Tim was prompt, professional, personable, and thorough. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks for all your hard work. I'd definitely recommend you to other home buyers.
- B.L., July 2019
Already have recommended Tim to our friends. Extremely thorough in his reporting. Takes time to explain what he finds and takes the time to educate you on what he has seen and what it means to you as a home owner.
- G.B., July 2019
Tim was honest and helpful.
- L.H., November 2018
Tim is my go to Inspector. I trust him completely and he does an amazing job explaining things to my clients and his reports are awesome. The other side doesn't like them because he shows so much and backs it all up with great pictures. I especially use him when my clients are not around for the inspection and his reports help them to see what he saw while in the house. I am selfish and don't want to tell others about him because he'll get busier but he is worth it!
- K.O., Springfield VA, May 2018
Highly recommended!! As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions to ask about our new home. Tim was excellent at all aspects of the home inspection, including explaining things to us that we didn't initially understand. He was very thorough, especially in the home inspection report that we received a few hours after he inspected the property (talk about being prompt!). We'll continue to use him in years to come when we move into a new place. Thanks again, Tim!
- J.B., March 2018
Tim Bills' professionalism and attention to all aspects of our home inspection was excellent. He not only informed us of the full details of inspection issues, in a user friendly manner, but also informed us of future home care maintenance recommendations. Highly recommended.
- P.L., April 2017
By far the best home inspector in town! Thorough, knowledgeable, trustworthy. Highly recommend.
- L.C., Washington DC, March 2017
We were extremely impressed with Tim's keen eye and attention to detail. He not only pointed everything out to us and carefully detailed the findings in his report, but he also took the time to thoroughly explain things to us and gave us tips for general maintenance and things to watch out for that we, as new home buyers, would not have known otherwise. He did not rush through any part even though the inspection took close to 3 hours. Then we were pleased to receive the report the same day. He did an exceptional job and we are very grateful for his work. We will definitely request his service again in the future if we need it and will recommend him to our friends.
- K.M., February 2017
Thank you for such a thorough inspection. I really appreciate the time you took explaining everything to me today. Didn't really expect to have a good time at the inspection, so thanks for making it fun and educational! Also I really appreciate your extra diligence in the attic and especially the cryptic, cobwebbed, crawl space. Thank you again not just a great inspection, but a great time as well. You really went above and beyond my expectations.
- K.F., Fairfax VA, November 2016
Tim has been a pleasure to work with. He exceeded my expectations for knowledge and thoroughness. His reporting is very helpful. I look forward to working with him again soon. I have already recommended him to other agents for their projects.
- M.R., October 2016
Extremely thorough, with a well detailed report
- C.D., October 2016
Thank YOU for a job well done! I appreciate your professionalism especially when dealing with the sellers ,when they gave their unsolicited responses to the inspection that I the buyer paid for. You handled yourself extremely well and I love that. I also love the fact that you explained everything .....you just didn't do your thing and explained your findings at the end of the inspection. I appreciate the fact that you also gave us things to do for the basic maintenance or upkeep of the property. I feel better about the purchase of such huge investment!! Thanks a MILLION
- , August 2016
Tim's knowledgable, and answers questions precisely. He gets the highest ratings and appreciation from my buyer clients. These are just a few of the reasons that Sentry Home Inspections is my go-to inspection service. If you're looking for a quality inspection, contact Tim Bills. -Mary Lowry Smith, REALTOR
- M.L., April 2016
Very thorough and explains everything along the way.
- P.T., August 2015
My husband and I had a great experience! As first-time home owners, we also appreciated the extra tips on how to care for our new home. Thanks, Tim!
- R.L., January 2015
Great inspection from a knowledgeable and thorough professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.
- M.L., January 2015
It was a pleasure to have the inspection done by Tim. He was extremely timely in setting up and keeping the appointment, was very thorough and helpful in explaining his inspection. I'd definitely use his services again and recommend him.
- K.V., December 2014
Tim carries a great deal of pride and professionalism along with him to every job site. Making the client feel at ease with the process as well as explaining it till they understand.
- T.W., November 2014
Tim was very personable, and explained things in a way I could understand. I also appreciate his willingness to travel outside his normal area. Thanks for everything!
- M.D., August 2014
Super thorough job. I really appreciate the time and effort. I'm also impressed with how quickly the report was generated. Great Job!
- V.O., August 2014
Tim was excellent today! He was great about explaining what he saw and was extremely thorough. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- A.H., July 2014
I'm a first time home buyer. Tim was very throughout and did a great job at explaining everything to me. I felt well taken care of. Thanks you, Tim!
- L.T., July 2014
Tim arrived early, a half hour before the scheduled start and was very professional and meticulous in his inspection. He did a very good job of explaining and showing me things throughout the inspection process. I'm fully satisfied with the level of service I got from Tim today and definitely recommend Tim to others.
- O.E., July 2014
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. As a first time home buyer I truly appreciated the time he took to explain all major and minor concerns to me. Will use him in the future.
- M.B., June 2014
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
- J.L., May 2014
Thank you Tim. It was a pleasure to meet you and we will definitely use your services again in the future, if needed. Your timely and professional service was greatly appreicate. Your company provides TOP NOTCH SERVICE!!
- P.S., May 2014
very thorough inspection.
- F.G., April 2014
Tim - thank you so much for your very thorough and professional inspection that far-exceeded our expectations; you put all our worries at ease. We are confident you provided us the BEST service/inspection and details needed to ensure the home of our dreams is up to proper standards.
- K.K., February 2014
Thanks for your professional service.
- T.N., January 2014
Tim's expertise and approachable manner made the home inspection a smooth event in the tumultuous home buying process. I highly recommend his services. Thanks, Tim!
- K.F., December 2013
Tim was very professional and communicated well with us throughout the inspection. My wife and I fell more comfortable knowing that he was a part of this process.
- C.G., December 2013
Awesome job, Tim! Thank you very much.
- F.M., October 2013
Knowledgable and very professional.
- A.R., October 2013
Tim was fantastic. He was very thorough and very friendly. I highly recommend him.
- J.B., October 2013
Tim Bills is a professional and trustworthy home inspector. Reports are prompt, legible and enumerated for easy communication with sellers on home inspection notices. He is highly recommended for future transactions.
- T.A., September 2013
Thanks Tim Job Well Done!!!!
- A.S., September 2013
Amazing work. Very informative.
- T.S., August 2013
Hi Tim, thank you so much for the inspection. Its coming close to my closing. Would you be able to see if the things you pointed out was fixed during our final walk through. Would you be able to do this for a lower price? than the inspection price? daonley@yahoo.com 410-948-5204 Thank you let me know.
- D.O., July 2013
Mr. Bills did an excellent, detailed report. He took his time to do a detailed report and yet stayed focused on being timely. Mr. Bills alerted us to important issues during inspection and no question seemed too small. I would recommend Mr. Bills to my friends and family. Thank you Mr. Bills.
- J.K., May 2013
Thank you Tim! My client and I appreciate your thoroughness and we will be calling you again.
- S.A., April 2013
Tim was pleasant, on time and very thorough. He was a pleasure to work with.
- S.S., April 2013
Superb service, extremely knowledgeable and very, very thorough. Answered all our questions as the inspection went along. We were completely satisfied and the inspection definitely put our minds at rest regarding the new home purchase.
- G.P., March 2013
I'm a first time home buyer and every set of this process has been I credibly stressful - except the home inspection! Bill was wonderful! He explained everything in terms that were easy to understand and took the extra step of pointing out everything that I needed to know as a home owner (ex. the outdoor faucet shut offs and how to clear them for winter).
- E.B., March 2013
I highly recommend Tim Bills for any home inspection. My appointment was easily scheduled, Tim confirmed the appointment, he arrived on time, he was prepared to conduct my inspection, he completed a thorough inspection, and provided an on-site back brief upon his completion of my home inspection. In addition, he answered my numerous questions throughout the inspection.
- T.E., March 2013
Tim, you are so professional, congenial and--best of all--thorough! You're #1 on our referral list! The Isaacs Team Coldwell Banker Dupont
- x.x., February 2013
Tim was very thorough, explaining all of major and minor issues associated with the house we are considering. He provided insight on maintenance and general upkeep in plain language.
- A.L., January 2013
Tim Bills is the most thorough inspector I've dealth with. Outstanding, honest and very professional service.
- C.C., November 2012
Tim, another good job! Thanks and we all appreciate your professionalism and thorough approach to checking things our for us and our clients! See you again soon!
- R.W., October 2012
Tim was on time and extremely knowledgeable. He was very thorough and even provided maintanence recommendations. He answered all of our questions and explained possible causes and solutions as he identified issues. It is rare these days to find excellent customer service and we felt he went above and beyond. That was outstanding. My husband and I were extremely impressed and happy with our choice.
- K.B., October 2012
Tim is a highly professional home inspector. I have rarely seen a home inspector with such a great talent. He screens every single aspect of the house critical for your safetely and securityand for your investment. I am really impressed! Thanks, Tim! Moustapha
- M.N., Arlington VA, August 2012
- J.A., August 2012
Dad and I were very please with the thoroughness of your inspection and the professionalism in which you explained it to us. Thank you. Rob Weston
- R.W., August 2012
Tim was excellent! I feel like I know my house now! I appreciate your detailed inspection, Tim, and it is very helpful in planning repairs/replacements. Thanks!
- S.E., Washington DC, May 2012
Very thorough, inspection took 3+ hours. Absolutely would hire Tim again. Great job!!
- D.P., May 2012
Tim was very knowledgeable and thorough. As a buyer's agent, I was very pleased and will recommend him again and again!
- O.V., Washington DC, April 2012
Mr. Bills was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking home inspection services.
- E.T., April 2012
Tim is very detailed, very professional, and very good at explaining what he sees to the customer.
- C.L., March 2012
Not only did Tim go above and beyond expectations, he showed me how to work the HVAC unit and the gas fireplaces. He spent over 2.5 hours opening every window, every door, every faucet, checking every appliance. It was a great experience!
- M.P., Alexandria VA, March 2012
Tim is the very best at what he does.Always on time, always professional. He makes each client understand the process and is very good with explaining what his findings are.
- T.W., September 2011
Tim is a top-notch professional who's always my top recommendation for home inspections! Thorough, professional and extremely competent which provides my clients with the confidence level they need at such an important time in evaluating a home purchase - likely the largest expenditure of their lives to date!
- R.W., McLean VA, May 2011
Thanks for all of your help! I feel much better knowing what I'm getting in to. -Cori
- C.S., Alexandria VA, May 2011
Tim is always thorough professional and keeps things in perspective. Sorting out what is trivial and what is serious and important for the buyer.
- D.B., Arlington VA, February 2011
Meticulous and professional. Explained findings in layman's terms, willing to answer any and all questions.
- P.B., Washington DC, February 2011
I've been working with Tim for 5-6 years. He is always on time, very thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection.
- F.S., Chevy Chase MD, January 2011
Tim was wonderful! We were a group of 6 people, each with our own set of questions and knowledge base. He was quite patient and clearly explained what he was doing, the significance of problems he found, and the operation of the various mechanical and electrical items. I don't think we could have had a better person perform the inspection!
- F.P., December 2010
Thanks Tim. We appreciate the thorough job you did inspecting my mother's new condo. There were a lot of us there and you took the time to answer all of our questions.
- M.P., December 2010
Thank you for the thorough inspection that you provided and also for answering all of our questions as you inspected the condo.
- M.P., Scottsdale AZ, December 2010
Woudln't use anyone else
- A.N., Washington DC, December 2010
I am always proud to recommend you!
- T.N., September 2010
Very professional!
- C.C., Arlington VA, September 2010
I'm not sure I can come up with a suggestion. I thought your were very thorough with the inspection and spend most of the time on those items that could possibly create the biggest problem for a home owener. Good Inspection.
- C.C., Washington DC, August 2010
My husband and I were very impressed by Tim's professionalism among many other things. The report details in written as well as photos was way beyond what we were expecting. He is a great teacher and mentor to his apprentice as well as us as home owners. We enjoyed working with Tim and would use his services again and definatley refer him to other people. Thank you!
- K.O., Alexandria VA, June 2010
Thorough and comprehensive inspection. Tim goes the extra step to make sure the customer understands what his is explaining in ‚??peter rabbit English‚??
- L.C., Washington DC, June 2010
Thank you for the very thorough inspection report. The photos are really helpful, particularly since I was not able to be in D.C. for the inspection. I appreciate the prompt, professional job you did, and would highly recommend you to any home buyer or real estate company.
- N.C., May 2010
Tim was very kind, patient, instructive, professional and thorough.
- T.S., Arlington VA, May 2010
Always the person I want for my clients when they buy their next home.
- I.L., Rockville MD, May 2010
This is my first home and first home inspection. Tim did a great job. Extremely thorough. Tim also explained how a heat pump works. This is the first time anyone has explained it that I actually understood. Thanks Tim!
- T.N., Silver Spring MD, April 2010
Great job. Thanks!
- B.P., Universal City TX, March 2010
Thanks, I appreciate the work, and the report was thorough and easy to read. Thank you for all the advice on maintenance.
- A.H., March 2010
Tim is excellent and detail oriented. I recommend him without any hesitation.
- N.G., February 2010
Very professional and thorough. All my questions were answered and things were explained to me in detail. Completely satisfied with Tim's service.
- D.B., Arlington VA, February 2010
Tim Bills is the most thorough and detailed oriented home inspector that I have found in my 37 years as a Realtor in Northern Virginia. If an agent is representing a client as a buyer's agent they would do their clients well by recommending Tim for their pre-purchase home inspection as his professionalism, photographs, and reports that he assembles on line and in record time are first rate.
- M.M., January 2010
I've been working with Tim as my preferred home inspector for about 6 years. He is always thorough in his inspections, and takes advantage of the newest technologies to simplify the process. All of my clients have always been very please with Tim. Unless he's out of town, I don't need to go to anyone else.
- F.S., Chevy Chase MD, December 2009
Excellent - will definitely recommend to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- N.N., Washington DC, October 2009
Thanks Tim - very much appreciate your help!
- C.L., Warrenton VA, October 2009
Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future. DR
- D.R., Clinton MD, September 2009
Excellent. This is the first inspection I've ever had and I thought Tim Bills did a very thorough job and had helpful advice.
- C.R., Washington DC, September 2009
Tim was efficient, affordable and great to work with.
- T.R., August 2009
Tim Bills did a great job. Very professional. I needed an inspection because I was an out-of-town buyer, and Tim took care of everything. Well worth the money.
- A.T., July 2009
Tim arrived and took advantage of the first impression; very professional. Tim explained every aspect of the inspection before he did it and while inspecting. Answer every question during the inspection. He was very theral in all that he did looking at every nook and crany. He gets my recommendation to anyone looking for and inspector.
- J.C., Lorton DC, June 2009
Tim - thanks for this excellent report. You did an excellent job and this report will be extremely useful to us as we buy the home and then maintain it. Thanks again. Tom and Bonnie Burrell
- T.B., Woodbridge VA, June 2009