Greg did an awesome job! Very detailed and informative. Highly recommend.
- S.F., St. Louis MO, January 2023
I would definitely recommend Greg to anyone looking to buy a new home. Very professional and very knowledgeable. Goes over every detail carefully so nothing is missed and explains his findings to you in an easy to understandable way.
- A.S., January 2023
Very nice and professional easy to talk with very detailed highly highly recommend!
- J.S., St. Louis MO, December 2022
Greg was extremely thorough. He sent us videos of our sewer lateral line so we could get a complete view of the pipe to see if anything was damaged. He showed us pictures of every inch of the house explaining any possible wear and tear it’s been through and both what needed to be replaced and things to keep our eyes on. It was great seeing all the pictures of every angle of the roof and having an explanation of what scratches and dents needed to be worried about. He was very helpful walking us through things we didn't understand such as the Radon mitigation system and the benefits that a GFCI outlet has. Overall, Greg was great to work with and, as first-time home buyers, he put our minds at ease being giving us a comprehensive inspection.
- T.J., St. Louis MO, September 2022
Greg was very thorough in his inspection. He walked us through the house and explained everything he saw very well. His pictures included in the report were very helpful and even marked! We would definitely use him again!
- O.N., Crystal City MO, September 2022
Our inspector Greg was so amazing! He was very personable , professional and extremely detailed! I also love how easy and professional the website is that shows the report breakdown and also allows you to make your inspection request to sellers. I couldn’t recommend a better company to do your home inspection! -Gina
- G.B., Festus MO, August 2022
First time home buyer here. Greg was super helpful and responsive. He paid attention to minute details and explain everything during our inspection. His report is also very thorough and detail-oriented. It is like a mannual to our new home! I would 100% ask his service if we ever decide to buy a new home. I would recommend him to everyone wholeheartedly.
- F.W., Clayton MO, May 2022
Greg did a fantastic job on our home inspection. By far the most thorough, and detailed inspection I've ever seen. He definitely took his time and made sure he checked everything down to the shower mechanism. I would 100% work with Mr. Drago again in the future, and would highly recommend his work.
- J.B., House Springs MO, May 2022
Greg was a pleasure to work with! Very professional and got everything done very quick. His report was very detailed. I do believe Greg went above and beyond. With his detailed work he was able to find issues that could of cost me a lot of money down the road. Because of Greg I feel safe purchasing my first home. Thank you for all of your hard work.
- T.R., March 2022
Very professional, prompt, and thorough with the entire process. Greg responded to my questions immediately, which made me feel even more confident that I had selected the best inspector for the job! My lender listed Brick N’ Beam Inspections as a company with whom their clients had previous experience, and I can certainly understand why this was the case! Thank you so much, Greg, for making this very important step in the home buying process so easy and convenient!
- S.S., St. Louis MO, November 2021
Very professional, prompt, and thorough with the entire process. Greg responded to my questions immediately, which made me feel even more confident that I had selected the best inspector for the job! My lender listed Brick N’ Beam Inspections as a company with whom their clients had previous experience, and I can certainly understand why this was the case! Thank you so much, Greg, for making this very important step in the home buying process so easy and convenient!
- S.S., St. Louis MO, November 2021
Doing business with Greg Drago has been an overall positive experience. Establishing service was easy, follow-up inspection was timely and the quality of Greg's inspection was beyond my expectations. He was extremely thorough, providing adequate information, pictures, recommendations and the benefit of CRL. I have no reservations about recommending Greg Drago for anybody's inspection needs. Thank You Greg for your professional services.
- M.M., Imperial MO, October 2021
Greg is a superb Home Inspector! definitely would recommend him to any of my friends & family!
- G.P., Hillsboro MO, October 2021
???? he fulfilled the purpose of an inspection. Definitely informed me of possible concerns that I hadn’t noticed on my own beforehand. Thankyou
- N.S., Hillsboro MO, August 2021
Greg inspected my home prior to my purchase. He was on time, thorough and extremely professional. I often tagged along and asked questions or for clarifications which Greg graciously answered. He made notes of things about which we might want to question the sellers of the home. He provided his report with details and pictures on a timely basis. I would DEFINITELY recommended Greg Drago as an inspector for a home you are thinking about purchasing.
- J.D., June 2021
Amazing service, professional, and highly-skilled. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brick N Beam.
- J.H., Ballwin MO, March 2021
Thank you so much, Greg for all your help!! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to me! I definitely suggest walking through with him so you understand the severity of each issue. He helps make the whole process not so overwhelming. I would suggest Greg to every future home buyer!
- C.G., High Ridge Township MO, November 2020
Greg was a great help in the inspection process. One thing I liked was that we had requested multiple inspections that were all set up by Greg. One less item that I had to take on myself. He was very thorough and explained his findings to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend him. Mark
- M.C., October 2020
Greg came to do my inspection. I could not have found anyone more professional, thorough or polite.
- S.F., Sappington MO, August 2020
Brick n beam recently preformed an inspection for our new home in DeSoto. To say that we were pleased is an understatement! Greg was incredibly detailed in his efforts and report. I am completely astounded at the meticulous report. This was the third home inspection my wife and I have had in our lives and by far the absolute best. If you're considering a home inspector and want to trust the job will be done right by a professional, Greg is your inspector.
- V.W., De Soto MO, August 2020
Greg of Brick N' Beam did a great job with our inspection. He was very thorough and explained everything to us, answering any question we had and providing us with valuable information. I would highly recommend him for your next home inspection.
- S.H., St. Louis MO, July 2020
Greg was great! He was there early and was very thorough, helpful and friendly.
- B.D., Imperial MO, May 2020
I highly recommend Greg Drago. He has inspected 2 of my houses. He was incredibly detailed and called us over when he found anything wrong. He also explained things that could be a problem in the future, and how to fix it. I’m thankful we went with someone who took his time.
- A.C., April 2020
Greg did a great job with our inspection, did a very thorough inspection of everything and let us know about anything that even might be an issue.
- C.S., April 2020
Very thorough report. Issues clearly explained. Pictures were helpful. Good customer service.
- K.B., St. Louis MO, April 2020
Greg did an excellent job. He went the extra mile to explain everything thoroughly and answer any questions we had. I would highly recommend.
- S.I., St. Louis MO, February 2020
Greg was very professional and gave us all the information we needed for every aspect of the house. Well worth the money spent!
- P.N., St. Louis MO, February 2020
Greg left no stone unturned in his inspection for us; he caught a lot of important issues that the seller had not disclosed at first, saving us from getting stuck with those problems after closing.
- J.J., St. Louis MO, January 2020
Greg was very thorough and informative. Would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends and family!
- J.H., Barnhart MO, December 2019
Very thorough with the inspection. Greg pointed out all the major and minor problems that needed to be addressed. He was also helpful in explaining the reasons for the problems being problems.
- C.G., September 2019
Great job
- D.R., Hillsboro MO, August 2019
Took the time to make all suggestions for everything he could find. Did not hide any information. Very informative
- R.M., High Ridge MO, August 2019
Greg was absolutely wonderful! Couldn't ask for a better inspector. Very maticulous and detailed and took very great notes and gave an honest evaluation as if he was the one purchasing the home! Highly recommend him to anyone.
- B.M., Barnhart MO, July 2019
Personable, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Prompt
- V.H., St. Louis MO, July 2019
You were extremely helpful during the home inspection. I really appreciated that you explained everything to me to make sure I understood. It gave me more peace of mind having everything explained to me!
- A.L., Arnold MO, June 2019
Greg was very thorough, explained everything throughout the process and answered all of my questions. He was also able to get the inspection scheduled within a short timeframe and provided the finished report the same day as the inspection. I highly recommend him!
- G.R., St. Louis MO, May 2019
Appreciate the thorough inspection with the detailed report. Thanks Greg.
- H.N., Byrnes Mill MO, February 2019
Greg did a excellent job during our recent home inspection. Greg informs you of any small detail that he observes could need repaired. I highly recommend using Greg and will be sure to inform my family and friends of his company.
- N.B., Cedar Hill MO, January 2019
Thank you for your services Greg. We really appreciate your time and effort to give us such a detailed and thorough inspection. We will definitely be recommending your services to anyone needing such. Thanks again.
- K.D., St. Louis MO, November 2018
Greg did a great job. He was thorough and proffesional
- G.H., Arnold MO, November 2018
Definitely very thorough and detailed. I'd recommend to everyone in the market for a home.
- C.S., Florissant MO, October 2018
Very thorough and suggestions for the home were extremely helpful. Great job and thank you!
- C.S., Florissant MO, October 2018
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection for us, we appreciate the information.
- R.S., September 2018
We are so thankful to have had Greg be apart of our first time home buying process and do two home inspections for us. Out of the entire process he was the most honest, straight forward, and helpful person we encountered. We really felt that we could trust Greg to tell us what we needed to know and he didn't scare us off about the things that needed a little work. If and when we need an inspection in the future we will have Greg be our guy for the job. Highly recommend him!
- T.S., September 2018
As a first time home buyer I wasn't sure what to expect or what to look for, but Greg was very thorough and took the time to fully explain everything he was doing and why he was making any suggestions he had. He was very patient and took the extra time to double check things and explain things I didn't understand. He responded to all of my emails and questions very quickly and his report was very thorough and easy to understand.
- M.G., August 2018
Greg had great communication skills, highly responsive, and very thorough. Highly recommend.
- B.P., August 2018
A thorough inspection and response to questions and emails was timely. Described the process and walked us through as he went.
- D.P., July 2018
A thorough inspection and response to questions and emails was timely. Described the process and walked us through as he went.
- D.P., July 2018
Greg did a great job and was very thorough. He was very friendly and open to receive all of our questions. Would highly recommend to any home buyer.
- A.S., July 2018
Easily the best home inspection report any of us have ever seen. Greg is phenomenal at his job and incredibly professional. Thanks, Greg! Colby Howell
- C.H., July 2018
My Home Inspection was very thorough: all done in a professional manner along with good communication. I like that my questions were promptly answered without feeling like I was interrupting the assessment. I was able to learn and have better insight along the process. Extra references were given for follow ups on home improvement or services needed.
- S.J., June 2018
Greg was very thorough and knowledgeable about the process. It is our first time buying a home and with it being such a huge investment, we were pleased to find that he was more than willing to explain everything in detail to us. He was also very clear that he would be putting everything that was a deficiency on the report, however just because it was on the report, that didn?t mean that it was a HUGE issue and we shouldn?t buy the house. He left the decisions to us and our realtor. He was very upfront about how the process works and gave us a clear time line about when we would have our report. Thanks so much, Greg, for making our first inspection experience a great one!
- E.W., June 2018
Incredibly thorough and diligent inspection, very impressive and we would highly recommend!!!
- T.B., May 2018
Greg was a great professional. He kept me informed as I could not attend the inspection. The home needed repairs and even gave me some names of companies to consult. I would certainly use Greg's services should the need arise.
- M.B., May 2018
Inspection was quite thorough,which I expected from previous experience. Going forward I know what exactly needs to be addressed,and in order of urgency.Thanks,Kelly
- K.H., May 2018
we enjoyed the inspection and the report helps to review all that we saw. It is nice to remind us of our password and log in on any cover letters since we have so many new ones with the new home purchase. The pictures are great too.
- S.K., April 2018
We were both thoroughly impressed with the matter in which Greg conducted the entire inspection. He combed through the house with fine detail. He explained everything in terms we could understand. And he organized the other inspectors and their reports into a format that was easy to read. His section in the report for recommended areas to repair was spot on, and easy to pass along directly to the selling owners and realtors. We will definitely use Greg again should the need arise. Thank you!
- J.H., April 2018
Greg was very through and knowledgeable about his home inspection report. He was very friendly and helpful and communicated so I could understand his findings. He truly cares about what he does and is there to help the buyer. He was just outstanding!
- D.A., April 2018
Would recommend to anyone!
- M.A., March 2018
Greg you were very professional and courteous with my family and honest with the inspection of our future home. We appreciate your time and expertise during our home inspection. Thank you very much Greg!
- D.M., March 2018
Mr Drago was absolutely professional and took his time inspecting every square inch of the home. His report is very detailed with lots of pictures and details that made it very easy to understand what issues we needed to address with the seller. I will definitely use him again if necessary!
- P.N., March 2018
Greg, after seeing how meticulously you inspected Jim and Adrianne's home last year, I wouldn't have anyone else but you inspecting a prospective home for me. Thanks for your time and efforts! Jim
- J.C., February 2018
Greg did a very thorough job on our inspection. Really appreciate his effort is checking everything and going over the problems that he found.
- C.E., February 2018
He did a great job! We had a appointment within a couple of days which is awesome because everything is on a deadline. He was very informative and answered any questions we had. He did a very complete inspection which helped us make our decisions on repairs needed. He is easy to talk to and does not make you feel rushed through the process. Would definitely recommend Greg!
- S.B., February 2018
Greg was very thorough and took a lot of time answering all of our questions. He was flexible and accommodating with our schedules. The day of our building inspection, it had snowed and covered the roof. Since Greg was unable to inspect the roof as he wanted, he returned the next day after the snow had melted to make sure our inspection was accurate and thorough. The written report that we received was so detailed (including suggestions, recommendations, photos), that we were able to use his report to get estimates on other work needed (roofing, mold, heating/ac). Incredibly thorough and great customer service!
- J.L., December 2017
Greg was very helpful. He pointed out things I didn't see and gave me ideas on what needed fixed first.
- C.H., December 2017
Greg was very accommodating, friendly and helpful. He was very professional during the whole inspection and walk through. He was very patient with us and answered all our questions. We shadowed him as he did the inspection and we noticed he was very thorough and informative. Greg finished the report the same day and had it all prepared for us the next morning. The online option to review the report and request things to be fixed/replaced was awesome. Our realtor thought it was very convenient to be able to print the list of items that needed to be corrected on the home. The entire experience was great and we would most definitely recommend Greg and Brick N? Beam Inspections to others.
- L.B., Imperial MO, November 2017
Unbelievably thorough! Best inspector I've experienced!
- A.C., November 2017
Awesome! Just awesome!
- M.G., October 2017
Greg, you did an excellent job with our inspection! I really appreciate you taking the time and answering all of my questions along the way. I have a munch better understanding of my house now.
- J.M., October 2017
I have had the pleasure of working with you on a couple of houses. Never have my questions been to small. Very informative. Thourough. You are a super kind guy. Thank you
- P.H., September 2017
Great job! All my questions were answered. I will highly recommend you to my family and friends!
- S.B., August 2017
Greg you are very detailed and far in your assessments to both sides involved in the transaction. I love how easy your site and reports are to read and understand. The inspection notice feature ROCKS! Thank you! Carlos Turner Thompson & Turner Realty STL
- C.T., July 2017
Thank you for answering all my questions and being so fast and thorough. Also, thank you for explaining how things work and giving me suggestions. It was a very smooth and pleasant transaction.
- W.P., June 2017
We really appreciated your thoroughness and attention to detail not just in the inspection, but in your report as well. Not only were we impressed, but our agent was as well. Just as important was the time you took in walking us through the house to point out and explain your findings. We knew you were over there long before we arrived, but still never made us feel rushed to get it over with. Thank you very much for your hard work.
- J.C., June 2017
Very informative and friendly.
- T.L., June 2017
Greg is a true professional. His knowledge and patience during a home inspection are unparalleled. If I every require another inspection, he will definitely be my go-to.
- J.B., June 2017
Very thorough, appreciated it!
- L.S., May 2017
Your report was very comprehensive, yet easy to comprehend, not like some reports I have seen. Everything was clear and simply reported, and the sections were well defined. Great job.
- G.W., April 2017
Excellent work,inspection showed all issues with no stone unturned.Because of this I chose to not purchase this particular home,but truly look forward to working with Brick N' Beam again.
- K.H., April 2017
Greg did a very thorough inspection of the home and pointed out many things that I missed during walk through's of the home. Would definitely recommend!
- D.M., April 2017
Very knowledgeable and detailed, went out of his way to check a few other items that were not on the list.
- A.R., February 2017
Greg did an outstanding, and very detailed inspection of the house. He took care to answer all of my questions, and explained his observations clearly. I would recommend Greg Drago to any perspective home buyer or buyers agent.
- J.B., December 2016
Greg did a very thorough job when evaluating every aspect of the property. His knowledge was helpful in finding the issues we requested to be resolved, as well as insights to the property to expect in the future. His detailed report was well thought, well organized and well presented. I'm grateful he was able to put together such a complete package.
- B.B., December 2016
Greg is detail oriented and extremely informative. He went beyond himself to make sure we understood ups and downs of the property. We've learned a lot about our first home and definitely would recommend to have him on your side! Thank you Greg. You'll be hearing from us again on our next house purchase:) Darya and Garret G.
- D.G., November 2016
Greg did a great job and I would recommend everyone to him. If something wasn't quite right he wouldn't just tell you what the problem was, he also told you a solution on how to fix it and prevent it before it becomes a problem. Thank you Greg for inspecting my home.
- C.M., November 2016
Greg, Thank you for the time you spent with me during the inspection. You gave me a better understanding of the inspection process. I will definatly refer you to others. Best Regards, Holly
- H.W., November 2016
Greg really took the time to make sure we aware of everything with the house, I could not have asked for more!!
- C.S., October 2016
Greg was extremely helpful and receptive of all of our questions. He took the time to check everything out instead of just glancing over it. We will 100% use him again in the future!!
- Z.E., October 2016
Thank you for the thorough report!
- D.L., Hillsboro MO, August 2016
Greg was very thorough and explained everything in person, as well as, in the report in a very easy to understand way. He was extremely friendly and brought a great team with him.
- L.P., July 2016
The inspection was very thorough and helpful. There were a couple of things that you appeared to have missed, which surprised me: -- stucco on the side of the house opposite the driveway is peeling and crumbling (essentially in the same state as the same on the garage), and -- there's a noticeable dip in the floorboards in the hall as it approaches the rear bedroom, and I was expecting some commentary (and maybe a suggestion for an engineering report) on that. If not for those two things, I would have rated the inspection 10/10.
- E.N., June 2016
Greg was awesome. He was very knowledgeable.
- A.C., May 2016
Greg, Thanks again for an in-depth inspection, being available to quickly answer my follow up questions and giving me a clear understanding of the home I'm preparing to purchase!
- T.F., May 2016
Greg did an superior job in my opinion. He was knowledgeable and freely shared information. Greg was thorough and complete without rushing. I have recommended him to my Realtor and would pass his name and company name on to anyone interested in having the highest quality home inspection. It was a pleasure doing business with him.
- P.E., May 2016
You did a great job inspecting my soon to be home. Any questions I had was answered thoroughly. You took your time and patience inspecting very important aspects of the home. I would highly recommend your business to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- A.C., May 2016
Greg took a lot of time to answer all my questions, it felt like he was there for me and not the paycheck. it was a pleasure working with Greg Drago and will be calling him in the future.
- J.E., May 2016
Greg was so nice and so thorough, he even helped us get a quote for a new roof. I would highly recommend him to anyone we know purchasing a home.
- P.V., April 2016
Greg provided a very thorough inspection report and delivered it very quickly. It was a comprehensive report and made us feel very comfortable with our home purchase. He also provided many pictures to ensure all written comments were easy to follow. I would recommend Greg to friends and family with my highest confidence.
- K.B., April 2016