciated his attention to detail and specific explanations.
- L.D., March 2018
Dave was very informative and thorough with entire inspection. As a first-time home buyer, I appreciated the time he spent to discuss the needed repairs and educate me on every aspect of my new home!
- J.C., February 2018
From the initial contact/scheduling to after the inspection, Prime Home Inspection was exceptional. The inspection by Dave itself was extremely detailed and very well documented. I am much more familiar with my new home and maintenance needs thanks to Dave's Inspection.
- K.S., Sisters OR, January 2018
Dave was polite and courteous. It was a long inspection, therefore it was a thorough inspection and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I have been through many other home inspections and have seen inspectors miss items that Dave quickly picked up on. The use of his Thermal Camera was paramount in discovering some of the issues that would not have been caught otherwise. Thanks for all the professional and highly qualified inspection!
- D.A., November 2017
As out-of-state buyers, we needed a thorough and professional home inspection. Our agent recommended Dave Peterson of Prime Home Inspection, and our experience was excellent! Inspection: thorough and professionally done. Report: issued promptly, clear and complete. Bonus: detailed photos and video clips in the report, which helped us identify the important issues to take up with the seller, and push aside the relatively minor items. Prime seems to employ the latest technology, which we appreciate. For example, Prime has a tool that enables one to quickly generate a repair punch list directly from the inspection report. This saved time for all concerned, kept a clear trail back to the inspection report, and kept confusion to a minimum. Our repair list went right into the repair addendum, and was helpful in explaining to the seller why we needed correction of the selected items. It also was useful in following through on the re-inspection of the involved contractors' repairs. In our experience, Prime Home Inspection has exemplary customer service. All of our questions were answered promptly. Every email and phone call was returned. Everything was done on time. We couldn't ask for more. 10 out of 10 stars for Prime Home Inspection.
- S.S., October 2017
Outstanding job as always. Thanks Dave.
- L.B., Bend OR, October 2017
Dave is extremely personable and knowledgeable. He is more thorough in his inspection that I have ever experienced previously. I would highly recommend Dave and I am glad that he was recommended to me.
- B.M., Bend OR, October 2017
Dave, your inspection was awesome! 5 Stars! Thanks!
- D.M., October 2017
Inspection was very thorough and reports were easy to read. Thank you! We are very happy with your services.
- A.S., October 2017
We thought we had the best inspector in Seattle until we met Dave; we feel with his top notch expertise and above average thoroughness, he rates the best in Oregon. Dave knows about all systems and components of a home and has the ability to identify potential problems. We were also impressed on how he took the time to explain his findings to us and provide a quick turnaround of a professionally quality document of his findings. We will certainly recommend Dave to anyone who needs an expert in home inspection.
- C.M., September 2017
Very detailed, thorough. Pictures included as part of the report are extremely helpful. Thank you!
- S.W., September 2017
Dave did a very thorough inspection of our potential property. Dave also reviewed some concerns we had at the time of the inspection along with providing us with a easy to read, review and understand inspection report. We would definitely use Dave again in the future.
- K.B., September 2017
Dave is wonderfully thorough in his inspections and reports. He is very professional and takes the time to explain everything so that clients fully understand. I enthusiastically recommend Dave and Prime Home Inspection!
- L.C., September 2017
Although I was not present for the home inspection (still on the East Coast), the report that Mr. Peterson prepared seemed quite thorough and I felt as though he had my best interests in mind when he inspected my new home; from noticing that the hot/cold faucets were switched to the water psi being higher than recommended, as well as some smaller, minor issues. Thank you for your diligence!
- L.R., September 2017
We really appreciated how thorough you were while inspecting our house, as well as taking the time to explain it to us and answer all of our questions. Thank you!
- M.H., September 2017
Very thorough inspection. Great attention to detail. Thank you
- T.H., Auburn WA, September 2017
Great job by a great team. Have already and will continue to recommend their services.
- B.K., August 2017
Thank you Dave for your thorough inspection of my new home. Your attention to detail and your professionalism is greatly appreciated. And Carol thank you for assisting me with the scheduling and alerting Dave to my concerns prior to inspection. Thank you!
- A.R., August 2017
Dave did a great job on short notice. It was everything we needed and when we needed it with no issues at all. We really appreciate his attention to detail and his prompt report.
- J.K., July 2017
Very pleased with the thoroughness and time taken during the inspection. The report is detailed and will be very helpful. I'm puzzled about Dave reporting a small gas leak, yet Cascade Natural Gas found no leak.
- C.E., July 2017
An excellent and well detailed report that is easy to understand. The supporting pictures are very helpful to understand exactly what you are seeing and referring to. The only thing I would have liked to have seen or heard about is when you saw something you questioned, like the HVAC lack of service tag, or the partial nail in the sky light, is if you asked the homeowner what they thought about it to get a possible explanation. But, I also understand that may not be possible depending on the homeowners knowledge or willingness to participate. But overall, I am very happy with the level of detail and comprehensiveness that went into this inspection and report. The summary page will become my punch list to repair the smaller items noted. Thank-you very much for all your efforts ensuring this house will function properly and become our home.
- J.B., May 2017
Prime Home Inspection does an amazing job. I had my inspection done on a Tuesday and I received my report in my inbox Wednesday evening. They did a thorough report including pictures and videos of the home. The pictures were detailed and easy to see items that needed to be addressed. Also I was able to put together a repair request list right there in the e-mail. I was able to either accept as is or request a repair on specific items. This made it easy, because when I clicked request repair I was able to put my own notes and it brought up all the pictures pertaining to what I was requesting to be either repaired or replaced. This saved me a lot of time in making a list of repairs. I would highly recommend Prime Home Inspection if you are looking for a thorough report to make good decisions in buying your new home.
- T.H., May 2017
Dave was informative, clear, and efficient as he worked through my inspection. The report he provided was clear and useful. Scheduling was also easy, and Prime Home Inspectors were responsive and accessible during the entire process. I would and will recommend Dave and Prime Home Inspection without hesitation.
- T.S., Bend OR, April 2017
A pleasure doing business with you on both my properties. And I will continue to use you & your company in the future. Very rare to find a company as reliable, professional, thorough, knowledgeable & personable. Thank you!
- J.Y., April 2017
Very, very thorough. Appreciated the time he took to talk with us about the report via phone since we were out of state and not able to be there at the time of the inspection.
- E.R., April 2017
No suggestion - Dave was very competent in all aspects of inspection.
- R.T., April 2017
Dave and Carol are a great team! Carol's great listening skills and customer service compliment Dave's. Both are very professional and thoughtful. Dave never seemed like he was "too busy" to answer a question or thoroughly review and explain his findings. They were very flexible in accommodating my specific need; I used them for a 12 year house "check-up" and so glad I did.
- E.V., March 2017
Dave is thorough in his reporting and considerate to both buyers AND sellers. He's a wonderful & knowledgeable inspector that I would use every time!
- M.R., Bend OR, February 2017
Dave was very thorough in his inspection and very educational with his explanations and recommendations. I would absolutely recommend Dave to friends and family in the future.
- K.H., February 2017
Through inspection and good pictures. Dave is not afraid to get in to the small places to check all of the areas he can. I will use him again and will recommend his services to friends.
- B.K., January 2017
Very thorough and clear! Would definitely use again, assuming we ever buy another house! Thank you for all the details and for checking things over so well for us!
- E.O., January 2017
Dave did a thorough job inspecting my home, professional, willing to discuss findings with me and his report was terrific....
- D.C., January 2017
Dave was very thorough and professional. I have had several inspections done over the years but I have to say, I am most impressed with this company and this particular inspector. Great Job! Thank you!
- D.E., January 2017
We would highly recommend Dave and his company to preform an inspection on your future home. Carol is extremely friendly while booking the appt. and Dave is very professional, knowledgeable and engaging during the inspection process. The report is thorough yet easy to understand with photos describing all aspects of the home's specific concerns or general product information. You will be in excellent hands with Prime Home Inspections!
- M.G., January 2017
Dave did a great job - he was extremely professional, made a lot of great observations and was very thorough. The report he provided was also very thorough with a lot of pictures. The pictures clearly called out any specific issues and he highlighted relevant areas in a red box. Overall, extremely happy with Dave's work!
- G.V., January 2017
I'm very impressed with the thoroughness of this home inspection! All the videos and photos are fantastic and really help to know exactly what's going on, I've never had that with an inspection before. The infrared photos of the heat sources are great! I told Erik and Cindy (our realtors) just how impressed we were, thank you!
- C.C., November 2016
Your efficiency, thoroughness, & professionalism is appreciated! Your excellent response time to any questions or concerns insures a smooth running transaction. My clients have always been very satisfied with your inspections.
- B.A., Bend OR, November 2016
Dave and his apprentice were very thorough on the inspection of the house we are buying. I had several questions and they took the time to explain the answers to my questions. I came away with confidence that everything was inspected and repairs were listed for the house. Outstanding service and knowledge of their profession. Thank you to Prime Home Inspection.
- M.B., October 2016
Dave and his apprentice were both very nice and informative. Their inspection was extremely thorough with the apprentice inspecting everything after Dave did. Afterward they gave us a verbal report with suggestions before following up in just a couple of days with the official online inspection report which was well laid out with findings, pictures and lists of suggestions. I highly recommend Dave Peterson and Prime Inspection.
- R.T., October 2016
Dave did a thorough inspection and an excellent job in explaining the results. The builders warranty department accepted and repaired all problems noted in his report without exception.
- W.K., October 2016
Dave was very thorough and knowledgable and a good communicator
- D.V., October 2016
I can't imagine having a more thorough inspection. I feel you went above and beyond what was required. I think I only noticed one of the many things you found that needed repair. I feel very confident that you found absolutely everything that needed to be fixed before I buy this home, and I'd like to thank you for your effort.
- B.L., October 2016
Wow! That was way beyond my expectations. Thank you
- R.V., October 2016
It was a pleasure working with you Dave! I enjoyed your friendly attitude, professional demeanor, and easy to read Inspection Reports. I look forward to working with you again! ~ Melinda Peterson (same last name, but not related... lol)
- M.P., September 2016
We were extremely pleased with Dave's inspection! He was very thorough and we got the most detailed report we could have asked for (complete with numerous pictures). It really helped us with our home purchase. We would use him again and highly recommend him!
- L.T., September 2016
Fantastic job!
- J.G., Portland OR, September 2016
Very thorough inspection from roof to crawl spaces. Thanks for all the hard work and attention to detail. Great job!
- J.G., September 2016
Very professional, very thorough. I would most certainly recommend Dave to anyone. Frank Aylott
- F.A., September 2016
My wife and I are purchasing a house in Bend, and our real estate agent recommended Dave and his company for the inspection. We have purchased and sold several homes, and the Report generated by Dave is by far the most thorough and easy to read/understand that we have seen. The manner in which the Report was broken down, including photos and videos, made it easy to navigate through the Report and digest all the details. Not only was the level of detail impressive, but we found the Summary section at the end to be very helpful. First Rate! Joe and Trudy Cook
- , September 2016
Dave was absolutely wonderful! So thorough and professional! The report he generated is very useful, with detailed information on each section he evaluated. This will be very beneficial, as we move forward, to document the pre-sale condition of each element. I would definitely recommend Dave to any prospective home owner.
- S.K., August 2016
Thank you for being so thorough and informative.
- M.M., August 2016
No went over and beyond to make it to the inspection after the horrible wreck on hwy. 97. Would recommend you highly! Thanks Dave and family, we enjoyed working with you!
- D.H., August 2016
Dave is always a pleasure to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable and hard working. I always highly recommend Prime. I feel lucky when I know he is on the project. Thank you so much for a you do.
- T.C., bend OR, August 2016
Dave, I am so thankful that you were the inspector on this property. I appreciate how very thorough your report was and so very critical to my decision. Thank you for helping me avoid any potential issues going forward. I have decided the items noted are way beyond my comfort level and I will be contacting you again for a future purchase. All the best, JP
- J.P., August 2016
Dave's report was very thorough and informative. The descriptions of the issues and the recommendations were clearly stated.
- J.D., August 2016
I used Dave's services in Aug 2016 for a house I am buying in Bend. Dave was recommended by my real estate agent. This is my 3rd time buying a house. Dave's inspection report is clearly the best report I ever saw. Report is very detailed, very well organized, with a lot of pictures, and even infrared pictures and videos. In his report, Dave is listing all serial numbers of appliances, indicating the location of all electrical boxes, water valves. This makes the report a great reference document in case of issue. . On top of this, Dave was able to get the inspection done very quickly (within 2 business day). His online platform is easy to use to communicate and exchange documents. I would highly recommend Dave for your home inspection.
- J.L., August 2016
I felt that Dave was thorough and had my best interest in mind. I appreciated the recommendations for improvements, the pics that revealed the findings, and his ability to give reason, cause, and correction actions needed on all things. Thank you Dave.
- D.M., July 2016
Very thorough with great follow up.
- E.W., July 2016
Thank you for your speedy inspection. Very professional.
- R.A., July 2016
Always professional, top notch and very dependable. I will always recommend him and his team to inspect my homes.
- S.P., Bend OR, July 2016
Dave did an excellent job on my inspection, the report went above and beyond everything I needed in preparation for my new home orientation. I would recommend Dave to anyone who is either purchasing a new home or a previously owned home. The information in the report was thorough, covering all areas of the house, well presented and easy to follow. Thank you for a great job.
- M.G., June 2016
Our agent Holly recommended Dave for our inspection. Dave was very detailed with his report and pictures. Having never seen an inspection report, Dave's report was very easy to understand. We will use Dave in the future and recommend him for our friends and family.
- J.P., June 2016
Very personable, knowledgeable, and thorough.
- T.H., June 2016
My husband and I really appreciated the thorough and timely job Dave Peterson did on our home inspection. We are purchasing an older home and Dave gave us every single piece of information we needed to make an informed decision moving forward. Thank you!
- J.A., June 2016
Thanks again Dave, appreciate your thoroughness as always.
- V.G., June 2016
Excellent job on a challenging home that can run on or off the power grid, many more systems than the average home. Dave did his usual thorough job (second time we've used him) in inspecting and documenting all aspects and systems of the house - very detailed and complete. Will use him again and highly recommend.
- G.B., May 2016
Dave, Your response time to the request for a home inspection was incredible. You were professional, courteous, and prompt in providing your report. As usual, your report was thorough, easy to understand, and the software you use made it unbelievably easy to create a discussion list and contract addendum. Thank you! Josh
- J.H., May 2016
Thanks for the excellent and thorough inspection Dave. Your report went above and beyond our expectations, and we are very grateful for the level of detail you included.
- J.P., May 2016