Great report, quick response and very thorough. I wish he had represented me when I bought my house in California!
- H.V., March 2015
very helpful
- F.S., December 2014
It was a pleasure having Scott perform this Inspection. We feel the inspection was thorough and he explained everything as he went along. Very educational and informative. The report was rendered in a surprisingly short period of time. Sane day service. We would recommend Scott West anytime!
- J.C., November 2014
Highly recommended - very professional, very informational, very personable... greatly appreciated his input.. Thanks Scott
- R.C., October 2014
Scott was very through and professional. He spoke with us about the details of every step of the inspection. We were very satisfied with the inspection, and would recommend Scott to anyone who needed an inspection.
- T.R., September 2014
Scott, Thank you for doing such a good job for Tanya and I. Thank you also for the FYI info. I learned a lot from being at the inspection.
- D.R., June 2014
Scott did a very thorough job in the home inspection and explained everything very clearly. We were very pleased and THANKS!
- D.M., June 2014
Very personable and EXTREMELY thorough while explaining everything in layman's terms, making it easy to understand the problems and also fixes needed.
- L.M., June 2014
Scott, this report appears to be quite thorough. The issues you have pointed out in areas seem to be easily dealt with....if these are the only concerns, we are satisfied. Do you agree? Thanks, Carolyn and Andy Gardner
- C.G., April 2014
this is my third time with him doing inspection and he is very good
- M.C., April 2014
Thank you, Mr. West, for a thorough inspection and clear, understandable report. Your services were greatly appreciated. We will not hesitate to recommend you.
- R.N., January 2014
Very accommodating, exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough. 10+++ We are out of town buyers and could not be there for the inspection. Scott explained everything and really put us at ease.
- M.M., December 2013
Great inspection and customer service. Very helpful.
- J.W., September 2013
one of the best inspectors i have met . very careful to let you know exactly whats is wrong with the house and what should be done . many thanks . Joseph von Biela
- J.V., August 2013
Excellent Inspector! Extremely thorough.
- C.B., June 2013
Mr. West was prompt, polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with his thorough explanations of his findings. I would highly recommend his services and would not hesitate to use him myself should the opportunity present itself.
- M.H., May 2013
Mr. West was prompt, polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with his thorough explanations of his findings. I would highly recommend his services and would not hesitate to use him myself should the opportunity present itself.
- M.H., May 2013
Scott, You were very good at explaining to what you found in our new home. It was very helpful to myself @ my husband.
- S.R., March 2013
Great job, Scott!
- D.A., February 2013
Scott; Thank you so much, you are very thorough and I will recommend you to anyone I can...Thanks again....Eva Smith
- E.S., August 2012
This was the best inspection , most thorough and comprehensive, I have ever had done. I will never use anyone else in southern Nevada.
- C.K., July 2012
Scott does an EXCELLENT job for inspections; VERY thorough. Would HIGHLY recommend him. Since I live out of state and am buying "site unseen" (pics only of property), he had to be my "eyes" and his is VERY good. He noticed things I would have not, if I had been there! His pics and recommendations were EXTREMELY helpful too. He also has a VERY pleasant personality with a good sense of humor.
- S.S., May 2012
Very personable, gret job. I am glad I had a chance to meet Scott
- E.H., May 2012
Always does a great job. Buyers appreciate his thorough inspection and helpful comments.
- M.E., April 2012
Scott's report was outstanding !!! The best I've seen. The report was easy to understand, included photo's of the areas of concern and was sent via e-mail well with in 24hrs. He followed up with a personal phone call to futher answer any questions I had. Great Service, I would recommend Scott for all your inspection needs. Mark MonDragon.
- M.M., April 2012
A very thorough inspection and we appreciated your comments and suggestions.
- S.M., February 2012
Scott: Thank You for a great job! Your report is excellent... Would definitely recommend you. KarenLotter
- K.L., August 2011
- H.S., June 2011
Great Job Scott you are very professional. Thank You Vickey Decker
- V.D., May 2011
Great job as allways. Pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. Ron & Mary Nielsen
- R.N., March 2011
Can always depend on Scott to be very thorough and professional. Clients all like him and feel the same way about him
- P.C., February 2011
Enjoyed meeting Scott and having him offer suggestions on this home. He has a professional yet friendly demenaor and gets the job done efficiently and in a timely manner.
- V.T., February 2011
Scott great job, I thought I did a reasonable due diligence but your work far exceeded my expectations.
- F.C., January 2011
great job, thanks. scott!
- J.R., December 2010
Inspector was on time and very professional. The inspection report is concise and easy to read.
- V.H., November 2010
Thank you for performing our home inspection!
- B.S., October 2010
Scott was thorough and I would recommend him yes
- S./., June 2010
Scott was thorough and I would recomend him yes
- S./., June 2010
You are very knowledgeable and we really do appreciate that. You will be recommended by us always. Thank You.
- A.S., June 2010
we have appreciated working with Scott West he is an up right citizen, honest in all that he does. cece & tom
- O.D., June 2010
Great job, Scott! I'll certainly recommend you to all my future clients when a home inspection is needed. You were prompt, courteous and professional - that's a winning combination!!
- L.C., May 2010
Thank you for being early and so complete in your inspection.
- M.B., October 2009
your work is exceptional:
- E.B., October 2009
Very Professional and Thorough with a great personality and he answered all my questions. Thank you Paul
- P.W., September 2009
Scott, were interested in his work and seems to take pride in what he does.I was there for the inspection an he took the extra time to explain not only what he was doing but what he found wrong...thanks for the great job...Tom D.
- T.D., August 2009
Scott does a great job. You may not like everything he finds and reports, but he strives to give you a complete evaluation of the property. Scott has the most current technology, training, and certifications and is a leader in his industry.
- J.M., July 2009
Fantastic inspector, Well worth the cost to know where you stand.
- J.M., July 2009