Rodney did a great job. He is very thorough and knowledgeable and took a lot of time to explain his findings and answer all of our questions. It was a real pleasure working with him and will definitely use him for future inspections.
- G.L., June 2020
Rodney was very thorough and detailed. Highly recommend!
- K.S., Chandler AZ, May 2020
Rodney was friendly, thorough and so helpful!
- K.F., May 2020
Absolutely. He was straight forward and truthful about the entire inspection
- A.C., April 2020
Very professional and knowledgeable.
- M.A., Phoenix AZ, April 2020
Rodney Harrison was very thorough. He did a great job explaining the inspection process, findings, and answering all of my questions. He was able to schedule the inspection with short notice and not only understood the importance of the need for diligence, but respected the trust I put in his expertise during my short escrow period. He is very professional, friendly, and trustworthy. I will use him and again and recommend Arizona Sun Home Inspection to anyone making a purchase.
- D.A., Queen creek AZ, March 2020
Rodney is very professional and friendly. He took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions and offered advice on the best course to fix what he found wrong. He was very thorough in his inspection and report.
- T.P., February 2020
Great inspector - easy to work with and very knowledgeable!
- J.C., January 2020
He was very friendly and explained /answered all our questions with professionalism.
- L.C., January 2020
Rodney was very thorough, knowledgable, & friendly. He made us feel vert comfortable with our very first home purchase.
- N.D., December 2019
Enjoyable to deal with, Rodney was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to answer any of the questions I had and walk me through the property and show me any concerns that he saw. Very Satisfied with Rodney.
- K.M., December 2019
Rodney did an amazing job! He was super thorough and went above and beyond our expectations. He also took photos of almost every single thing he inspected so we could see them all in our final report. Very highly recommended for anyone looking for a honest and professional inspector.
- M.L., October 2019
Rodney really saved us from getting trapped in a money pit. He was very helpful with explaining the inspection findings, and a very wonderful person to meet.
- Z.M., October 2019
Rodney was very thouro and awnsered all our questions.
- J.M., August 2019
Rodney was awesome. He was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I would recommend him without hesitation.
- A.P., July 2019
Very professional and informative and attention to detail
- A.Y., June 2019
Thanks a lot for your outstanding service as always i would highly recommend your services to anyone
- J.J., June 2019
Thanks a lot for your outstanding service as always i would highly recommend your services to anyone
- J.J., June 2019
I am new at this and do not have a comparison, however the inspection was fast and seemed to be comprehensive. Thank you Rodney Harrison for your good work.
- W.E., June 2019
Rodney takes time to explain the inspection to my buyers. He also drills done into the details for me as an agent to understand what he sees. He helps agents and buyers learn what to look for and let?s us know what is a major issue and what we can consider simple ongoing maintenance items. I highly recommend Rodney for all inspections.
- R.M., June 2019
Thanks Rod for a prompt and thorough inspection ! We will see you for the next one.
- D.H., May 2019
Rodney did a amazing job, very detailed. I would recommend Rodney anytime, very thankful he was doing the inspection for us!!
- S.W., May 2019
Hi Rodney I enjoy to read your report, show all details and suggestions I will recomment your company to all my friends and hope to work with you in near future. Best Regard/ PhuPhan
- P.V., May 2019
Thank you for the thorough inspection and friendly customer service, we appreciate your time and effort!
- R.T., April 2019
Very professional. Thorough inspection with detailed explanation of issues.
- J.E., April 2019
Rodney was great and very thorough. He took as much time as we needed to answer questions and show us around.
- A.B., April 2019
Rodney took time to explain each detail related to the inspection. He answered all of our questions and made us feel confident in the home we were buying.
- R.T., March 2019
Before I hired him I did ask him about his work experience .he was friendly and professional and new what he was doing.and at end he went through the report. Great job .
- F.F., March 2019
Rodney took the time to answer our questions and concerns.
- L.B., March 2019
Very professional and informative.
- M.L., February 2019
Rodney was very prompt and informative when scheduling the inspection, and was in turn very helpful and personable during the walk through after the inspection.
- K.P., February 2019
Very professional, detailed, and excellent inspector. Definitely will recommend and will have him inspect my future home purchase.
- L.O., Gilbert AZ, January 2019
Rodney did a great job and was a pleasure to work with
- R.B., January 2019
rodney was on time, thorough and very professional. He performed the duties he was paid to do and explained what was needed to be explained
- D.O., December 2018
Service was great both times! I would highly use you again and recommend you continuously. You were prompt and stayed on top of the rescheduling as was a priority of mine, also became your priority. Thank you, Drusilla Tafoya HOMESMART
- D.T., Phoenix AZ, December 2018
Very detailed with the inspection and is a very pleasant person! Took the time thoroughly explain and answer questions.
- E.M., November 2018
Thank you for waiting for me to arrive and thank you for explaining each item to me.
- T.J., November 2018
Very good, very through in our inspect. And Rodney was/is a personal person. Thank you.
- D.M., November 2018
We really appreciate the service offered by Rodney Harrison! He is patient with politeness, well disciplined and he knows what it is to make sure each and everything is well fixed and in good conditions. He is good at explaining and makes sure all information are provided and understood as well.
- C.K., November 2018
Rodney is extremely professional and thorough. I've used him for multiple home inspections, and will continue to for any future purchases.
- C.S., October 2018
Thanks again, Rodney, for the thorough and timely report! Love working with you.
- E.S., Mesa AZ, October 2018
Thank you for everything!
- A.D., September 2018
Professional job, clear itemized list, efficient and effective. Did not raise panic over minor items the best experience I have had thank you very much
- A.M., September 2018
Professional job, clear itemized list, efficient and effective. Did not raise panic over minor items, which I have had happen in the past with other inspectors.
- L.G., August 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Friendly and helpful with everything he does. Makes sure you understand what he is talking about and how important some of the items maybe.
- G.M., August 2018
Rodney was very nice. He was professional and personable at the same time. Even though it was really hot, he took the time to go over everything with us without feeling like we were being rushed.
- C.A., Mesa AZ, August 2018
He was very friendly and helpful. He made sure you understood what he was talking about so you could make informed decisions.
- G.M., August 2018
Rodney was GREAT. He went over all issues in our home with us. He explained very well any items of major (and minor) concern. I would trust Rodney with any of my homes going forward.
- N.E., July 2018
Thank you Rodney for your Excellent professional service!!
- F.T., July 2018
Nice work.
- A.S., June 2018
Great guy, did a thorough job!
- T.C., May 2018
I loved all the details in your report. Good job done
- V.M., May 2018
Rodney did a great job with my recent inspection request. He was very thorough and gave all the information in a easy to understand format. He was available for the appointment date I was looking at and scheduling was as easy as could be. He also met me at the house and walked me through everything. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a top notch inspector and I would gladly use him again!
- P.H., Scottsdale AZ, May 2018
I can always count on Rodney to give me the best home inspections. Thorough, knowledgeable and honest go along way when you are relying on a professional to inspect your home. I use Rodney in all of my home inspections!
- C.C., April 2018
Rodney was wonderful to work with. Very quick to respond when I contacted him & we were able to schedule right away. Detailed & has a great rapport with the builder/real estate professionals. Thank you!
- T.P., Castle Rock CO, April 2018
Thank you for taking your time and doing such a thorough job on our home inspection. You explained everything is great detail also!
- R.W., March 2018
Was friendly and Knowledgeable will recommend in the future
- T.W., March 2018
Polite, professional but also personable. He was quick to respond from my initial inquiry to my inspection date. He also was patient in explaining the inspection findings to me, my husband, and my father. I would recommend his services to friends and family.
- S.E., February 2018
He was very friendly and thorough.
- R.B., February 2018
Great job, professional, thorough, detailed, and efficient. Thank you!
- R.L., February 2018
Thank you for your complete detailed inspection. You gave us all we wanted to know and more. Have a marvelous week! Tammy Bowers
- T.B., February 2018
Very Pleased, He was very good at his job, Appreciate it.
- J.K., January 2018
I can't say enough good things about Rodney and his services. He came out, on very short notice, first thing that morning, on a Sunday and did a very thorough inspection. He went over all the findings with me in great detail. He even had the report completed and sent to me within a couple of hours after completion of the inspection. I highly recommend Rodney for home inspections.
- R.F., Avon OH, January 2018
Very thorough inspection. I like the Web based system for generating the report and highlighting any issues. Very easy and user friendly system
- A.E., January 2018
Rodney did a great job on our inspection of our new home. His recap back to us was complete and quick. Thanks
- K.C., December 2017
Rodney was friendly, professional and extremely thorough. He spent time with us explaining each item of his report and was very clear in his advice and direction. As first-time home buyers we appreciated his time and attention.
- J.M., November 2017
Very knowledgeable and thorough inspector. Would recommend highly!
- E.S., Mesa AZ, October 2017
You are the best,did an awesome job Thank you so much ??
- M.R., October 2017
You did an awesome report and gave us a heads up on a lot of problems with this house and made our decision a lot easier to make, we backed out of this house and glad we did. Thank you so much for doing a great job.
- M.R., October 2017
Rodney is very professional and a pleasure to work with.
- J.T., October 2017
Very thorough and detailed. We were there for the entire inspection which is supplemented with many photos of inspected items. We'll definitely use Rodney for our next inspection!
- E.S., Mesa AZ, October 2017
Rodney was extremely thorough during his official inspections of two houses. He was honest and direct regarding damage found at one of the houses and was professional and patient during the walkthroughs while answering all of our questions. Thanks so much for making a stressful process a lot more enjoyable!
- J.S., August 2017
Extremely thorough and did a fantastic job! The end report was detailed, easy to understand and identified just about everything a new homeowner would care about. Thanks Rodney!
- A.G., August 2017
After receiving my report it is very clear that Rodney Harrison takes great pride in the job he does! His work appeared very thorough, enlightening me in several areas I was obviously not aware of. As a single woman buying my first home on my own, I thank him for his extremely accurate report! I would recommend him highly to friends and family! Thank you again Rodney for a job well done! Kris Huffman
- K.H., August 2017
We were extremely pleased with the thorough service we received. Thank you for taking your time and thoroughly addressing every detail. We will highly recommend you in the future.
- M.H., August 2017
Great job.I would highly recommend you to anyone who need inspection on the house. Thank you!
- D.J., July 2017
Mr Rodney Harrison is a very accomplished professional. He knows his business, and he was very thorough in his inspection. I would highly recommend a home inspection from Arizona Sun home inspection. Rodney was also very patient, and he took his time to answer my questions.
- R.G., null nul, July 2017
Thank you for your help with our home search!
- T.A., June 2017
Thank you Rodney I feel you did a great detailed job on the inspection. Thanks from the Hernandez family
- J.H., June 2017
The best most thorough inspection I have ever had on a house even inspected some things for us as a courtesy that were not required I would never use anyone else if I need further inspections. He went the very next day after I called him. Highly recommend!!!
- L.I., April 2017
Rodney was referred to me by my husband and I can see why my husband uses him. Rodney was professional and very informative during our phone conversations and emails. His report was thoroughly detailed but easily understandable. I will definitely use Rodney again for my future home inspection needs.
- K.J., April 2017
He seemed very thorough with the inspection, I was not present but he didn't seem to leave anything important or significant out. I would definitely recommend him!
- G.C., April 2017
Rodney has been awesome through this whole experience. I would highly recommended him!
- T.B., April 2017
Rodney did an excellent report. He looked at every aspect of the house that even I would not have thought of. Great job Rodney and I would defintely use him again.
- B.H., April 2017
Rodney was very detailed and honest in the his job , price was great would use him again and absolutely recommend him .
- M.A., Avondale AZ, March 2017
I highly recommend Rodney if you are looking for a thorough and honest inspection of a property. He was able to give me accurate information to consider in making my decision about my next home purchase. Fast service and awesome ability to assess items that were not noticed upon viewing the property. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Rodney... I really appreciate your time and professionalism.
- R.S., March 2017
Good job, explained everything to us.
- L.R., March 2017
Rodney was an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional inspector. My husband and I truly appreciated his attention to detail and assistance in inspecting our future home. We would definitely recommend him and work with him again in the future. Thank you Rodney!
- C.L., March 2017
Thank you for your inspection! It was very thorough!
- D.K., January 2017
Rodney did a reat job & took the time to answer all of our questions.
- D.S., December 2016
Professional and friendly, answered all my questions.
- C.T., August 2016
The Best Home Inspector in the Valley!!! Rod goes above and beyond for his clients. He is very thorough and takes the extra time to go over everything. I am amazed at how fast we got the report back too. Rod is a 10+
- S.H., Chandler, June 2016
I am a Realtor in Arizona and I recommend Rodney Harrison at Arizona Sun Home Inspection for there home inspection.He is extremely professional and knowledgeable, beginning when I called the office to set up appointment.Rodney is thorough and honest.I will recommend again, again & again!
- E.E., December 2014
Very knowledgeable and very professional. Rodney came out quickly and did an amazing thorough job. I would highly recommend this company for your inspection needs.
- R.L., November 2014