Dan was thoughtful, and reviewed all of the trouble spots on my potential home, as well as the tiny details. He took pictures of any possible concerns, and provided a detailed report for each item the same day as the inspection.
- M.M., September 2019
Easy going, and Professional. He answered my questions quickly & Honestly. ????
- J.J., September 2019
You were very thorough and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend your company
- P.C., August 2019
Dan proved to be exceedingly professional, knowledgeable, and thorough (as well as friendly and patient with my questions). I would recommend him highly to other home buyers without reservation.
- J.K., Moon Township PA, August 2019
Your attention to detail during my home inspection was impeccable! Thank you for your help!
- J.G., FPO AE, July 2019
Outstanding inspection service. Dan explained everything to me and I got my report the same night. Highly recommended.
- S.Z., July 2019
they did a great job!
- L.L., July 2019
Great job!
- B.F., July 2019
Thanks Dan. You did a great job, very informative and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend you to anyone who's looking to have a home inspection done!
- M.J., July 2019
Dan, thank you for all the valuable insight into the home I am thinking of buying. You were through in the inspection of the home. If you are buying a home give Dan a call, he is will inform you about the home to be able to make an informed decision on your possible future home.
- S.F., June 2019
Daniel was very knowledgeable, thorough, professional and personable. I would highly recommend him. Everything was done timely and accurately. The report was well organized, prioritizing safety issues. He had a picture with explanation for everything , making it very easy to understand what repairs needed to be done. Thank you very much!
- K.C., June 2019
Dan did a great job. Would gladly use him again
- M.T., June 2019
Dan did a great job walking us through the inspection, taking the time to show me any issues he found. He was very professional and friendly and he quickly delivered the inspection report. Would definitely recommend him.
- R.N., May 2019
Dan was very thorough during the inspection and took the time to explain everything to me. The report that I got the next day was just as detailed as he said it would be. I highly recommend using Precision homes inspections.
- N.T., May 2019
Very detailed report was given. Thank you
- K.W., April 2019
Very professional, thorough, and dependable. Definitely recommend his service to others.
- M.S., April 2019
Thank you again Dan for all your help. You did a wonderful job on the inspection.
- J.H., April 2019
I recently used Dan as my home inspector, I was extremely happy with his expertise and knowledge. He was very open and honest about his opinion of the house I was thinking about buying. I felt very comfortable working with Dan and would highly recommend him to any potential home buyer. B.G., Greensburg, Pa.
- B.G., April 2019
Dan and his son did a very thorough inspection on a home we were purchasing. Although it was only 3 years old, he did find a few issues that we missed on our walk through with the realtor that we were able to get resolved before closing.
- C.Y., April 2019
Great People to deal with. Everything returned in a timely manner and very easy to read through.
- J.P., April 2019
Dan has always done a good job when I used him for my inspections. He also did a good job for my aunt and my dad for there inspection,very absorbent. It?s nice having an inspector like dan because you know the job is gonna get done right no matter if you are present or not. Thank you for the good work precision home inspection.
- J.G., Mount Pleasant PA, March 2019
Him and his son we're very nice and helpful gave me all the information that I needed to know and they did an awesome job definitely will recommend them
- S.B., March 2019
My clients always have such good things to say about you. Thanks :)
- T.M., Greensburg PA, March 2019
Very nice experience. Very knowledgeable
- A.P., February 2019
It was a pleasure meeting you!
- L.G., February 2019
Very professional and looked over everything more than once to secure the safety of my family if moved into this home. He walked me through everything good or bad so I had a good understanding of what he was doing. I definitely recommend his services
- T.F., February 2019
Daniel and son were very personable and explained things in detail.
- B.K., February 2019
The company was nice to deal with and the inspection report was completed in a timely manner. Would recommend to anyone in need of an inspection.
- J.V., February 2019
Daniel was extremely pleasant to work with and very thorough in his work. We felt very comfortable with expertise and would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- D.N., February 2019
Dan was very friendly and through during his inspection. I appreciated the details and suggestions given and I would definitely recommend his services.
- A.R., January 2019
Dan and his son were wonderful and very personable. They were very thorough and addressed all of our concerns.
- L.S., January 2019
Wonderful, knowledgeable, lots of information. We would highly recommend!
- J.S., January 2019
Dan Jones did a very thorough inspection of the house inside and out. He took the time to walk me through and explain all the concern areas he found. He was very friendly, personable, and professional.
- A.O., January 2019
Daniel was very easy to work with.
- K.M., January 2019
Very personable, and works well with the home buyer. Very nice and informative.
- D.K., January 2019
Daniel was very nice, and had our best interest in mind. He offered great answers to all of our questions, and was very thorough!
- B.S., December 2018
Mr. Jones showed up on time and ready to work! He went about his business quickly and stopped to speak with me about the issues he discovered, professionally and in-depth. Excellent service!
- J.M., Royersford PA, December 2018
Super friendly and professional from start to finish! Dan made sure I understood everything he showed me along the way and was very thorough during the inspection. 10 out of 10 would recommend!
- T.A., December 2018
Dan Jones and son were very nice and easy to work with. I also appreciated talking with Mary Jones on the phone. She was so friendly and helped me understand this whole process better. Thanks Precision!
- C.W., November 2018
Appreciated your thoroughness, attention to detail and professionalism. We were very pleased with your work and observations. We would certainly recommend you to family and friends when they are in need of your services. Best to you and your family for a healthy, happy and prosperous holiday season! Sincerely, Carol and Fran O'Neil
- F.O., Greensburg PA, November 2018
Dan was a consummate professional. His expertise and customer service shines through. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
- J.C., Mount Pleasant PA, November 2018
Very professional. I feel 100% more confident moving forward with this insight. Dan is in my corner.
- T.O., November 2018
I felt that Mr Jones did a very thorough job. He looked at all of the critical areas of the home very closely and I feel that I have the confidence to go ahead with my purchase. He offered a couple of suggestions and asked if I had anything else I wanted him to look at. I didn?t as he hadn?t missed a thing. He was extremely professional.
- T.M., November 2018
Can't thank you guys enough. You inspection was very detailed and would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!!!!
- J.S., November 2018
Dan was wonderful. Not only was he thorough and made sure he clearly explained any findings and how to handle them, but he was incredibly personable and welcoming. I would reccomend him to anyone. Very pleased with him and his service.
- M.G., November 2018
Thank you for the great detail of each item needing attention whether it be now or in the future. You took your time, talked to us ask us if we had concerns and for making us feel secure on purchasing our new home!
- B.J., October 2018
Daniel provided a very thorough report that was easy to understand
- H.R., October 2018
Daniel was thorough and accommodating to every question we had. He found some serious issues that the seller needed to address prior to our purchasing. He is a professional through and through. Thank you Daniel! BC/DC
- B.C., October 2018
Dan was great to work with, knowledgeable, and very informative. Highly recommended!
- J.P., October 2018
Great guy. Knows what he's doing. A true professional. You can't go wrong with Precision.
- J.S., October 2018
Thanks Dan! It was great meeting you!
- L.Z., October 2018
Efficient, conscientious.
- B.C., October 2018
Dan was thorough and very detailed in his report. He was honest and personable to work with and I wouldn't even think to call anyone else for another home inspection.
- R.L., September 2018
Dan was very easy to work with, if I had any questions Dan explained thoroughly and in terms I understood.
- J.B., September 2018
Thank you so much for your quick response and scheduling!
- T.M., September 2018
Very knowledgeable and thorough. a real professional from start to finish!
- A.G., August 2018
Daniel pointed out to us things throughout the home we were getting ready to purchase that we did not see in the walk through. A few things were serious and had to be pointed out to the seller for repairs before we could have a closing and agree to purchase the home. Other things were minor repairs that we are capable of doing ourselves when we move into our new home. The inspection saved us money on a couple of major repairs that the seller agreed to pay. We would recommend Daniel for a home inspection before purchasing a new home.
- S.N., August 2018
Dan was great! He was recommended to us by a friend who had him during their home inspection process, and he was great at explaining the process, showing me things as he was inspecting, and answered any and all questions we had. Will definitely be recommending him to our family and friends who need a home inspector.
- T.S., SCOTTDALE PA, August 2018
Very thorough and detailed insp. Worth the money. Highly recommend.
- M.S., August 2018
It was a pleasure talking with you and your explanations of the inspection. I feel secure with my purchase after your inspection.
- D.R., August 2018
Dan did a great job on our home inspection. He was on time, professional and had our report completed that day. Highly recommend him and will be using him again in the future.
- C.A., August 2018
Great job. Dan was detail oriented and methodical in his inspection approach. The overall inspection delivered value by identifying issues that required repairs. The home inspection will pay for itself by positioning me well to negotiate a price concession by the seller to offset needed repairs.
- B.A., July 2018
Dan did 2 homes for us and we were very pleased. He spotted things that I missed that made a difference in the prices we paid. His professionalism is top notch and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.
- D.T., Greensburg PA, June 2018
Dan was very knowledgeable and put up with my questions!! Glad I got to know him and would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector! Oh and love Mary too!!!
- K.M., June 2018
great job
- J.R., June 2018
Dan, thank you for your thoroughness in inspecting the house. We appreciate the time you spent checking every detail. Your attention to detail and expertise takes a lot of the worry and stress out of the entire home buying process. Sincerely, Chris & Rob
- C.W., June 2018
It was great working with you! You took the time to answer all of our questions in straight forward and honest thoroughness. Greatly appreciate your candor.
- K.G., June 2018
Dan was very thorough in the inspection process and took the time to clearly explain his findings. I particularly liked the photos that accompanied the few issues that will require attention. This will allow me to create a plan of action once we close on the home. Additionally, Dan was pleasant and very approachable regarding questions about the property. A great experience overall.
- B.M., Dawson PA, June 2018
Absolutely polite and professional! Went over everything very thoroughly. Gave me an honest opinion and feedback. Highly recommend!
- E.H., June 2018
Thank You for your time
- J.R., June 2018
Dan was prompt, knowledgeable and very professional. I couldn't have asked for a better inspector for my potential new home.
- R.M., May 2018
Dan was very thorough and knowledgeable
- B.H., New Kensington PA, May 2018
Dan provides constructive analysis of a property's condition allowing for easy prioritization on what must get corrected in a potential home purchase. Thanks, Dan!
- A.A., April 2018
Good Job.
- T.J., April 2018
Very professional and extremely thorough. Report was given promptly which was appreciated. Highly recommend.
- A.M., April 2018
Thanks Dan, for arriving promptly, and delivering a professional home inspection. Thank you for making it very clear that you were there for "us" the home purchasers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dan for your home inspection needs.
- D.L., April 2018
Dan was extremely professional and very easy to work with. He was very thorough and made sure that if we had any questions or concerns we could ask him about them. His report was precise and addressed every issue that we had discussed during the inspection. I would highly recommend Dan without hesitation.
- D.L., April 2018
Thanks Dan, you were professional and thorough, we wouldn't hesitate to use your services again.
- D.L., April 2018
I really enjoyed working with you guys! You took the time to explain things and answer my plethora of questions! I could not have picked a better inspection company to go with. Thank you!
- L.S., March 2018
Daniel was very personable and certainly made us feel like he was there for us and to answer any questions that we had. I would certainly use recommend him to someone else.
- G.S., March 2018
Dan was very prompt keeping his appointment with our inspection. He is very professional and very competent. He is a credit to the profession, takes his job very seriously. We were glad he was available to do our inspection. Dave,Debbie Stalnaker
- D.S., March 2018
Dan was on time and very professional. His expertise and thorough inspection made me very confidant in my new home purchase!
- K.F., March 2018
Thanks dan for the exceptional inspection. You pointed out problems that even the seller didn't know . This is the second time I have used you and would again. you educated me on what to look for and I used it backing away from houses that would have had major repair cost. Enjoyed meeting you and your son thanks again
- D.H., March 2018
Very thorough,personable and complete.We were very pleased with their job ability.
- R.C., March 2018
Thanks for good job, your report helped us make the decision to not purchase the home.
- D.M., March 2018
Daniel, I appreciate you coming out and being thorough. Flexible hours on Friday were a plus!!
- M.E., March 2018
Very complete and understandable . Thanks! Terry
- T.O., March 2018
The inspection uncovered major flaws not identified by the seller. Subsequently the agreement was terminated. Saved me a lot of expense and heartache. Don't buy a house without Dan by your side!
- R.J., March 2018
Dan did a great job with our home inspection. He took his time and made sure to answer all our questions. I would definitely recommend Dan and Precision Home Inspections Inc.
- D.V., February 2018
Enjoyed the experience and learned much. Thanks Dan
- J.F., February 2018
Great guy, great service. Very pleased
- R.S., February 2018
Dan was extremely knowledgeable, approachable and friendly with any questions I had. His inspection was also sufficiently thorough.
- K.A., Irwin PA, January 2018
Daniel Jones is an awesome guy! Very thorough thank you!
- A.G., January 2018
Was very informative answered all my questions and checked thebhouse very thoroughly excellent job!
- T.M., January 2018
Everything was quick & easy. Dan was prompt and very knowledgeable about his work. I would recommend him to anyone!
- G.N., January 2018
Scheduling an appointment with Daniel was quick and easy! He provided the inspection report same day and was able to answer the questions I had.
- L.D., December 2017
I would recommend Precision to anyone that wants the job done right. Daniel Jones was thorough with the inspection and encouraged questions or concerns about the house.
- J.S., December 2017
Dan was very helpful in pointing out all the problems the home has. I would use your company again and also Dan .Thank You Dan
- D.H., December 2017
Dan was insightful, thorough and a delight to work with! What a blessing! I would thoroughly recommend this company to everyone buying a home. From setting up the appointment to receiving the report this company and staff are a wonderful gift!
- L.P., December 2017
Very professional, thorough, explained everything very well and answered our questions. I would highly recommend Dan and Mack!
- W.D., December 2017