Very Professional! Goes above and beyond to make sure his job is done correctly.
- A.B., December 2018
This thorough home inspection will save us thousands of dollars, and we will definitely recommend Mitch to all of our friends and family. The information was presented very clearly, both in-person and in the report. When we buy our next house, we'll be calling Mitch again.
- J.H., December 2018
He was very complete and presented the information in a way I could understand.
- L.A., November 2018
You did a good with the inspection. You explained all details of all the major and manor problem during your inspection,. I am fully satisfied with the inspection.
- P.N., November 2018
His work was very thorough and he seemed very knowledgable about what needed to be fixed and how to fix it. He was very pleasant to talk to and as a first time home buyer he made the process easy and the information easy to understand. The report was done very well with pictures and videos to go with it.
- C.B., November 2018
Mitch's work was very complete. We felt very confident in moving forward. He found items and brought our attention to concerns that we did not see when we viewed the home. He made us feel informed. Recommend to anyone needing an inspection on their next home.
- A.F., November 2018
A thorough inspection of my future townhouse and a presentation that was thorough that I used to counter for a better offer.
- C.B., October 2018
Impressive inspection report. I will certainly recommend you. I appreciate how thorough it was for my clients and liked the summary portion as it was clear and concise. Brett Belisle RE/MAX Results
- B.B., White Bear Lake MN, October 2018
Mitch, you did a fantastic job with an extremely thorough inspection. I was very pleased with the job that was done and you explained everything in a way that was easy to understand for a first time home buyer. I will certainly recommend you to future buyers. Thank you!
- A.N., October 2018
Mitch?s walk through was very informative, especially for a new homebuyer like me. He didn?t rush, and I feel very at ease that he did a thourough job. Would recommend to everyone!
- J.P., October 2018
Mitch, Thank you for the great service, promptness, and expertise. I actually had my colleague reach out to you first as I was looking for other places in the area that were local to my buyer. This is important to me because no one knows better about certain areas than your local experts. One of the approaches that I liked most was your detailed inspection report. Not only did you provide written details but you also provided video & pictures which was fantastic! It helped me fully understand what you were addressing so that I could provide my client with the best options to move forward & ask for a fair- appropriate inspection R/R to the selling agent. It made for a smooth transition through the inspection period (which can be a very stressful) time for both buyers & sellers. Thanks again!!
- S.M., Coon Rapids MN, October 2018
Very informative and thorough!
- E.V., October 2018
I appreciated Mitch's attention to detail and thoroughness during the inspection and in the final report. He was very professional and answered any and all questions. Thanks for the great work Mitch!
- D.R., September 2018
A huge thank you to Mitch. When I picked out my house, I liked everything about it but wanted a professional to find any problems that I was overlooking. Mitch was extremely thorough and pointed out things I would never have thought to look at but also pointed out many things the former owners had done that were done correctly. I feel completely at ease moving in to my new home knowing it will be a safe and secure investment. I also fully appreciate how personable Mitch was/is in relating things to me in a manner I could understand and not talking down to me. I would certainly recommend Mitch to anyone looking for a home inspection and will use him again if I ever decide to move.
- R.B., September 2018
Very easy to work with. I learned a lot from the inspection.
- S.L., St. Paul MN, August 2018
Mitch was extremely thorough throughout my home inspection. He took me room to room, showing me the smallest flaws and advising me what things needed repair. Mitch also brought the fine craftsmanship of the structure to my attention, showing me the detailed work the sellers put into the home, above and beyond what most homeowners would do. I am very confident in Mitch's report. He is knowledgable, professional and personable. I'm now aware of all the repairs needed -now or later- in my new home. Thanks Mitch!
- P.S., August 2018
Mitch was awesome! He was extremely thorough and extremely helpful. He explained why things were hazardous and why some were major problems. I was extremely impressed . He saved us a world of headaches from a money pit. I don't think you could find a more competent inspector. Won't hesitate to call on him again. Excellent .
- G.D., August 2018
Thank you Mitch for the video and for walking through the mechanics of the condo for me! I'm so glad Towanda recommended you. Deb
- D.M., August 2018
Mitch was great, vary patient with me and my family. Answered everyone's questions and made it real easy to understand what he was talking about.
- S.G., August 2018
Mitch provided a very thorough and thoughtful walk through of what he discovered during our inspection. The information he provided along with the photos, videos, and context made the process of the home inspection very easy for us. Thanks Mitch!
- S.M., August 2018
Mitch was great to work with! He was very knowledgeable and ensured that I understood all parts of the inspection. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends for their inspection needs.
- C.B., August 2018
Mitch is very knowledgeable, professional and his inspection was over the top complete. His report is easy to follow, thorough and will even help me after I move into my new home. I would recommend Mitch to anyone looking for an inspector.
- J.B., July 2018
Mitch did a great job. He was very thorough and he got everything.
- D.H., July 2018
Mitch was very thorough and explained every single thing to us when we walked through our inspection report. He explained how the process worked, answered all questions, and made suggestions. Thank you for your detailed work in getting our place inspected.
- Y.L., Saint Paul MN, July 2018
Did great and I expected it to be complicated and too difficult to understand, but it was made clear and even clearer with the visuals that were taken of the issues with the home. Gave me peace of mind I needed as a first time buyer, thanks!
- J.L., July 2018
Mitch is a top notch inspector. Very good at explaining all the systems of the property to the buyers and not scaring them off when their are issues.
- W.E., July 2018
Mitch was thorough and professional. Thank you for your part in helping us purchase a quality home.
- C.W., July 2018
The home inspection process managed by Mitch Luecke was the best we've experienced. His findings were thorough and his report highly detailed (including photos and videos). His overally summary report provided us the ability to present information back the existing homeowner in an efficient manner and allowed us to achieve additional pricing concessions. We would highly recommend MN Pro Home Inspections.
- M.M., July 2018
Mitch was absolutely awesome. He explained everything in a way we could understand and made sure we knew what problems were major issues. His professionalism and customer is outstanding. He made us feel like we were his only priority during that time. We will recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspector and would will use him for our future home inspection needs.
- B.L., June 2018
Mitch was very thorough with the inspection and I feel really knowledgeable about moving into my house now! Also very good with scheduling flexibility and easy to get a hold of.
- A.P., June 2018
Thanks for your help Mitch. Your report was thorough and invaluable. You were great to work with, patiently explaining your findings and using photos and video to explain each issue. I will recommend you to all my clients and friends. Mike.Bader
- M.B., June 2018
Mitch was wonderful to work with. He was prepared, professional and straight-forward. As a first time home buyer, he made the process easy to understand and I felt comfortable with his inspection reporting. He gave us helpful feedback regarding some of the issue with our house and some recommended steps we could take to fix them. He scheduled an hour walk-thru with us, but stayed an additional 45 minutes to make sure all of our questions were answered and that we completed the walk-thru around the entire house/property. He was extremely knowledgeable, answered all of our questions as thoroughly as he could, and overall was a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend Mitch to anyone needing a home inspection.
- C.Z., June 2018
Pleasure to work with. Very detailed and good advice
- B.S., June 2018
I appreciated the extra time you spent answering questions and doing a post inspection walk through. Will absolutely recommend you to others.
- C.H., May 2018
Very thorough and easy to work with. Nothing was missed!
- J.G., May 2018
I have used other home inspectors previously that were great but I believe the technology and thoroughness that Mitch has is top notch. I would recommend Mitch to anyone who needs a good quality home inspection.
- S.H., May 2018
Appreciate the thorough, thoughtful explanation of every aspect of my inspection report. Did not feel rushed or anything overlooked. Thank you!
- J.G., April 2018
Very responsive to timeframe needed. Very professional, and extremely thorough. Included pictures with descriptions of defects and videos to show test results. Realtor even commented that it was the best inspection he has viewed. You can be sure Mithch has covered all grounds and itemized areas of concern for you
- K.C., April 2018
I called Mitch for my home inspection and glad that I did he helped me find well more than $400 worth of stuff wrong with the house that needed to be addressed before the final inspection that I wouldve missed or another inspector, my realtor said its the most thorough inspection hes ever seen on a home !
- C.C., April 2018
Very thorough and honest! We were very satisfied with the inspection and would recommend Mitch to others. Thank you!
- T.K., April 2018
Thank you for being so thorough in your inspection and helpful in your practical suggestions. It was a joy to work with you.
- B.K., April 2018
He was great. We are out of state buyers and he made this process very easy for us. He is friendly and professional.
- K.M., March 2018
Smooth inspection process; findings were well documented in the report.
- J.B., March 2018
I was satisfied with home inspection service by Mitch at MNPro. Extremely thorough, very knowledgeable, and quick to respond. Love the easy to use website for downloading reports and creating repair lists. Would definitely use again and recommend to friends! As a side note, I did not love that my phone number was passed on to ADT security sales. I got multiple calls/messages from them, which was very annoying. I have enough telemarketers calling me as it is, and did not appreciate being added to another list. My only thumbs down from the entire experience.
- H.F., March 2018
Mitch was thorough and answered all of our questions. He gave us helpful options to fix the things that were found and gave us honest answers. We would highly recommend Mitch!
- K.H., March 2018
Mitch did a fantastic job on our home inspection! He was thorough and took the time to explain all of his findings.
- D.M., March 2018
Mitch did a very thorough inspection on our home. He gave us solid recommendations and I couldnt have been happier with his service
- J.M., February 2018
I felt much more informed and knowledgeable after the inspection
- C.L., January 2018
Thanks for a super job.
- J.S., January 2018
Mitch was great to work with. Offered clear explanation on each issue; patient and very pleasant.
- S.V., January 2018
Mitch has done an outstanding work! He finds every little issues that I would never thought of looking!
- C.X., January 2018
Mitch luecke is highly recommended! Very easy to talk to, very thorough and detailed!
- T.L., December 2017
Very thorough! Mitch did an excellent job, took the time to explain everything and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him.
- R.G., December 2017
As always Mitch has done a great job for me and for my client. Mitch has great attention to detail and with the easy readable report that he provides with great pictures and the thermal imaging the reports turn out fantastic. In a market that is fast moving like it is its good to know this Inspector still takes time to get it right. Thank you Mitch. I am sure I will use you again down the road. Stan
- S.W., December 2017
So prompt and thorough!
- E.L., November 2017
Mitch is a very knowledgeable Inspector. He was great to work with. Thank you again!
- D.Y., November 2017
Hey Mitch, all went well. Thanks for all your help Earl Linder
- E.L., November 2017
As a first time home buyer, I am so glad that we found someone as experienced and thorough as Mitch. He made sure to explain everything that he found and show us what we needed to know as new home owners and then some. I would recommend him to any home buyer no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. He does a great job. Thank you Mitch!
- M.M., November 2017
Thanks Mitch for doing the inspection on short notice and for explaining everything in detail. Very helpful for first time homebuyers!
- J.S., October 2017
Mitch is the way to go! Helped us make decisions that we would have regret doing if we didn't go to an experience knowledgeable professional. You only make this decision in buying a home once or twice in your lifetime. And you want to make it right and he has helped us do that. thanks Mitch!
- E.J., October 2017
As a first time home buyer I have never interacted with a home inspector, but Mitch was fantastic. He was very clear from the beginning what his role was in the process and what services he did/would be providing. His report was thorough and clear enhanced with pictures and video of all the problem areas in the home. Even better is that these are integrated in the digital report to be accessed at any time in the future for addendum negotiation or your own personal future reference. As added bonus Mitch was also very personable, I would recommend his services to anyone. Thanks Mitch!
- B.S., October 2017
You were great and explained the issues very clearly for me. I really appreciate organization of the report and paperwork. I will definitely recommend you in the future.
- C.S., September 2017
Mitch I really appreciate your hard work inspecting our future house on court street in Prescott. You really helped me understand the condition of the house. All the pictures and videos you took were awesome and will greatly help me with making improvements after we move in. Thank you again! Matt Grundtner
- M.G., September 2017
I was amazed at the knowledge and details of everything. Mitch was great at pointing out all the things we missed. Also took the time to explain to is any issues or concerns we had. I was so thankful for all his detailed instruction. I can't say enough about how great he is at his job. Thank you so much Mitch!!
- L.B., September 2017
Very thorough! Does great work
- T.H., September 2017
Inspection was well worth the cost. Due to inspection report, seller's insurance company replaced roof and gutters. Thank you!
- D.R., August 2017
I may have never bought a house but I sure do know when a pro is around. Mitch, thank you man, I will without doubt not hesitate to get you folks who want inspection done. I hope you don't mind if i post your link on my Facebook either. You are worthy of all the publicity possible. Thank you again, and we will be getting back at you, sooner than later, to get the second inspection. And do pardon the delayed feedback, the baby has been keeping us on toes ! Best regards man, Henry
- H.P., August 2017
Wow! Clear and exacting detail and explanations!! Money well spent because it saved me thousands!
- T.K., August 2017
Very through, and explained anything I had questions about, often showing a picture for further clarification.
- P.W., August 2017
Mitch was great to work with! From the beginning he was super helpful, informative, and helped me understand my property in a way I hadn't thought about. His inspection was spot on!
- J.N., July 2017
Thanks Mitch for helping us out we really appreciated.
- M.V., July 2017
Mitch was knowledgeable and personable. Would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a solid inspector.
- D.M., July 2017
Mitch was Excellent! His knowledge and attention to detail is far beyond what I expected. I would not hesitate to refer his business to anyone buying a home. Thank You Mitch...!
- J.L., July 2017
I have had many home inspections and this was the most thorough and professional inspection by far. Thank you again Mitch.
- K.S., July 2017
Mitch was extremely thorough and walked us through everything he found. His understanding of what to look for as the house is and future problems that could arise if issues are not fixed was extremely helpful in our decision.
- M.D., July 2017
Mitch did a thorough and professional job. Great to get insight into needed repairs. Would definitely recommend.
- A.W., June 2017
As first time home buyers we cannot thank Mitch enough for the inspection he gave us. He was extremely thorough, and took the time to walk us through everything to make sure we had a solid understanding. The comprehensive report he provided was easy to understand and navigate through. We would absolutely recommend Mitch to anyone looking for an inspection.
- C.M., June 2017
Mitch you are a great help when buying a home keep up the great work thank you for your services
- D.H., June 2017
I like how Mitch recommended protection plans for equipment that could need to be maintenance in my new ready to be purchased home. it really made me realize...this is happening. so thanks
- M.P., June 2017
Very pleasant to work with! He took his time checking everything and explaining any issues.
- A.T., June 2017
Very knowledgeable and thorough. Will be using him in the future!
- P.'., May 2017
Mitch was thorough and professional. He answered all our questions in an understandable way, and provided his thoughts based on his experience and expertise.
- S.C., May 2017
Mitch was helpful, professional, and informative.
- J.S., May 2017
Mitch Luecke was very thorough and provided great pictures and video of the inspection. He was easy to schedule and provided prompt, excellent service. He also provided instructions on maintenance and took time to answer questions on the operation of certain mechanical operations in my home. I would highly recommend Mitch with MNPro Home Inspections. Sincerely, Mary
- M.D., May 2017
Professional & thorough!
- S.B., May 2017
Having seven inspections over the past 5 years, This was our first inspection with Mitch, as a recommendation by our Realtor. We will be going with MN Pro for sure moving forward.
- C.K., April 2017
Mitch was very flexible with scheduling the appointment and took the time to show me all the little details of my new home, made the anxiety level decrease substantially.
- A.Z., April 2017
Very thorough with detailed pictures showing what needs correction. Easy to schedule appointment and inspectors is very responsive .
- J.H., April 2017
Mitch took plenty of time to answer all of my questions. He had done a great job of taking pictures and videos of the areas he wanted to draw my attention and I found that really helpful to be able to remember and keep it all straight. He was extremely thorough and definitely made time to help me understand the implications of all of the findings. Top notch!
- D.Y., April 2017
Mitch was very professional and thorough. He takes the time to walk through the home and explain both the good and bad things he finds. In addition, he does a good job of offering up suggestions on corrective action for issues. Thanks again Mitch!
- S.M., April 2017
Thanks so much your expertise and diligence. I also really appreciate the you explained your findings and your honesty.
- A.P., March 2017
Mitch did a fantastic and thorough job. He was also great at going over everything with me. I will be recommending him for others I know who are looking to buy houses.
- J.K., March 2017
Great job! Will be using you again. thank you!
- S.S., March 2017
Thank you so much for your help with the inspection Mitch, you were a pleasure to work with and provided great insight and information on the home we are purchasing. I really appreciate all of your help.
- C.S., March 2017
Mitch was extremely thorough in our home inspection and very efficient! We showed up and he walked us around both the inside and outside of the house pointing out his findings. We then sat down at the kitchen table and he walked us through every picture and video that he took explaining his findings. We also had several questions and he answered every last one. He was also pleasant to work work so we highly recommend!
- T.S., March 2017
We really appreciated the thoroughness of your inspection and your honesty about what needed addressed. You were also able to put it in ways we could understand. Great service & very prompt with your report!
- L.B., March 2017
This was our first home inspection and we feel satisfied with Mitch's service. He was very patient and calm in explaining everything to us, he didn't rush at all. It seems he did a very thorough job. He was nice and friendly, he explained things in a manner in which we could understand. Thank you so much Mitch!
- M.X., March 2017
A good inspection essentially pays for itself. That's exactly what Mitch did. He was very detail oriented and pointed out many details that could have been easily missed. His discoveries were key in the successful negotiations that occurred later. His report saved few thousand dollars. Thanks Mitch.
- R.S., February 2017
Mitch was amazing. He was very flexible with his scheduling and did an amazing job. I work in the remodeling industry and am trained to watch for a lot of things and Mitch caught everything I saw and more. the pictures and videos are very helpful and his follow up advice spot on. I highly recommend Mitch. Sincerely Don Kelley Scherer Bros Lumber
- D.K., February 2017
I appreciated your knowledge and understanding of the inspection. You answered questions that I had to the best of your ability and were even able to give me "helpful hints." I would highly recommend you! Thank you again!
- J.H., February 2017