Nice job! Please consider using Mitch in the future.
- D.F., October 2021
Well done! Thanks again for everything. -Brandon
- B.R., October 2021
Mitch did an extremely thorough job inspecting the home my buyer was purchasing. Thank you!!!
- N.U., Vadnais Heights MN, September 2021
Mitch was personable and professional. He was very through and took the time to explain his concerns. I would highly recommend hiring him to do your home inspection.
- N.B., August 2021
Pays attention to detail and knows what he’s doing. Very informative and goes through his inspection throughly. Definitely will recommend
- P.V., August 2021
Very good at explaining everything. Good or bad. And also very informative. I learned a lot with this being my first home. And could tell Mitch knew alot as well.
- C.C., August 2021
Great inspection and very informative!
- D.T., July 2021
Mitch was very thorough with his inspection and walked through the whole thing. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a quality inspector!
- M.H., July 2021
Very informative friendly and easy to work with took time to explain all aspects of inspection Thank YOU
- R.B., June 2021
Very understanding and great to work with! Walked us through everything and made sure we understood what was going on and how to move forward!
- R.S., June 2021
Very informative. Was able to schedule a next day inspection. Very nice guy. Definitely would recommend him to future homebuyers.
- J.S., May 2021
Mitch was amazing and was extremely efficient.
- M.X., May 2021
Mitch was thorough. He gave me some great feedback and about the home. I now understand just about every detail, and have confidence moving forward. He was friendly and candid. Highly recommended!
- D.H., April 2021
Mitch has done 2 inspections for us and they have been high quality and very thorough. Extremely satisfied !!
- S.S., April 2021
Mitch was fantastic! He took the time to walk me through the house and answer all my questions. As a first time home buyer I really appreciated the detailed report, this will allow us to know exactly what to tackle when we move in.
- T.B., March 2021
Mitch was very knowledgeable and detailed. I would recommend Mitch to any home buyer.
- D.P., February 2021
Thank you! Mitch did a thorough job and at a very fair price. Great to have for a home buying inspection!
- S.K., February 2021
Mitch was incredibly thorough, detailed in his explanations, and patient with our lack of knowledge. To us, it felt he left no stone unturned and he presented us with the information regarding our future home in a matter of fact way - open and honest. We really appreciated how professional and easy he was to work with... especially since this is our first home! I would recommend Mitch to anyone! The sellers were equally as pleased and stated they wish they could send him to Chicago, where they are purchasing a home!
- C.Q., January 2021
Professional and thorough. Great detailed pics and videos. Good clear explanations. Will use again.
- J.O., January 2021
The only inspector I will work with! He is very professional and honest goes into great details with photos and videos supporting his statements. I learned a lot from his observations and helped ensure to make sure I would be purchasing a safe home for me and my family. Thank you for your services Mitch. Your the best! :)
- M.Y., January 2021
We don't have any other inspection experience to compare this to, but what we did experience was well beyond our expectations. Mitch was very thorough, highly knowledgable, trustworthy, and you could tell he cared. Mitch genuinely wanted to make sure he imparted his wisdom to help us make a good decision and then have a great and safe start in our new home. Highly highly recommend Mitch!
- B.G., January 2021
Mitch was very thorough with his inspection and his explanation in person, and his written report was presented in the same fashion. The information he provided was well worth the money spent. He was a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend using his services.
- J.H., December 2020
Mitch did a great job. He took the time to answer all our questions and gave concrete feedback on how to mitigate the issues he uncovered. It was clear he has very good attention to detail. He did get spooked by an electronic owl though, so he may need better situational awareness ;-)
- B.M., Willmar MN, November 2020
Mitch is a easy to work with contractor who cares about our safety and is always willing to answer any questions we have. He's honest, upfront, and very professional with his work and gives you his best answers to the best of his knowledge. He's the type of person that will go the extra mile for you. You'll definitely want him to come out to inspect your home and we are so happy that he was that guy for us. Thank you for your wonderful work and we truly and highly recommend him for any home inspection.
- L.Y., St. Paul MN, October 2020
Mitch was so nice to work with and incredibly flexible considering the short notice. The place grew in size from what we anticipated and his thoroughness despite being crunched on time exceeded expectations. I plan to use him with our future homes.
- J.B., October 2020
Mitch was very helpful and friendly. He explained things so they were easy for us to understand. He was very thorough in his inspection and the report was organized and easy to read. I would definitely recommend him to others and use him again if needed.
- A.A., October 2020
Mitch was thorough, professional, kind, and funny. He made the boring, interesting; the process painless, and the information easily accessible once the inspection was finished. I’d definitely use and recommend him having met him!
- S.L., September 2020
He is great at his work. He is very thorough. He is a great inspector. I loved his work.
- G.K., September 2020
Mitch was great and did a very detailed inspection. Will suggest him to others.
- M.A., September 2020
Mitch you were great! Thorough job with the inspection and great explanation on the issues you discovered. The digital report is super easy to navigate. Thank you for your service!
- C.A., September 2020
Mitch is very professional and has a wonderful personality. My realtor recommended him last year for a inspection and I was very satisfied with his performance so I requested him again. Mitch is VERY detailed, friendly and eager to answer any question me or my family may have. He explained his role as a inspector, his process and addresses the good/bad, pros and cons in a property. This is a man who loves what he does and it was a pleasure working with Mitch. I learned so much from him and I would highly recommend Mitch.
- A.M., August 2020
You did a great and thorough job! I’m looking forward to working with you again.
- M.V., August 2020
Mitch did a very thorough review of the home, provided a very thorough verbal report when he was done, and provided the written report on time. Mitch was also flexible when I needed to reschedule the inspection due to an illness in the family. Mitch is both personable and professional.
- J.J., August 2020
I cannot recommend Mitch highly enough!! His inspection was spectacularly thorough and helped us make the case that the seller should pay for a new roof on both the house and the garage. I LOVE that we have this report that we can systematically work through to repair and update our new house. I will be recommending him to everyone I know!
- S.V., August 2020
Mitch was very accommodating - was able to schedule us very last minute, which was much appreciated. He was extremely thorough in all aspects of inspecting the home. I really appreciated the time he took with us post-inspection to show us the areas in the house of concern and give us his opinion on next steps. The report he put together was superior! Overall it was a much better process than I anticipated. I would and will recommend Mitch to any of my friends/family that are in need of home inspection. Thank you!
- M.C., August 2020
Mitch, was amazing, I could not have asked for a better inspection. We are first time home buyers, so he was able to explain to us everything in order for us to understand and you can tell he really loves his job which made the experience pleasurable for us as well. By doing his inspections properly we We’re able to negotiate with the seller and he helped us even save 1000 on our mortgage. Thanks a bunch! We will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for a inspector in the future.
- T.T., August 2020
Great job on the inspection! The email requesting us to complete the survey should probably be tweaked a bit. You might want to have customers click, My Inspectors and then click, Review Your Inspector. There is no "rate your inspector" link as stated in the email. Thank you!! Wendi
- W.S., July 2020
Mitch was very thorough and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him for your home inspection needs.
- M.B., July 2020
Mitch did an amazing job with the inspection at the house that my mom and I were looking to buy. I’m a first time home buyer so I wasn’t exactly sure what to look for in a house inspection. When I arrived at the house, he was finishing up the inspection. When my real estate agent arrived, he did a walk through inspection for us. He went in detail explaining all the minor and major issues inside and through out the entire house, in the garage, and then outside the house that would become a problem if not repaired. He was a very honest and patient guy during the walkthrough. You pay the amount that he tells you in his email. No hidden fees and doesn’t try to sell you things! The inspection report was very detailed and specific. It pointed out all types of issues with the house. It also included videos as well and red arrows to show you where exactly the problem exists. His comments/recommendations were also included in the report. He made it easy and simple for me to understand. I had a few questions and all my questions were answered. The price was fair and worth the process. I feel really happy with his inspection and was able to make a confident decision on buying the house. He even gave me a discount at the end for bringing cash, such a nice inspector! Mitch was an awesome inspector and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thanks Mitch!
- M.Y., July 2020
Mitch is a phenomenon and highly professional Inspector. He's attention to details was excellent. And I also appreciate that he took his time to listen nad respond to all my questions and concerns. Great Job sir! I will absolutely without a doubt recommend you to all my friends and family members anytime they need an inspector. Thanks
- O.L., July 2020
Mitch gave pointers on certain issues that I didn’t even know about in the house. Also he’s very thorough while explaining the report..
- B.K., July 2020
We had two home inspections completed by Mitch and he was very thorough on both of them. He went above and beyond to address specific concerns of ours and gave a detailed explanation about how to address and/or fix our areas of concern.
- N.B., July 2020
Very knowledgeable and explained every detail so I could understand. Showed me what needed to be fixed very soon and things that could wait.
- L.G., June 2020
- E.D., River Falls WI, June 2020
Mitch was very knowledgeable and gave a lot of general advice on the care of various items in the home. I will definitely recommend him to others and use his services again if needed.
- D.O., June 2020
Due to the short time frame that was given, Mitch was able to squeeze us in without hesitation. Mitch did a awesome job, he was very thorough with his findings and provided great resources. Mitch was also very nice and we would highly recommend his services.
- M.X., June 2020
Mitch was will to work late the day of our inspection. He is friendly and knowledgeable. I feel he did a very thorough job.
- C.D., June 2020
Very accommodating to our schedule and went above and beyond our expectations. Added a sense of comfort knowing that our home is safe and secure with his thorough and detailed inspection! Thank you!
- J.M., June 2020
Mitch is absolutely my first choice. He’s professional, easygoing, and he gives very detailed report.
- Y.T., May 2020
Very thorough and a great general knowledge of everything that you'd hope a home inspector would know. Found a serious concern in the house. Would recommend.
- B.M., May 2020
Very thorough with inspections and explanations. I strongly trust Mitch's detailed inspection and suggestions
- J.T., May 2020
Mitch performed a very thorough inspection and was very clear as to the minor issues the property had. He answered all questions asked by me and gave me an in depth explanation as to why the issues occurred and how to cost efficiently fix them. The report was very helpful in attaining the results we wanted in regards to the minor repairs our new home needed. My husband and I are greatly appreciative of his attention to detail and unbiased opinions and recommendations.
- L.X., May 2020
Mitch is extremely thorough and forthright. He has been a pleasure to work with.
- K.F., April 2020
Mitch was very knowledge with his line of work. Mitch was very patient in explaining things and isn’t afraid to give his insight. Walkthrough was very detailed. Mitch walked us through on preventive measures and on how to fix minor issues.
- C.C., April 2020
Mitch was great! He was thorough and took the time to walk us through his individual notes, and he also made sure all of our questions were answered (we had a lot). Highly recommend!
- M.H., April 2020
Mitch was great to work with! He made things very easy for us to understand and answered all of our questions. He was honest, helpful and timely. I would recommend him to friends and family.
- J.M., April 2020
Mitch was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. He performed a walkthrough with us, showed us all the issues he identified (including an electrical issue we were able to have corrected before closing), and patiently answered all my questions. The report we received from him was excellent, with photos, videos, and in-depth explanations.
- B.H., March 2020
Mitch was thorough and his instructions were concrete and clear. I was very impressed.
- T.P., March 2020
Mitch did a great job for us. He highlighted several areas that we didn't notice ourselves. He took time to walk through the entire house pointing out issues. We are satisfied and would use him again without reservation.
- P.M., March 2020
Would recommend Mitch to anyone in need of home inspection. Mitch went above and beyond for us with an inspection on our future home. He made sure we fully understood all findings and supported them with pictures and clear descriptions. His thorough and professional support helped us negotiate areas of concerns with seller. Inspection report was easy to view and highlighted in red bigger concerned areas. We were lucky to have Mitch as our inspector.
- A.A., February 2020
Very knowledgeable and informative!
- N.A., January 2020
Mitch was very candid, thorough, and professional. The house was right on the edge of reasonable condition and after the seller refused to make certain repairs we ended up cancelling our purchase. I can’t thank Mitch enough for shedding light on the many hidden issues that the property had. Would certainly recommend to anyone looking for an inspector.
- E.W., Minneapolis MN, January 2020
Mitch provided a very thorough and excellent inspection of the property. He also provided great tips on how to maintain the home for years to come. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs an inspection done.
- G.H., January 2020
Mitch was great. Even though we were looking at a mid-century house and we were aware of some issues, Mitch was able to identify numerous items that made the house unacceptable for further investment. Mitch was extremely thorough and took as much time as we needed to understand all of the issues. Had we used a less thorough inspector, we could have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks Mitch!!
- K.M., December 2019
Mitch was thorough, and caught things that most inspectors would not! He took more time for a detailed inspection our small house than others would take on a large home. He had a real interest in talking with us and our interests as buyers looking an older house.
- P.C., November 2019
Mitch did a very detailed inspection and even pointed out the little things. A lot of these can be overlooked but the fact he put the time in to log and be so detailed about his walk through is comforting to know. He answered all my questions I had when I was there for the post walk through, and was very helpful. I would definitely use him again in the future if ever required.
- L.R., October 2019
very professional and easy to understand, excellent representation of the inspection's results via words, photos, and videos.
- G.M., October 2019
Great guy. Definitely worth it. He uncovered a few problems that we were not aware of. Went over everything and the report lays it's out nice and simple. The thermal imaging is a must and they offer it for free.
- N.M., October 2019
Thorough work, much appreciated
- D.X., October 2019
Knowledgeable, friendly, professional, thorough.
- A.G., October 2019
Inspector Mitch did a fantastic job going over the house inspection. Mitch had provided tons of videos and photos of the flaws and was very detail about everything. I would highly recommend Mitch to be your future house inspector for your future home. 5/5! Great guy to work with! - Sang & Paula
- S.V., September 2019
Does a very thorough job and explains everything very well! Would highly recommend him to others.
- P.Y., September 2019
Mitch was fantastic. He clearly explained items and watch-outs. He was very thorough and patient. Everything was completed/turned around in a timely manner. I would recommend him in a heart beat.
- L.E., August 2019
Mitch did a great job and explained everything to us including talking through what it would take to replace/repair some of the problem items with the property. He was thorough and made the process easy for us as first time home-buyers.
- M.N., Eagan MN, August 2019
Mitch is very thorough and informative. His inspection pictures and notes give us the exact information we need to update our new home so we can move in with no concerns.
- A.A., August 2019
Mitch was so thorough and showed me things I didn't know. Without a doubt this man knows what he's doing
- J.P., August 2019
Mitch did an awesome job! He found a couple things that saved us thousands of dollars! I highly recommend him.
- D.P., August 2019
Mitch, Definitely #10. Great job! You did a very detailed report on my new house. I will be using your report and booklet to do the recommendations. What a great read, although I have not read everything yet. It makes me feel much more comfortable with buying the house. If I have any questions, I may call you, as well. Thank you so much! Anna Counihan
- A.C., August 2019
Mitch provided a great inspection.
- D.H., August 2019
Mitch is always professional and easy to work with. He is always a great resource for my clients - especially those buyers who have a great deal of questions about their first home!
- T.B., July 2019
He was thorough efficient and pleasant to work with
- C.O., Brooklyn park MN, July 2019
Mitch was fantastic to work with. He was able to squeeze us into his busy schedule on short notice. He spent a significant amount of time going through the property and identifying potential issues that ended up saving us from extremely expensive home repairs. The value of his services greatly outweighs the cost, plus the materials that you receive from the inspection are helpful and include all of the photos and comments from Mitch! I plan to use Mitch again on our next home purchase and would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a thorough home inspection prior to purchase.
- K.R., July 2019
Mitch was knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate his thorough inspection and critique of the dwelling i am considering.
- S.J., May 2019

Mitch was great to work with. Did a thorough job and was great about answering all my questions. I'd definitely recommend him for all your home inspection needs. 

- T.H., April 2019

I felt extremely comfortable with Mitch and appreciate how thorough he was. He went through everything in a way that wsnt overwhelming - even though there was a ton of very important information. He answered our questions, considered our feedback and was honest when he didn’t know something. This house was a huge purchase for us and we had been burned in the past by a crummy inspector so our expectations were high and Mitch absolutely met them. 

- E.O., April 2019

Mitch was very clear about his availability with us in advance to find a time that worked for us. On the day of the inspection, he walked through the whole property and helped me understand what I could expect to find in his report. He also provided some ideas of how to invest strategically to maintain the health of our new property. The property had a current tenant at home while we walked through and he was very respectful to that resident, me and my realtor. I feel well informed about what things we'll need to tackle in our new home. He clearly is very experienced and provided a lot of contextual insight as well. I would highly recommend Mitch Luecke to others looking for an inspector.

- K.P., April 2019

Mike did a great job inspecting everything. I would highly recommend  him to anyone that wanted an inspection done. He took the time to explain everything to me. 

Thank you



- C.E., April 2019

Mitch the inspector was very inforamative, honest, real and very thorough.  Not only would i refer him but i would an

- S.V., March 2019

Absolutely phenomenal, Mitch went above and beyond what was required of him!! Can't thank him enough!!

- Z.J., March 2019

Very good insight and knowledge, a common sense approach.

- T.H., March 2019

Extremely thorough and informative! We learned a lot about our new home, and found things wrong that we never would have even thought to look for. Extremely affordable rates, and worth every penny and then some! I will be recommending Mitch to everyone that I know who is looking to buy or sell a home!

- N.D., February 2019

There were a lot of 3rd parties involved which created a scheduling nightmare. Mitch was very accomidating when attempting to schedule the inspection. His report was very detailed which allowed us to make an informed decision.

I really liked the short video clips that were included with the report. It helped us grasp the issues he was pointing out that just a photo couldn't provide.

I definately will be using him again for other inspections I need to have done.

- B.W., February 2019

Very detailed, did as much as he could. verry friendly, and squeezed us in on a busy week for him. I work in the architectural industry and i feel he did the best job i have seen. he also explain everything well.

- D.H., inver grove heights MN, January 2019
Mitch was awesome! Good information and great guy! Very knowledgeable.
- A.H., January 2019
Great personable guy, Knows what he is doing.
- R.N., January 2019
Thorough and Knowledgeable
- M.H., January 2019
Thank you for being so great at your job! It?s clear you have a passion for what you do. Not only do you catch every issue that needs attention but you are willing to clearly explain all of it to us. Thanks Mitch!
- L.M., January 2019
Thanks for being very detailed on your report, the quick 10-15 seconds videos were very helpful with your findings recommendations, May God continue blessing the works of your hands!
- O.O., January 2019
Very Professional! Goes above and beyond to make sure his job is done correctly.
- A.B., December 2018
This thorough home inspection will save us thousands of dollars, and we will definitely recommend Mitch to all of our friends and family. The information was presented very clearly, both in-person and in the report. When we buy our next house, we'll be calling Mitch again.
- J.H., December 2018